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Tyler M. Allen, 21, Is Killed, 2 Injured as Motorcycle Rams Car on Palm Coast Parkway Near Canopy Walk

| January 13, 2017

palm coast parkway crash julie murphy

The motorcycle slammed into the back of a Nissan Versa on Palm Coast Parkway east. Click on the image for larger view. (c FlaglerLive)

Tyler M. Allen, 21, of Palm Coast, was killed and two women injured this evening (Jan. 12) as Allen, riding a motorcycle, slammed into the back of the car the women were driving on Palm Coast Parkway, just east of the entrance to Canopy Walk.

The crash took place at 7:15 p.m. Allen was pronounced dead 15 minutes later. He had initially been breathing when first attended to but then became unresponsive.

One of the injured women is Julie Murphy, Flagler County government’s public information officer, who was taken to Florida Hospital Flagler with her passenger, Mary Gorman, 56, of Barrington, Ill. Neither sustained life-threatening injuries.

Murphy, who celebrated her 54th birthday today, was at the wheel of the Nissan Versa the motorcyclist rear-ended. The two women were on their way to nearby European Village to celebrate Murphy’s birthday. She was bruised mostly by the seat belt.

tyler allen motorcycle crash accident

Tyler Allen. Click on the image for larger view. (Facebook)

According to a Florida Highway Patrol investigator at the scene, the Nissan was pulling out of Fairways Circle, the street opposite the entrance to Canopy Walk, and making a left turn onto Palm Coast Parkway, going east (the Parkway is a two-lane, one-way road in that direction.)

The Nissan had already driven a short distance from the intersection when the motorcyclist, according to a witness speaking to FHP, sped from behind and slammed into the Nissan.

“She’s not at fault,” the investigator said of Murphy, though he did not know her identity (or job title) at the time, and was referring to the driver and the passenger in generic terms. “They were already in the lane when they got hit. The motorcycle was going at a high rate of speed. Referring to the speed of the motorcyclist, the investigator said one witness had said “at least 65 mph, could be faster. It wasn’t 45, that’s for sure.”

A couple had been driving east on Palm Coast Parkway, they told the FHP investigator, when, around Colbert Lane, Allen came up to them from behind in the same lane, quickly served, passed them, and sped on, much faster than they were going. They said they were going about 45. A volunteer firefighter was the only other witness (so far). He told the investigator he’d seen Allen earlier swerving in and out of traffic.

The motorcycle’s front wheel left a deep gash and imprint on the rear bumper of the Nissan, whose back end from the middle was crushed into the back seat several feet, suggesting an extremely violent impact. Several air bags deployed inside the Versa.

julie murphy

Julie Murphy is Flagler County government’s public information officer. (© FlaglerLive)

The motorcyclist fell not far from the motorcycle, which ended in the outside lane of the Parkway, with the Versa several dozen yards further east.

The Parkway’s eastbound lanes were closed for all but local traffic at Colbert Lane, all the way to Palm Harbor Parkway, as investigators worked the scene. The Medical Examiner arrived at the scene at 8:35 p.m. The Palm Coast Fire Police controlled traffic.

Allen had been wearing a helmet. A motorcycle enthusiast who filled his Instagram account with images of motorcycles, he worked at Coconut Car Wash on State Road 100, near I-95.

The scene was being cleared at 9:35 p.m., with Roger’s Towing of Bunnell removing the wreckage.

motorcycle wreck

The motorcycle. (c FlaglerLive)

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46 Responses for “Tyler M. Allen, 21, Is Killed, 2 Injured as Motorcycle Rams Car on Palm Coast Parkway Near Canopy Walk”

  1. Bryce says:

    I’ll see you again someday tyler! Ride easy up there

  2. anonymus says:

    My prayers to all involved

  3. Fellow rider says:

    RIP to a good friend, ride high buddy and condolencenses to the family.. that intersection is terrible from fairways bushes aren’t maintained can’t see properly down on coming traffic. Sad this had to happen but something must be done..

