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“March For Our Lives” Draws 100 Along Palm Coast Parkway in Orange Echo of Global Student Movement

| March 24, 2018

More than 100 people stretched across Palm Coast Parkway on both sides of Boulder Rock Drive this morning between 10 a.m., and noon. Many demonstrators went on to other planned marches in the region, from St. Augustine to Orlando. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

More than 100 people stretched across Palm Coast Parkway on both sides of Boulder Rock Drive this morning between 10 a.m., and noon. Many demonstrators went on to other planned marches in the region, from St. Augustine to Orlando. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Savanna Dacosta is a 15-year-old freshman at Flagler Palm Coast High School. At 10:30 this morning, she was one of more than a hundred people lining the sidewalk on Palm Coast Parkway at Boulder Rock Drive, doing what hundreds of thousands of people were doing in some 800 planned “March For Our Lives” demonstrations across the country and the globe throughout the day: protesting gun violence and lawmakers’ inaction, token responses aside.

“I’m here because I feel like this is an issue that’s taken too lightly,” Dacosta said, holding a big blue and black sign that echoed many like it in the rest of the country: “ARMS are for HUGS.”

“The biggest thing is the awareness and having our voices be heard,” Dacosta continued over the din of passing traffic, most of it honking its approval of the demonstrators. She spoke with the spontaneous eloquence that’s become a trademark of the student movement:“One of the biggest things that’s holding us back is such close-mindedness from people who aren’t willing to open up to more innovative and vivid ideas and aspects that could potentially be what causes the change in the world. That shooting at Parkland could have been any school in this county, any school in any other county in Florida, in the country, it could have been anywhere, and I feel like any of those kids could have been someone I love, you love. It could have been anyone here, and I feel like it’s not OK, and people aren’t able to accept that. It’s not necessarily the guns in general. It’s what people are doing with them that’s so bluntly inhumane, and it’s not something that’s to be taken as lightly as it is, and that’s a problem to be addressed.”

Savanna Acosta is a freshman at Flagler Palm Coast High School. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Savanna Dacosta is a freshman at Flagler Palm Coast High School. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Students have been at the forefront of that movement since the Parkland massacre that left 14 students and three adults dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine’s Day, with numerous shows of solidarity and demonstrations locally taking place at Flagler County’s high and middle schools and in a high-profile march across the Flagler Beach bridge on March 2. Demonstrators said then it would not be anywhere near the last, and it hasn’t been, though today’s demonstrations are by far the most coordinated and extensive of the series: they are taking place on every continent but Antarctica: it is the first time since the attacks of September 11, 2001, that a catastrophe in the United States has led to such a global show of solidarity.

“I’ve only gotten a couple of fingers,” Pat Ferraro, a Flagler Beach resident for three decades, said on the protest line this morning, before heading to the demonstration in St. Augustine later, like many others along the line. She was referring to the people in passing cars flipping the bird to demonstrators, something Ferraro is used to, being a veteran of local demonstrations. “Really, not that many. Probably three or four. A whole lot less than peace signs and horns. A very, very positive reception, I would say. I can live with a couple of fingers. We don’t respond. I’m one of those certified peacekeepers, so.”

“All but two have shown support,” Vincent Lyon, the Palm Coast attorney, said as he stood on the line with his wife Vivianne Holt. Both had also been part of the march across the bridge. “One guy drove by and shouted ‘I’m keeping mine,’ I assume his gun, and I said if you’re not a criminal, I’m OK with that.”

“It’s not necessarily the guns in general. It’s what people are doing with them that’s so bluntly inhumane.”

You could hear the occasional “NRA is the way” shouted out of passing cars,  “Guns aren’t the problem,” “Go Trump” and a few more goonish, less printable ejaculations. But considering the explicit gun-control message along the line, which included the odd “Abolish the Second Amendment” sign (that one held up by Bill Moya, who sees hunters in countries all over the world without a Second Amendment), the response over a 45-minute span was remarkably supportive, even surprisingly so for a county reputed to be among Florida’s more gun-toting.

