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Palm Coast Council Kills Memorial To 208 U.S. Soldiers Its Beautification Committee Had Unanimously Approved

| August 9, 2017

The memorial plaque Ernest Gallo, a survivor of the USS Liberty attack and a 15-year resident of Palm Coast, wanted installed at Palm Coast's Heroes Park. The city's Beautification Committee approved the plaque unanimously in April.

The memorial plaque Ernest Gallo, a survivor of the USS Liberty attack and a 15-year resident of Palm Coast, wanted installed at Palm Coast’s Heroes Park. The city’s Beautification Committee approved the plaque unanimously in April.

The Palm Coast City Council on Tuesday killed a proposal to install a small plaque at Heroes Park commemorating the memory of 34 U.S. Navy sailors and Marines killed in an Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.

The council rejected the proposal without discussing the plaque’s wording or having that wording introduced in the discussion—which led to a mischaracterization of the plaque’s content—and even though the memorial had been unanimously approved by the city’s own Beautification and Environmental Committee, which vets the memorials proposed for the park.

The council was not made aware of that unanimous approval by Jim Landon, the city manager. Landon rather framed the matter as “a public policy issue at heroes park that I thought would be best if decided by city council.” That “public policy” issue was never in question in beautification committee discussions.

Landon then inaccurately referred to the plaque as commemorating an “event,”  and it as based on that mis-characterization of the plaque that the council then briefly discussed it and shot it down.

A plaque commemorating Philippinos and Americans wo fought as allies in World War II, at Heroes Park. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

A plaque commemorating Philippinos and Americans wo fought as allies in World War II, at Heroes Park. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

The plaque is in fact, as are other memorials or plaques at the park, dedicated to service members who lost their lives in the line of duty—in line with the concept for the park devised by the late Ralph Carter, an early city council member who never lived to see it realized. The plaque states:  “Dedicated to the Brave Men of the USS Liberty.” It lists the number of killed and wounded, the circumstance—“In an attack by the Israeli Navy and Air Force” and the date (“June 8, 1967, in the Mediterranean Sea”), ending with a quote by Henry Ward Beecher, the 19th century abolitionist: “They hover as a cloud of witnesses above this nation.”

None of the facts stated are in dispute, either from the Israeli government or the U.S. government, though controversy continues over whether the Israeli attack was deliberate, as survivors of the Liberty have charged, or an accident, as the Israeli government and American inquiries have concluded. The controversy is not addressed on the plaque, anymore than more serious controversies surrounding 9/11 are addressed in Heroe’s Park memorial to the 3,000-some individuals killed that day—a memorial that, like several others there, does not have a direct Palm Coast connection.

The U.S.S. Liberty plaque does: it was proposed by Ernest Gallo, a long-time resident of Palm Coast’s C Section and a survivor of the Liberty attack.

“I’m a bit confused over what’s been said,”  Gallo told the council after the council made its decision Tuesday. Gallo would not have been alone in his confusion, at least for those provided a broader context of the proposal, the Beautification Committee’s discussions and vote, and the council’s own endorsement of existing memorials at the park.

But the brief discussion was restricted by the way Landon framed it—a tactic he applies to any matter he wants directed in a specific direction.

He began by a mis-characterization of the Liberty, “which,” he said, “is a U.S. ship that in the 1960s was hit by a bomb, I guess is the best term, lives and injuries occurred.” Israeli jets and three gunships strafed, and torpedoed the ship, also firing rockets and napalm. (The ship was on an intelligence mission in the Mediterranean’s international waters.)

Gallo, Landon said, “would like to recognize that event,” never mentioning the plaque’s memorial to those killed.

He blunted any discussion of the plaque’s wording: “No reason to talk about the wording if we’re not going to do it.”

Heroes Park's newest monument, to the victims of PTSD, was proposed by a n on-resident of Palm Coast. (© FlaglerLive)

Heroes Park’s newest monument, to the victims of PTSD, was proposed by a n on-resident of Palm Coast. (© FlaglerLive)

“Historically,” Landon went on, “we have never recognized specific events. This is a—to tell you the truth it causes some concerns, because how many events there are out there. If you really think about it, there are a lot of tragedies at war. Historically you go back as far as Vietnam War and even further than that, and so every event we start recognizing and how we recognize those is not what the park has been about in the past. So if we’re going to start this, that would be a change, that would be a public policy you would have to decide.”