  4. Sw says:

    Slow down, RIP

  5. footballen says:

    This is a terrible waste of a young life that could easily have been avoided.

  6. RP says:

    Looking twice to save a life is a great idea, especially with the number of motorcycles here in florida. I have little sympathy however, for those who choose to live fast & furious, weaving through traffic at a high rate of speed. No matter what kind of motor vehicle you drive, if you drive dangerously you are not only putting yourself at risk, but the lives of everyone around you.

  7. Ben Hogarth says:

    Very tragic indeed. These accidents are almost entirely avoidable, but behavior like that on a motorcycle is extremely reckless.

    Happy at least to hear Julie and her passenger are ok.

  8. Richard Smith says:

    Sorry for the waste of this young life in such a preventable needless accident. However, as I drive my car around the Palm Coast and Flagler Beach areas I have witnessed many motorcyclists swerving in and out of vehicle traffic traveling at speeds WAY above the speed limit, splitting between traffic lanes and driving recklessly. The only saving grace is that no one else died in this tragedy except for the careless idiot driving with a death wish.

    I own and drive a motorcycle and when riding around town I not only have to pay strict attention to how I am driving but I have to be exceptionally alert watching how ALL of the other vehicles around me or ones entering the roadway are driving. In most cases they will not even “see” you. I never trust anyone on the road to do what I think they are supposed to do while driving. It’s bad enough in a vehicle let alone on a motorcycle. The driver’s overall in Florida are some of the worst in the country. I have had driving privileges in NY, CA, AK and now FL with 55 years of experience. Some motorcyclists here in Florida are like Kamikazes driving with a death wish and unfortunately the day comes when their wish comes true.

    21 years old – what a waste! RIP

  9. Anonymous says:

    Pray for all the families involved. Take your time and make sure the road is clear before pulling out into oncoming traffic. A few seconds of patience can be a life saver.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have seen these young bikers driving irresponsibly all over the city. What a shame that it ended like this. How sad that another young life is cut short. My condolences to his family.

  11. David S. says:

    It’s really unfortunate that this happened.A young life is taken due to reckless driving(speed) as an FF in Maryland I saw hundreds of accidents due to this as well to DUI it never gets any better,when are people going to learn .

  12. memefourandcounting says:

    Richie, Antoinette and family…………….. I can’t even imagine the pain you are feeling right now. We’ve known Tyler since he was in 1st grade and he was always at our family get togethers. I will always remember his beautiful eyes!!!!!! I am so sorry……….You are in my family’s thoughts and prayers.

  13. fl driver says:

    Partially her fault too. She should have checked the lane to be clear before pulling into traffic. Even if the biker was going 45mph, and the Versa pulled in front of him at 5mph, would be hard to avoid a crash.

  14. Ed says:

    Do people really need to ride motorcycles? That’s why they call them organ donors and suicide machines.

    This poor kid didn’t need to go like this.

  15. The Truth says:

    Yes, it can be dangerous in that area but if in fact he was speeding (which all signs point to that he was) then one of the most important things you can do to avoid accidents like this is to drive the speed limit (especially on a motorcycle). There are many cases where negligence of others are the cause of accidents involving motorcycles but when someone is driving recklessly and speeding they’re putting themselves in danger more than anyone else.

  16. Jack Tors says:

    Sad situation for everyone involved

  17. Sam says:

    Very sad for this young man and his family, but people need to slow down.

  18. Anita says:

    Me and my friend were the first on the scene and I would like to let the family know that I was by Tylers side holding his hand and talking to him until the end. My sincere condolences to the family. My heart and prayers go out to you all. I hope you are able to find some comfort in knowing that your son was not alone when he passed away. We prayed for him and never left his side. May he Rest in Peace 😢

  19. Anita says:

    Please let the family know that I was first on the scene with my friend and held Tyler’s hand the entire time. My heart goes out to them all and I prayed for him and let him know I was there with him. I never met him out his family, I was just behind him in a car when it happened. My sincere condolences to all.

