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In Ugly Meeting Over Mayor’s Radio Show, Palm Coast Manager and Council Member Turn Offensive

| February 28, 2017

From left, Palm Coast Council members Nick Klufas, Steve Nobile and Mayor Milissa Holland during a visit to the city's public works grounds in November. Nobile was derisive of Klufas during a discussion about a proposed radio show for Holland today at City Hall. (© FlaglerLive)

From left, Palm Coast Council members Nick Klufas, Steve Nobile and Mayor Milissa Holland during a visit to the city’s public works grounds in November. Nobile was derisive of Klufas during a discussion about a proposed radio show for Holland today at City Hall. (© FlaglerLive)

It was an at-times ugly and loud workshop this morning as the Palm Coast City Council inconclusively discussed the merits of a proposed half-hour weekly radio show hosted by Mayor Milissa Holland and paid for by taxpayers. With Holland’s exception, City Manager Jim Landon had kept the proposal from council members for a month even though it would have been a $10,000 expense. The issue was unresolved today through much debating, leaving it to a divided council to vote on next Tuesday.

The discussion was at times abrasive. City Manager Jim Landon and council member Steve Nobile became offensive—Landon by framing the discussion as the result of “misinformation that can be out there all the time,” an apparent attack at local media and particularly FlaglerLive, which detailed the radio proposal after Holland alluded to it on a radio show Friday. Landon provided no evidence of “misinformation,” but repeatedly apologized to the council and took responsibility for not informing them.

Deep into the discussion, tempers flared as Nobile yelled—actually yelled—at council member Nick Klufas, and twice insulted him by calling him a 12 year old as Klufas was trying to make a distinction between Holland being on the show as opposed to other council members. Nobile, who had just been speaking about his disagreement with the proposal, shushed Klufas. It got uglier from there. (Klufas is 28, Nobile is 56.)

“We’re going to have an adult conversation, let’s just converse,”  Klufas told Nobile after being shushed.

“A little baby 12 year old is going to tell me we’re going to have an adult conversation,” Nobile said. “Say your piece and let me say my piece and don’t tell me how to talk.”

 “Don’t yell at me,” Klufas replied calmly.

Nobile: “I’m yelling to you, not at you.”

Klufas, still calm: “I will just ask of you to stop yelling at me.”

Nobile: “I will speak how I want to speak. You done?”

Klufas: “Are you?”

Nobile: “No I’m not done I’m waiting for you to be finished so I can continue.”

“I don’t throw it on Mayor Holland at all,” Council member Heidi Shipley said, looking at City Manager Landon. “I throw it on you.”

It went on for a couple more exchanges, then the discussion about the show seemed to resume, with Holland noting that from the start she’d said she’d never necessarily seen herself as the host, then Nobile flared up again. “Don’t look towards me with that tone, all right buddy?” he said, again referring to Klufas, “because I’m almost done with your childness.”

At that point Bill Reischmann, the city attorney, perhaps instinctively sensing the implied threat in Nobile’s words, intervened by speaking about the mechanics of the show, and council member Bob Cuff picked up the theme. (Immediately after the meeting, Nobile walked over to Klufas, shook his hand and apologized.)

 “I think we’re letting ourselves be cranked up here over an issue that really shouldn’t have been an issue except for Bad Jim Landon not thinking about bringing it to us first,” Cuff said, his reference to “Bad Jim Landon”—his second—meant with a clear note of sarcasm, though by then Landon had repeatedly acknowledged that the mishandling of the issue was his fault. “We’re all getting our shorts in a twist over something that I don’t see as being that big of a deal except for the fact that the media wants to make it a deal,” Cuff continued. (In an interview later Cuff retreated, saying he had not meant to disparage media so much as the public reaction to the initial story, a reaction that went largely against the proposal.)

The proposed radio show may have been the subject of the discussion, but there were several subtexts to the tension and the occasional slights at media: Nobile and council member Heidi Shipley had been unhappy that the proposal was never brought to their attention, which to Nobile has been a recurring concern: he’s felt left out of issues at City Hall. This was another example. The new council in the past three months, with Holland’s and Klufas’s arrival, has functioned well but not exactly gelled as a unit. Klufas and Holland have been almost of one mind while Nobile, who was the insurgent on the previous council, has continued in that role, in essence failing to build a coalition with the new council: Holland winning a weekly perch on the radio after just three months on the council was another indication of her greater status though he’s the senior council member (with Shipley).

