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Fourth Fatality in 8 Days On Palm Coast Parkway as 60-Year-Old Beverly Campbell Dies

| January 23, 2017

Beverly Campbell had stopped her van in what would be the middle lane of Palm Coast Parkway, to the left of the left-turning lane for Florida Park Drive. (Google)

Beverly Campbell had stopped her van in what would be the middle lane of Palm Coast Parkway, to the left of the left-turning lane for Florida Park Drive. (Google)

Beverly Ann Campbell, 60, became the fourth road fatality in eight days on Palm Coast Parkway when she died Friday at Florida Hospital Flagler, after sustaining serious injuries in a rear-end crash near Florida Park Drive.

Campbell, a resident of Daytona Beach, was driving east in her 2003 Dodge Caravan van at 6:45 Friday morning when, according to a Flagler County Sheriff’s crash report, she struck a deer within 300 feet of the intersection with Florida Park Drive. Campbell had been traveling on the inside lane of the multi-lane road. (She had stopped the van just ahead of the intersection, parallel to the left turning lane for Florida Park Drive.)

Campbell stopped and stepped out of the van. At that moment, Frank Mannarino, 79, of Burning Tree Place in Palm Coast, who was driving his 2004 Honda Civic in the same lane, rear-ended Campbell’s van, knocking Campbell to the ground. She suffered “possible broken ribs and a broken arm on her right side,” the crash report states. Mannarino’s knees were injured and he suffered chest pains from the deployment of the air bag in his car.

Both were taken to Florida Hospital Flagler. Campbell’s injuries were not considered life-threatening at the time, otherwise she would have been taken to Halifax hospital in Daytona Beach, the investigating sergeant on the case said. Campbell was taken to the Medical Examiner’s office in St. Augustine for an autopsy.

When units of the fire department arrived at the crash scene–they were first on scene–they reported that the van was still running, but its headlights were not on. Marinno told authorities that the van’s lights were not on at the time of the collision. At 6:45 a.m., the crash report states, it was still dark.

Both vehicles were towed by Roger’s Towing in Bunnell. The deer was removed by Palm Coast municipal workers. Marinno was not charged.

On Jan. 12, Tyler M. Allen, 21, of Palm Coast, was killed when he was riding his motorcycle and he rear-ended a car further east on Palm Coast Parkway. Four days later, two people, a mother and child–Terri Wickel, 55, and Margaret Wickel, 17–were killed when they were t-boned into a ditch at the intersection of Pine Cone Drive and Palm Coast Parkway.

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28 Responses for “Fourth Fatality in 8 Days On Palm Coast Parkway as 60-Year-Old Beverly Campbell Dies”

  1. anon says:

    I almost collided with a bus this morning in front of Indian Trails Middle School. I was driving 20 MPH, southbound on Belle Terre. A bus was coming out of the north gate, trying to left. He pulled the bus out in front of myself and another car to get to the median. If I (or anyone else) had been speeding or not paying attention, we would have collided. He had no clearance to make that turn. Both cars had to hit the brakes to avoid a crash.

  2. Truth says:

    The problem isnt drivers the problem is the roads in palm coast were designed by three year olds. No other city in the us has alternatively flowing traffic for a reason.

  3. Born and Raised Here says:

    According to State law lights are to be on until dawn and after dusk. Sunrise was that day was 7:17 am.

  4. PCer says:

    The problem is the drivers. All of these accidents were the fault of the drivers. Maybe people need to brush up on traffic laws? I hope the Sheriff’s office has a solution.

  5. Fi-Del says:

    Condolence to the family of the victim(s).

    With headlights off on an early dark mornings?

    In most reported accidents a poorly lighted roadways are always a contributory factor!

  6. Rose fung says:

    Apparently you have not traveled much!!

  7. Mark101 says:

    It’s sad another life was lost in Palm Coast. I’m sorry but people 70 and up need to take a drivers test, not the book test but an actual behind the wheel test to decide if their thinking and prompt reaction time can handle a sudden requirement to break. I think the majority of these accidents involving the elderly is their reaction time and vision is not what it used to be.