  20. Katherine says:

    Anita…I’m so glad to read your post…..when I read he was breathing before becoming unresponsive…all I could think of was who is holding this young mans hand during his last breath. I thank you for keeping humanity and kindness alive and I hope his family finds peace in your act of love.

  21. Jimmy O says:

    So Sorry

  22. palmcoaster says:

    My prayers for Tyler and his family. I am speechless with sadness.

  23. JOHN Z says:

    No people do not need to ride motorcycles. People do not need to drive dangerously. However it’s a choice we make knowing full well of the consequences of our choice. Some people get away with it some do not. It’s sad when something like this happens but most men can recall their youth when we cheated death. Maybe this will prevent the next young man or woman from the same mistake which will leave their loved ones devastated. RIP Tyler

  24. Local says:

    Local Flagler news radio station stated that charges were pending against the driver that pulled out in front of the motorcycle. Did the Nissan driver fail to yield the right of way?

  25. BlueJammers says:

    Anita, a most profound thank you. Katherine said it best.

  26. James says:

    Sincere condolences to Tylers friends and family, to being the best worker and a friend. We will miss you a lot Tyler, I know you’re having a blast up there with Paul Walker!

    All the best, James

  27. nomorepitbulls says:

    Such a tragedy. I hope that his family can find peace and I wish a quick recovery to the others involved in the accident.

  28. Katie Semore says:

    Such a sad and regrettable accident with the loss of a young life. My wish now is for others to learn from this tragedy. May this young man rest in pease and his family receive God’s love and help during this horrific time.

  29. Simon Sam says:

    RIP TYLER I enjoyed coming to your Job!!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Yes, he was speeding, but it doesn’t take away the tragedy of a family who lost their son, brother, nephew, and friend….my deepest condolences to all involved.

  31. Patty Owens says:

    I wish that this accident would be looked at more. Things don’t add up to what the article says. The accident happened only a few feet from canopy walk driveway. I don’t think poor Tyler had a chance to react and the car pulled out and did not see him. Just because he was young and in a motorcycle does not mean he was driving recklessly. People just want to judge when they really don’t know. He was a good driver and could handle his bike well. Even the picture shows his bike was laying by the canopy walk drive way across from where she pulled out. RIP Tyler

  32. Randy says:

    Go with God young man and may he bless your family

  33. Bill Butler says:

    A life lost early or late for whatever reason is never easy. Accidents can be prevented. In this case a motorcycle weaving in and out of traffic at a speed higher that the posted limit is most certainly preventable. It is a well known fact of all motorcycle operators that people who drive cars have a hard time seeing motorcycles. The family of this young man will experience much anguish over the next days to come as they prepare to honor his life in funeral services. One would hope that such a horrific accident would serve to make the point to others that speeding and weaving on a motorcycle is never a good idea. But as we all know young people just do not get it yet. I send my condolences to this family. There are simply no words of comfort I or anyone else can offer them to ease their pain. If you are a close friend and it is possible go clean their house, wash the dishes, mow the lawn. God bless them and may the Lord keep Tyler in his loving arms, Amen.

  34. Canopy walk resident says:

    Any family have them check the cameras at the gate at canopynwalk it faces the road… would have caught the accident.. I think the car should some what he at fault still should’ve seen the bike coming… I go through the intersection daily it is dangerous..

  35. IJS says:

    This tells me there’s another side to this story:
    “FHP said Tyler M. Allen, 21, was driving a motorcycle east on Palm Coast Parkway when Julia M. Murphy, 54, pulled out in front of him in a Nissan Versa.
    Troopers said Allen struck the back of Murphy’s car and was thrown from his motorcycle.
    Allen died from his injuries.
    Murphy, along with a passenger, Mary L. Goran, 56, suffered minor injuries in the crash.

