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  1. Pogo says

    @Barry C. Burden

    Thanks for the keyhole view of the defining issue of the day. Put plainly, you left out so much as to be, at best, almost useless, and at worst, you’re merely adding to misdirection, confusion, and potentially catastrophic delay of urgently needed reforms, a partial list of essential considerations:

    The sole election in the United States, decided by its Electoral College, is the election of the POTUS; there is no place in the rest of the world, that even pretends it is a democracy, where the election of the chief executive is made in such an undemocratic manner.

    The issue of election financing is completely absent from your exposition.

    Another issue absent: party gerrymandering.

    Disenfranchisement. Period.

    Election by plurality rather than actual majority, which would not occur if ranked choice were the rule. Additionally, ranked choice, more than any other change, would make space for so-called third parties while reducing and/or eliminating the spoiler.

    The issue of election organization and rules that are archaic, e g., voting as if an elections’ conduct were secondary to the needs of an agrarian society that is long gone. At the very least, national elections, ought to be on a day of the week not impeded by religion; and excused absence from work, and any other practical accommodation ought to be for all.

    In the same way, automation, and technological evolution, urgently need to be updated, while retaining the receipt — a paper ballot.

    And that’s just a start.

  2. Sherry says

    RF Kennedy. . . an embarrassment to his family and to our nation! I would love to vote for a Kennedy. . . just NOT this crazy person!

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