  8. Jane Gentile-Youd says:

    Flagler County cut the 12M to 8AM ‘helicopter’ which COULD have transported Ms Campbell to the trauma center at Halifax and perhaps she would be alive today and just as concerning is WHO made the ‘ incorrect’ evaluation that her injuries were not life threatening..Very very sad and very very disturbing. A new runway is going to being celebrated on Feb 6th which could land an MD 80 but not good enough to support the take off of an emergency helicopter.
    May Ms. Campbell rest in peace and in her memory let’s get that chopper back in service 24/7!

  9. No love lost says:

    Tyler (Allen) has a gofundme which has raised more money than the goal was set and has other charity’s set up for him when he was the one at fault for the crash why not for Terri and her daughter when they weren’t at fault

    Jan. 24: Editor’s note: There is a GoFundMe account for Terri and her daughter that has raised over $24,000 as of today. Tyler Allen is not related to the crash involving Terri and her daughter. ~FL

  10. Ms August says:

    THAT is the reson I HATE GOING TOO PALM COAT- the Drivers, Sppe, they Talgait, they think they have to be right on theass of the car in fromt of them, and if you Leave the proper space– Somebody takes that, as a place to slip in & zig zag their way faster. I CANNOT STAND you Palm Coaster as a majority of Drivers!!! You act like you have a damn JET waiting just for you, for some emergency, and you JUST Going Shopping or Home!!!

  11. tulip says:

    I just made an interesting discovery and may explain why the Campbell van had no lights on. The story said she stopped and got out and the car was still running. I;m sure it was in park position.

    My car’s lights come automatically when I start the car. However, I discovered today that when I put the car in park, the lights go out, even though the car is still running. I didn’t know this until I happened to be parked right in front of a glass door at PC Image. I looked in my auto manual and I will now do what it says to make sure the lights stay on when parked and car is running. That may be what happened with that poor lady,

    I thought I’d post this so others could check their lights.,

  12. WORKS AT A DEALER says:

    Daytime running lights on many cars do not come on unless the car is in drive. These lights to turn on the taillights, or are considered legal for night driving. Automatic headlights come on with the ignition. I cant say this true for every car out there, but it is true for most.

  13. jadobi says:

    Tulip, that’s newer technology than 2003. Either she turned them off, or the initial impact with the deer disabled them.

  14. phyllis kramer says:

    Now I’m afraid to drive up to Palm Coast for anything. I’ll just stay down here in the Daytona area.

  15. phyllis kramer says:

    I think people drive too fast here. and everywhere, for that matter. There’s just not time to react.

  16. Christopher Goodfellow says:

    This is sad and unfortunate but there is something people may not know that I would like to pass on. It may or may not apply here as the report states her motor was still running so maybe the bags did not deploy. Maybe they did and the engine did not cut off.

    No one ever tells you these things when you buy a car but when airbags deploy all electrics are shut down in the car. If you come to a stop and are still conscious you will most likely be disoriented by the airbags popping and the total darkness and quiet if at night. You may feel an intense burning on your arms or chest or elsewhere if the expanding airbags come into contact with your skin. It is a friction burn. You may even bleed as I did on my inner forearms and this will further disorient you. You lose power steering, you lose power braking. The entire car goes black. If this happens at night and in an unlit location it is a definite hazard. I had the personal experience of striking a deer at 50mph on a country road at night. The deer darted in front of me. I did not even have time to apply the brake. The airbags went off, everything went dark and I was still rolling at probably 30mph and luckily steered the car with a very stiff wheel and heavy pressure on the brakes to a stop without colliding with trees or going in the ditch. I could see nothing. In addition, the airbags are sealed with a white powder that may or may not get in your eyes as they explode open. There will be an unusual and disorienting odor as well.

