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Bunnell’s Dalton Edwards Charged With 2 Counts of DUI Manslaughter in Deaths of 2 Women in Flagler Estates Crash

| July 22, 2016

dalton edwards

Dalton Edwards is being held on $367,518 bond.

On January 9, Dalton Edwards, a 21-year-old Bunnell resident, was critically injured in a two-vehicle t–bone crash in Flagler Estates, the isolated, mostly deserted subdivision in northwest Flagler County, straddling the boundary with St. Johns County.

Edwards was lucky. He survived despite critical injuries and burns after his vehicle caught fire. He had a long and difficult recovery, spending almost two weeks in the hospital. But the crash killed two people: Katie Stecker, 19, of St. Augustine, who was riding with Edwards in a red Ford pick-up truck–they had bee partying nearby–and Victoria Sutton, 20, of Hastings, Fla., who was driving alone in a Chevy Trailblazer.

On Thursday, Edwards was arrested on two counts of DUI manslaughter, two counts of vehicular homicide, a count of DUI with property damage, and a count of possession of alcohol by a person under 21. He had not yet turned 21 at the time of the crash. He did so on April 30.

Katie Stecker. 'You were such a fiery little thing - and you brought light and warmth to the lives of people who needed it,' a friend wrote on her Tribute Wall.

Katie Stecker. ‘You were such a fiery little thing – and you brought light and warmth to the lives of people who needed it,’ a friend wrote on her Tribute Wall.

Edwards blew through a stop sign as he drove south on Isaacson Avenue, according to a Florida Highway Patrol report. Sutton was driving west on Palatka Boulevard. She had the right of way. Edwards’s pick-up crashed sideways into Sutton’s vehicle, catapulting it into a ditch. Sutton had not been wearing a seat belt, a post-crash inspection revealed. She was ejected from the vehicle.

Alexander Koufodontis, 21, of Palm Coast, was riding with Edwards and was also injured, but not critically.

Edwards’s arrest warrant was issued by Judge Charles Tinlin in St. Johns County on July 19. Troopers got information that Edwards may have been staying with a friend in Palm Coast, on Wood Acre Lane. (It’s not clear why they did not seek him out at his home, listed at 3129 N. Old Dixie Highway in Bunnell.) The highway patrol requested that an unmarked Flagler County Sheriff’s vehicle proceed to the house on Wood Acre to check whether Edwards’s car was there. A deputy saw the car leaving that address and travel west on White View Parkway. The unmarked car followed it for a distance, as the highway patrol trooper was approaching from the opposite direction.

Victoria Sutton.

Victoria Sutton.

The patrolman then u-turned and started following Edwards, clocking him at 5 miles above the speed limit–50 in a 45, usually not the sort of offense that causes a traffic stop. But this was different. The trooper verified Edwards’s identity through the rearview mirror, according to the arrest report, and after Edwards turned onto Wynnfield, the trooper turned on his emergency lights and puleld him over, placing him under arrest then and there and reading him the charges.

Stecker, according to her obituary, was a 2014 graduate of St. Joseph Academy in St. Augustine and was pursuing studies in American Sign Language Interpreting at Florida State College in Jacksonville. She was a dedicated volunteer for charitable and Catholic causes. She had traveled on mission trips to Jamaica with the Food for the Poor organization, had been president of the Students for the Poor group, and worked with the Catholic Heart Work Camp and with St. Francis House. She was a leader in her church’s children’s ministry. She was also an accomplished equestrienne who trained and gave lessons for several years at the Davis Equestrian Center in St. Augustine.

Sutton, a native of Orlando, Orlando, was a 2014 graduate of Giles County High School.

Edwards was taken to the Flagler County jail and booked at 8:21 p.m. on $367,518 bond. He spent the night at the Flagler jail, and was transferred to the St. Johns County jail, where he was booked at 3:30 this afternoon. He remains at the jail.

DUI manslaughter is a second-degree felony with a penalty of up to 15 years in prison.

39 Responses for “Bunnell’s Dalton Edwards Charged With 2 Counts of DUI Manslaughter in Deaths of 2 Women in Flagler Estates Crash”

  1. Veteran says:

    15 years not enough for killing 2 young women. Pehota got 25. WTF?

  2. Shawn says:

    He will get 30 at least 15 years for each count

  3. Live at full draw says:

    That is if he is found guilty or he is able to talk the charges out but they have not done any trial yet this could be a very long dragged out trial

  4. Anonymus says:

    I thought Pehota got life?

