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Convicted Sex Offender Is Accused of Coercing His Fiancée’s 14-Year-Old Sister Into Sex

| November 27, 2013

Ismael Angel Rios served three years in prison for molesting teen-age girls when he served as a theater instructor. He was arrested again in Flagler on a similar charge.

Ismael Angel Rios served three years in prison for molesting teen-age girls when he served as a theater instructor. He was arrested again in Flagler on a similar charge.

At one point, Ismael Angel Rios—a convicted sex offender and a resident of the Mondex, or Daytona North—passed himself off as a theater instructor for a community theater group called the Wekiva River Players, in Seminole County. The group’s junior theater program cast numerous children. Rios, 28 at the time, would seduce girls by promising them parts in plays.

He’d ask them what they would do to have a role. When two of them said, “anything,” he had them rub his groin with their feet. A third girl refused to comply. The girls were 13, 14 and 15. Rios was arrested, charged and convicted of lewd and lascivious molestation. He served three years in state prison, his term ending about a year ago, with probation not ending until 2042. He is barred from being around juveniles.

He moved to Daytona Beach. Then to 1984 Lemon Street in the Mondex.

In January, Rios was helping to paint a house in Seminole Woods in Palm Coast. Rios’s fiancée was related to the family in that house. The family included a 14-year-old girl.

At one point Rios and the girl were left alone when the girl’s parents went to buy more paint. Rios’s fiancée had left for work, according to Rios’s arrest report. He and the victim began talking. Rios, according to the report, asked the victim about her past relationships and sex life. The victim was hesitant as she answered. He asked her if she knew how to perform oral sex. When the girl said no, Rios, according to the arrest report, began explaining it to her, in detail, and that “she needs to make sure she knows how to do it.” The victim told the defendant that she would find out when the time is right.

“It would be easier if I just show you,” Rios allegedly told the victim, who was perplexed. “Come [I’ll] show you,” Rios said, and he walked into the victim’s bedroom with her, sat on her bed and he took out his penis, then proceeded to “coerce the victim to give him oral sex,” according to the arrest report, which continues: “The victim felt compelled to do what was being asked of her, and complied.”

Relating the case to authorities, the victim said her parents arrived shortly afterward, but that another, similar incident occurred around the same time, following much the same steps, with Rios allegedly walking into her bedroom. In that case, according to the report, he “ordered” the victim to perform oral sex. The victim said “she told him that she did not want to do it and that [Rios] did not coerce her this time, but had a more forceful tone in his voice telling her, ‘You need to do this, just do it.’” The victim said she was scared and felt she had to comply until Rios was satisfied.

Rios, the report states, “made a statement to the victim such as, ‘you know what will happen if you tell anyone?’ The victim told him that she would not tell anyone, and did not tell anyone about the incident until the beginning of October 2013, when she confided in her mother.”

The victim and her mother thought they need to tell Rios’s fiancée about the incident, and did. When his fiancée confronted him about the allegations, at first he denied it, but then said: “It’s whatever your sister says happened.”

The fiancée, the report states, “asked [Rios] if he had asked the victim to perform oral sex on him, and he stated yes. [Rios] was asked how many times, and he replied twice. [Rios] followed up by telling [his fiancée] that he was a ‘monster’ and that she should leave him.”

The victim was interviewed on Oct. 23 by the Children’s Advocacy Center, at which time she disclosed the two incidents. County Judge Melissa Moore Stens signed Rios’s arrest warrant on Nov. 22. Rios was booked at the Flagler County jail on $100,000 bond, on a lewd and lascivious battery charge and a probation violation charge. He has since been transferred to the Seminole County jail, where he is being held without bond on a probation violation. An earlier version of this story had reported him released from the Flagler County jail, incorrectly noting that he’d posted bail.

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13 Responses for “Convicted Sex Offender Is Accused of Coercing His Fiancée’s 14-Year-Old Sister Into Sex”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope this guy is being compelled to wear an electronic bracelet. He has already admitted to others around him that he is a monster. How smart is it to let a self-confessed “monster” roam around the area unimpeded?