And Landon rarely misses a chance to deflect bad news by blaming media even as he is forced to recognize that in this case he was almost alone to blame, a point Shipley not only made explicit but noted Landon’s apparent duplicity.

“I don’t throw it on Mayor Holland at all,” Shipley said, looking at Landon. “I throw it on you. Because I know I’ve asked for stuff before, even a sign somewhere, and you say ‘Well, you’d better bring it to the council, you can’t do anything without bringing it to the council.’ So to hear that, and I know it went through a crazy way of  us finding out, which is always the worst part, but I felt as though that never would have proved for me, to say, I wanted a radio show and you say, ‘We’ll just do it, and we’ll talk to the council afterward.’”

As Landon described it, he never thought the issue would be an issue at all, because he saw the radio show as just another way to market the city. “We’re constantly trying to get the word out to the community. Do we bring all that to city council?” he asked, seeing no difference between a news release or an ad about a city event and fronting the mayor in a weekly radio show. The show, he said, would have been “scripted” and would have focused on advertising city events or explaining the workings of the city—but not policy, not issues before the council. Why it was necessary to use the mayor as a weekly PR voice on the air was never made clear.

Palm Coast City Manager Jim landon

Palm Coast City Manager Jim Landon took responsibility even as he blamed ‘misinformation’ and said his administration was doing what it always does. (© FlaglerLive)

It took Landon a few stumbles and another sally at media before he first took responsibility, then claimed he was going to bring it to the council’s attention all along—even though the discussions about the show started a month ago, when WNZF’s general manager, David Ayres, proposed the idea to Holland, and Holland discussed it with Landon.

 “I’m hearing, and you hear here, oh my god, the city is doing this bad thing,” Landon said, pausing again and again, “and it’s out there, blogger is going back and forth. So, but I think it has a lot to do with misinformation. So what, I, um, OK, sorry, I lost my train of thought, but, I know where I was. Is it—I made a mistake. And should have talked to you earlier. You can say that. Monday morning quarterbacking. But I can tell you we do this all the time. This is the stuff we do every day as far as how we’re going to advertise. And the idea was, we were going to talk to city council because we needed more ideas. If we’re going to do this once a week we needed as many ideas as possible.”

 “You were going to talk to us after it was a done deal about what we should put on the show,” Nobile said. It wasn’t a question.

“You know,” Landon said, pausing again, “I think that’s probably a fair thing as where we were headed, yes, and I think that’s where I’m saying I made a mistake. It’s not a done deal. It’s, you know, there’s no contract signed.” He continued: “Some negative people want to try to make this negative, and then twist it as something that wasn’t, um, we don’t have to do it. Maybe it isn’t a good idea. Love to hear your feedback and if you all don’t want to do this, there’s nothing signed, there’s nothing committed to this, and let me know if you want me to back off and I’ll be happy to back off.”

Nobile repeated his objections to the idea, first spoken in an interview on Friday: he was not opposed to spending the money for marketing, but to spending it on what he called “the Milissa Holland Show,”  with all the pitfalls of what may or may not be discussed on the air because of Sunshine law requirements (an elected official is not restricted from talking about any item whatsoever, as long as it’s not in conversation with another member of the same elected body outside of a noticed public meeting. Holland could, if she chose, discuss council issues, but only as one voice, not as a representative of the entire council.)

“If we’re paying for this and do it on a weekly basis, a consistent basis, this is going to turn into a nightmare,” Nobile said. “And if there is no city business discussed, 40 spots is going to turn into a propaganda machine.” Addressing Landon, he termed himself “a little disappointed in what you said about the misinformation. There was no information, so when there is no information, you only get improper information.” Nobile did not explain what he meant by “improper” information. (Landon did not respond to an email asking for evidence of “misinformation” in news reports.)

