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Chris Sousa, 21, Matanzas Graduate and Driven Entrepreneur, Struck and Killed by Car in Ormond Beach

| July 10, 2016

chris sousa

Chris Sousa was driven by an entrepreneurial spirit this year. (Facebook)

Chris Sousa, a Palm Coast resident of Island Estates and a 2013 graduate of Matanzas High School, was killed early this morning when a vehicle struck him in Ormond Beach.

Sousa was on foot. The Florida Highway Patrol reports he was struck right after 8 a.m. For an unknown reason, FHP’s report on the collision states, Sousa was standing in the middle of Navajo Avenue when Sabrina Lensgraf, 19, of Ormond Beach, struck him as she drove her 2001 Jeep. Sousa was dragged under the SUV until Lensgraf pulled into the driveway at 375 Navajo Avenue. Sousa died at Florida Memorial Hospital in Ormond Beach. (An earlier version of this report incorrectly placed the scene of the collision at North Williamson Boulevard and Memorial Medical Parkway.) The crash remains under investigation.

Sousa had been among Matanzas’s top track and field athletes. He’d attended Indian Trails Middle School previously. More recently, he’d developed an entrepreneurial verve as he developed an affinity for trading in foreign exchange markets–the so-called forex trading, which he conducted by phone while drafting others to join him. “Teaching new people daily about Forex and building a successful team is what it’s all about,” he wrote on his Facebook page Thursday. “I make sure my whole team stays eating!! If your ready to learn an make a change in your life get in contact with me!”

He’d started down that road in February. He projected an indefatigable sense of optimism and confidence, organizing recruitment and informational meetings–whether in Daytona Beach, Tampa or Miami–while occasionally posting his daily earnings or posting memes that reflected his drive (“Invest in your health. Take calculated risks. Write down your goals. Work smarter, not harder…”).

The reaction on Facebook to Sousa’s death was swift and sorrowful. “Chris you will surely be missed and I’ll never forget snuggling up with you at track meets after 4by4 ❤️ gods gonna take care of you WE LOVE YOU,” a former teammate wrote. “I have no words but I’m heart broken. RIP to my partner in crime, a teammate, someone who always kept me laughing,” another wrote, illustrating her sentiments with emojis. “I love and will continue to [mourn] and miss you.”

“I can’t believe another friend has left us at such a young age,” another wrote, a reference to several friends whose circles Sousa had frequented, and who have died in the past few years. “Chris Sousa , I appreciate the time I had with you brotha and I’ll treasure the memories we had. Posting this to you won’t change anything, just shows how you can’t take anything or anyone for granted. Appreciate your loved ones and others around you because it can be taken away with a blink of an eye. My condolences to the Sousa family – Rest in Paradise playa.

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24 Responses for “Chris Sousa, 21, Matanzas Graduate and Driven Entrepreneur, Struck and Killed by Car in Ormond Beach”

  1. Jim says:

    Chris was a GREAT kid and will sorely be missed. God Bless and Godspeed to him and his family

  2. Donald J. Trump says:

    Rest in peace young man.

  3. tulip says:

    Why didn’t the driver see him? Was she speeding? Odd

  4. r&r says:

    The good die young.

  5. Karen says:

    You will be greatly Missed Chris. God bless you and your family…

  6. Chad W. says:

    Just a heads up for anyone that might dig into the situation, entrepreneur is a loose word in this case. Wealth Generators is a pyramid scheme. Trading in FOREX or any stocks for that matter isn’t something you pick up overnight and will not make you rich quick.

  7. Anonymous says:

    No one here is focused on that part. They’re mourning a loss not worried about wealth generators and forex and how it’s good or bad. Come on man. Just had to be that one guy.

  8. Impressed by Chris says:

    I had the pleasure of speaking with Chris on a few occasions. This fine young man had some wonderful qualities and I knew that he was on a path to make a strong impact in this world. He had a confidence and engaging personality that blended wonderfully with his calmness. My condolences to your family.

  9. Kristopher carl says:

    He was someone who would have impressed even you, mr trump.

  10. Melly Melle says:

    I want to hear more about the driver, and if charges are brought.

  11. Jen says:

    Anon., Chad did not suggest that this would or should be anyone’s focus. He makes an absolutely valid point as it sounds as if the choice of words is inaccurate. It’s disrespectful to the community to misrepresent predatory business endeavors simply because the victim deserves compliment!

  12. SMDH says:

    Why does it matter if it’s a pyramid scheme..he is gone. He was a good kid trying to better his what if it’s a pyramid scheme, at least it’s not drugs!! CONDOLENCES to ten Sousa Family! RIP Chris..heaven gained another angel!

  13. A.S.F. says:

    Pyramid schemes hurt people. bankrupt people, ruin lives. I understand that people are mourning this young man but that doesn’t give them the right to be callous to victims of people who target other people for profit.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It’s not necessarily a “pyramid scheme”, but it’s among the same idea. It’s 100% legal, the proper term you should be using instead of “pyramid scheme” would be “MLM (Multi Level Marketing)”, as it’s the same mindset. Build up teams for company advertisement. Company gets richer, if you manage to get a solid team of around 25 you could start to see profits.

  15. Gabby says:

    My handsome little cousin! We will love you and miss you eternally!
    You were a one of a kind young man!
    Our wish is that who did this should be punished to the full extent of the law so justice could be served.
    Our hearts are broken!

  16. A mom says:

    No matter what the case is, do it somewhere else. How disrespectful to come and speak anything else but of great things or sending condolences to someone who lost his life. Jesus!

  17. Common Sense says:

    Chad, way to take an article about a young man who was taken from us way to soon and make it about a totally unrelated matter! If you have “concerns” about that business then take it to another forum, not where people are posting their respect for this young man!

  18. Vicki Nixon says:

    So sad, prayers to all friends and family!! Rest in Peace Chris.

  19. Jacob says:

    RIP CHRIS SOUSA! Such an amazing person gone too young!

    Something tells me there’s more to this story. From what I see, 375 Navajo Ave is a house on the corner of a residential street. How fast or distracted do you have to be, to not see him whether he is standing, sitting, or even laying down in the middle of the road at 8 AM in the morning??? How do you not hear or feel something being dragged under the car after running it over? You stop immediately. Not keep pulling into the driveway.. I hope we get some more information as this investigating is still going.

  20. Knnlll says:

    Anyone who has anything to say about his character bc of THE JOB he had while dying clearly has nothing better to do than watch the news every day and put their two sense where it most certainly does NOT belong. These comments aren’t here for you to discriminate where he worked, or his super curly hair. Chris was my friend in high school. And this is where people like me should comment, that we miss him, that we should have kept in contact after graduation, and that we are praying for his father, mother, and his brother, who was also my friend. We should speak here, Not random people who see a kid died and he was an entrepreneur. News flash people, he didn’t call himself that on this passage, that was how he was described bc he was going to go off to better things probably making more money in five years then you make in a lifetime.

  21. A.S.F. says:

    It is very clear that you are hurting from the loss of your friend. Condolences to all the friends and loved ones of this young man, taken from your midst so suddenly, senselessly and much too soon.

  22. My condolences says:

    I am so sorry to hear this, even though I didn’t know Chris he came into my job on a regular basis and I served him at the counter, very sad to hear. May you rest in peace chris and may your family find peace and god take care of you. Godspeed my friend.

  23. CLS says:

    FOREX trading is legitimate trading. It’s Wall Street, but trading internationally. RIP young man. You had the right idea.

  24. Tyh says:

    Why was he standing in the middle of the road tho

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