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2-Year-Old Girl Brought to Hospital Bruised and Unresponsive; Palm Coast Man Charged With Aggravated Child Abuse

| February 27, 2014

Stanley Wykretowicz. (© FlaglerLive)

Stanley Wykretowicz. (© FlaglerLive)

Note: Stanley Wykretowicz was acquitted of the charges at trial in October 2017.

When Stanley Wykretowicz, a 38-year-old resident of 110 Laguna Forest Trail in Palm Coast, brought his 2-year-old daughter to Florida Hospital Flagler’s emergency room on Monday (Feb. 24), the little girl was unresponsive.

Wykretowicz told hospital staff that she’d been vomiting for two days after her meals, and that while having breakfast that morning, she began vomiting again. When Wykretowicz took her to the bathroom to clean her up–in his retelling of the events, according to his arrest report–he saw his daughter get a blank look on her face, and her body started to get cold. He took her to the ER rather than call 911.

Assessing the girl, the medical staff observed bruises on her forehead, abdomen, back, and buttocks area. The bruises appeared to be one to two days old, according to the ER staff, and were not consistent with being new injuries, the arrest report states. The girl’s temperature was 91.2 degrees. Normal temperature is 98.6. The girl was transferred to Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville.

Once there, the girl’s condition was revealed to be “very severe,” according to the arrest report, and that she needed surgery to her abdomen. Surgery revealed lacerations to her colon–injuries that were two to three days old, the surgeon said, noting that “this type of injury could only be caused by blunt force trauma,” according to the report. Medical personnel from the Department of Children and Families’ Child Protective Team confirmed the assessment, and determined that the injuries could be life-threatening.

Wykretowicz told a deputy that he was the primary caregiver for the child, and that he and his 13–year-old daughter have lived in Palm Coast since last August. He said he is the only caregiver, and that he doesn’t leave the child in anyone else’s hands, though he conceded that when he takes his 13 year old to school, he leaves the 2 year old alone at the house.

When asked about the bruises, Wykretowicz said the child bruises easily, and that she’d fallen in the bathtub on Sunday, hitting her head on the spout and possibly on her bath toys in the tub, which, according to Wykretowicz, caused the bruises on her back and buttocks. He said the girl also fell while trying to get out of the bathtub Monday, hitting her abdomen area on the side of the tub. While giving her a bath on Monday, Wykretowicz said he noticed that her abdomen was bloated, “so he stuck his index finger down her throat to try to make her vomit,” according to the report. Wykretowicz’s hand bore a distinct bite mark.

“Based on the ER doctor’s evaluation and the CPT medical personnel,” the arrest report states, the child’s injuries “are not consistent with the explanation provided by” Wykretowicz.

Wykretowicz was charged with aggravated child abuse, a first-degree felony punishable by up to 30 years in prison, and aggravated child neglect, a second-degree felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Wykretowicz was booked at the Flagler County jail on $150,000 bond.

The child remains in critical but stable condition as of Thursday.

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21 Responses for “2-Year-Old Girl Brought to Hospital Bruised and Unresponsive; Palm Coast Man Charged With Aggravated Child Abuse”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Like I said, you have the nicest kind of people in Palm Coast.

  2. Enlightened says:

    This guy has sole custody? I can only imagine what hell this little girl has been through.

  3. rickg says:

    But yet there are those who still oppose birth control…..

  4. tulip says:

    HORRIBLE!!! My heart cries for that little child and I wonder what’s been happening with the 13 year old.

    • happening now says:

      That poor child and the 13 year old also. How did he manage to live in PC, not work and have custody of children???? Sad, very sad,

    • Andrea Stowell says:

      May God be with this precious little angel and heal her inside and out. I wonder what the 13 year old is saying. He should never see either one of his children again.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is disgusting!!!

  6. Beachlvr84 says:

    What a disgusting and scary course of events. I hope that child is placed with family members that can care for AND love her…. How anyone can abuse a child is beyond my comprehension.

