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Flagler Beach Developer John Boback Arrested on $410,000 Theft Charge

| August 15, 2010

john boback flagler beach developer fraud grand theft

John Boback.

John Boback Sr., a 51-year-old Flagler Beach developer, was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with grand theft. Boback, of Springdale Drive, allegedly took $410,000 from Patrick Lyons of Marco Island in the sale and contracted construction of a condominium on property at 4366 North Ocean Shore Boulevard. Boback received the money. Lyons only got a deed. The structure was never built.

Boback was booked into the Flagler County Inmate Facility on Aug. 10 and later released after posting $50,000 on the charge.

Lyons, 55, told investigators that in late 2006, he paid Boback for a condominium unit that was to be part of a professional complex on State Road A1A. Lyons said when he realized the property had not been developed, Boback would not refund his money. The property is presently in foreclosure.

Cpl. Nate Flach, a detective with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, led the grand theft investigation. He said Boback was planning to develop the property under the name of Hammock Cove Development, LLC. His plans were to construct a medical condominium called Hammock Medical and Professional Center Condominium Association, Inc.

“He never turned a shovel of dirt,” Flach said.

Investigators tracking Lyons’ money concluded that between August 2006 and February 2007, $335,000 of Lyons’ funds was deposited to Bova Construction. Boback was the signature of authority on the bank accounts of Hammock Cove Development and Bova Construction.  Portions of  Lyons’ funds also were distributed in payments to subcontractors working on other projects for Boback’s construction firm

“The facets of this type of investigation are intricate and time consuming and Cpl. Flach has done an excellent job in putting the pieces together. We aren’t done. This investigation is ongoing,” said Flagler County Sheriff Donald W. Fleming.

Anyone who thinks they may have been a victimized by Mr. Boback is asked to contact Cpl. Flach at (386) 313-4329.

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6 Responses for “Flagler Beach Developer John Boback Arrested on $410,000 Theft Charge”

  1. VOTER 2011 says:


  2. starfyre says:

    he is forgiven by god-thats all that counts

  3. AACHMED says:

    Well, Well, That old Saying “What Comes Around,Goes Around Sure Rings a Bell! Speaking of “Rings” I bet Cpl. Flachs Telephone is Ringing Non Stop, Who Has Not been Ripped Off by this guy?? Hey Not to Worry he is the Son in Law of Ron Vath, A City of FlaglerBeach Commisioner! Oh let me Guess Ron, You had No Clue? Too busy trying to get rid of our Fire Dept. or Just Mingling in anything you can that You know Nothing about Regardless of what We the People want or need in this City! Our Family would like to make a Suggestion to You and Yours: We have had Family here in Flagler County since 1957. Please Round up Yours, or should we include”BAIL OUT” Yours and Go back to where ever it is you came from we dont want or need your kind here! We Love our Little County-City of Flagler and Dont need your Constant Disruption ! We Hope all you Voters that Voted for this COMIC will Vote Him OUT ASAP!!!! To all of you Residents who were “Ripped Off” Our Prayers are with You and we hope you all contact Cpl.Flach! Justice will Prevail, Awsome job by all the Law-Enforcement people Involved, You Guys Rock!! Put this guy right where he needs to be, In a Jumpsuit and a Jail Cell, The sooner the Better!! Been a Long Time Comming!! Sorry about your Luck Mr. Bova, your Time has Come!! Dont go away Mad Ron, Just Go Away!!!

  4. Pierre Tristam says:

    Aachmed, your comments about Ron Vath are crude, cowardly and bigoted. You don’t even have the decency of signing your name (as he does his, obviously, more publicly than you ever dare). That’s too easy. And if you’re a reflection of an authentic Flagler Beach resident, then I pity Flagler Beach. I’m letting the comment stand because it reflects more on you than it does on Vath or Flagler Beach, where, to my knowledge, only a minority of imbeciles still stuck on 1950s mentalities think of their neighbors as “our kind” and “not our kind” (a proportion of imbeciles found in any town, big or small in these strangely reactionary days). And Vath is as public a figure as they come in Flagler Beach. But public figure or not I won’t be so indulgent with your kind of comments next time, nor will I waste time explaining their elimination–unless you grow a pair (or even one) and sign them by name, and include a valid email where I can contact you to verify that you’re not inventing that, too.

  5. A.B. says:

    Imbeciles? In Flagler County? hahahahhaha

    Oops. I hope i didn’t offend them.

  6. Bill says:

    Dear AACHMED . I think you are a real ass. Ron Vath is trully the best person i have ever met .if it wasnt for him i . would not be half the person i am today. He spends all of his free time to help the people in your town. He allways has the towns best interest in mind. I cannot beleive that you would say these things about him. its people like you that make me sick. you have no right bringing him into this. I also like everything Pierre says. Maybe you should get the hell out of sure that would make the town better i would love to know who you are but i doubt you are worth the time or effort it would take to find you. Im sure Ron has alot more friends that like and repect him than you ever will. Love you Ron. Bill R.

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