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Two Palm Coast Residents Arrested in Bizarre Tale of Violent Assault on Pair of Contractors

| March 25, 2015

Russell Cade, left, and Joseph Patten.

Russell Cade, left, and Joseph Patten.

Joseph D. Patten of Comanche Court in Palm Coast and and Russell Cade of Regency Drive were arrested over the past 48 hours and charged in connection with a bizarre incident that resulted in the disfigurement of one victim and lesser injuries to another on March 20.

The two victims, Michael Miller and Beth Leto, are contractors who were asked over to the house of Russel Cade, a resident of Regency Drive in Palm Coast, to provide an estimate on repairing Cade’s bathroom. Miller and Leto went to the house the evening of March 20. But once there, the pair say they were cornered by Cade, 57, and Patten, 32. According to Miller, Patten then accused him of being a snitch and told him insultingly to get out of the house.

As the pair turned to walk out, Miller, 28, says Cade punched him in the eye, causing him to drop to the ground and, according to one account in police reports, briefly lose consciousness as Patten then allegedly began to stomp on him. There were other occupants ion the house who, Miller told police, tried to break up the fight. (The story was first reported on Monday, when the two alleged suspects’ names were not released by police, nor had they been arrested at the time as the investigation was still ongoing.)

Leto, 31, told police she tried to pry Cade off of Miller only for Cade to grab her by the hair and slam her against the wall a “few times,” according to Patten’s arrest report.

The contractors went to Florida Hospital Flagler the next morning. A radiologist would subsequently tell Miller that he suffered a lumbar fracture, partial dislocation of the right shoulder, a fractured nose, a knee concussion and a left-eye contusion, according to a police report. Leto suffered pain and discomfort in her neck and right arm and told to keep her arm in a sling.

Patten was charged with aggravated battery with great bodily harm, a second-degree felony that carries a penalty of up to 15 years in prison. He remains at the Flagler County jail on $50,000 bond. A resident of 61 Comanche Court, his previous arrests include charges for criminal mischief, failure to appear in court proceedings, driving on a suspended license, violating probation, and marijuana possession.

Cade is charged with aggravated battery with great bodily harm and a count of battery. He remains at the county jail on $51,000 bond. He was previously arrested on charges of forgery, petit theft, failing to register as a sex offender, cocaine possession, and resisting arrest. His sex offense dates from a conviction on a child sexual abuse charge in Howard, Md., in 2000.

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17 Responses for “Two Palm Coast Residents Arrested in Bizarre Tale of Violent Assault on Pair of Contractors”

  1. B. C. says:

    Wow it just keeps getting better over in palm coast

  2. A.S.F. says:

    They both look as high as kites.

  3. David S. says:

    Hope they get the max sentence they deserve it.

  4. angelrally says:

    I’m smelling something fishy here. There’s something else going on that hasn’t been told.

  5. confidential says:

    One of these two idividuals at least, looks like is a tenant in the Palm Coast C section since 2011 and his nearby residing landlord should have had a good background check made for this person before renting to him, because this individual, like Cates is a danger in our community to us all. They have extensive bouts with the law. Many landlords in Palm Coast rent without a proper background check of their tenants and these late new arrivals like these two from the North only hinder the safety and peaceful cohexistance in our city. I have mentioned before that in the last 10 years we have often some new arrivals criminal element that are aggressive bullies and/or mentally ill. A proper background check of those potential tenants will prevent these incidents. Also is that Comanche address registered with the city as a rental?

  6. confidential says:

    Anonymous: that Comanche address is in a Palm Coast C section water front house not an apartment! That house is in the middle of a rather nice area of Palm Coast for this Patten dude to bring along these friends that have even a child predator sexual abuse in their records. The least that should take place is that the landlord evicts these renters to safeguard the neighbors given this incident or be held liable for their actions. Neighbors should be alerted about it. We are having since the last 12 years these new arrivals here and many with criminal history that have even experienced in my own block causing havoc in the community, we need to ask the city officials and our sheriff department to inform the community and as most are tenants, start holding liable those landlords for not doing for about 60 bucks each an in depth background check of their potential prospective renters. Otherwise our city is slowly deteriorating into a slum. I see day in and day out good, financially sound and educated neighbors that contribute to our community by volunteering and using our paid sports amenities, moving elsewhere in Florida or other states like AZ because they no longer want to endure the proximity to this latest wave of nuisance residents some with their aggressive dogs that attack, hurt their neighbors and or kill other dogs. We have to endure the parade of our dedicated sheriff deputies day in and day out in the same houses all the time due to drug dealings, violence and ordinance violations. Our City code enforcement overwhelmed with ordinance violations calls.These dudes get arrested go to court and get free on bail because drug $$ abound! We are no longer the Crown Jewel of Florida! Can the city along with our Sheriff and our courts come up with some new ordinances regarding these problems that will allow for an easier eviction from our city of these criminal elements? Just look at the arrest records of these individuals and be shocked about how many times a year they go to jail and come out just in this county! Some of them are just obvious couriers for substance between South Florida and Flagler. Maybe we need here a swept like was done in Dade County in the 70’s with the FED help.

    • sasa says:

      “Rather nice area of Palm Coast” does not begin to cover this neighborhood.
      It is quiet and upscale. I should know….I live here. Patten does not live in this neighborhood. His parents do, however; and they are nice people and good neighbors, actually. I suspect they’re pretty overwhelmed by their son’s most recent issues.
      By the way, Patten’s Concrete Pumping has nothing to do with the son.

  7. confidential says:

    Arrest records to be looked here:
    Flagler Sheriff incidents reports here:

    So then we all become “snitches” now and at the same time good stewards of the safety of our children and all in our community. Best way to do it is to be informed. Take the time.

  8. godscountry says:

    Background checks,puts money in everyone’s pocket,the criminal element takes money out of the community.

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