A few extremes aside, a closer look at the signs and a closer ear to the message of the organizers reflected what most of these marches today are reflecting: The insistent pragmatism of marchers who are asking nothing like the abolishment of the Second Amendment or the taking away of guns, as National Rifle Association misinformation claims, but sensible, common-ground approaches to gun safety that have broad support, such as universal background checks, a ban on assault-type weapons commonly used by military forces, and more restrictions on the ability of violent or mentally ill people to buy or keep guns.

“To me this isn’t really a Second Amendment issue,” says Stephanie Capehart, the new, high-energy president of the Flagler Democratic Party and the organizer of today’s demonstration. She was there with her partner and their toddler daughter, who did her share of sign-holding. “This is an issue of these weapons that have become so easily accessible that have no reason to be in the hands of a civilian. Banning an assault weapon is not the same as stripping someone of their Second Amendment right. And I think that’s part of the problem, everyone is confusing the two conversations.”

Stephanie Capehart, who organized the demonstration, wore the colors of Wear Orange, the gun-control advocacy group. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Stephanie Capehart, who organized the demonstration, wore the colors of Wear Orange, the gun-control advocacy group. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Capehart grew up around guns and bristles at the notion that guns should be banned. “I actually had to at one time defend my home by loading a rifle and sitting at the top of the stairs, hoping that the police got there before somebody broke in the house,” she said. She was a college student at the time and had gone home for the weekend when her parents were out of town. They lived “in the sticks,” Capehart said. “My dad was a hunter. We had rifles hanging on every wall in the house, underneath the bed, it was no big deal, and he was a member of the NRA. But that was when the NRA represented hunters and sportsmen. And now they just represent gun manufacturers. This is the thing that gets me about all of these folks that are so pro-NRA. They are not representing you. They are not representing the common person who is going to go hunting or going to go shoot at the range for sport.”

The NRA has nothing if not enormous grassroots support, from which it draws its power. It is also indisputable, from lawmakers’ voting records and fear of bucking the organization, that the NRA wields disproportionate and possibly illegal power in state legislatures, as was the implication of a New Yorker profile of Marion Hammer, the long-time NRA lobbyist in Florida who is reported to regularly draft, edit and veto legislation before it finds its way to committee votes.

The fine print of gun violence. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

The fine print of gun violence. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

That’s the power Capehart says must be confronted with an alternative. Car honks, she says, aren’t enough. There’s a difference, she says, “between the affirmations of the people driving by and the people that are standing here and being able to spread a message effectively on a mass scale. And we have not done that successfully up to this point.” The next step is to get the alternative point of view elected. “We have to get out and vote.”

And the strategy, Capehart says, is not to alienate the opposition, but to find common ground, even with an opposition not merely entrenched, but entrenched and armed, metaphorically anyway, with more than protesters have been able to counter.

“What I’m saying is: these weapons that are getting into the hands of people that have no reason or right to have access to them, are committing these catastrophic crimes, and that is an extreme,” Capehart says. “And the people that know that these horrific things continue to happen and still say, ‘I’m not going to budge a bit on my Second Amendment right,’ it’s very difficult to have a meaningful conversation with someone that is on that extreme if we come at it with the, ‘You’re absolutely wrong, you’re ridiculous, etc., etc.’ We’re willing to come in off of that margin a bit in the hopes to start a dialogue that could lead to a constructive solution.”

FPC's Tyler Perry Speaking with veteran demonstrator Sims Jones. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

FPC’s Tyler Perry Speaking with veteran demonstrator Sims Jones. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Capehart spoke this morning alongside Tyler Perry, the Flagler Palm Coast High School junior who organized the march across the Flagler Beach bridge earlier this month. He says the achievements of marches like that, which were conducted with cooperation rather than resistance from school officials, may be a model of steps to come that take the issue to a more state and national level. There is little appetite for confrontation and alienation, and a great desire for what he calls “level ground.”