Landon again conceded having made errors, and again tried to justify himself in the same breath: “Once again,” he said, “I’ve been doing this a long time, thinking I’m very politically astute, this one got by me. Doesn’t happen very often. I’ve taken full responsibility, but this one got by me as far as the reaction that was going to come out of this. All I can say, understand, we do this every day.”

Cuff and Klufas were not opposed to the radio proposal, though Klufas was more enthusiastic than Cuff, who, like Nobile, doesn’t want to see the show devolve into another avenue for advertising. “There’s probably a better way and cheaper way of getting that message out,” he said.

Heidi Shipley

Heidi Shipley. (© FlaglerLive)

Shipley is uncomfortable about the money’s uses for a show. “I just think it seems like a waste,” she said. “I love that Mayor Holland is at everything, she’s becoming Nate McLaughlin”—a comparison to the county commissioner that possibly had deleterious effects on Holland’s usually unshakable spine. “She’s at everything that goes on, and that’s great. And I think people know where to find you, if there’s an event, they’ll find you, and they’ll hear your words that way.”

Still, Shipley said she might approve of a show once a month or once every three months, and Cuff was speaking of “salvaging” the idea despite his personal doubts about radio. “I think it’s a good idea, terribly presented, I guess is my take,” Cuff said, “and I was upset at the kind of fire and brimstone that I think got heaped on our mayor more than I’m willing to heap it on Mr. Landon.” He then added with a cartoonish voice, “Bad city manager!”

“It was never, never the intent to have it the Milissa Holland show and talk about my feelings on specific issues but rather be informative and be an expansion to what I talk about day in and day out, in a powerpoint setting, for different organizations,” Holland said, referring to 14 such presentations she’s done so far, with three more lined up.

“I always try to find ways to help us as a legislative body get the accurate information out there,” Holland continued. “The more we can inform our residents, in my opinion, the better the scenario is at the end of the day, so I’m glad I got the opportunity to set the record straight as far as how this came to be and the intent has never be nor will it ever be—I have a very strong track record respecting each of my colleagues, and not stepping outside the realm of what I think is appropriate.”

It was then that Nobile said he “vehemently” disagreed with how it would not turn out to be the mayor’s shows, giving one council member “undue credit” over others, leading into the clash with Klufas.

When tempers had cooled at the end of the discussion, moments before the end of the meeting, Shipley said: “This did not weaken the city council at all. This is what we do. Something comes up, we discuss it, talk about it, we debate it, and we move on.”

Assuming the city manager has the foresight to bring it up.

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72 Responses for “In Ugly Meeting Over Mayor’s Radio Show, Palm Coast Manager and Council Member Turn Offensive”

  1. Wow, regardless what you think about the show or expense, pretty clear Steven Nobile is a child who is threatened by anyone who DARES confront him. Ugh.

  2. vincent A. Liguori says:

    Thank you Flagler Live for the original story.

  3. Wishful Thinking says:

    Ok – so Palm Coast wants a radio gig – but what about us folks in unincorporated Flagler, Bunnell, Flagler Beach.. Let’s make it fair! I would love to ‘see’….. I mean ‘hear’ Jane Mealy and Nate McLaughlin debate about the beach .. and other important… issues.. Now that should draw record advertisers to cover the cost for everyone.

  4. Robert Lewis says:

    Steve Nobile is an uncivilized human being. He should be ashamed of himself of how he conducts himself during a council meeting. Sign me up for Anyone But Nobile!

  5. Geez. Somebody needs to read the rules of decorum to that guy. The” 12 year old” shows more class and sophistication than Mr.Temper Tantrum is apparently capable of.

  6. Nancy N. says:

    Someone behaved like a child having a tantrum in this incident…and it wasn’t Mr Klufas. There is absolutely no excuse for Mr Nobile addressing Mr Klufas in that manner. A public apology to Mr Klufas, the rest of the council, and the citizens of this city should be forthcoming immediately from Mr Nobile.

  7. Concerned Citizen says:

    Wow all of this over a radio show? And from what I have read earlier it didn’t have to be disclosed to the council because of the 10,000 dollar threshold?

