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13-Year-Old Indian Trails Boy Arrested on Knife Charge at School and Tied to Stolen Gun

| March 4, 2015

The kitchen knife found in Marion Gavin's backpack at Indian Trails Middle School Tuesday.

The kitchen knife found in Marion Gavin’s backpack at Indian Trails Middle School Tuesday.

A 13-year-old Indian Trails Middle School student, on probation over a drug charge, was arrested Tuesday on a felony weapons possession charge for taking a knife to school after authorities discovered he had allegedly given a stolen .380 Glock 42 to a friend. The Glock was apparently not taken to school, but had just been reported stolen.

The student, Marion Gavins, likely faces expulsion from the school under the district’s zero-tolerance weapons policy. He was released to the Department of Juvenile Justice and placed on home detention supervision.

The Glock was reported stolen by a W-Section resident on Tuesday, from the resident’s loaner car, after the car had been parked on Woodhaven Drive. The resident wasn’t sure when the crime had occurred, but believed it was over the weekend, according to a sheriff’s report. The resident reported the theft around mid-morning Tuesday.

A couple of hours earlier, a Flagler County Sheriff’s deputy had responded to a house on Paul Lane in Palm Coast, where a 42-year-old mother had learned that a gun may have been hidden in her son’s room. Her son is friends with Gavins. According to the incident report on the case, the unidentified boy had recently joined a gang and received the firearm as a result.

The mother went to her son’s room, found a silver metallic box, and found a Glock wrapped in a yellow bandanna inside. She also found two pairs of sunglasses, a wallet containing a birth certificate and a Paul Lane address written on a piece of paper. None of the items belonged to her or her son. She described how he had recently begun hanging out with two other boys, one of them Gavins, whom she described as “trouble,” as she knew that Gavins was on probation, but didn’t know the reason why.

With the mother’s consent, the room was searched but yielded no additional items of concern. The deputy then asked and received permission to interview the woman’s son at Indian Trails that morning.

When the boy was called down to the dean’s office, he disclosed that the gun had been passed to him by Gavins, who was then called to the dean’s office as well. Gavins would not speak to either the investigator or school administrators about the matter, asking, as is his right, to have his lawyer and mother present first. But because of the nature of the case, Justin Cronk, the dean, searched Marion’s backpack, and found an 8-inch kitchen knife concealed there.

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22 Responses for “13-Year-Old Indian Trails Boy Arrested on Knife Charge at School and Tied to Stolen Gun”

  1. confidential says:

    My appreciation to that concerned Mom that called law enforcement and also to the school Dean for his probably life saving search of this dangerous student back pack,

  2. Real Florida residence says:

    Ladies & gentleman, no matter what else you read, please know this!!!!!. Across America, there’s an elite group of indivisuals titled School Resource Deputies. These men and women have a very unique gift(training). Their approach to juveniles can not be measured, nor their worth. The amount of information they recieve anonymously have prevented more crime/deaths than any security prevention in our school sytems. Hinse the title Resource, means these children trust their deputy and the only students that don’t are more than likely discipline issues. These men & women can get valid information out to road patrol of overnight incidents faster than any investigator. With violent crime at an all time high, there should not be a school district unwilling to pay for Resource Deputies!!!!!! Glad there were one for my children to confied in…….Great Job admin and Deputy of Flagler County.

    • Anonymous says:

      He was on probation for a drug charge.

      Another one who had no business being in a regular school where he could influence/jeopardize the saftey of other kids. Some might say, “they have a right to learn,” and they would be right. This is why we have alternative schools or even online education options. As it is they get a slap on the wrist by the courts because it has become politically incorrect to punish juveniles for serious offenses anymore.

    • matt says:

      Violent crime isn’t at an all time high. In fact according to FBI crime statistics its at the lowest point since the early 60’s. Your opinion is valid concerning the resource officers in schools. My opinion is they are there to get your children in to the pipeline to prison soon than later. Crime is an industry from the police to the judges and lawyers to the prison staff and all of the support that goes along with it. Without young criminals the industry is less profitable. Should kids have knives and guns in school of course not. The zero tolerance policies are BS and don’t solve any problems they only create more problems. Next time your in front of the school really take a good look and tell me with the fencing security cameras restricted movement lock downs armed guards random locker checks uniforms etc they look like prisons to me.