“The best way to go about inspiring change, I’m a strong believer, is that if you work with them, not against them, you’re more likely to have the outcome you want, and we got the outcome we wanted on the local level,” Perry said, noting the securing of more school deputies, shooter training and a safety curriculum. “That’s why we’re here to try to move on to the next step. We got what we wanted on the local level, now let’s go to state and federal and let’s get the gun regulation that we need.” He added: “I think we can get the gun regulation we need if we put the right people in power. So 2018 is going to be the most important election year the country has seen and I think we’re going to get the right people elected by elevating them, not tearing down others. I’m a strong believer in that.”

He left only the tiniest crack open for the possibility of more disruptive action, but essentially, only if all else fails. “If we keep going through the election and nothing happens, I think we might reach that point,” Perry said. “But we’re going to try to make as much change as we can without being such a disruption that we’re going to make enemies, because nothing is going to happen when you start making enemies.”

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march for our lives

Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

55 Responses for ““March For Our Lives” Draws 100 Along Palm Coast Parkway in Orange Echo of Global Student Movement”

  1. Rich Mikola says:

    The ‘Abolish Capitalism’sign says it all.

    • Pierre Tristam says:

      In as much as signs comparing liberals to Nazis or the ACA to “white slavery” “said it all” at tea party demonstrations Rich? The difference being that the abolish capitalism sign is merely philosophical, not offensive, bigoted or even indefensible: capitalism, like religion, has been at least as devastating to human welfare as it’s been enriching. But you’re not interested in proportion or discussion. You just want a good foil to avoid confronting the demonstration’s purpose.

  2. The Geode says:

    If ” Tyler Perry” was there – Madea had to have been nearby…

  3. Stan says:

    I wish people would march to protest the amount of drug deaths in our Country! Sixty five thousand last year alone,more than all our troops killed in the total years of the Vietnam War!! America we have a major problem,WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  4. Joseph Pulitzer says:

    Kids as soon as you are eligible to vote, do it. We still are a democracy exercise your right!

  5. The Geode says:

    I wished people would have protested the “crack cocaine epidemic” that the government allowed to happen (along with systemic welfare), but NOBODY seemed to “give a damn” then. What makes this a “crisis” now? OH!… Now I get it…

  6. Fredrick says:

    Where is the enough is “enough is enough” for opioid deaths, deaths from texting and driving and the thousand other things that slaughter our kids every single day. Way to cause a distraction from the real problems. Way to be tools of the media to push a political agenda and not focusing on real problems. Congratulations…. you have done nothing.

  7. Bc. says:

    What about the thousand of abortions that happen every day why not walk for the un born life’s. This is a joke a bunch of liberals get rid of capitalism that sign say exactly who these losses are.

  8. FlagerRedo says:

    The 2nd Amendment…..Standing behind the 1st Amendment for 227 years.

  9. YankeeExPat says:

    “Guns aren’t the problem” ?… So the problem is the students ? ….the local knuckle draggers showing their stripes.

  10. Stranger in a strange land says:

    In 2015 over 16,000 drug deaths were caused by prescription drug overdoses. The difference between these deaths and gun deaths (over 35,000 in 2015) is that the prescripition drugs were created and sold for a good purpose. To relieve pain. Guns, particularly semi-automatic weapons are created and sold for one purpose. To kill and mame. Who would suffer from the banning of these weapons? Finacially the following would suffer: The gun maunfacturers, gun sellers, the NRA, and the politicians supported by the NRA. No physical pain, as chronic pain sufferers will feel due to prescription restrictions being imposed.

    Here are prescription death stats:

    Here are gun death stats:

  11. Big town with big problems says:

    Where was this outrage and protesting over Las Vegas? Pulse? From 2009-2011, there was a democratic controlled house, senate, and White House. If they wanted a ban passed, it would’ve happened then and don’t say it was because no shootings happened. This is always on the tongues of politicians. Convenient activism is not activism. This is not trendy. Will these people be as outraged at the next attack? Will they protest every weekend? Will they make this their one passion in life? It’s great an all people have woken up for five minutes but no matter what you say or do, a ban will never happen again.

  12. BlueJammer says:

    Fantastic article! Kudos to Savannah and all the other students who exercised their right with peaceful protest. You make us proud!