    Don’t get me wrong I don’t support the radio show at all and think it’s a waste of money. There are way to many free sources out there to get your views to the public.

    Let’s scrap the paid program and donate that 10,000 to a charity or even bettering Palm Coast infra structure.

    It is sad that that a councilman want’s to act in an immature and childish way. Shushing then trying to intimidate another council member. I think an apology is in order.

    Mr. Nobile I have seen your attitude more and more in your comments towards readers. You obviously think you rule the roost. And calling someone a 12 year old and implying veiled threats is immature and doesn’t represent your constituents at all.

    We need to learn how to get along and focus on more important matters.

  8. I don’t want my hard earned taxes to be spent on this radio show. It is a waste of money.

  9. Knightwatch says:

    Whether a weekly radio show starring the mayor is appropriate and cost effective is worthy of debate. But I’m appalled at the behavior of Councilman Nobile. His childish behavior is disturbing. How can he be a cooperative member of the Council if he cannot control himself? How can Nick Klufas have a rational discussion with him?

    Nobile is always contentious, but now he’s crossed the line to verbal abuse. Is physical abuse next?

    He has to go.

  10. palmcoaster says:

    My thanks also to Flaglerlive…one more government official attacking the free press now?
    I totally agree with Councilwoman Shipley and Councilman Nobile. And yes Mrs Shipley when you asked for a sign to safeguard the residents you were told by Landon that has to be approved by council that is the name of some games city management plays. Mr. Klufas should keep in mind that the taxpayers do not forget easily wrongdoing and this plan for a radio show was, without council approval. Hope will be put off for good!

  11. Dave S. says:

    Good luck getting re-elected Steve Nobile. You just lost my vote.

  12. JasonB says:

    Thank you FlaglerLive for exposing our local politicians for what they are, nefarious grifters who think taxpayer money is theirs to do with in any way they want, without any oversite or discussion at all. I applaud our local media for catching them with their hands in the cookie jar. At this point I think Mayor Milissa Holland and City Manager Jim Landon need to immediately tender their resignations, and frankly, that condescending blowhard Steve Nobile needs to go as well.

  13. Denali says:

    What has happened to common decency and decorum? What has been reported here and in the Daytona paper was the reprehensible behavior of our own Steve Nobile. His words were totally out of line. For a Council member to berate another is simply untenable. Mr, Klufas has the same status as you, he was fairly elected to serve the people of Palm Coast. He is not your whipping post. Mr. Nobile owes an apology to Mr. Klufas and the entire citizenry of Palm Coast. If he were my employee, he would be fired – oh wait, he is my employee! The only way I have to fire him is through my vote. Guess what Steve, you lost a bunch of votes today and I for one will do my best to remind people of your boorish behavior.

    As for Jim Landon, he continues to walk that fine line; no, he was not required to bring this to the council, but these days the council should be aware of every major proposed purchase when first discussed, not a month later. And then to try and pass it off on the press for reporting the story? My God man, have you no moral compass? Once again our “Bad City Manager” has shown why he deserved the raise he recently received.

  14. Omg, sounds like a bunch of grade schoolers , grow up people, there are more important issues, then this radio show that your wasting your time on

  15. Maureen M. says:

    Totally agree with you! Disgraceful behavior.

  16. knowsalittle says:

    Is Donald Trump now on our city council?

  17. tulip says:

    Looks like all the council members, etc. are choosing whom to ally with, rather than thinking of the residents and what they want, or the sensibility of what they are doing, and are only thinking of their political future. Landon is supposed to do what the council instructs him to do, not the other way around. No one has the backbone to make that happen. Same ol same ol.

    Perhaps all the other council people should be able to promote themselves on the radio also at city expense. I hope the city council says no.

  18. Layla says:

    Mr. Landon, I want you to back off this ill advised proposal. At the least, you appear to have once again been caught at something which you knew would be contentious and not well received, yet in your usual style, you proceeded anyway.

    Mr. Noble, you have serious anger issues and have given many real pause as to whether you belong on that Council or not.