  5. Aynonomus says:

    This is a horrible thing that happened but your negative comments are not need. We feel extremely sadden for the families that lost their sweet young girls but what of this was your child that was going through this so please be respectful!

  6. Haw Creek Girl says:

    I hope and pray the kid gets a decent lawyer or he will do the 15 at minimum and 30 if the State wants to play hard ball. I understand that two precious lives were lost but the answer isn’t to basically take his life for 30 years. Intensive inpatient rehabilitation and 15 years of community control probation with random alcohol and substance abuse testing with requirements that he do substantial hours of community service work–speaking to kids under 21 on the dangers of drinking and driving. That would give him a chance to be a contribution to society and not just another bill for the taxpayer to pay. God bless all 3 of them.

  7. Jim says:

    Yes let’s hang him on a cross. I don’t know this kid and I don’t condone drinking and driving. My father in law killed his best friend when he was 16 from drinking and driving. He didn’t spend a night in jail. Instead the parents of his best friend asked that he not go to prison. They thought one life was ruined and they didn’t want a second life to be ruined. Since that day he never picked up a drug or alcohol and devoted his life to Christ. He raised two beautiful girls and had a successful career. He is retired now and is a family pastor at his church. He works 30-40 hours a week visiting people in hospitals and helping families with a wide variety of issues. He is 66 years old and he has personally moved 10 single mothers this year into their new homes. He donates time, money, and does all kinds of great things for OUR world. OUR country is better off with him in it rather than in prison. So I challenge your way of thinking. WHO gets a second chance? WHO decides whether someone is worthy of a second chance? It’s not an easy situation but let’s not be so quick to judge. God Bless.

  8. me says:

    Honestly he should get life in prison he killed someone because he decided to drive under the influence that’s sick families are suffering because of his ignorance

  9. footballen says:

    I hear the arguments for both sides and see their points vividly yet somehow feel that the “Judge” here can only be the families of the departed.

  10. daveT says:

    What a weak justice system we have, 2 counts of murder with a possible 15 years. The man needs life with NO parole.

  11. Daddy says:

    Haw Creek Girl It was my daughter he killed .. Go have you a child and stand her in the road and let this asshole run her over and then talk about a slap on hand .This piece of shit deserves everything coming his way I feel no pity fer this Son of a bitch.. I hope he get passed around to every hard dick in jail like candy.. God can forgive him I dam sure don’t haft to..and never will.. If he wants out of this I’ll take 5 min alone with ya and I’ll cure all your problems.So fuck you Dalton Edwards hope u like the taste of shit cause that all u deserve to eat for the rest of your life .. Thank you FHP for all the hard work y’all have done.. Victoria Daddy will a always Love you and nobody will take that from me..❤️

  12. theevoice says:

    to daddy, sorry for your loss and yes this man deserves life..he knew driving drunk was illegal and dangerous but his fun was more important, so hopefully he will get a warm welcome in less than 30 years, no parole for this jerk!!

  13. theevoice says:

    RIP ladies..JESUS welcomes you to heaven!!

  14. Literate says:

    All you defending this guy, idc what kind of person he is, he got behind the wheel DRUNK and took two lives, there is no excuse for this, you all make me sick, i bet if he fit another profile you’d be crucifying him, but because he’s bunnell’s own i guess he deserves a break….COME ON NOW

  15. aunt says:

    WOW, “daddy”, this young man is someone’s child too, Your nasty comments are just hurting them.

  16. Bill Cordell says:

    Who gives a damn about this Idiot? His rehab should be life in prison and only released in a coffin, Getting him off the streets forever might set a good example for people not to drink and drive!

  17. Disgust says:

    He killed two people. TWO INNOCENT PEOPLE. Family or not he deserves to get the most out of what he gets. I understand your family or whatever but he made the decision he can deal with the sht that comes with it he’s a big boy he shouldn’t have been selfish and made the decision to put others lives at risk.

  18. Ed the Man says:

    Well now hear this I happen to be very close friends with “daddy” and i know for a fact that this family has had there hearts ripped out…have any of you ever hugged a mother who has cried so much that know matter how hard she cries her body cannnot physically make anymore tears? Well i have and its something you never forget, although i cant say i hate this man who did this but i know there lives will never be the same so his shouldnt be either…life behind bars sounds right to me…”daddy” if you read this you know its me, we love you guys forever!!