  13. Pogo says:

    @Now that you mention it

    Rich Mikola says, “The ‘Abolish Capitalism’sign says it all.”

    Yeah, I guess that was the only choice to accompany this report – a sign in the headline space of the photograph held by the only person not facing the camera. A bashful NRA member? Who knows? Who knows why?

    And so it goes.

  14. a tiny manatee says:

    I agree, the abolish capitalism sign is good and does say it all.

  15. Born and Raised Here says:

    For one that has lived herehis whole life, I was rather surprised to see protestors out there against guns. I realized that they definitely didn’t grow up here in Flagler County, where owning a gun was a way of life, because it meant you were an avid hunter, a well respected gun owner and that was the sole purpose tion of gun ownership was back in the day when Flagler County was a more simpler way of life, before we were bombarded by people from the North.
    I’m just glad that my ancestors didn’t see what I saw today. They would be saying like I am saying now, what did these people do to my county ?

  16. L H says:

    To Stan & The Geode, Where were you when we were protesting the cuts to the ACA which were also cuts to treat the opioid & drug crisis in this country? Where were you when we were protesting at Rep DeSantis and Senator Rubio’s Offices for all their negative votes cutting funding to the ACA and Medicaid which treat the drug problems? You would rather complain about the drug issue now when you were probably yelling at the protestors then because you didn’t understand what we were doing, And you probably are yelling at the protestors NOW because you still don’t understand what we are doing. Perhaps it is time to get educated.

  17. Mark says:

    Save kid’s lives; ban planned parenthood!

  18. David S. says:

    The Hell with Trump and the NRA….

  19. DRedder says:

    And still a smaller number marched in Chicago.

  20. daughter Aunt etc. of military says:

    We didn’t have this issue 20 years ago. It’s a control, mental health issue for our children and young adults. Adults not parenting, allowing children (1 thru college age) to have no respect or regard for others. Granted I agree with stricter permit laws to purchase guns. Regarding “semi automatic” hand guns are semi automatic, not just certain rifles. and they are not military grade either! Hunters, and sportsman use them in safe manors, as well as families to have safely (we pray) in their homes to protect their homes and families. Should we ban knives? Auto’s? etc. No, we won’t that would be absolutely insane! Criminals, hatred, evil will always exist and find a way to be just that! To take away the rights to defend yourself is INSANE!

  21. woody says:

    Hook up a truth meter to every student across the U.S. and ask them if they ever bullied someone.You would be surprised,that’s the problem not guns.

  22. palmcoaster says:

    You are correct Stranger.
    I wish I would have known of this Palm Coast March as then we have attended as well as our students safety needs all our support and in mid elections we will be voting for and with our students!

  23. Outsider says:

    How many people, school-aged people in particular, are killed in alcohol related crashes and accidents every year? How many are killed in texting related crashes? I don’t know the exact number, but I’m certain it’s more than those killed in these shootings, way more. So if you REALLY want to save children, ban those things too. Oh, that will never happen because libs enjoy those things, and many do so responsibly, I might add. Why is no one prtotesting against the failures of the FBI and the local sheriff’s office, who failed miserably in this incident? The FBI has spent a year chasing Russians down rabbit holes, but didn’t seem to have the time to stop this animal despite being told he was practicing in his back yard to carry out a school shooting. And yet, so many are advocating for these agencies to properly enforce the law when it comes to gun control. The founding fathers clearly stated the purpose of the second amendment is to allow the citizenry to defend itself against a tyrannical government; hunting and self defense are an aside. Finally, the NRA does not represent the gun manufacturers; it represents its’ millions of members, and my expired membership has just been renewed,

  24. Percy's mother says:

    “ABOLISH CAPITALISM”?????. . . take a look at one of the signs in the main photo for this article.

    Respectfully Sir, (the tall senior man in the baseball cap holding the “ABOLISH CAPITALISM” sign, what would you prefer? This guy is definitely not a scholar of history.

    What would you prefer? Communism? Socialism? Fascism?

