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Street Fight Escalates in South Bunnell, Drawing 15 Sheriff’s Units and City Police

| November 4, 2014

The area of South Chapel St. and East Booe St. in Bunnell, where today's fight unfolded.

The area of South Chapel St. and East Booe St. in Bunnell, where today’s fight unfolded.

A fight that began between students at a bus stop then drew in parents and escalated to include some 20 people and more than 100 “spectators” drew a large police response in South Bunnell late Tuesday afternoon into evening, and led to three injuries, though none were serious, police said.

The fight began in the area of South Chapel Street and East Booe Street in Bunnell just before 5 p.m. Bunnell Police Chief Tom Foster called it “a large physical disturbance with weapons.”

“There were 10-20 people actively fighting with weapons (chair, tire iron and baseball bat) and over 100 spectators,” Foster wrote in a statement at 7:44 p.m. “Due to the large crowd FCSO units were called and responded to assist,” he said, referring to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff’s Commander Paul Bovino said that 15 Sheriff’s units were deployed.

“Bunnell PD, with assistance from the FCSO, were able to disperse the crowd and conduct our investigation. we are currently speaking to witnesses and identifying suspects,” Foster said.

“There were a lot of people in the street,” Bovino said, “and a lot of things going down there, probably about 15 sheriff’s office units came down there just to restore order, and then make sure that Bunnel could carry out their investigation without other people interfering. We were able to restore order fairly quickly. We dispersed crowds,” including people who were not supposed to be in the housing development area.

By 7 p.m., Bovino said, there were no immediate threats anymore. Initial reports, some of them based on social media postings, led to younger people accusing each other of wanting to fight. Other people got involved as the late afternoon wore on, including family members. The Bunnell Police Department is trying to secure some footage of the incident–through smart phone videos, for example–to pursue the investigation.

Flagler County Fire Rescue units staged at the Flagler County Courthouse before going into the area of the fights. There were minor injuries, Bovino said, affecting “two to three people.” No property damage was reported.

“Our strategy is to keep heavy patrols in there to keep everything quelled down for the rest of the night,” enabling Bunnell police to carry out their investigation, Bovino said.

The Sheriff’s Office was informing school resource deputies about the matter, along with school administrators, “so we don’t have a spill-over at the high schools or the middle schools or wherever the affected people go,” Bovino said. “It’s bigger than going down there and breaking up fights, it’s possibly talking to the families who were involved, to children who were involved in the following days to make sure we don’t have an ongoing problem.”

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21 Responses for “Street Fight Escalates in South Bunnell, Drawing 15 Sheriff’s Units and City Police”

  1. Enlightened says:

    This happens on a reoccurring basis. Why? Don’t these people have anything else to do? It makes it bad for the rest of the folks who live in that area. Some people want to live in peace and mind there own business. FCSO and Bunnell PD need to flush the instigator out. This area is known as the bad part of Bunnell. What a shame!!

  2. Harry says:

    Unfortunately, all kids want to do these days is fight. Then they tell their parents and the parents start fighting as well? I.e.”My mom can beat up your mom” the kids instigate and jump back in when someone hits their parents…Who are the real adults here? SMH…grow up people.

  3. Bill says:

    Kids getting into fight (fist fight) is no big deal. BUT when the parents get into it and you have 100 other knuckle heads watching it like its a pay per view event that shows that something is seriously wrong the culture we/they live in.

  4. Seminole Pride says:

    Parents act like their kids, and kids act like their parents. Who the adults here.

  5. Sensible says:

    They’re upset because the Democrats lost congress. They’ll get over it as soon as their welfare checks show up.

  6. sw says:

    does not surprise me

  7. Anonymous says:

    Were there any arrests for disturbing the peace or loitering or…anything?

  8. Linda says:

    I’m with Anonymous – were there any arrests? There will be, I hope.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe if the people come out an help the cops an say something. But no run inside an then. Piss an Mone!!! that helps to clean it. Come out an stand up to the thugs.

  9. m&m says:

    It sounds like these kids were home schooled.. I’m not surprised considering the locale.

  10. confidential says:

    I whole agree with Norton Smitty above. Not only they don’t have the jobs they need, their kids don’t have safe places were to spend sane time, like sports practices etc. In the current decrepit economy sure their moods flare unexpectedly! Loitering is what fellows do when they “can’t find jobs”, and for that are to be arrested?

    • Doug says:

      Actually, CONFIDENTIAL….the carver gymnasium is about one block away from the fight. that is a place for kids to go to….however, seems like they would rather be thugs and continue to be menace to society

  11. Really says:

    Really, this is because they can not find jobs… I highly doubt it. I work in Hr and there are jobs to be found. I tend to have more jobs than people willing to work. WHy get a job when you can have multiple kids and live in free housing and collect money from the tax payers. No there will not be any arrests….this is there normal behavior. Plus, there is always someone out there to make excuses for there behavior.

  12. common sense says:

    STOP. Seriously, they don’t have jobs because they don’t want jobs. That’s it…. plain and simple. If I lost my job today I would have a new one within a week. Speaking from experience, those that live in that area (projects) live there mostly by choice because it is easy. Just as receiving food stamps, Medicare etc…. Ever driven by this area at any given hour of any given day? Its ridiculous??? Truth is, if you want to better yourself you will. And this is not due to the ‘current economy’. It has been the same over there for as long as I can remember. Good economy or not, and what happens when trouble arises, the filthy cockroaches swarm instead of seeking shelter and keeping themselves away from the trouble.

  13. Modern Day Milosevic says:

    Simply pull the Section 8 benefits for anyone involved.

  14. Palm coast lady says:

    Instead of talking about it if it bothers you so bad do something about it

  15. Bob Fortier says:

    You should have to take a test before you get pregnant. No job, no education, no money? No kids. This is getting ridiculous. Us working people pay taxes and try to help poorer folks out of poverty. Unfortunately, too many just want the hand outs and have no plans to ever get a job…that is for stupid people. What is the world coming to?

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