That, too, was not accurate: several memorials or plaques have no direct connection to Palm Coast or its first responders, but only generally so, if that. Heroes Park includes a memorial plaque from the Philippine American Association of Palm Coast dedicating a tree “in honor of the Fallen Heroes of the Philippines and the United States of America who fought as allies during World War II.” It includes a plaque to prisoners or war or those listed as missing in action. Palm Coast has known neither. A plaque dedicates a tree to the founding fathers, none of whom, it is certain, had a connection to Palm Coast. A large memorial is dedicated to Purple Heart recipients: many Palm Coast residents have Purple Hearts. And the newest memorial, dedicated to victims of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, was proposed by someone who doesn’t even live in Palm Coast. It, too, was approved by the Beautification Committee and never went before the council.

None of that information was presented to the council, either, before it made its decision. Nor did Landon discuss his office’s exchange of emails with U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis’s office, whose Randall Stapleford, in charge of veterans affairs in the Palm Coast office, drew on one document from 1967, a Navy inquiry into the USS Liberty attack, to give the city what he described as “enough information to formulate a decision by the city manager.” The information is far from the settled facts, however, as continuing revelations indicate. (Stapleford last made headlines locally when he unleashed a blunt and rude attack on the Chief Judge of the Seventh Judicial Circuit.) The documents were included as an attachment in the council’s background materials. They suggest that DeSantis’s office had a hand in the decision to kill the memorial proposal.

Landon acknowledged that 9/11 is memorialized at the park, but said that “event” stands alone and no one would object to its being recognized.

 “My thought on heroes Park was that it was for local heroes, for local responders and local military families that were in the county, especially Palm Coast, and that the memorial, that park itself was a memorial to all military and first responders,” Council member Steven Nobile said. “Just the park itself, it is that memorial for all men, women who have given their lives or given some flesh for our country. But as far as names and plaques and things, my opinion was it was really just for our close to home people.” It was not clear how a long-time resident of the city was not “close to home.”

“I don’t recommend we go in a different direction and start recognizing certain events,” Mayor Milissa Holland said, because “hundreds” of events could then be proposed.

The USS Liberty was attacked by Israeli gunships and jets on June 8, 1967 off the coast of the Sinai Peninsula.

The USS Liberty was attacked by Israeli gunships and jets on June 8, 1967 off the coast of the Sinai Peninsula.

Council member Bob Cuff, also seizing on the plaque as merely memorializing an “event,”  said he grew up in a southern corner of Massachusetts, where it was difficult not to swing in any direction without hitting on a memorial. But going down the path of memorializing events, he said, “we’re just going to be in an endless situation.” He then noted that the 50th anniversary of the Apollo landing on the moon is ahead. “I don’t see any point in having an Apollo 11 50th anniversary commemorative plaque in Heroes Park, that isn’t the purpose of that public space.”

Though no one had discussed the content of the plaque, Bill Reischmann, the city attorney, cautioned council members on that very account: “How in the world do you get in the business of regulating what these plaques are going to say,” he said, “because you’re going to be stepping into content, and I could foresee that there could be additional controversy that could become adversarial which could diminish the objective and the purpose of Heroes Park in the first place.”

But there has been no controversy—not about the content of the plaque, which is not in dispute, nor about its type, which echoes that of several others at the park.

By then, the council appeared unanimously opposed to the plaque on the ground that it was commemorating a mere “event” (Council member Nick Klufas suggested placing it elsewhere, but the mayor said that would be the subject of another discussion). Only then was Gallo allowed to speak.

Only then they asked Gallo to speak. Referring to the book he’d written (“Liberty Injustices: A Survivor’s Account of American Bigotry”) he intimated that the council was itself being bigoted: he said the truth about the attack on the Liberty has long been covered up. “Because I realize what’s going on here, and let’s not mince any words if we want to get right what to what the clock says. I don’t know what else to say,” Gallo said, noting that he has a list of cities that have put up similar plaques.