    FHP said charges are pending.”

    That’s quite a different picture than the one Flagler S.O. painted…

  36. IJS says:

    This is sad indeed. I had a cousin who was a motorcycle enthusiast as well. He too was speeding during his accidental death. However, the driver of the van was also culpable because she turned out of her lane to pick a man up standing on a corner, then turned back across two lanes where she collided with him. The irony behind this was that the woman was married but had stopped to pick up her secret lover! She was driving her full sized daycare van.

    I believe things like this happen to expose not only the deceased, but sometimes the “victim(s)” as well. I’m wondering where Ms. Murphy had celebrated her birthday? Had she had a drink, or maybe two? The article says she was with a friend. Maybe it was just easier to find the ‘speeding youngster’ at fault, rather than investigate all possible scenarios of this incident BEFORE reaching a conclusion.
    Witnesses agree that apparently the young man was speeding. Who gets a motorcycle to go slow? People speed in cars too, and weave in and out of traffic at will. I mean what 30, 40, 50, or even 60 year old buys a new Mustang to drive slow? Every now and again you’re gonna rev it up; you’re not human if you don’t!
    I’m not saying Ms. Murphy or Tyler was wrong, that’s why this is called “an accident”. Likely, neither party intended for this to happen. I’m just suggesting a thorough investigation to rule out any possible foul play, as was the case with my cousin. What is the likelihood Ms. Murphy and her friend celebrated her birthday with alcohol? What is the likelihood Ms. Murphy was engaged (distracted) in conversation with her friend, and turned in front of Tyler unaware? She didn’t have to had consumed alcohol, she could’ve just been distracted in the moment. With Tyler being labeled an enthusiast, I don’t foresee him having watched a car pull out in front of him without him trying to avoid hitting it by breaking, swerving, or laying the motorcycle down. Were there skid marks? I don’t have all the facts to this incident; I’m only asking questions based on the information from what the article said, or didn’t say.

    God bless Tyler’s family, and Ms. Murphy and her friend!

  37. JAllen0829 says:


    Tyler was my brother-in-law today his parents and I went out to the crash site and we saw your flowers and letter. If you could please reach out to us, my mother-in-law would very much so like to meet you. My email address is

  38. Anonymous says:

    Gonna miss you so much man, way too soon for any of us but never thought it would be you to go first.

  39. go figure says:

    Even if Tyler was traveling at a high rate of speed it doesn’t mean Miss Murphy didn’t pull into his lane going at a snails pace or that she had her lights on or wasn’t drinking on her birthday night. These are things that need to be looked at thoroughly.

  40. Anonymous says:

    I agree100% with u Patty Owens to much damage on the nissian he was speeding but she pulled out in front of him…god bless him and his family

  41. Anonymous says:

    Patty is right; it look s like the car failed to yield the right of way.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Prayers to everyone involved in the tragedy.

  43. Anon says:

    There are many things that cause an accident. Not watching for bikes is just as much as a reason as speeding! I hate that comments can come from anyone. I KNEW Tyler and I have lost other friends on motorcycles as well. Tyler has always been smart and aware of his surroundings. Talk to anyone that knew him or knew of him because we’re all saying the same thing. We thought he was the last one to go like that. Why can’t everyone just say it’s a shame she has to live with herself because of what happened and he is gone. It’s tragic. Last time my friend died flaglerlive had an article and the only thing people commented about was his job and how it was a scam!

  44. Anonymous says:

    My most sincere condolences to this family……very very sad about this young beautiful man…..we miss him already love from the Sub-base and Bagel Place…..

  45. Rosy says:

    My most sincere condolences to this family……very very sad about this young beautiful man…..we miss him already love from the Sub-base and Bagel Place…..

  46. Tera Frassrand says:

    My prayers to all involved.
    I am broken for Tyler’s family and friends, and loved ones (parents, DP, Bailey and all )… He was loved by so many and will continue to be loved with Great memories.

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