  25. Trailer Bob says:

    Put armed police in schools and move on. It is difficult for some of you to separate us sane gun owners from the nuts our present society has created and allowed to flourish.Of all the fun owners in this country, it is about less than one percent who misuse rifles. So yes, lets change the world and label us all gun-nuts. Lets start calling a spade a spade…like the good old sane days.

  26. Concerned resident says:

    Good crowd! We would have marched as well if we knew about it.

  27. Traveling Rep says:

    I assume the march against rental trucks (like the one used to mow people down in Nice, France back in 2016), is to be held next weekend? Is the march against homemade bombs (Austin, TX) is to be held the weekend after that.

    When will these misinformed learn to think for themselves instead of being drones to the left and the lefty controlled media? When will they come to the realization that guns don’t kill people, people kill people? When will they acknowledge this is a mental health issue? When will they protest first person shooter video games?

    Oh, the irony – a man with the protected freedom to hold a sign that says “Abolish Capitalism”, wearing trendy clothing in the country that he assumedly earns/earned his living – through…capitalism. I guess the theme of this picture is “people that refuse to be taken seriously”

  28. Gkimp says:

    How about a stop the heroin imports, “BUILD THAT WALL”. Oddly enough the anti gun crowd is usually the pro drug crowd.

  29. mark101 says:

    I agree people can kill other people with a gun, knife, bomb, drugs or a car or truck but I find it Interesting we do not see the same marches when people are killed each day by teen drivers distracted while driving. Why is that, maybe its because teens would be impacted, much like responsible gun owners. Texting, or booze, or drugs mixed with controlling a car results in a death or a injury. per the CDC, In 2015, 2,333 teens in the United States ages 16–19 were killed and 235,845 were treated in emergency departments for injuries suffered in motor vehicle crashes. That means that six teens ages 16–19 died every day from motor vehicle injuries. Why not protest these deaths and prevent distracting driving habits.

  30. MRC says:

    Funny how 99% of the comments to this article have NOTHING to do with the topic at hand. Perhaps that speaks to the indefensibility of the gun violence problem in our country??!! Change the topic, divert attention, or whatever it takes to avert our eyes, ears, and lips from facing a problem that is very difficult to address. Buck up America and take this crisis head on by discussing REAL changes that need to take place in order to prevent the wholesale murder of our children (and adults!) from continuing to happen over and over and over again!!! I am horrified that so few of our stellar citizens of Palm Coast were not out there advocating safety for our children, but rather voted to promote more violence in this forum. That confirms to me how messed up some people are in this country!!!

  31. Mothersworry says:

    I really don’t get it!
    A small group of kids after going through a mass murder 45 days ago mobilize thousands of people to support their cause. Yet people are here trashing them. Shame on you!!
    If you want a protest aimed at your pet cause, whatever it may be, then start one! There is no need to complain about bunch of kids that have the balls to stand up and speak up just because you are to lazy to get off your couch and stand up for something.

    To the kids that had the guts to stand up and protest yesterday and in Flagler Beach a couple of weeks ago, keep it up! You are making people proud again. This country sorely needs something to be proud of.

  32. Realist says:

    These misguided children refuse to acknowledge where the real problem lies. We will not give up our 2nd amendment rights. They can march till it is time to look for a job. While this school shooting is a real tragedy, it is not the fault of the NRA or legitimate firearm owners.

  33. Stranger in a strange land says:

    @Daughter, Aunt : This myth of having a weapon to defend your home is just that, a myth. The most likely outcome of a weapon in your home is the death of an occupant of that home,through suicide, accident, or domestic violence. Based on crime stats, for every ONE justitied homicide, there are SEVENTY EIGHT suicides. Add the accidents, and domestic violence deaths and the statistics are overwhelming. Yes, each month the NRA magazine “The American Rifleman” finds that one in a hundred situation where a gun in the home actually involved a bad guy. Don’t decide how to protect your family based on propaganda and myths. Do the research and go with the facts. By far, having a gun in your home makes it a significantly more dangerous place, not safer. Below is from an article in “Scientific American”. A link to the full article is below.

