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Sheriff Swears In 6 New Deputies, Among them Lashbrook of Flagler Beach and Hristakopoulos of Bunnell

| July 11, 2013

The swearing in. (FCSO)

The swearing in. (FCSO)

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office welcomed six new deputies Wednesday after Sheriff James L. Manfre administered the oath of office during an afternoon ceremony.

“These are the neighborhood deputies that will be patrolling our community. I hope our residents take the opportunity to meet them because this is an impressive group of law enforcement personnel,” Manfre said.

The new deputies all bring prior law enforcement experience to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office. Taking the oath of office were:

    George Hristakopoulos of Palm Coast. He has been in law enforcement for seven years and comes to the Sheriff’s Office from the Bunnell Police Department.

  • Dennis Lashbrook of Palm coast. He has 20 years of law enforcement experience and previously worked for the Flagler Beach Police Department.
  • Shane Meehan of St. Augustine. Deputy Meehan joined the Sheriff’s Office three years ago as a detention deputy at the Flagler County Inmate Facility. He has transferred to the road patrol division where he was also certified.
  • Robert Myers of Palm Coast. He has been in law enforcement for five years. He previously worked for the Bunnell Police Department and the Crescent City Police Department.
  • Scott Wetherhold of Bunnell. He is a veteran of law enforcement having 20 years of experience. He formerly was employed by the St. Cloud Police Department.
  • Robert Thoubboron of Palm Coast. He is a former New York State Trooper and has 22 years of experience.

The six new deputies don’t increase the total number of deputies working at the sheriff’s office. Starting deputies are paid roughly $35,000 a year. For city officers, moving to the sheriff’s office is considered a substantial advance.

“I am proud to have these law enforcement professionals at the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office,” Manfre said in a release.

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17 Responses for “Sheriff Swears In 6 New Deputies, Among them Lashbrook of Flagler Beach and Hristakopoulos of Bunnell”

  1. Brian says:

    Congratulations to all of you!

  2. Will says:

    Welcome aboard Deputies! Good luck in your new careers with the FCSO!

  3. Raul Troche says:

    To the deputies… When an officer asked Jesus what he should do he was told to use no undue violence and to be satisfied with your pay. There has been to much police corruption in this area although there are good cops here too. I hope that you new guys will be a credit to our community.

  4. happening now says:

    All law officers have a tough job….. To be an officer of any city, state, or military takes a tremendous amount of courage. We need them all.

  5. Brandon says:

    Awesome and welcome !

    F.T.P to all ya

  6. Tom says:

    Just in time for the Zimmerman verdict RIOTS !!!!! Let the tear gas and rubber bullets begin .

    • Ray Thorne says:

      Since you mention the Zimmerman case, i do notice from the photo that there are no minorities and no females in this group of new hires….

      • Jennifer Lopez says:

        thats because most of these guys were transfers from other agencies. Dont be a hatter, we have plenty of Minorities and women on our FCSO.
        They are awesome .

  7. ShelbyJean says:

    Flagler county desperatly needs more new people….the ones here now have there own agenda and they SUCK!@@ I can call them by name….they live by their own set of rules…and they dont apply to legal ones….ask any Volusia county lawyer….Flagler Sucks…

  8. north ditch says:

    oh great, Hristakopoulos is nothing but trouble and now we give him an even bigger territory!

  9. Joy says:

    I’m a former police officer and that comment about there being all men in the photo is so typical. There is a diverse group of deputies in this agency as far as I can see. Just because this group of new hires doesnt have any minority groups shouldn’t reflect poorly on FCSO. As an officer, I would like to think I was hired based on my skills, abilities and work ethic. I would hope I wasn’t just a box that was checked off. I would like to speak on behalf of minority groups in saying may the most qualified man or woman get the job based on what they can do for the agency!

    • Ray Thorne says:

      It was just an observation. But to answer what you’re saying about the best qualified for the job, out of six positions to be filled not one minority or female was qualified? Somehow I don’t believe that.
      My comment by the way, is in no way toward these men personally as they continue in their calling. I am thankful to them. My comment is about a missed opportunity in this recent hiring phase by the powers that be at the sheriffs office.

  10. Shore Gal says:

    Congratulations to all the new deputies!! It’s a great loss for Flagler Beach to have lost officer Dennis Lashbrook but a great asset for the FCSO. Dennis brings a strong work ethic, years of experience and professionalism. Lots of luck to you. May god bless and keep you all safe.

  11. anrhony brown says:

    No qualified minorities or females? The good o boy network is still alive and kicking. There should be at least one. I voted for the new sheriff looking for a change. When our local government has a chance to bridge the community, they look the other way. Only when a problem like Sanford comes up, then they want 2 take another look. Please give our minorities and females a chance. Congrat to the new officers, welcome. And thanks for the vet. Officer, I thank u for doing a great job n keeping ourcity safe.

  12. O.M.G. says:

    tryi being a white male between the ages of 40 and 60 a black woman / man Hispanic man / woman will get hired before him just to fill some quota…. I know I live it… tired of the highering just because of race… Lets get back to the most qualified for the job.

    tired of hearing how certain groups are at a disadvantage because of their surroundings… Guess what. don’t like it you are free to do something about it.. take responsibility for yourself and get off the government freebie wagon…

  13. Carl says:

    Now PC can take down the Red Light Cameras.

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