  19. Bestfriend says:

    He may be someone’s child but so was Victoria and Katie! ” daddy’s comment is not rude it’s the truth! Dilation took the life of two girls one being my best friend! He is old enough to know what he is doing and the dangers of drinking and driving and yet he still did it. He kept his life while they lost theirs. For those a who think he shouldn’t be punished so much and are feeling sorry for him. Put your self in the families shoes. He shouldn’t even get to see day light. He needs to pay for what he did! I hope his sorry ass rotts in jail!

    I love you bestfriend (Victoria) you will never be forgotten! He will pay for what he did, your friends and family will make sure of that baby girl!

  20. Geezer says:


    You echo my sentiment. These weak people who can’t control their disgusting
    habits are 100% responsible when mowing innocents down.

    15 years…. He’ll be young and free to do it all over again when he’s released.
    (That’s if he gets the maximum sentence–and if he gets a good lawyer
    he’ll serve a fraction thereof.)

    He should retain Anna Pehota’s attorneys. Then he’ll most assuredly serve 15 years!

  21. Haw Creek Girl says:

    I’m truly sorry you lost your daughter but you are treading in some dangerous waters being hell bent on exacting your revenge. There was a case in the late 80’s here in Flagler. A young man, Thomas Deron Logan was convicted of DUI Manslaughter (5 counts). It was tragic and indeed, a family member of mine, not immediate but extended was killed. She was 9 months pregnant and just home from her baby shower. Her baby didn’t survive either but since he was viable he was counted as a fatality and the State charged for his death, as well. When things happen in life, we can choose to become bitter or we can learn. All of the families, for the most part, forgave him and saw the pain Mr Logan’s parents & siblings were going thru. It wasn’t instantaneous but over time, forgiveness was extended and the wound healed. Except for one parent. He, like you, continued to disparage Mr Logan and be confrontational with his family members. Forgiveness was not an option for him. It was sad, It consumed him. A few years later, his surviving son was convicted of numerous counts of DUI manslaughter and sentenced to 30 years in prison. It was an awful turn of events, but that gentleman certainly learned that the shoe can be on the other foot in the blink of an eye. Again, I am sorry you lost your daughter but don’t loose your own full perspective on things as well. I pray that you will find peace in your heart and comfort during your painful time.

  22. Daddy says:

    Thank you Bill

  23. JR says:

    He chose to drink, He chose to drive and subsequently 2 innocent girls were killed. He deserves the harshest penalty possible, period.

  24. Jake says:

    Putting one person in prison for the rest of their life is NOT going to change the mind of anyone else who decides to drink and drive. When people are drunk they don’t give a shit what people think. And one other thing. I’m not saying that the girl riding with him deserved to die. Defiantly not saying that. But she got into a car with someone who was drunk. That’s what happens. I never got to meet my aunt Bridget because a drunk driver hit her head on and killed her, that same driver also killed his girlfriend and her dad. Drunk drivers won’t ever be stopped. almost everyone commenting “lock him up and throw away the key” y’all don’t know him. He’s a great guy and would do anything you’d ask him to. People make mistakes. That’s why they’re called accidents.

  25. Rymfire Mom says:

    You’re kidding me, right????

  26. Outsider says:

    Daddy, I have two daughters and if something like this happened I would be right there with you. I’m so sorry for your loss; your daughter was totally innocent in this. I feel your pain, brother.

  27. Vic's aunt says:

    At Jake
    He would doing anything EXCEPT reach out to the families & say he’s sorry
    That he has yet to do nor not one person in is family
    To show some sort of remorse . That’s a stand up guy right their your sticking up for . There’s been plenty of ways someone in his family could have reached out & hasnt . YOU go look at his Instagram page & look at all that consumes his time .. Drinking , guns & partying .Don’t say what you think you would do until your picking out a Dress to bury your daughter in that was killed by a drunk driver . It’s not ACCIDENT to get in a vechicle He chose to drink & drive it’s not like we live in the dark ages & he didn’t know the consequences . I’m sick of people making excuses oh & by they way how about checking this article

  28. Dalton's mother says:

    What if it was your daughter that had done this, I realize the tragedy of the situation , I am very sorry for what had happened, my son is a very good and loving person he has always helped people out before helping himself. I am very upset with the comments that are being said accidents do happen, but people that knows my son knows how caring he is. So no he does not deserve to spend life or be hurt in prison like the comments that are being made if it was your child would like for people to be saying things like this I’m sure u wouldn’t. I am very sorry to the families that lost their kids, but he is my child to. People do have accidents but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a second chance in life. Please stop talking the way u are, if your child had done this i would not be talking like this about them, and again my heart does go out to the families, and I love my son very much and I know how much this hurting him, he is grieving lose to, but please stop with very mean comments that are being made.