“I understand your passion about this issue,” Holland told him. “We’re here to discuss as a policy decision if we’re moving forward with this. The council decided we’re not moving forward with this. I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to insinuate that we are a bigoted council, if you are, I take offense to that.” There was some crosstalk, with Gallo saying something about “bullying,” when Holland added: “I’m not going to allow this to occur.”

The council moved on to a presentation on attracting start-ups to Palm Coast.

52 Responses for “Palm Coast Council Kills Memorial To 208 U.S. Soldiers Its Beautification Committee Had Unanimously Approved”

  1. Wishful Thinking says:

    The council’s decision was not bigoted – the proposed plaque was bigoted….

  2. JimBob says:

    Every veteran in Flagler County should be outraged at this turn of events. And Rep. DeSantis has disgraced himself by yielding to partisan political correctness to appease the State of Israel. Having served with some of the crew of the Liberty while they were on shore duty at Karamursel Air Station in Turkey, I and hundreds of other veterans of the intelligence services stationed in the MidEast during the period know that these American heroes were intentionally attacked and, indeed, murdered by the IDF. This matter has been ignored and covered up for over half a century. Shame on the Palm Coast Commission for their cowardly act.

  3. Katie Semore says:

    The wording on the plaque does not accurately represent what happened that horrific day. It was an accidental attack by Israel on what they thought was an Egyptian war ship. This wording on the plaque indicated it was a deliberate attack on a known American ship. Would you want a plaque honoring our war dead that were killed accidently by an American bomb to read, killed by the American Air Force. The fog of war is very real and sometimes very deadly.

  4. former air force mamber says:


  5. Eugene Hartke says:

    Republicans will spit on the graves of our servicemen before they will risk offending Israel.

  6. Eugene Hartke says:

    It was a deliberate attack on an American ship that was proudly flying the American flag.

  7. John Boy says:

    I agree with JimBob. The attack on the USS Liberty was not an accident. It was covered up as soon as it happened by no less a figure than President Lyndon Baines Johnson.. The Israeli Lobby has enormous power and politicians quiver with fear at the mere thought of being even associated with anyone whose opinion does not conform to the Zionist propaganda that dominates the mainstream media. If you criticize Israel, you will pay for it. The tentacles of the octopus reach as far as the Palm Coast City Council. Woodrow Wilson said (and I paraphrase), “there is a power so great, so pervasive, so powerful that the great men of our nation speak in whispers when they speak in condemnation of it.” That was over a hundred years ago!

  8. A tiny manatee says:

    No, the wording is correct. I don’t see the word “deliberate” there.

  9. flagler1 says:

    I agree with Eugene 100%.

  10. Plebian says:

    The comments about a lack of respect for US servicemen by Republicans due to some unspecified loyalty to Israel is just more sophistry. How many Republicans have given their lives and limbs for this country, and continue to do so?
    The intentional attack by the IDF occurred and was covered up during the presidency of a Democrat and has been covered up by the US government during both Democrat and Republican presidencies, yet I see no statement degrading Democrats for deferring to Israel, and rightly so I might add. Interesting to see the type of people that turn everything into politics, everything, even the loss of American lives.
    Both major parties share in this shameful cover-up.

  11. palmcoaster says:

    Council has to undo their denial for this plaque and approve it!

  12. Patrick says:

    USS liberty was intentionally torpedoed and bombed by the IDF.I would recommend all to research what happened June 8 1967, most Americans born in the late fifties remembers the USS Pueblo,but hardly anyone knew of the deliberate attack on the liberty, that tell me the Zionist have been in control of out politicians,and media since before that day. WAKE UP AMERICA ISRAEL iS NOT OUR FRIEND

  13. Heading North says:

    Once more Mr. Landon has his way, and the council just nods their heads in approval. What a shame!
    Remember this and other decisions on Election Day!!!!