    A gun in the home is far more likely to kill or wound the people who live there than is a burglar or serial killer. Most of the time, according to every single study that’s ever been done about interpersonal gun violence, the dead and wounded know the people who shot them. A gun in the home makes it five times more likely that a woman will be killed by her husband. Every week in America, 136 children and teenagers are shot—and more often than not, it’s a sibling, friend, parent, or relative who holds the gun. For every homicide deemed justified by the police, guns are used in 78 suicides. As a new study published this month in JAMA Internal Medicine once again shows us, restrictive gun laws don’t prevent white men from defending themselves and their families. Instead, those laws stop them from shooting themselves and each other.

  34. bob says:

    The 2nd Amendment PROTECTS the 1st Amendment.

  35. justsayin says:

    Facts do not matter to these people. More murders are committed by knifes and blunt objects than long guns. (That includes assault rifles for you less educated on your gun knowledge). I realize you all have been taught to never let a good crisis go to waste. What other rights are you protester willing to give up next. Maybe your 4th amendment, they will need to take the guns form the gun owner, Right?

  36. Fredrick says:

    Just as the constant barrage from the liberal media calling conservatives nazi’s, homophobes, racists, deplorables…. Keep it equal Pierre. Both sides do the same thing. Your side has CNN, MSNBC, the liberal elite and the other side as Fox news…. The truth lies in the middle and the middle and the lefts inability to put up a decent candidate put the Trumpster in office.

  37. The Geode says:

    To LH. I am not overly concerned with the “drug crisis” nor do I care if someone decides to hold their fate in their hand by indulging. My point was one group was treated with mass incarceration and the other with rehabilitation. I don’t have a dog or interest in this fight other than that. While I’m at it, I also don’t care if they stopped making guns altogether. I have enough of them already. I also don’t care if women are allowed to have abortions. I mean I ain’t gonna adopt the unwanted kids when they are born and chances are most of the people on the other side of the coin won’t do so either. Hell, listen to how they complain about their taxes being spent on food stamps and welfare – yet they have a problem with abortion. #HA!

  38. Stranger in a strange land says:

    @justsayin. If you are going to bring up facts, do your homework. Don’t assume “Breitbart” is giving facts or at least full facts.

    But, your bringing this up makes it clear that the vast majority of murders, suicides, and accidental deaths are caused by hand guns. It is clear that ALL GUN purchasers need more stringent screening, longer waiting times, mandatory safety training (remeber driver’s ed?) and technology that makes them useless by anyone other than the legitimate, screened owner. It is called a smart gun and the technology is out there. What is the objection to lethal weapons only able to fire when in the rightful owners hand? Stolen guns would be useless. Kids and todlers that find a gun will be safe. Read about smart gun technology

  39. Dave says:

    Keep the 2nd amendment all you want, We can still ban semi automatic weapons and guns that use magazines, you can still shoot at a target while loading one bullet at a time, you can still hunt loading one bullet at a time, get rid of these 6 shooter revolvers and other capacity weapons

  40. Fredrick says:

    They don’t even know what an “assault weapon” is……… they think just as many people die in by guns as cars….

    If they new the facts what would they be marching for?

  41. Anonymous says:

    If y’all want a March for opioid addiction and other drugs then plan it.

    The kids did a great job and they’re going to vote.

  42. GROW UP says:

    what a mess!
    Listening to the youths that spoke at the rally, well …they are just that. kids.
    They don’t get it, maybe not until they have children of their own.
    The school, it’s teachers, and program, aren’t teaching American History, and are failing our children.
    We pay you good money to teach, develope, and educate, and yes protect our children while in your classroom.
    This is NOT about another law, or guns.
    It’s about the inadequate lowlife parents that have neglected to properly raise their children.
    The real perpetrators are, social media, drugs, alcohol, abuse, and Bullying.
    My advice to every single child that was involved in yesterday’s march, STArT WiTh YouRSelf!!!!!!!

    That will make a difference.

  43. HonkeyDude says:

    How sad. How many generations are playing the BLAME GAME and PASS THE BUCK. People can do bad all by themselves.

