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Intersection at Old Kings Road and Town Center Blvd. Will Finally Get a Traffic Light

| May 31, 2016

traffic signals town center old kings

The intersection at Town Center Boulevard and Old Kings Road, where many Palm Coaster have aged waiting to turn while others have seen their lives flash before their eyes, from risky crossings, will be getting traffic signals by the end of summer.
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The era of interminable waits and risky maneuvers at the intersection of Old Kings Road and Town Center Boulevard is almost over. Palm Coast is about to install a traffic signal there.

The $154,000 project will include some new landscaping and will result in the closure of the makeshift parking area for people who use the Lehigh Trail. The zone must be closed to make the new arrangement safer. “Nothing about it is right today,” City Manager Jim Landon said of that zone. That parking zone will be moved to the Northeast corner of the Old Kings Road bridge. The project will start at the beginning of July and should be done by September.

The intersection will not be widened yet, however: that’s a future project, making this summer’s construction a temporary fix. So don’t expect turning lanes for now. Rather, northbound traffic making a left turn onto Town center Boulevard, for example, will get a left-turn phase arrow.

The intersection sees at least 7,800 vehicles a day (the figure is somewhat outdated, city officials say: it’s higher now). The intersection has seen 10 t-bone crashes between 2012 and 2015. It opened roughly 10 years ago. Most of those crashes were the result of impatient drivers who misjudge the gap between oncoming cars, and jut out, hoping to make it.

The intersection will be realigned to the south, when Old Kings Road is four-laned, and Town Center Boulevard shifts a bit south.

The traffic signal’s timing will be “variable” for much of the day, with flashing arrows that won’t require traffic necessarily to stop entirely, if traffic is light. But signals will be “fixed” during rush hours.

Council member Bill McGuire was curious about the cost of having a law enforcement officer assigned there to direct traffic, despite the traffic signalization. But cops do that only on certain occasions (funerals, or when a traffic signal fails).

The council is expected to approve the project at its meeting next week.

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13 Responses for “Intersection at Old Kings Road and Town Center Blvd. Will Finally Get a Traffic Light”

  1. Aynne says:

    It’s about time! I’ve complained via letters to the editor, making phone calls to DOT and appearing at the county commissioners meeting to complain about this interersection….(there are a couple more that need work too!)

  2. Geezer says:

    I’m glad you PC folks are getting that vital traffic device.
    That is one dangerous intersection…

  3. Dave says:

    Great news. The number of times someone in a car from Town Center made a mad dash in front of me with a few feet to spare trying to head north or south on Old Kings,. . Just a matter of time before someone was t-boned at that intersection.

  4. woody says:

    Just what Flager county needs another traffic light,If people didn’t drive with there head up their ass and put down the phone we could remove some instead of installing more.

  5. PeachesMcGee says:

    Hey mom, look!

    Another traffic light that PC’ers won’t stop for!

  6. Brattlike says:

    It’s about time. I was one of those involved in an accident there as a result of a person making a left turn and being t-boned and I was an innocent person waiting at the stop sign to make a left hand turn on old kings road. As a result my car was totaled along with the two of the three SUV involved and I had to have surgery to repair a torn shoulder as a result. I am glad it being done and hopefully will prevent future accidents and hopefully will be placed before any deaths happen as a result of inpatient or drivers not paying attention.

  7. D.Redder says:

    This is a good thing but a three way stop would do just as good and cost less. While we are focussed on traffic how about either illuminating the left turn into the stop mall by Firehouse Subs off of Palm Coast Parkway North West or, make the center lane of Palm Coast Parkway North West at Belle Terr a left turn and / or straight lane. The same for the right lane from outback/ Home Depot onto Boulder Rock south.

  8. Outsider says:

    Awesome! Another traffic light. The only thing more exciting would be if they were to open another McDonald’s in town.

  9. Bethechange says:

    Without turn lanes it seems now the backup will shift to the NB Old Kings commuters. Once OKR gets the green light , no one heading south will allow a NB car to turn left onto Town Center Rd. Hope l’m wrong or that this will be/ has been considered. If it does happen, the alternative is the dreaded 100 to Belle Terre route! Ugh!

  10. HonkeyDude says:

    Great.. Screw up another road in PC b/c people can’t drive. You can’t get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time b/c all the damn lights. Learn how to drive or stay off the road!

  11. Agnese says:

    Great, how about more accidents at that stop sign

  12. Dave says:

    ” three way stop” right , the 4 way in the Hammock has had so many wrecks with people having NO clue when its their turn. So the intent by some it appears for Old King Road, is to drive faster than the posted speed limit and a stop light would cut down on those in a hurry,.

  13. Roll on 2 says:

    Without a left turn lane, the light is just a revenue device. The only way to make a left onto Town Center will be on RED!

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