    Mr. Klufus, good for you for remaining so calm under the circumstances. But you should know that in addition to your support for a raise for Mr. Landon, you have now demonstrated bad judgement in my eyes. If you can view the ability to spend $10,000 so easily on something so wasteful, you are not the Councilman I was hoping you would be. That’s MY money and you are demonstrating a clear lack of experience in the manner in which you are spending it.

    Mr. Cuff, I place you in the same category as Mr. Klufus, not very careful with my tax dollars.

    Ms. Shipley, thank you for voicing what should have been voiced from the first day this was made public. I can only wish you had exercised the same good judgement in giving one of the highest paid City Managers in the country a raise. Does he have a ceiling?

    Tough day for everyone. We certainly have better things we need to be spending that money on. I am hoping for better decisions in the future, or at least the opportunity to hear a reasoned debate before it becomes a done deal. Thanks to Flaglerlive for covering a topic which our other media here won’t touch,transparency in our local government. That almost seems to be “the impossible dream” for Palm Coast.

  19. Sw says:

    Clowns. Get rid of Landon he is a cancer.

  20. Anonymous says:

    What was done was done underhanded and Holland is just as much at fault has Landon. Landon needs to go!!! Your right Shipley, he wouldn’t do the same for you; Holland was the hand picked candidate for Mayor and she was hand picked to continue the Netts saga. Does Landon think we are nuts to think we need to market in our own area? What a joke he is. He is trying to smooth it all over and it will happen again and again. Just think about what is going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about. Klufus is wet behind the ears and has no business being a council member. It is sad that more qualified candidates didn’t put their name in the mix. I can only see that Nobile is working for us, the ones who are being taxed to death. Our taxes are being wasted and it is those as Holland that seem to think this is OK.

  21. no says:

    Yall voted for them. There you go

  22. Ken Dodge says:

    None of this would be a topic of discussion had a resident not taken the time to attend this workshop and speak up during public comments.

  23. Pioneer Man says:

    Well the life-long democrat turned Republican to increase her chances to be elected Mayor now wants her own radio show to begin her move up the ladder. Watch out Paul Renner. The proposed show is nothing but an attempt to get favorable coverage on the radio station. It is a payoff. I am against it and I hope the council votes against it. BTW, $10,000 seems too much for thirty minutes of air-time, when their ads are much less than that. As a public service, the station should donate that time, or cancel their auction and give that time to the city.. Big Jim did it again. Whatever he wants, he gets. Let’s see what happens next.

  24. John Brown says:

    Understand the issue of being up front about the radio idea and city spend for it.
    Ms Holland must remember that she is only one person on the counsel. Why didn’t she also share the idea with her co-counsel members.

    Mr Landon will do as he pleases and push his own agenda. You can see it with getting the new city hall and new community center. (Not that we didn’t need both). Issue is that by vote, both had been turned down. So….if you don’t get what you want change the rules so your plan now fits the new rules.

    We need to lower the authority that city counsel and especially city manager has on spending approval. Citizens need more authority on how our money is spent. Not that everything needs resident approval but additional controls put in place.

  25. Kim says:

    Nobile, Landon, lost my vote. Acting like idiots.

  26. Veteran says:

    I worked with Nick Klufas years ago. I believe he was only 20, maybe younger. He was the smartest person in the building and a gentleman.

  27. Eric Cooley says:

    I just became a Nicholas Klufas fan after reading this. Very well done Nick! Keeping it classy and letting the loud mouth baffoon speak of his own reflection! Noble should be ashamed. Someone half his age showed double the professionalism today.

  28. woodchuck says:

    Landon does what Landon want’s and you better not try to stop him.Get on board or get off the bus.Arrogance at it’s best.should have been lead out of workshop in hand cuffs.

  29. Jill Sommer says:

    Go Steve; there is no way that taxpayers money should be used for this!!!!

    • I agree but the way he talked to his fellow council member was way off base.

    • Nancy Nally says:

      Whatever you think of the issue under discussion, it should have been addressed without yelling, shushing, and calling his fellow duly elected council member a child. Mr Nobile behaved in an extremely abusive manner and that is not acceptable behavior from anyone, let alone someone who has been elected to represent the people of this city.