  14. Sherry says:

    If the Palm Coast city commission did not continuously allow Landon to simply do as he pleases, with no “process” or “oversight”, this situation would not have occurred at all. The commission completely bungled it!

    Katie Semore and Former Air Force Member are right on. No one would have objected to wording that honors those who died and were injured on that day. . . without placing blame on a country with which we have had close ties for many, many years. Just look at the divisive controversy this unfortunate situation has stirred up!

    Palm Coast leaders. . . it is your responsibility to step up and stop this kind of thing from happening. . . even with your new city manager. The implementation of process and oversight is absolutely essential and way overdue!

  15. Katie Semore says:

    I see that the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic attitudes are alive and well. Can anyone suggest one reason why Israel would deliberately attack an American ship? Conspirators are always looking for something to conspire over. It should be considered a mental illness.

  16. Downtown says:

    There seems to be a big misunderstanding regarding Hero’s Park. Some say plaques there are dedicated to those that gave their lives in the line of duty to the Country. This is not true. There are names memorialized there that had nothing to do with loss of life in the line of duty while serving the Country. There are names there of lives lost due to vehicle accidents, as an example, while on leave from military duty. So it appears that loss of life in the line of duty is not the central theme of the park. Being in the military, at some point, is the only requirement to have one’s name memorialized there. The name of the park as Hero”s Park should be changed due to the fact that not all names memorialized there can be classified as Hero’s who gave their life in the line of duty. What plaques and memorials should be allowed should not be decided by a Beautification and Environmental committee or City Council but by a panel of military veterans who served the Country, in combat, and know the difference between what or who should be classified as “Hero” and worthy of being memorialized in a “Hero’s Park”.

  17. Plebian says:

    Perhaps your time would be better spent researching this unfortunate incident, for yourself. I am not anti-Semitic, but I believe there was a cover-up here.
    Why don’t you provide us with research and source citations to justify your conclusion about this matter. After all you are the one throwing around “conspirators” and the negative connotation that carries to some, and the conclusion of resulting “mental illness”? In all probability in your mind, we that believe in the cover-up are also anti-Semitic, “all for one and one for all” right? Always easy to name call, not so easy to spend the time looking at this. Some think no cover-up, others disagree, but you obviously have no idea one way or the other, just name calling.
    Was there any justification for this attack? Go find out for yourself, the information is out there. You just need to be objective when you read it.

  18. can'tfoolme says:

    I don’t see where the wording on the plaque indicates that the attack was deliberate nor accidental and what difference does it make to the American heroes who were killed in that attack? They were doing their duty in the service of our country at the time and died doing so. One survivor is a member of our community and had the plaque approved. I think Landon must be suffering from a touch of senility or else he enjoys being ambiguous and the Council is too dense to see through all his tricks and schemes.

  19. TruthToPower says:

    Thank you Flaglerlive for providing this forum wherein we can see, first hand, how little control our elected representatives have over their own employee. North Korea comes to mind when thinking about what is happening in this City; and it’s getting worse at an exponential rate; like NK.

  20. libsurvivor67 says:

    Evidently eyewitness testimony means little in this nation anymore. The survivors who were there, and I was one of them, saw them circling all morning long. They knew who we were, the flag was flying in a 12 to 14 knot wind, and the ship was clearly marked. It was no mistake, never has been, never will be.

  21. Katie Semore says:

    A link with facts

    Please don’t mistake my comments as disrespectful towards men who were serving on The Liberty during this time, their service was honorable and many died and were wounded in service to our country and it didn’t matter if it happened as it did or if they would have died or been wounded in Vietnam. But the plaque as written does not indicate that it was accidental thereby implying deliberate intentions by Israel to attack the U.S.

  22. a tiny manatee says:

    Having issues with israel’s policies and behavior doesn’t make someone an antisemite any more than having issues with liberia’s policies and behavior makes someone racist.

  23. a tiny manatee says:

    Who the fuck cares if it was accidental, they were killed in the line of duty.