  2. Living to gratify temptations, indulging in sexual gratifications outside marriage, getting drunk and high is not beneficial and corrupts and decays our minds. By daily seeking out the purpose GOD has created us for through applying and obeying HIS WORD, we can get on the right track to live purpose driven lives

  3. orphan says:

    Jesus! And he is out on bond?
    We are living in a madhouse here!
    Why in the hell is he out on bond now when he has a prior record incorporating the same charges?
    Our system of government needs to be placed back into the hands of our founding fathers. We need to LISTEN to and APPLY their instructions while making judicial decisions. We need to accept that times have changed and that “cruel and unusual” has a different connotation in today’s world than it did while our country was being founded.
    Should we continue on this path of self-destruction which we are currently on? Well just continue voting the Democratic ticket and that is exactly what you/we will get!

    • A.S.F. says:

      Orphan says–REALLY?? Democrats caused this? In the State of Florida (the political stronghold of Republican blowhards?)

    • NortonSmitty says:

      That is about the most biased bullshit I ever heard. Perversion is not the policy of any one party, although it does seem to have a connection to authority worshiping fools, and i believe we all no that is not a Democratic trait.
      You want to hear about sexual perversions as it applies to a particular political party? Google “Franklin Savings & Loan” and pick any of the well documented stories that never made the news. t’s about… well see for yourself:
      But look quick because it seems every month stories of this 1990 era scandal seem to be disappearing off the ‘net.

  4. jim reed says:

    Are you kidding me????

  5. Genie says:

    Maybe he should have been released into the custody of Judge Moore Stens? This man is too sick for rehabilitation.

    How many more lives must he destroy before he is stopped?

  6. Geezer says:

    I understand that people leave jail having paid their debt.
    But when you’re a pedophile predator, you should stay in jail.
    Even castration doesn’t help these sick perverts with their disgusting cravings.

    Disgusting. He ought to be hung by his (fill in) until he croaks.

  7. ted bundy says:

    our courts are awful!!!

  8. ryan says:

    People like this guy need to be sentenced to either life in prison or sentenced to death for raping young girls. I am so sick of people like him getting a slap on the wrist by the courts and I am sick of these guys getting segregated custody in jail which cost more. If a drug addict has to serve in general population then so should a pedophile or rapist.

    • In the Know says:

      For the record. Sex Offenders and the like, serve their time in general population. In very rare instances, some of them choose to serve their sentence in solitary confinement and other such housing units, though most of the time that isn’t possible. They would have to have physical proof that their life was in danger, and quite frankly, the system often time doesn’t care. Most Florida prisons house inmates in what is referred to as a dormitory housing. Meaning about 80 to 100 bunks lined in one common room for the inmates to share. This saves the state money, and allows them to house more inmates. These are also considered medium security prisons. So most of the inmates in those facilities are in “general pop” Though, they spend the majority of their time with the men in their same dorm. Prisons aren’t anything like what you see on television. That is fact. Unfortunately, many inmates fare just fine in prison. Sometimes the worst thing about prison is simply just being isolated from loved ones. A shame that it isn’t always the hell that we wish it was.

  9. A.S.F. says:

    You put people in hell and they are sure to come out demons, if they didn’t have distinct leanings in that direction to begin with. It’s sort of like sending a human being to live among wolves for years and years and expecting him/her to automatically snap back into acting like a model citizen when he/she is relocated back into society..However, there is, unfortunately no truly successful treatment for acute sexual perversion. Even chemical castration has failed to take away the intense fantasy life and underlying anger and impulse management problems many of these offenders have, although it may slow them down some. Pedophiles should always be monitored and treated on an ongoing basis and they should not ever be allowed free or close access to children or other vulnserable populations (such as the disabled, as they can substitute their addiction the way a substance abuser might find another substitute for his drug of choice.)

  10. Girl. says:

    He was not released from jail. He was simply transferred to Seminole county, as per the end of the report above. If he makes it out on measly plea charges, I will be furious. He deserves to serve out at LEAST his probation in prison, if not more. He obviously learned nothing while he was convicted the last time. He must have been in counseling, right? Most are…He re-offended in less than a year, right? That’s just freaking sick. How he didn’t even have to force her…only “coerce” her. That’s the worst; when you feel ‘compelled’ …that your life is in danger if you don’t. The ultimate manipulation. I feel so very sorry for the girl, having someone close to her do that.

    This took weeks for him to be arrested, Oct-end of november. DUI charges are immediately thrown into the cells. If not immediately convicted for the lewd and lascivious, he should have at least been for the probation violation. What crap. Those sick perverts NEVER learn. EVER. Don’t let them say they do. They may not re-offend all the time (but do usually), but they have the urges. The ways to live out their fantasies in other ways.

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