  30. Brad West says:

    I agree with Mr. Nobile that the show & expense are questionable, but his remarks were way way out of line. He owes Mr. Klufas an apology and the community. How the hell are we expected to get more young people engaged in our community with that kind of behavior when they do?

    • For the record… after the meeting Mr Nobile did very nicely apologize to Mr Klufas for the comment.

    • He made is comments in public and he should apologize to Councilman Klufas and the entire city in public.

    • If I know Steve, he will.

    • Eric Cooley says:

      Apologizing quietly after, let alone not publically, immedately, or on record for losing control doesnt hit any magic reset buttons or make anything right. He is a embarassment of Palm Coast leadership and this is a sign of much deeper issues with this person and can be assumed future problems for the city. This wasnt one small lapse of judgement, this was much larger. If he is slandering based on age, who knows what he would say about other classifications of people.

  31. Gertrude Y Presley says:

    When will our “adult” councilpersons grow up and stop wasting time. Glad they don’t get paid overtime…or do they?

  32. Ana says:

    If the city manager feels that we have 10,000 to throw away then I agree with Concerned Citizen comments and donate the money to a charity or Palm Coast infrastructure, not a talk radio show that the community rarely listens.

    However, if it gets approved I hope that Mayor Holland uses that time/taxpayers money to concentrates on taking calls from residents who have complaints or just want to address city issues that need attention and that will improve the quality of life.

  33. starryidgirl says:

    How much more destruction are we going to allow Landon inflict on our city before he is replaced???

  34. Gkimp says:

    The runs a little deeper then the radio show. Holland and Klufus were very tight during campaign season. I’m sure Noble feels like they are a team, and maybe rightfully so. So stay tuned for more drama. See what I did there? “Stay tuned”

  35. Mark says:

    Don’t take their shit, Nick! Do what’s right.

  36. Sw says:

    @ no, I didnt and really dont care I’m outa here

  37. The Truth says:

    The behavior of Council Member Nobile is disgusting and unprofessional. I encourage everyone to voice your concern by e-mailing your council members and mayor.

    For years, most complain that our Council isn’t as diverse as it should be and we need younger fresher ideas. We now have Mr. Klufas who has made time in his schedule of a full time job and a family to serve on our Council and we have another council member who is clearly bothered by him being there insulting him and comparing him to a 12 year old.

    Mr. Nobile, I look forward to seeing you resign.

  38. VLO says:

    Looks like the media is the new Obama, blamed for everything.
    Flagler Live thank you for keeping the first amendment alive.

  39. r&r says:

    Who listens to radio anymore? I get my local news from Flagler Live.

  40. Young guns says:

    Ok, Let’s get all the young guns together, that wants to run for city council, and let’s get all the young voters out to support us, 18 + to where we will have a majority in the council… let’s stick together and we can take over the city council, time for old folk to move on, we can hold meetings for young guns, let’s start now and organize. …..

  41. David Cox says:

    I am a new resident to Palm Coast and not yet familiar with the local political dynamics … but this story has inspired me to make a few comments.

    I have radio background including managing a station for a number of years. Within my past experience, my station never ever charged any local government for “Public Affairs” programs, which I would consider this to be. WNZF should reconsider charging for this program. All commercial radio stations are required to broadcast in the “Public Interest”. This is in their covenants with the Federal Communication Commission in exchange for the granting of a license.

    If the program becomes a reality, I would suggest that the the host be a member of the WNZF staff and each member of the city government be given an opportunity to participate. Can you imagine a Sunday morning TV news program with the President or member of Congress hosting the program?

    Just my thoughts.

    David Cox

  42. jadobi says:

    I am neither for or against the radio show. The issue that is being made is nothing to do with the $10,000. That is evident by the statements made by the commissioners. Most municipalities have an ordinance that defines the threshold at which the City Commission must approve spending and I can tell you that its far more than $10,000.

    The contention is that the Mayor is a member of the Council and that she would be the sole speaker of the show and not affording the other member of the Council to do so… plus some. Would the platform be a Q&A or a script?

  43. My Aunt Tilly says:

    1 Corinthians 13.11

    When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.

