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  1. Jim says

    No offense to the author but I have to ask…. Are people driving conventional gas/diesel vehicles in more danger in a collision with and EV than when in a collision with an Excursion, Expedition or Suburban? Just curious. Unless that is a fact, I think I’m willing to “risk” having an EV hit me knowing that at least those vehicles are an attempt to ween us all off fossil fuels.

  2. Ray W. says

    An interesting tidbit about electric vehicles.

    In January 2023, the Antelope Valley Transit Authority (northern Los Angeles) issued a press release to mark their electric bus fleet passing 10 million miles travelled. Starting in 2016, the ATVA began switching to an all-electric fleet; it now has 57 buses, 24 commuter coaches and 8 transport vans. Including the cost for electricity to recharge batteries, the Authority announced its net savings on fuel costs thus far at $3,375,000, or just under 38 cents per mile. The release did not quantify the gallons of engine oil, transmission fluid, and gear oil saved, or maintenance hours to change the fluids saved. Initial purchase prices were likely higher and other maintenance factors were not made available, but savings on brake repairs not performed or brake pads not replaced due to regenerative braking were likely significant.

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