  7. A.S.F. says:

    According to a release from the New York State Division of Military & Naval Affairs, there is Stanley Wykretowicz listed in Palm Coast who has recently received a promotion to the rank of Master Sergeant in the Army National Guard. The listed individual serves in the 27th. infantry Brigade Combat Team. Perhaps this should be looked into, if it hasn’t already, and, if this is the same individual, it should certainly be reported to military authorities. If Mr. Wykretowicz makes his bond, at least during the period of investigation and disposition, it makes sense that he should not have access to firearms and other weapons. I hope this poor little girl recovers fully from her terrible trauma. I also hope that the thirteen year old is alright…It goes without saying that she should also be questioned (carefully.)

  8. Anonymous says:

    This sort of thing makes me sick to my stomach. How anyone can harm an innocent child is beyond me. This sort of thing is happening too often and it’s time for the laws to get tough on these sick bastards. What in the hell has happened to our society? These sick people should never be permitted to walk the streets again!

  9. Steven says:

    Where’s the other daughter going to end up? This article never mentions anything about a mother.

  10. whew says:

    Now both these girls can finally be safe… how horrible of a life so far. prayers to both of them,,,

  11. Steve Wolfe says:

    I just finished picking up trash in my neighborhood and separating trash from recyclables. I was already shaking my head at this point as I mused about writing a letter to the school about kids waiting for the bus and dropping wrappers and plastic cups, and how contrary it is for the young generation to lecture us about the environment. Then I read this.

    So many things go through my mind when reading this. This isn’t by any means a complete list.

    First, the horror. The horror. ( I hear Marlon Brando’s character in “Apocalypse Now.”) For this little child to endure such treatment, and for the 13-year old to be powerless to react to it. How can anyone recover from this? And what might the 13-year old have endured at this guy’s hands?

    Secondly, I wonder if this family has neighbors who are aware of child abuse or neglect at this address. Can’t we talk to our neighbors? It isn’t the neighbor’s responsibility to ensure that everything is cool in someone else’s home, but a little engagement can go a long way in ensuring the health of a neighborhood. Looking the other way is enabling. Of course, it is possible that the outward appearance did not alert the neighbors at all. (Now I am on notice to be vigilant, yet sensitive, a fine line indeed.)

    As for this fella, I think benefit of the doubt is lost by his own admission that he leaves the 2-year old alone at home when he takes the 13-year old to school. That’s an admission of neglect. So is allowing the younger one’s symptoms to extend so long without seeking treatment. His credibility when explaining the injuries is just about shot at that point.

    It’s still early, but I want to watch how this plays out. I thank Flagler Live for covering it, and I hope there will be follow-up. Meanwhile, prayers for the children, and prayers for the truth to come out.

    I now return to my regularly scheduled head shaking. I have to walk away for a while before I read any further bad news. I hope I can walk and shake my head at the same time without tripping over something.

  12. jennah says:

    Prayers for this little girl. I am sickened by this story, a 2 year old??? Just unbelievable and so sad.

  13. jstmee says:

    Wondering if he ever left the 13yr old in charge of her and he is trying to protect that child from getting into trouble…

  14. Jack Howell says:

    What a Macho Guy. I wish Stanley would come visit me and I would be more than happy to show him my bath tub! Oops, slippery when wet, might slip and die….oh well. Maybe when he takes a shower in the jail he may slip picking up soap.

  15. Anonymous says:

    My heart goes out to that little girl, and the other child in the house. I just don’t understand how someone could hurt a defenseless little child. I’m sick To my stomach right Now. We will pray for that family. Agh im going to go crawl up next to my little 4 yr old baby girl and give her hugs and kisses.

  16. are you for real says:

    police need to interview the 13 year old she must be another victim. Omg what a sad and terrifying situation for these two little girls,

  17. Concerned says:

    That makes me sick! The poor thing. :( He needs to stay locked up and those poor girls need to be rescued. I can’t stand hearing stories like this, it makes my heart ache. However it is good to know he can’t hurt them anymore.

  18. T says:

    Never let him out!

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