    Councilman Klufas seems to exemplify this. Councilman Nobile, although older in years, seems not to have made the transition to adulthood. His childish behavior ill befits an elected official. I’ve watched most City Council meetings from the inception of this city and this is the first instance I can remember of such rude, inappropriate behavior. Mr.Nobile owes an apology to Mr. Klufas and to all Palm Coast residents.

  44. Joy Schlegel says:

    Nicholas Klufas I applaud you for being the adult and maintaining a level of calm in a situation where Mr Nobile was obviously trying to get you to sink to his level. Thank you for continuing to prove my vote for you was the right one. Unfortunately this is not the first time where I’ve seen Mr Nobile reduce to ridiculous, childish name calling with a temper that he cannot control. Its obvious when Mr Nobile has referred to some as “liberal nutcases” that he never had any intention of being council man for all of Palm Coast. My vote for him was a HUGE mistake and one that I won’t make twice.

  45. Mark101 says:

    And just to think you people voted for these elder children representing Palm Coast.

  46. carol says:

    City council should fire the manager.

  47. carol says:

    What does the manager mean by saying “I take responsibility”???
    Fire him!!!

  48. Donna Francis says:

    I have not yet formed an opinion on the proposed radio show. Nor have I ever had any personal position on any of the City Council members as a resident until reading the reports of this Workshop. I do, however, have a clear opinion on the behavior of Councilman Nobile.

    While I was not at the meeting, I read more than one news report and the comments of others who did attend. Based on that information, I am disgusted with the behavior of Councilman Nobile and his verbal attack on fellow Councilman Klufas. Calling Mr. Klufas, “A little baby 12-year-old,” and stating, “I will speak how I want to speak,” is about as juvenile and unprofessional as a public official could be. Councilman Nobile owes Mr. Klufas a PUBLIC apology. He owes the Palm Coast citizens an apology for behavior that is non-productive and detrimental to the productivity and cohesiveness of the City Council. The subject matter is irrelevant. Elected officials are expected to conduct themselves with a certain decorum, which does not include grammar school verbal bullying.

    Shame on you, Mr. Nobile. In an interview in January 2017 with Flagler Live you stated, “… my vision for Palm Coast is that we become a multi-generational, family oriented community where it is a great place to grow-up, go to school, work and play, start a family and retire.” Apparently your idea of multi-generational participation is that a highly educated, intelligent, and successful young husband and father is not worthy of sitting in the Council Chambers with you.

    I will certainly remember that when elections roll around. Perhaps anger management sessions should be considered.

    Donna Francis, Palm Coast.

  49. RayD says:

    I have met with Nobile, Shipley and Landon. Heidi has always come across as objective and honest. Having met wit Landon, I then met with Nobile and Shipley over a neighborhood issue. Mr Nobile came across as disinterested in our issue. He simply told us vote for him, he would run for mayor and get rid of Landon. Ms Shipley became involved in our issue and continued to meet with us. Nobile comes across as someone who does not seem like he can be trusted. His motives are questionable. Mr Klufas as for President! Regarding the radio show, use it for all city issues and officials and include citizens. Rotating citizens should host.

  50. Edith Campins says:

    Shame on you, Mr. Nobile. You owe Mr. Klufas a public apology.

    Mr. Klufas, kudos to you. I am glad I voted for you.

    City Council, no to the radio show. There are better ways to spen $10,000.

    Lastly, Mr. Landon, really, really, really needs to go.

  51. Dave says:

    Never Nobile!!!

  52. cls says:

    Sheesh, First the city council approves an ill-advised raise for Landon after raising property taxes on residents so he is making more than Los Angeles’ city manager, which is BS, and then the republican-type talk starts. lol Nope Mayor Holland, we don’t need a radio show. Just maybe a article or two once a month (Mayor’s monthly message or something like that). And Flaglerlive tells the story as it is. Sorry Landon, buck it up. We are very disappointed in you that you feel you need to have such a huge amount of pay while council members make $9,000 a year.

