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Armed Home Invasion Robbery Targets Couple and 7-Year-Old Child in Palm Coast’s R Section

| June 5, 2017

richmond drive palm coast home invasion

Richmond Drive in Palm Coast.

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that three men, at least one of them armed, broke down a family home’s door on Richmond Drive in Palm Coast Sunday evening (June 4), pistol-whipped one of the residents and ordered all three to the ground at gunpoint as they ransacked the house.

The alleged assailants got away.

The call came in to the 911 dispatch center just before 9 p.m. from 71 Richmond Drive. A resident there reported that three young black men armed with handguns broke down her door and entered the residence.

The caller’s boyfriend of six years, Ted Gould, 45, was on the living room couch, watching television, when he heard a “bang” and the assailants broke down the door. His 28-year-old girlfriend was in the shower at the time, and her 7-year-old daughter was in her bedroom.

The three armed men, he told deputies, entered the house. A taller, stocky man wearing a short-sleeve tee shirt pointed his firearm at Gould and ordered him to the ground. Gould didn’t entirely comply. The man struck him in the face and the head several times, causing swelling to the right side. Gould then got on the ground as another man–taller and wearing long sleeves–went into the master bathroom, grabbed Gould’s girlfriend by the arm and pulled her out of the shower, according to a sheriff’s incident report.

She was then ordered to the ground next to Gould, at gunpoint. The third man went into the 7-year-old child’s bedroom “and escorted her to the living room as well,” according to the report.

The assailants then ordered the family to get up and get on the ground in a different area of the house, nearer the kitchen. “The family complied and the stocky black male stayed with the family in that area of the residence as the other two suspects ransacked the residence,” the report states. It’s not clear how long the assailants were in the house.

As soon as they left–the residents could not say in what direction or by what means–Gould’s girlfriend called 911. Aside from a small amount of cash and possibly some jewelry, authorities said, it was not initially clear what was stolen from the house. Gould declined medical treatment for the swelling on his face.

The incident report notes that deputies reported to the house within two minutes of the 911 call, but “did not observe anyone on foot or any vehicles recklessly leaving the area,” according to the report. Deputies established a perimeter and deployed a K-9 unit, but without results. Laura Pazarena, the sheriff’s crime scene investigator, processed the residence and surrounding area.

The three men, the residents said, were wearing black clothing and had their faces covered with an unknown type of clothing or cloth material. They were also wearing heavy non-latex gloves.

Authorities said they don’t consider such acts to be usually random, though at the moment there’s little by way of evidence to explain the alleged crime. Gould was arrested in 2012 on a cocaine possession charge and was found guilty and sentenced to three years’ probation, which was terminated early as he was complying with all terms.

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26 Responses for “Armed Home Invasion Robbery Targets Couple and 7-Year-Old Child in Palm Coast’s R Section”

  1. r&r says:

    Some more home schooled from the R section.

  2. Outsider says:

    Things that make you say “Hmmmmmm……”

  3. Veteran says:

    If you don’t have one, buy a gun, take the safety class and protect yourself from these assholes.

  4. blondee says:

    Waiting for the “true” side of the story to come out.

  5. Outsider says:

    This man is a convicted felon and cannot legally possess a gun.

  6. rst says:

    I agree with blondee and Outsider; things just don’t add up on this one…

  7. youKNOWthis says:


  8. The Truth says:

    Victim previously arrested for cocaine possession. I am going to go out on a limb and say there’s more to this story than what we know so far.

  9. Lou says:

    Wait until we grow and population doubles. More criminals to arrest, feed, provide health care. Great system..

  10. palmcoaster says:

    Looks like someone got involved with the wrong man ….and should be concerned about the 7 year old girl.

  11. Sw says:

    The more ya do, more likely to get caught and shut down, sent away.

  12. Born and Raised Here says:

    A 7 year old doesn’t need this kind of life.

  13. disappointed says:

    “Some more home schooled from the R section” is a misnomer given that the R section is the LARGEST section in Palm Coast and we dont know where the intruders originate. Instead it should be directed towards those who rent AND have no ties to the community. Those who rent and take pride in PC are commended, those who dont Oh well…………

  14. Itsme says:

    This is concerning.

  15. South Florida says:

    There is definitely more to this than meets the eye.

  16. Um says:

    These poor people just had their home invaded, which is terrifying. Let’s not forget that the people that broke in to this house are the ones that need to be caught.

