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  1. JOE D says

    I think these TOWN HALL meetings should have been the standard all along (although not necessarily monthly…maybe every 2-3 months in addition to TOPIC specific WORKSHOPS).

    The one thing I don’t see is EVENING Town Halls….maybe 6pm-8:30. Many citizens work during the day, and the two proposed time slots can’t work with people who don’t get off of work until 4:30-5:30….so ROTATING time slots would be more appropriate.

    As long as the TOWN HALLS don’t deteriorate into anger outbursts or name calling…they should be a good start in showing governmental TRANSPARENCY.

    The one thing people have to realize, that you don’t get City/County services for FREE. You either have to shift costs around to prioritize necessary services, or if you want lowers costs, you need to do without desired services….you can’t have it both ways.

    I also hope that this isn’t just an ELECTION YEAR stunt, but a periodic continued PLAN for the future.

  2. FLF says

    Always entertaining how polititions start to want to listen to constituents 6 months before the election to make sure they get their BS script accurate enough to play to the masses while their previous actions tell an entirely different story. Too late Mr. Alfin, too late…..

  3. Crystal Lang says

    You can have all the Town Hall meetings you want and all the monthly evening meetings you want and NOTHING will change. “Listening to our residents and understanding their needs is crucial for making Palm Coast a better place for all of us,” said Alfin. “I look forward to an open discussion where we can talk about the important issues in our community. I invite everyone to come, share their thoughts, and enjoy a cup of coffee with me.” (Alfin is in a re-election race.) ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS COMMENT. First off, aren’t the Tuesday meetings where you discuss your issues? If nothing comes out of those meetings what makes you all think that something will come out of these meetings. I have to laugh since Alfin has been mayor I don’t recall Town Hall meetings. Five months to November and all of a sudden there are these Town Hall meetings popping up. It is too late for this. He don’t listen at the monthly meetings he sure as hell not going to listen in these meetings.
    @Joe D: What do you mean by “you don’t get city/county services for FREE ………you can’t have it both ways????

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