  44. bob says:

    thefool hath said in his heart there is no GOD

  45. MannyHMo says:

    The first step is to take away guns (and other weapons) from those who should not have them.
    Good guys should group together to confront the bad guys. Nikolas Cruz already spells trouble before the massacre. Let’s not forget that it’s might that protects rights.

  46. Brian Smith says:

    This is what happens when schools fail to teach history..

  47. Geezer says:

    bob says:

    Here’s a bit of scripture for you today:

    Matthew 10:34-40 New International Version (NIV)

    34 “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth.
    I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.
    35: For I have come to turn a man against his father,
    a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law
    36: A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.”
    37: Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me;
    anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.
    38: Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me.
    39: Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.

    That’s your feel-good moment for today.
    Read the whole bible one day–stop cherry picking this TOXIC book.

    Heaven: an eternity of servitude, or hell: a lake of fire.

  48. Jaded Veteran says:

    Great to see our youth so energized – so ‘woke’. They are all about curtailing weapons to prevent the deaths of our young people in a school shooting incident. That is a laudable goal. However, in checking out the actual likelihood of a student being murdered in a high school (or other secondary school), it seems that there is a 1 in 600 MILLION chance this is going to happen to a student on any given day (that from the Washington Post, by the way). In fact, looking at school shootings from 2010 to and through this weekend, we are averaging about 10-12 student deaths a YEAR from these events. Meanwhile we are losing ELEVEN students a DAY to driving and texting. So, while school shootings claim about 12 lives year, cell phones/texting are claiming as many as 3500 lives a YEAR. Yet, they are protesting firearms but NOT cell phones? Food for thought.
    And that ‘Abolish Capitalism’ sign should not worry anyone. We all know that if you abolish capitalism, you have that other system, socialism (AKA Communism lite) which has worked so well to keep people free (just do what your government says, and think what they want you to think) and to ensure that everyone, regardless of social status or work ethic, have equal rewards. Venezuela, where rich and poor alike are fighting for toilet paper, is a prime example, something we could look forward to ourselves if the left has its way. If I was of a certain mindset, I would think that some people who are interested in exchanging freedom for socialism feel like the only way that can be accomplished is with a poorly armed society which is unable to think for, or defend, itself. Crazy talk, I know.

  49. Bernie 2020 says:

    Funny when I see people with Trump signs on Palm Coast Parkway the last thing I think about is how they can be using their time more valuable, how God isn’t in the schools and that they don’t understand what an assault weapon is vs a normal weapon. Stop trying to justify someone’s believes to yours and listen once a while.

  50. AM says:

    The sheer amount of whataboutism in these comments is staggering.

  51. gmath55 says:

    Fredrick they don’t even know basic questions either. Teachers are doing a fine job. Without goggle they would be lost.

  52. Sherry says:

    @AM. . . you are most certainly, RIGHT ON! WHATABOUTISM, and FOXSPEAK is all the NRA lovers can conjure up to respond to admirable students who are speaking out about something millions feel is “terribly wrong” with our country. The students should be CONGRATULATED for exercising “their”constitutional rights, instead those who “blindly” see no other right except the completely misconstrued 2nd amendment.

    Even a prior supreme court justice is saying that the second amendment should be repealed because it has been horribly and tragically misinterpreted :

  53. MSD Alumni says:

    The 2nd amendment gives you the right to protect yourself and your family with appropriate firearms—it wasn’t meant to give you the right to shoot military style assault rifles as a hobby. The entire system needs better rules/regulations and checks and balances. Children and people with ANY history of being remotely “off” shouldn’t be allowed to purchase firearms. Come meet the drug exposed/fetal alcohol kids (by the way, Nicholas Cruz is a drug exposed/FAS child) that I work with in Putnam County and tell me they should be able to purchase guns at the age of 18. I’ve got an 8-yr-old who just killed her 2nd dog—-the first one was thrown and the 2nd one she drowned. I’ve got a 4-yr-old who can speak (but chooses not to) who suffocated a dog and tried to drown a rabbit. Let’s make sure they have a right to buy guns!! Don’t take that 2nd amendment away!!

    The Stoneman Douglas students are trying to save lives—let them at it.

    MSD c/o 2001

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