  3. gramps212 says:

    Parental involvement is crucial. Must commend the parent whom reported it, as well as all others (SRD, school admin, etc) too.

  4. Michael says:

    At 13 this kid is a criminal of this magnitude? arrest his parents as well for not being parents, kids need dicipline. This kid is out of control already, hate to see what his future brings the citizens of wher ever he lives

  5. hhmmm? says:

    Brilliant, this should work out well. The kid is on probation for drug charges, breaks into a car, steals a gun and takes a knife to school. Clearly he is well monitored and ‘supervised’ in his home activities as things there are smooth sailing. So the Dept. of Juv. Justice says, release him to be on ‘home detention supervision’. I’m absolutely certain and confident that this young man will now behave himself and stay indoors and follow his ever attentive mothers every command. Problem solved!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Good point, however, were you aware that this school does house an alternative school on its campus? Perhaps that student was already participating in that program.

  7. Anonymous says:

    They didn’t tell other students parents about this incident, other parents didn’t find out till they watched the news. I go to Indian Trails, I feel like they should’ve told the students about it because its scary, to actually think somebody brought an 8 inch knife to my school.

  8. anonymous says:

    This is my cousin y’all talking about and yes we go to same school my cousin is a confused boy and has a lot of potential he’s been through a lot and i feel for him,I’m not gonna sit here and leason to lies and some of it maybe true but just know that he has feeling to and I care for him I got he’s back.

  9. Real Florida residence says:

    I’ve yet to see a school bus pick up students, drive them to any prison and leave them there!!!!!! Every 12 to 13 years a group of wonderful educated teeenagers walk across a stage with high degrees/diplomas. We never discuss them, yet that 5% who decide not to, walk themselves into the pipe line and gather all of our attention. It’s the school desire that no student go to jail, drop out, or die on our streets and kill each other. We’re not nieve to think we’re not going to lose a few, but teachers show up every day hoping that your child will be (focused,motivated and prepared to learn…) We coach counsel mentor and even feed them hoping they’ll feel better regardless of their home life or enviroment/neighborhood. Yes something has gone terribly wrong over the years, so let’s stop the blame game and work together to fix it. Many of you never offer solutions just blame blame blame. When have you invested in a child not your own from 6th grade to graduation? Now that’s real commitment and what keeps kids out of the justice system!!!!!!!!! God bless our mentors.

  10. dennis says:

    i did the same thing and got arrested at btms

    • Anonymous says:

      some kids don’t grow up with a mom or a dad thats around all the time his mom was struggling to pay the bills, his mom worked at mcdonalds, u won’t make much working there. he also has a 2 year old sister he has to feed not his mom him, he had to raise his sister while his mom worked makin minimum wage to support 2 kids. so of course this kid is going to bring a knife to school but way u don’t know is someone pulled a gun on him n they said if u tell i will kill ur sister so he didn’t tell he kept quiet but brought a knife to protect him self u guys are saying thank the cops but where were the cops at when this boy almost got shot by a gang member. he wasn’t no gang member ya he smoked weed but weed is a religious thing I’m sorry cali and colorado r the only places to see that. he smoked cause he was stressed he didn’t have anyone to tlk to n his teachers didn’t care. teachers make dirt money do u really think they r gonna care about some kid wit personal issues

  11. Fil says:

    > The zero tolerance policies are BS and don’t solve any problems they only create more problems.

    While I agree with you, you gotta see their side of it. Zero tolerance prevents corruption that would be possible otherwise.

    This whole case is weird as hell.. the kid is 13 y/o and gave a dude a gun so he could join his gang? And why arent they looking at this ‘frined’ anyway? He obviously took that stuff and should be held responsible.

  12. Nikia says:

    And that people is called parenting!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I just hope these young kids get some help to turn there life around. Life is precious to short and they should be having fun being kids not with guns and knives. I don’t think know one should criticize the boys but be trying to help them out with support love.

  14. Anonymous says:

    This boy needs some serious assistance on several levels. Pray God he gets it.

  15. april 13, 2019 murder says:

    this is curtis gray killer 😔

  16. Leila says:

    Good job😭😭😂 I’m glad I moved out of those hell schools💀

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