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Indian Trails 7th Grader, on Bicycle, Victim of Hit-and-Run on Belle Terre and Brookside Ln.

| September 25, 2015

hit and run student

The corner of Belle Terre Parkway and Brookside Lane where the hit-and-run took place this morning.

Earlier this morning a 7th grader from Indian Trails Middle School bicycling to school was struck by a vehicle at the corner of Brookside Lane and Belle Terre Parkway. The vehicle kept going.

The student was not seriously injured, and at first his mother was going to take him home. But on further reflection, she decided to take him to Florida Hospital Flagler as a precaution, a school official said.

It is the second time a middle school student was involved in a vehicle crash this week. On Monday, an 8th grader from Buddy Taylor Middle School, bicycling to school, was struck by a school bus on Parkview Drive. The bus driver in that incident was cited for violating the student’s right of way. The student was not seriously injured.

Today’s incident incident is being investigated by the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office. The identity of the driver is unknown. Deputies are looking for a small black, four-door car, possibly a Toyota with a white stripe on the door. If you have any information about that vehicle, you’re asked to contact the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office at (386) 437-4116.

Jason Wheeler, a school district spokesman, said the driver may not have been aware that he or she had struck the student.

Flagler Schools want to remind motorists to pay close attention while on all roads, both major transportation arteries as well as neighborhood streets throughout the school year and watch out for our students as they make their way to and from school.

For more information contact Wheeler at 386-437-7526, extension 2110.

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11 Responses for “Indian Trails 7th Grader, on Bicycle, Victim of Hit-and-Run on Belle Terre and Brookside Ln.”

  1. Howard Duley says:

    I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that the driver knew they hit someone.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Belle Terre Parkway NEEDS to be monitored for speeding.

    I drive 45 mph and everyone is driving at a minimum of 55-60 mph. It’s getting out of control.

  3. Abby Romaine says:

    The school district desperately needs to evaluate the start times for the middle and high schools and accept some culpability for these incidents. Currently, the children must be at the bus stop before sunrise. Beginning school later will not only reduce the incidence of early morning accidents, it is also better for the cognitive development of our kids; because of multiple studies concerning circadian rhythm disruption and cognition in teens, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends delaying the commencement of schools for middle and high students to 8:30 or later So, if we want our kids to be rocket scientists, we should do something it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out: start school later!

  4. m&m says:

    You’re all blaming the school and the kids. What about the jerk that hit him????????????????????????????

  5. Chalcedony says:

    I honestly would not be surprised if the child was in the road. The kids at the stop near my house tend to stand in or very near the street, and sometimes they even push each other into the street and then laugh about it… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that happen to me as I drive by.

  6. David B says:

    I see a lot of these kids on bikes, not wearing a bike helmet or no reflective clothing, such as a reflective vest.It is a State Law that any person under 16 years old MUST wear a helmet.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Parents, if there are sidewalks near where your kids wait for the bus, please instruct them to use those safe areas to wait–not the middle of the street. Perhaps, this particular corner can use a crossing guard during critical times.

  8. parent says:

    kids are kids so of course they are going to be irresponsible! We are adults & should be paying attention, especially at known intersections or streets where kids are walking to school!!! No one is perfect but we drivers know everyday during school hours there will be kids out!!!!! my kids have to walk & I’m always scared they could get hurt!! Please be careful!!!!!!!! I tell my kids to look & look again!!!!!!

  9. graspingforair says:

    To Abby:
    I have said these things for so many years that I now have no hope that there is any intelligent life in
    the scheduling of school openings.
    It is all so stupid to me! Just when we as drivers are able to see pedestrians on and IN the roadways the STUPID time changes and we are right back dodging kids wearing goth.
    But wait! It’s not the kids who created this situation. For every kid I see wearing dark clothing I see many more adults doing the same thing in the exact same situation:(dark).
    If we cannot change the time change forced upon us, then we need to buckle-up and accept the fact that our America is no longer in our hands. So sad.

  10. Layla says:

    We all need to be careful, drive as if somebody is always in the street. Be safe and you won’t be sorry.

  11. Gia says:

    It might not be necessary the driver fault even though he/she driver should have stop no matter what. It’s a law. Most of the time pedestrian & bicycle riders using side walk think they have right of way when crossing, it’s wrong. Also at side walk or bicycle intersections there is a STOP sign, means stop before proceeding. Also on the street must be 3 feet between bicycle riding & vehicle same direction

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