  24. Joe Meadors says:

    With apologies to Katie Semore, the wording on the plaque DOES accurately represent what happened that horrific day. There are few items that are more horrific than Americans being killed in action while serving honorably in the US military. THAT is what the plaque honors. Nothing more and certainly nothing less.

  25. Joe Meadors says:

    Katie Semore, why do you demand that someone provide a reason that satisfies you that the attack was deliberate before you will agree that Americans who were Killed in Action while serving our country honorably are worthy of being commemorated with a plaque in Honors Park? Do you make the same demand of those who feel those killed during the attacks on the USS Pueblo, USS Stark, and USS Cole or the Bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut deserve to be similarly honored?

  26. Joe Meadors says:

    Katie Semore, allow me to provide more information about the attack on our ship.

    The plaque cannot include the claim that the attack on the USS Liberty was “an accident” for the simple reason that the US government has yet to conduct an investigation of the attack on our ship.

    Please don’t fall into the trap of relying upon the claim of others that there have been some 13 US government investigations of the attack and all of those investigations of the attack have concluded the attack was an accident. That claim began with the published work of Jay Cristol when he de facto deemed that every US government document that mentioned the USS Liberty — even in passing — was a US government investigation of the attack. When questioned about that claim, Dr. Cristol replied that “you’re free to believe what you want to believe.” Even Cristol refuses to support his claim.

  27. Jack Howell says:

    I am a retired Marine Corps veteran who well recalls this incident. Further, I am the current commander of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Florida Chapter 808. After reading this article, my blood is boiling by the ignorance shown by Landon and the City Council about this issue. Do your homework! What you people don’t know is extracted from a War Crimes report submitted to the Secretary of the Army in 2004. Read this:

    War Crimes Committed Against U.S. Military Personnel June 8, 1967
    This report of war crimes committed against U.S. military personnel is submitted to the Honorable Secretary of the Army in his capacity as Executive Agent for the Secretary of Defense, pursuant to Department of Defense Directive Number 5810.01B (29 March 2004).

    The defenseless crew, initially unable to report their plight or summon assistance and with only themselves to rely upon, fought heroically to save themselves and their ship. In recognition of their effort in this single action, they were ultimately awarded, collectively, one Medal of Honor, two Navy Crosses, eleven Silver Stars, twenty Bronze Stars (with “V” device), nine Navy Commendation Medals, and two hundred and four Purple Hearts. In addition, the ship was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation.

    This was combat regardless of the fact the Israel executed the attack. These brave sailors and Marines did the best they could to defend themselves. You don’t receive the above medals unless the government acknowledges hostile intent.

    This plaque is in fact significant and should be placed in Heroes Park. And please don’t use the trite term event to describe this horrible day in our country’s history. We have a citizen who was a party to this incident and he deserves the proper respect. Trust me, I am going to make this happen!

  28. Michael Morelan says:

    The truth is never bigoted nor is the truth ever antisemitic. Israel did this on purpose the recordings of the attack proved that.

  29. Rick Kang says:

    This is very wrong to cancel this USS Liberty memorial! Ask your Senator and Congressman why there has been NO new US Navy Warship named for the USS Liberty! Also, read the report, there were THREE separate attacks by the IDF!

  30. Howard lawrence says:

    What is the cost of the plaque? And can it be placed in this park that the taxpayers pay for in a direct or indirect way?

  31. BobbySox says:

    In corporate America, before you terminate an employee, you terminate their computer network access. Then you call them in, you fire them, you walk them back to their office where an empty cardboard box awaits for loading of any personal items and then you escort them to the door. Why is it done this way? We all know. Jim Landon has basically been fired and yet he has and will continue for the next two years to thumb his nose at his employer (the citizens of Palm Coast). FIRE HIM and walk him out the door. TODAY.