  29. Skyy says:

    Please stop making excuses and telling us how wonderful of a person your son is. He isn’t. My heart aches for you as a parent that will have to visit her child in prison for the remainder of your life… but that is because he made a choice that he KNEW was wrong (or at least I would HOPE you’d taught him that it was wrong) and two other young women paid the price for it… One chose to be in that vehicle with him, and one was completely innocent, yet paid with her life because your good, caring, loving son… didn’t give a flying fig about anything but his own good time and need for more alcohol… which appears to be a trend in his history from what I’ve seen both in police record as well as on his own facebook page.

    Perhaps if parents today spent more time parenting and correcting bad behaviors before it became a tragedy such as this, and less time making excuses and enabling we would have less of these sorts of stories…

    While I’m aware that kids will not always follow what we teach them, it is still our role as parents to teach responsibility… teach them that there are consequences for their actions. If someone chooses to drink and drive and hurts or kills someone, they absolutely deserve to spend their lives in prison. Making excuses and calling this an “accident” is just another example of enabling this behavior. I’m sure that as a parent, you too are hurting, but you must also accept the truth in this situation, and that truth is that your son has the singular responsibility for the deaths of two women on his hands, and likely would do this same thing again if not for the justice system keeping him off the streets.

    Excuses are useless and empty apologies mean nothing to those who have lost their lives… and their loved ones who are left to mourn them. Those are the victims here… not your son or any other drunk driver.

  30. Mikayla (Vic's cousin) says:

    @ Daltons mother,
    I’ve never left the house after 8:30 without my parents telling me not to drink & drive so it never really occurred to me that other people’s parents didn’t do the same. So when I got the news about what had happened to my cousin I had grown up with at 3 in the morning I couldn’t believe it. it’s still not real to me. You say you’re sorry for the situation yet you sit here & say what if it was your daughter? It wasn’t. It wasn’t Victoria. Because she made a choice, & her parents made a choice to stick it in her head to never drink & drive. You’re upset with comments but we’re upset we’re never gonna get our loved one back. Getting behind the wheel drunk isn’t an accident, it’s not something someone accidentally does. So I’m sorry if I don’t understand where you are coming from when you say that. Someone that is so caring wouldn’t put other people’s lives in danger like that.

  31. Vic's cousin says:

    Your son did this he deserves everything coming to him. I don’t care how “loving” your son is. My cousin Victoria was the sweetest girl in the world who was taken by your son. It wasn’t Victoria who did this it was your son. Stop acting like it was someone else who did this. We have a right to be upset and voice our opinions. We miss our cousin so much. Now we have to live a life without her only memories to keep us going.

  32. Sandra Hayes says:

    Some of those comments mom are coming from people seeing the pain, that knew Victoria, that knows the family and friends. Everybody connected in Pulaski, Tn is sick about this. She was a young lady that had lots to live for. Engaged to get married. They were robbed of Vic plus their grandchildren and all of her future. Yeh their is lots of mean things being said. But I know this family. I guarantee you that pray to be able to forgive. But that doesn’t mean he will get away with it! She wasn’t in his car. She choose to drive sober that day and not with a drunk driver. Choices…. Decides our problems or non-problems. Some greater than others, your son got caught up in a choice that furiously affected other people. Prayers for all.

  33. Dakota (Vic's Cousin) says:

    @ daltons mother
    How can you say you realize the tragedy of the situation when you are asking the families of the two young woman he killed to “stop being very mean”. How can you type an apology for what happened and say your are sorry and then in the next sentence call this an accident? They didn’t just “lose their kids”. YOUR SON KILLED THEM. To sit behind your phone and type these things is only throwing it in their face. Your son will have his day in court. Those two young woman’s lives ended that day. They don’t get to have kids or get married because of your sons actions. He should and will be held responsible. If anyone could go around killing people and get away with it because they have family and “accidents happen” what kind of world would this be? Your son is not a “very good and loving person” because if he was, he would have reached out to the families he hurt. He would apologized for his actions over and over and over again even if they wouldn’t accept it. He would feel for them. He would understand the consequences of his actions and not have his mom lie to the police about where he is. This was no accident. Your son does deserve to spend his life in prison. Do not speak about what you would do if the situation was reversed because the reality of it is that it’s not. You are not the one grieving the loss of your child, you are not the one who had to watch their child get buried. So please keep your half ass apologies to yourself and don’t expect the families of the departed to “stop being very mean”. we are grieving not you.