  53. Diane says:

    I like Mr Nobile looking after our money . It’s easy for a 28 year young man to spend other people’s money so frivolously . It is not hard to see that Ms. Holland and Mr Klufas are buddies. Now maybe Mr Nobile should not have “yelled “at Mr Klufas ….. I know how sensitive these young men are . But how can Mr Klufas understand the minds of Palm Coasts seasoned citizens ? He can not …… he does not have the life experiences yet. Maybe in time but not a young man in his twenties.

  54. jersey exit 82 says:

    Two more votes AGAINST Nobile. Thats the what you get for acting like a Dick. Landon must be fired. We can get 2 GOOD mangers for what we are paying him.

  55. VLO says:

    Would you be happy if someone wrote about you “I know how sensitive these old women are”. FYI, our beautiful city isn’t made just of seasoned citizens like us, we need some young blood who understand the minds of Palm Coast young population. Diversity Diane, diversity is the very fabric of our Nation.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Just think, it was Melissa Holland who created all this mess because she acted as though she is entitled and didn’t conduct herself in a transparent manner.

    Thank you Mr. Noblle for looking out for us the people! FIRE LANDON!!! He’s a sneak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Cindy J says:

    Steve Nobile is WAY out of line; obnoxious, pandering, childish himself and so patronizing. What a jerk. He just lost my vote, if he ever had it. He needs to get over himself and understand that–particularly in his case, obviously–age does not always equal wisdom.

    He owes EVERYONE–Klufas, Landon, the mayor, all the attendees of that meeting and the general public of Palm Coast–an apology. What grandstanding.

  58. Pioneer Man says:

    JIm Landon is rewarded with a significant raise, an extension of his contract and other perqs, even with all of the delays in projects he is supervising Now he wants a sweetheart deal with the local radio station. What next? That radio time should be donated to all public officials in PC and not just the mayor, who obviously is looking to move on up.

  59. palmcoaster says:

    I am sorry NOT to agree here with those calling against Nobile…Our councilman Nobile was upset that junior councilman Klufas was already siding with the mayor and manager in this wrong decision and coming up with excuses on their behalf. If we do not stop this one siding, then will be business as usual in the Palm Coast City council as was before mayor and manager called all the shots and approving things like the City Hall against the People’s Referendum, etc. etc.
    I know the feeling when we are part of a board were majority members associates on plans to do wrong and once frustration sets in! At times we elderly are called “old fashion or out of current context, or bad driver, etc etc.” and we have to leave with it! So why is consider so insulting then if a junior councilman is called a 12 year old opinion on an issue? I do not see the outrageous offense. Instead the courage to oppose association to do wrong with our taxpayers funds!

  60. John Yankovich says:

    Another example of quid pro quo (Latin for this for that) where Landon gets a $6500 plus raise and Holland gets $10000 for radio show! Once again the public treasury is used for politicians petty cash! In the old days this would be called corruption but today it’s called good government!! Holland has a 4 year term so expect more of the same!

  61. Jed Plugarski says:

    BRavo, VLO

  62. Donna Francis says:

    In re. “palmcoaster” comment: Why were Mr. Nobile’s comments to Mr. Klufas considered “insulting?” Because not only his words, but also his aggressive tone of voice (which seemed to alarm those present at the meeting), were not appropriate for a public official, period. It is immature, childish, and unprofessional. It shows a basic lack of self-control and a penchant for acting out inappropriately when you don’t agree with someone.

    Just because they are “local” officials and not on the national level does not give any of them a pass on acting in a civilized and professional manner during an official city meeting. Aggression does no good for any of us, no matter what the topic. Nothing is accomplished with hostile words against a fellow council member, no matter who he or she is and no matter their age. It’s called respect for the elected position regardless of age or experience.

    I do not happen to agree with the funding for the proposed radio station. I don’t think it is necessary and I don’t believe it was well thought out. But that doesn’t mean I think it is okay for a public official to be rude and condescending in comments to a fellow elected official.

    Lest you mistakenly think I am some young millennial sticking up for the new kid, I am of retirement age. I just happen to have been raised in a rural farming area where manners and respect were taught and expected, without regard to age, race, sex, or religion.

    Oh, and I add my props to “VLO’s” comment. Well said.

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