  32. Ernest A. Gallo says:

    As the person involved, eye witness, and a survivor of the DELIBERATE Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, it was heart breaking that the Palm Coast City Council turned me down. What was interesting about the event was the fact that the council voted on the subject BEFORE asking me to speak. When I realized what was happening, I asked to speak but our Mayor told me to wait until they were finished. This to me was a Kangaroo court per excellence as if it was palnned. The bottom line is that this is a sad day for Palm Coast to support a historic event to the most decorated Navy ship for a single engagement. For those who believe Israel cannot do anything wrong, I fell sorry for your inability to see the forest through the trees. I have dedicated my life to America’s intelligence effort (Navy plus 28 years with the CIA) and I can tell you that our government and media are NOT telling you the truth in order to foster our Israeli relationship. And it began with the deliberate Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. See and . You will find a de-classified CIA cable indicating Israel’s defense minister, Maysha Dayan ordered the sinking of the Liberty. It is only for the grace of God and an American well built WWII ship that I am here today to ask for this plaque to honor the crew especially the 34 KIA.

  33. Sadie says:

    @ Mr. Gallo, thank you sir for your service.

    What do you need your fellow Palm Coast residents to do to help make City Council place this plaque in Hero Park?

    I am e-mailing each city council member demanding this plaque be placed! Here are the e-mail addresses if anyone else would like to help flood them with demands for this! – Mayor Holland – Robert Cuff, District 1 – Heidi Shipley, District 2 – Nick Klufas, District 3 – Steve Nobile, District 4

  34. Gerby Echols says:

    It is rather crystal clear isn’t it. Hilariously so. These clowns/pathetic puppets are speaking in incoherent dance speak out of abject FEAR. Fear of the wrath of the the Jewish state apologists and South FL is full of them. Let’s put PATHETIC in upper case. Phhhhttt.

  35. Ernest A. Gallo says:

    Voltare once said, :To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allow to criticize.

  36. Ernest A. Gallo says:

    If anyone who knows a lawyer who can help me with this case, please ask them to contact me at God bless American and thanks.

  37. Downtown says:

    Shouldn’t the number one consideration for any memorial being placed in “Hero’s Park” be that the person or event being memorialized have a direct connection to Palm Coast/Flagler County and that the person lost their life in the line of duty serving the country, county or city. Were any of the KIA aboard the USS Liberty from this area? If none of the KIA aboard the Liberty were from this area then “Hero’s Park” is not the place for this plaque. I’m sure the AmVets or American Legion would be honored to display this plaque.

  38. Katie Semore says:

    @Mr. Gallo, can you provide us with a link to a reliable source with a copy or mention of the unclassified document that you speak of? I am very interested is seeing it. Thanks in advance.

  39. Ernest A. Gallo says:

    Come to Europa cafe located in the European this Thursday, August 17, at 6 PM. The event is called the Inspired Mic and I am giving a presentation along with others. It is great entertainment.

  40. libsurvivor67 says:

    Fifty years of telling this nation the truth about what we as eyewitnesses saw on June 8, 1967, and because of the cover up, people still don’t know the truth in many cases. I compare this to the treatment two of our survivors, and one supporter got at an American Legion Convention just a few years back. These men including our own LVA president were not allowed sit up a booth at that convention. So the city council at Palm Coast seems to line up with the Legion Headquarters in their line of thinking. The most decorated crew in the US Navy for a single action, and we are still receiving this kind of treatment. As the LVA chaplain I cannot believe that the veterans of the USS Liberty are left in the dust, but thank God some are beginning to realize that three fourths of the crew were some of the most trusted by the US Government of that era. Why would anyone think we would lie about any of this?

  41. Algernon says:

    I would concur with Col. Howell that this plaque should be placed in Heros Park.

    I would also suggest that Mr. Gallo and Col. Howell have a conversation about how to proceed, with or without a lawyer.

  42. Cyndy says:

    I find it shameful that any American would take the word of the people that
    intentionally attacked an American ship over the word of the AMERICANS
    that suffered the attack !!
    Well for those that continue to repeat the now proven lies spread by both the Israelis
    and the treasonous USG, watch the following documentary and hear it straight
    from the Israelis themselves ! And Shame on You and every other American traitor
    for turning your back on true American heros.
    Special Series The Day Israel Attacked America

    Also watch
    USS LIBERTY COVERUP ” The Loss Of Liberty”

    It is no wonder our country is in the shape it is in and going down hill
    fast. Citizens siding with a foreign government over it”s own service members.