  17. Benjamin Bartlett says:

    I used to own the same model house–it was a Holiday Builders home, in the “W” section.
    These homes are so easy to kick your way in to. The door frames are weak and will not
    tolerate more than 1 or 2 good kicks, then you have the sliding glass doors that can be easily
    defeated. I won’t mention how.

    Unfortunately the time has come to put up heavy steel security doors with bolstered frames,
    then gates on the windows, and the elimination of the glass sliding doors.

    This will serve as a deterrent and will give you time to access your shotgun, pistol or whatever
    you fancy wile you’re dialing 9-1-1. You can have 100 guns in your house and still have this
    happen to you. The guy on the couch wasn’t expecting three impromptu armed visitors
    (supposedly) who were bent on sacking the home while the occupants were in.
    Even if the couch potato fellow had a pistol in-hand, he was outnumbered 3:1.

    In this scenario, some advance warning will save you, and a “hardened” home is key.
    The 3 marauders were in the house within seconds, so the story goes.
    Even if the story sounds contrived, understand that there have been home invasions before
    in PC.

    Imagine showering, and you get yanked out of the stall by a would-be rapist or robber? Yikes!
    Imagine your family and pets, what harm they’d face.

    Even back in the early 2000’s, I found it hard to sleep knowing how vulnerable my house was.

    I moved out of Palm Coast a good ways back, and I don’t know if Code Enforcement would
    allow these modifications on your home.

    What a shame, to have to turn your home into a presidio just to feel safe.

  18. Lazaruis says:

    I am sure that a lot more story will come out of this .
    But I am pro gun and believe in the stand your ground ruling .
    The more people that have a gun the safer we all are .

  19. Fake news says:

    He cannot legally own a firearm but the culprits have them too, its time we do away with gun laws regardless of the fact if youre a felon or not you should have the right to protect yourself, these three men clearly cannot possess them legally so why not fight fire with fire? More people will be lost if we as a country divide and continue with blissful ignorance

  20. Rosie O'Donnell says:

    I am PRO-DOGS, lovable, affectionate, but very much Excellent Watch Dogs! With or Without guns, the Fear of an Intruder at any time is a violation to whom we are as neighbors. “People” watching out for one another on a regular basis is a sign of one of the best Saftey precautions we have. I live in the “R” Section and I love it here, Our neighbors DO watch out for each other and each others’ property. BTW, when did “renting” in Palm Coast happen? When I moved here in 2010, I was told that there are only homeowners and NO renters! Was I lied to? or Did the “Rules” change? Rosie O’Donnell/ and Rosanna Wells

  21. blondee says:

    @Rosie – whoever told you there were no renters here didn’t know what they were talking about. There’s probably thousands.

  22. Vincent says:

    I’m glad I own 2 large dogs

  23. Concerned Citizen says:

    Just curious as to what is wrong with renters?

    I have rented for sometime. I pay my rent and utilities before the due date, keep the house and yard maintained and try to improve the property when I can.

    Now I realize that there are bad renters out there but there are bad owners also. And I have met more bad owners so I don’t know..

    I hope to own one day and am working on my credit to get a good APR on my mortgage. Hopefully once I own I won’t be looked down on by residents like Rosie O’ Donnell :)

  24. sirvaysa says:

    Just make sure the thugs are INSIDE the house before you empty your Glock’s magazine into them. (That is, in my case……….IF they get past my VERY PROTECTIVE German Shepherd ! TO ALL POTENTIAL DARK-VADERS:::::::>>>> Good luck violating my household, and God help you.

  25. Loretta says:

    There have been rentals since I moved here in 1998. Only through a realtor and I was surprised there were no ads in the paper – coming from Tampa. But I needed a rental before I purchased.

  26. Rosie O'Donnell says:

    On June 6, 2017, (just read the reaction to my post) I, myself, am renting from my daughter. I see nothing wrong with renting anywhere, however, my daughter was specifically told that when she purchased this house in Palm Coast that she could not rent it out to anyone, even me, her mother. We had to get legal papers signed for the Realtor proving I was, in fact, her mother, renting this house from her and her husband as they don’t accept renters in P.C. They live in Va. It was a bit of a hassle and inconvenience as she was working in another State on an emergency job. Our closing was delayed due to this problem. We have no objection and no problem with someone renting an apt. or house. The Realtor, that we had lied to us about many rules, etc before purchasing home. I am sorry that you misunderstood our concern, and if there is something that me and my family are Incapable of doing, and that is “looking down” on someone as we have all been there, a time or two. Whether renting or owning, we’ve got a bit of a problem with crime in our neighborhood, let’s pull together on this and understand each other a little better. I have just read your Post and felt I should reply, even late is better than never.

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