  34. Vic's aunt says:

    Just saying Daltons mom … Dalton will you at least get a trial by judge and jury Victoria never got that she just got the death sentence handed out by your son how’s that fair mom

  35. pissed off mom says:

    if a bullfrog had wings he wouldn’t bump his ass on the ground every time he hopped. Mrs. Edwards, your son made a choice to drink and drive, he killed 2 innocent young ladies, why should your son not spend the next 30 years of his life in prison? you still get to communicate with your child, the families and friends of those two young ladies will never have that opportunity because your son chose to disregard the laws, he chose to consume alcohol, which according to public record seems to be an issue for him. so instead of you getting on her to defend your son and try to convince the rest of us folks what a great kid he is, how about you stand up for justice, he did the crime he needs to do the time. take the titty out of his mouth, he’ll never become a man if you don’t. Rest easy Katie and Victoria, we the people, your family , friends and just some pissed of momma’s will make sure he pays for this.

  36. Rollin1023 says:

    For all of you calling this an accident, you are wrong! When you drink and drive it’s called a crash. My heart hurts for everyone involved, but the parents of the girls are now living out a life sentence. When you drink and drive you know the risk you are taking, therefore you should be able to accept the consequences. I don’t know the circumstances with this Dalton, but when you totally ignore the families of the people you have killed and can’t even reach out to them with a sincere apology, how do you expect them to react? I know how they feel. I lost my daughter to a drunk driver who never offered an apology until he was sentenced over 3 years later. For 3 years he kept on partying and to me that doesn’t show a person sorry for his actions. I sure hope that wherever his hearing takes place, that they are strict with their sentencing. The DD that killed my daughter also killed another man and injured another kid in the crash and was facing 15 years for each death and got off with 4 years each one. Like I said earlier, we live with a life sentence now while his life still goes on. For those of you who think the DDs need to be forgiven, you are right, but only because you will drive yourself crazy with the hatred you are feeling! And just because you forgive them, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to do the time.

  37. Linda Edwards says:

    Just to let you know you refer to me in this but I am not Dalton mother here. That statement was made my his biological mother. I am his step mother. Therefore please do not refer to me when talking about her statements. Not so sure where you got my name from since it isn’t listed here.

  38. Dalton's step mom!! says:

    To everyone that is posting here. I hope that your child never makes a mistake in life because you are judging someone that you do not even know. Remember when you were 20 what were you doing…..and if you say sitting at home being a prude I will call you a liar.
    Dalton made the choices that ye made that day and yes it caused a devastating accident. I live every day of my life praying and thinking of the 2 young ladies that were taken. Then I think about my son who has to live the rest of his life not knowing what exactly happened that day due to a brain injury. He looks at his scars and healing body everyday wondering why wasn’t it me. I know that this is a bad situation but no one knows what he is going through as well.
    I am a mother that cried every day over this mess and know that no parent thinks the say they have a child this would ever happen…not in my wildest dreams would I have ever expected this to happen these are things that you read about.
    As for his getting justice for what has happened….once the facts about the case come to light not just the ones in the articles everything will happen the way it is supposed to.
    We as parents have to stand by our children through the good and the bad. So people judging me for what has happened is totally ridiculous.
    As for reaching out to the parents of the girls in this accident I was warned away from that by the brother of one of the girls on FB even threatened to stay away from his family. I am so sorry for the loss of these girls and pray for the families every day but its not worth me getting hurt to say that face to face.
    As for the other family I have spoken with the people that saved my sons life and was suggested that I leave that family alone as well.
    SO DON’T TELL ME I HAVEN’T TRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am sorry that I haven’t done things to your expectations but this is hard on everyone including us. We live life one day at a time and only time will tell us where the next steps are. As for reaching out to the families I wouldn’t even know where to begin considering the hatred for me and my family over a mistake my son made.
    Dalton is a loving son, brother, and friend who would give the shirt off his back for anyone who needed it.

  39. Cecelia says:

    I was there on the scene that night before first responders having to put myself my 15 year old son and my cousin were in the bed of his burning ass truck trying to pull him when that didn’t working my husband my son cousin and my neighbors husband formed a train getting water mud anything they could to stop this boy from burning to death before our ver own eyes doing my husband doing cpr on one girl and me on the other girl whom I didn’t even recognize as my 19 year old sons best friends girl friend until 10 mins into cpr his friend that he had in the truck that night says to me we just were getting more beer I said what the girl in that truck is a baby he said Dalton said NO COP NO STOP well his NO COP NO STOP theroy landed 2 girls in a grave and 2 sets of parents without there child so PRISON IS EXACTLY where he needs to be

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