  43. Gary L Barney sr says:

    These heroes of the USS Liberty deserve much more than this.Palm coast should at least do this much for the men of the Liberty.It is plain that Israel controls what we are allowed too see here in this once great nation Too side and put above another nation besides the USA is nothing short of treason,even if it is “poor little Israel” that kills our sailors ..spys on us and takes our millions in foregin aid every year.I want to puke..

  44. Anita says:

    Katie Semore: After reading the above, draw your own conclusions and YES, a young man by the name of Heiser was.killed on the USS Liberty. He and his family were from Palm Coast. It’s not anti-semitism to say Israel was wrong when they were,

  45. Downtown says:

    A plaque then should be placed in Hero’s Park honoring this young man named “Heiser” who was from Palm Coast. The plaque should be to honor this young man who gave in life while in line of duty serving the Country. There are over 65 memorials dedicated to the USS Liberty and crew across the country, but none to this young man Heiser who was from Palm Coast as Anita posted above.

  46. Downtown says:

    Anita, could you please tell me where you found the name Heiser, from Palm Coast, that was KIA aboard the USS Liberty. I have searched for more information on this young man and can find none. He is not listed as one of those killed aboard the USS Liberty on any list posted by the government or in memorials to those killed on the Liberty.

  47. libsurvivor67 says:

    As one of the survivors that name is not familiar at all.

  48. Ernest A. Gallo says:

    In addition to libsurvivor67, Heiser was NOT on the USS Liberty during the June 8, 1967 cruise as much as I would like to agree to get the plaque installed.

  49. Jan Bauman says:

    On June 8, 1967 in a deliberate attack on an ally, the Israeli military attempted to sink the USS Liberty, a well marked intelligence gathering ship in international waters. There is no doubt that the Israelis knew that the ship was American. Only a few hours before unleashing their deadly attack that took the lives of 34 American servicemen and wounded 170 more, clearly marked Israeli planes had overflown the Liberty flying so low that the men sunbathing on the clear June day were able to see the pilots and wave to them.
    A few hours later unmarked Israeli planes arrived unleashing deadly missiles and napalm at the Liberty. Torpedoes forced holes into the hull of the ship. The Israelis even machine gunned the lifeboats.
    When the three hour attack finally ended with the ship covered in blood and bodies, the ship limped back to port.
    Then President Johnson, looking forward to donations from wealthy Israel supporters for his 1968 campaign refused to condemn the attack saying that he didn’t want to embarrass an ally. The survivors of this heinous attack were threatened with court martial if they spoke about what had happened. The captain of the ship who had been severely wounded was award the Congressional Medal of Honor. That medal has traditionally been awarded by the president at the White House with the press in attendance but not this time. In a secret ceremony with no press in attendance Captain McGonagle received his medal.
    The Israelis not surprisingly said that the attack was an “accident.” They said that the ship had been mistaken for an Egyptian ship. Anyone with even a few brain cells would have to know that Israeli pilots are neither blind nor stupid. There is no way that the sleek Liberty, bristling with intelligence gathering antennae and flying a large American flag, could have been mistaken for an old Egyptian tub half the size of the Liberty.
    The attack on the Liberty was another day that should live in infamy – a day when an ally deliberately attacked a US ship and the attack was covered up by the US government.
    That attack is still being covered up and the fact that the placement of the plaque honoring the men of Liberty cannot be placed in Hero’s park shows that the coverup continues.

  50. Rick says:

    Not true. If you want to learn the truth you can go to military .com and search the video section for “The day Israel attacked America” There you will see direct testimony from the survivors of the USS Liberty tellong how the Israelis knowingly attacked their vessel and murdered their shipmates in cold blood in an effort to drag America into a war with Egypt. You can hear the Israeli pilot clearly identify the vessel as American as they bombed and napalmed our sailors and Marines. Just another case of our corrupt government lying to us to fulfill the agenda of others.

  51. Rick says:

    Here is the link as mentioned above. The attack was 100% knowingly and intentionally done.

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