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Unemployment Spikes in Flagler Back to Near Record at 16.4%; Florida’s Back Up to 11.7%

| September 17, 2010

florida flagler county unemployment august 2010

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Flagler County’s unemployment rate spiked steeply in August from 15.7 percent to 16.4 percent. Florida’s unemployment rate also rose to 11.7 percent, from 11.5 percent, as the state’s and the county’s job picture darkened again after a spring reprieve.

The state lost a net 16,000 jobs. In Flagler, the workforce itself shrank somewhat in addition to a net job loss. Flagler’s August labor force stood at 32,917, compared with 32,969 the previous month, and 32,959 a year ago. The decline can be attributed to two reasons: as the number of long-term unemployed (those on the unemployment rolls one year or more) grows, they are no longer counted among the unemployed. The county may also be losing population. The first recorded decline in school population in recent memory, while slight, suggests that the county is, in fact, losing population.

Flagler’s unemployment rate is the second-worst in the state, after Hendry County, where more than one in five worker is unemployed. The unemployment rate there is at Depression-era levels: 20.6 percent. The numbers suggest that while the nation is teetering on the brink of a double-dip recession, Florida is already there, and Flagler never got out of the last one.

A few sectors of Florida’s economy experienced slight growth in August. Those included trade and transportation (0.3 percent), especially transportation (0.9 percent), insurance and finance (1.1 percent).

Losses were widespread across many sectors: Manufacturing (1.1 percent loss), Real estate (1.7 percent), education and health services (1.1 percent), tourism (0.2 percent), and government jobs (1.1 percent). Much of that loss was due to continuing decline in temporary census jobs (12,300 federal jobs were lost). But local governments, too, shed jobs (2,600).

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12 Responses for “Unemployment Spikes in Flagler Back to Near Record at 16.4%; Florida’s Back Up to 11.7%”

  1. starfyre says:

    who needs job’s–we got welfare!

  2. Ralph Belcher says:

    -> and the perpetual unemployment benefit program. It encourages my next door neighbor to remain unemployed so she can continue qualifying for paid college tuition for her daughters, based solely on that. Now she is going to take a job under the table.

    Makes me why I’m working, almost.

  3. DLF says:

    How is hope and change working now? We continue to spend spend and spend and forget about producing jobs.Oh, I forgot we will be producing jobs but it will be in another year, thanks Obama for the change, which I need since I have no job and hope that we only have two more years of this.

  4. hogdick says:


  5. Barney Smythe says:

    That’s right Starfrye! You’re unemployed and disable. Your husband is unemployed. You both collect. Yet still got a mortgage for a new home, you go to school on line, have cell phones, cable and internet.
    Just keep sucking on the teat on the tax payers. And have the nerve to keep complaining about Obama!!

  6. Palm Coast, Florida Unemployment is at near record levels, we don’t manufacture anything anymore cheaper to import from China, but according to the government the recession is over and all is well. The bigger problem is we need to change the politicians that are destroying our country. We need to support American Companies and take care of Americans.

  7. starfyre says:

    barney its my tax paying right to leach off of you

  8. Joe MM says:

    Don’t worry, Enterprise Flagler will fix everything, they have done such a great job attracting companies so far, there just invisable is all!!!

  9. preacher says:


  10. John Oswald says:

    The continuation of benefits is being abused by alot of individuals on unemployment . My friend owns a technology cabling business and he simply cannot get any of his laid off employees to come back and work on jobs as its “too much trouble” for them to restart getting their benefits when the contract job he is offering is finished. So in their case it pays to be lazy ? So unfortunately there needs to be a limit or cutoff point to stop the abuse of getting these benefits.

  11. John Oswald says:

    Ps ….these contracted positions pay $14 hr.

  12. Starfyre of Flagler Chat says:

    I want to formally post that the handle starfyre is NOT me, and the posts are not made by me.

    For those of you attacking me through the imposter, you are cowards hiding behind a keyboard getting your thrills attacking a cancer survivor, and someone who is working hard to better herself by going back to school.I am NOT on welfare, I am collecting disability. I have cancer in my back. Want to trade places? I will gladly give you my constant pain, to be able to go back to work.

    I have worked since I was 16, and paid into the system, and I am not collecting anything I am NOT entitled to. Hog, I am NOT collecting welfare, and I can pray with a clear conscience – thank you for your concern. Barney, I am curious how you know so much about me? Are you spying? Delving into someone’s personal life? If you would like a simple class in finance, and how to manage your money, I can give you a few pointers. The home we bought after my husband lost his job on the hope he would get another one. That never happened, but we still have a mortgage to pay- which by the way, is less then our previous rent.

    I find it sad that this is how you all get your kicks. Very sad commentary on the intellectual and moral status of some of the people reading this site. And a very sad reflection of what governs your souls.

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