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Facing Trial Over Brutalizing 2 Year Old, Ex-Cop Is Charged With Torture of Daughter, 14

| February 18, 2015

Note: the charges against Retamozzo and Wykretowicz were dropped in March 2018.

A year ago next week, Stanley Wykretowicz, a 38-year-old resident of Palm Coast and a master sergeant in the Army National Guard, brought a critically injured and unresponsive 2-year-old girl to Florida Hospital Flagler’s emergency room, claiming she’d been vomiting after meals and gone cold when he took her to the bathroom to clean her up, and had gotten injured from falling in the tub.

Hospital staff reached a different conclusion. The girl had bruises on her forehead, abdomen, back and buttocks area. The bruises were two to three days old. She had a temperature of 91.2 (normal temperature is 98.6). A doctor concluded that the injuries could only be caused by blunt force trauma.

Wykretowicz, an ex-corrections officer in Orange County, N.Y., according to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, was charged with aggravated child abuse, a first degree felony, and neglect of a child causing great harm, a second degree felony, and jailed. He posted bail on $150,000 bond and pleaded not guilty. He is scheduled for a pre-trial conference on March 4.

On Tuesday, Wykretowicz was arrested again on child abuse charge and a domestic battery by strangulation charge, this time involving his 14-year-old daughter. Also arrested was 33-year-old Cherrie Retamozzo, who lives with Wykretowicz at their 110 Laguna Forest Trail home in Palm Coast.

According to the two individuals’ arrest reports, the 14-year-old daughter had allegedly come home with a bad grade on a test on Feb. 2. The couple confronted her. The girl got up to leave. But one of the two adults grabbed her wrist, and despite her protestations that it hurt, they allegedly “started pushing and hitting her.”

Wykretowicz reportedly had a “disgusted look on his face,” pointing to school work and candy wrappers in the girl’s room. The girl and the adult woman struggled, with Retamozzo, according to her arrest report, pushing her down on the couch, grabbing her by the hair, punching her in the stomach twice and preventing her from getting up, all the while in front of Wykretowicz, who did not intervene.

The two adults then handed the girl a list of house rules and ordered her to read them out loud. When the girl “resisted,” Wykretowicz allegedly “pushed his finger into her windpipe area of her neck and told her to start reading. [The girl] stated it hurt and she couldn’t breathe. Stated it felt like forever while choking her.” (When Wykretowicz was arrested a year ago he claimed that, when he noticed the 2-year-old victim being bloated, he claimed to have “stuck his index finger down her throat to try to make her vomit.”  His hand at the time bore bite marks.)

In the latest alleged abuse, the 14-year-old girl claimed, in an interview with the Child Protective Team, that Retamozzo grabbed her mouth and chin area to force her to talk, bruising her there. The girl then went to her room, cried and did homework. After Retamozzo took her son to baseball practice, Wykretowicz would come into the girl’s room to “tell her he loved her and she would start crying.” Yet Wykretowicz and Retamozzo, the gilr told the protective team, call her “worthless” every day, making her “hurt inside” and causing her to cut herself as recently as Feb. 1.

She told the protection team that the adult couple argues a lot, and that since the incident, she’s had nightmares “of her being younger and Stan picking her up and throwing her by the neck.” When the 14-year-old girl contacted her older sister in New York City to tell her about the dreams, her sister told her that “the incident she described did happen to her when she was younger.” (The arrest report does not specify whether “her,” in this case, is the 14 year old or the older sister.)

The girl requested from authorities to stay at a new, undisclosed location out fear of returning to her father’s house.

In this latest incident, Wykretowicz is charged with aggravated child abuse and willful torture, a second-degree felony, and battery by strangulation, a third-degree felony. Retamozzo is charged with one count of aggravated child abuse and willful torture. She is being held on $10,000 bond.


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8 Responses for “Facing Trial Over Brutalizing 2 Year Old, Ex-Cop Is Charged With Torture of Daughter, 14”

  1. liberal says:

    Not an ex-cop. Ex-prison guard. So he had no power of arrest and didn’t carry a gun or patrol the streets, thank God. They typically work inside the prison.

  2. Ray Thorne says:

    A corrections officer is not a cop…

  3. JohnStanton134 says:

    Is he still on the force? I sure ahs shit hope not, or that says a whole lot about FCSO’s character, or lack of it.

  4. Concerned says:

    Why, if he was already under investigation for child abuse, was he even allowed to have a 14-year-old in his house? Don’t the appropriate authorities check on these things?

    • godscountry says:

      One hand doesn’t know want the other hand is doing Ridiculous,had he killed one of these children ,then what?

    • ann says:

      [Note: no “poetic license” was taken in writing the article, whose wording in reference to the bruises was based exclusively on the wording of the arrest report. The case is still open. The next pre-trial hearing is scheduled for March 4.–FL]

      what google has not seen fit to do, is a follow up. It was found that the child had a sever infection in her intestine that caused part of her colon to stop working. Due to all that, she was having a hard time passing waste. Her little body became toxic. They also did not mention that the father had just taken her to the doctor that Friday about her bathroom issues and her throwing up what ever she ate. The doctor gave him information as to what to do and told him if it was not better by Monday, bring her back. Sadly her condition was worse than the doctor thought, or perhaps he didn’t do his job well enough to catch it, and it resulted in her collapse. The so called bruising from head to tow, sadly, was poetic license on the part of the person that wrote the article, not fact. It was found she did have some small bruises they found to be from normal play and bumping of a two year old, and others where from her fall in the bath tube. The pathology reports support all the information I have given her. The courts system runs slow due to overload, so they have not yet brought this to a close. It will be finalized sometime the beginning of March.
      Whenever a child first comes to the ER in that condition, by law the hospital has to report it to CPS immediately, even before full findings. (CPS for those that do not know stands for Child Protective Serves) She had to have surgery to remove the blockages and was put on very heavy antibiotics due to the severity of the infections.

  5. Dana says:

    Read the article! EX PRISON GUARD IN Orange County NEW YORK!

  6. godscountry says:

    Two more we should take out of the gene pool,how can you abuse any child,let alone a 2 year old and how does a bad grade and candy wrappers warrant a beat down on a 14 year old.Twisted and evil.

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