    If you are still in the road and able to get out, immediately get away from the vehicle as there is always someone who may come along a little too fast to stop and rear end you as they won’t see you without your lights especially on a curve or intersection. Stand well away from the vehicle on the side and try to alert any traffic coming. Cars coming at 60mph are travelling at 88 feet per second. Usain Bolt the fastest runner on earth can go 30fps. Let that be your guide that you need to get well away from a stalled or stopped vehicle in the middle of a highway. Don’t ever think you can outrun a car.

  17. woodchuck says:

    O.K here we go again,blame the roads,the lights,the age of drivers,the sheriff;s dept.Let;s own up to the real reason,lazy-poor-head up the butt won;t put the cell phone down for a second drivers.Sheriff;s can;t fix stupid. Drivers don’t use turn signals and don’t care.They will run you down and will never look back.YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.Show some courtesy it goes a long way.

  18. Sw says:

    Slow down where ya goin what are ya tryin to accomplish.

  19. Tony Scafalino says:

    I was taking my daughter to work, when we passed her stopped, that morning before the car hit her van, I put my flashers on as I passed her, she was on the phone standing next to the drivers door, while the door was open, and a baby deer in front of her van, not moving, her parking lights were on, she should have had her flashers on, it was foggy and, was very hard to see her, I knew it wasn’t going to end well.

  20. Palm coast resident says:

    I would love to know the link to this ‘charity’ I believe you’re highly mistake. There was another man who has a go fund me by the name of tyler but I believe you’re highly mistaken.

  21. gofundme says:

    there is a gofundme page for terri and her daughter which also reached above their goal.

  22. Anon says:

    Margaret and Terri do in fact have a gofundme that raised more than $20,000 out of a $10,000 goal.

  23. Tina Turner says:

    This woman was a really close friend of mine and an animal lover and dog foster for victims of domestic violence as well as on an animal transport team. She worked graveyard shift at FHCP so had just.gotten off work. She was alive and able to talk the day it happened. She is not the one who hit the deer. The car in front of her did and drove off but the deer was still alive and she stopped to see if she could assist the injured animal. She was a safe driver so am sure she had her lights on but as the prior poster suggested, probably unaware they went out when she put into park. She was a God fearing woman who was also very active with her First Baptist Church in Daytona as well as un their prison ministry. She had many many friends and was very well-loved and very well-respected in the community having had a positive influence on the lives of many. Tragic devastating loss to many. R.I.P. my dear friend Beverly

  24. jadobi says:

    Christopher Goodfellow…
    Where do you get that info from. It is completely NOT true. Activation of the airbag does not disable a car. Its likely, in your case, the actual impact disabled your car. I’ve investigated numerous crashes where the airbag had deployed and the car was still running. Florida law does, however, prevent a motorist from operating a vehicle with deployed airbags.

  25. Mary M says:

    Thank you Tina Turner. Bev was doing what she does best. Rescuing an injured dear. She had a love and passion to save all animals. I’m so heartbroken that my beautiful friend is gone. She was kind caring compassionate full of spunk. A beautiful soul gone way too soon. R.I.P Bev Rose. You will never be forgotten.

  26. Elizabeth Stone says:

    As a Friend of the victim in this accident I can assure you that she nrw the traffic laws very well and may have been in park when she was hit because she was out of her van and may have turned them off …even though her van was still running when she was struck by the car from behind!!! She was not a careless woman….so do not jump to conclusions….when you really have NO idea what happened!!!

  27. IJS says:

    I did check, and her van has daytime running lights. It wouldn’t need a switch to be turned on for the lights to be running. If she hit a deer in the front and got rear ended – no lights would be on. however, at the time of the accident her tail lights would’ve been on. It’s crazy how quick people are to judge who’s at fault based on the word of the person who hit her from behind and ultimately killed her… I would think he would say it was her fault, but he”s the one who has to live with killing this lady.

  28. Tammy Wozniak-Reed says:

    AMEN! Thank-you Tina!!

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