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Charges of “Redneck” and “Cracker” Trigger Gunshots and Arrest Over a Truck’s Donuts

| October 15, 2013

Joshua Spencer

Joshua Spencer

Sunday evening (Oct. 13), 51-year-old Joseph Dodgen, a resident of Birch Street in the Mondex (also known as Daytona North) was riding his truck with Ocean Gregory, his 38-year-old niece and a resident of Hazelnut Street, and Jessica McBryde, a 24-year-old resident of Cherry Lane.

They were riding on Hazelnut Street when, according to an arrest report, Joshua Spencer, who lives at 1525 Hazelnut Street, confronted them and accused Dodgen of “doing donuts” with his truck in front of Spencer’s house. Spencer had flagged down Dodgen then, according to Dodgen, said he would “put his redneck ass down,” pulled a .357-caliber pistol, and allegedly struck him in the mouth twice with it.

Dodgen claims Spencer also threatened to set the truck on fire. As Dodgen drove the truck down Hazelnut, he claims Spencer fired the gun once in the truck’s direction.

McBryde told police that after being accused of doing donuts on Spencer’s property, Dodgen asked Spencer if his “cheese fell off the cracker,” at which point Dodgen was–according to McBryde–struck on the face. When McBryde told Spencer she’d be calling police, she says Spencer struck Dodgen in the face again, and fired the gun as the truck was pulling away.

Spencer told police that he’s a convicted felon, and that he doesn’t own any firearms (It is illegal for convicted felons to own guns.) He denied that there’d been an altercation in front of his house, but said that the alleged victims were trying to get him in trouble with police because, he said, they’re “crack heads.” Police sought to speak with Spencer’s wife, but she was uncooperative, according to the arrest report, beyond saying that there were no guns on the property.

Deputies interviewed neighbors to determine whether shots had been fired. One neighbor told police that she’d heard two shots. The arrest report also notes that there had been numerous weapons complaints in the area of 1525 Hazelnut Street, including one in May, one in September, and two in October (on the 10th and the 11th).

Spencer was arrested and charged with one count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon (a second degree felony), three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (third degree felonies) and one count of firing or throwing a deadly missile at a vehicle or a holding (a second degree felony). He was booked at the Flagler County jail, posted $14,000 bond and was released.

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13 Responses for “Charges of “Redneck” and “Cracker” Trigger Gunshots and Arrest Over a Truck’s Donuts”

  1. The problem with the curve! says:

    Was a warrant secured to search for guns given that they had eyewitness testimony both from the victims and co-oberation from neighbors who heard shots fired? Was the gun located and secured as evidence?

  2. redneck says:

    you don’t know a redneck than an hole in a can, first of all this guy not a redneck, he may live out here but not a redneck, we get sick of ya’ll saying everyone out here a red neck, just cause he lives out here,this guy problie from PALM COAST. he not from out here, we know who is a redneck and who’s not,and if you look on the police well see 98% of the people get in trouble is from palm coast. if it was a true redneck the police would never been called, they would took care of this guy with a good butt beating…………….

    • ryan says:

      They weren’t calling the Spencer guy a redneck, that is what he said to the guy in the truck. The Spencer guy is probably from Jersey or some other place full of standoffish people.

    • A.S.F. says:

      @redneck This is not the Wild West; it’s the United States of America. And it doesn’t really make much difference whether Mr. Spenser (or anyone else, for that matter) has a Palm Coast or Mondex address. When you take matters into your own hands and go around shooting off weapons and “beating butts” (as you put it) with less thought than a tow year old child, it is nothing to take pride in and you WILL (and should) pay the consequences for it.

  3. A.S.F. says:

    So, is this not enough to justify a warrant to search Spencer’s house to look for firearms? This guy is obviously a danger and any possibility that he could possess firearms should be investigated If firearms are found, they should be removed from the premises without delay. And, his vehicle(s) should also be checked for firearms as well. Of course, his wife could go right out and buy guns in her own name to give to hubby and, if she tries it, she, herself, should be promptly arrested.

    • ryan says:

      Actually, she may be able to buy a gun, but FL law prohibits having a firearm in the house while a convicted felon lives there.

  4. Geezer says:

    When brains were handed out, Joshua Spencer was last in line – then tried to cut the line, and was denied a brain. He was told by the brain dealer: “No brain for you!”

  5. ryan says:

    Typical of what happens with that Flagler county “I’m an a hole and it’s your fault” attitude. I am so sick of people like this felon scumbag trying to stir up trouble with lies and false accusations and not being able to handle it when they are proven wrong. There is so much slime like this guy in this town and in combination with the anti-yard sale and petty complainers, it all adds up to make Palm Coast and the rest of Flagler County a crappy place to live.

  6. neighbor says:

    I have been a neighbor of Mr. Sp.encer’s for two years now. He has never done anything but try to be neighborly by giving out fresh eggs and other things to help out. The witness statements vary and lets look at the background of Mr. Spencer vs his accusers. Obviously the FCSO had no probable cause to search for a weapo

  7. Guilty ? says:

    What happened to guilty until proven innocent?

  8. NortonSmitty says:

    I thought Anton LeVey was dead.

  9. A.S.F. says:

    @neighbor says–No probable cause? He’s been arrested on one count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon–and he’s already a convicted felon! There were also numerous complaints from neighbors regarding weapons. What more probable cause are you waiting for–a bullet hole surrounded by human flesh and matter?

  10. El Kabong says:

    This is what happens when something stupid is said to someone stupid.

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