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A Mondex Woman, 27, Is Attacked by 5 Pit Bulls as She Protects Her 6-Year-Old

| May 6, 2013

Animal Control took possession of five pit bulls at the property of James D. Hays in the Mondex. The pit bulls were reported to have attacked a woman who had to be evacuated to Halifax hospital.

Animal Control took possession of five pit bulls at the property of James D. Hays in the Mondex. The pit bulls were reported to have attacked a woman who had to be evacuated to Halifax hospital.

Brandy Bookamer, 27, was attacked Sunday evening (May 5) by what were reported to be five pit bulls as she and her six-year old daughter walked near their home on Holly Lane in Daytona North, also known as the Mondex. The dogs dispersed when their owner, a man fired a pellet gun in the air, according to a police report.

Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies said the woman was able to protect her daughter from the dogs and told her to run home, saving the daughter from injury, according to a sheriff’s release.

Deputies responded to the area of Mahogany Boulevard and Holly Lane at 8:14 p.m. after receiving a report of the incident.

Bookamer, a resident of Holly Lane, was “lying in a ditch, just off the roadway,” according to an incident report. Kelly Maxwell, a 37-year-old resident of Palm Coast, was comforting her after rushing to the scene when she heard someone screaming for help. Bookamer had “a large amount of blood coming from several wounds on her arms and legs,” according to the report.

The injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

Nevertheless, Bookamer was taken by ambulance–Flagler County Fire Rescue 51–to the Flagler County Airport then airlifted to Halifax hospital’s trauma unit in Daytona Beach by Volusia County Sheriff’s Office Air One. (Flagler County’s Fire Flight is grounded after 8 p.m. for lack of staff due to budget cuts.) She was in satisfactory condition Monday afternoon.

Maxwell told police that she heard a woman screaming for help so she ran to the intersection of Mahogany Boulevard and Holly Lane where she found Bookamer lying in the ditch. Maxwell said she saw five “Pit-bull looking” dogs attacking Bookamer, and described the dogs as ranging from small to medium in size and ranging from light tan to dark tan in color. A “Gentleman” who accompanied her to the scene shot off a “pellet gun” into the air, which caused the dogs to stop attacking Bookamer and run off towards “Their yard,” according to the report.

The dogs began barking and jumping on the fence so the unidentified man then shot the same gun again, in the air, causing the dogs to run towards the trailer on the property. The residents of 6217 Mahogany Boulevard were not on scene at the time, the report states.

The 6-year-old girl told a sheriff’s deputy that “mean and scary” dogs bit her “mommy,” who was then able to protect her, telling her to run home.

Deputies located the dogs believed to be involved in the incident at 6217 Mahogany Boulevard and notified Animal Control officials who responded to the residence and took possession all five dogs.

According to Flagler County Property Appraiser records, the property, anchored by a 900-square foot mobile home, belongs to James Hays, 52, and hasn’t changed hands since 1997. Hays has twice been booked into the Flagler County jail on domestic battery charges in the last five years, records show.

Hays, known as “Donny,” who owns the dogs, arrived home while a deputy was still investigating the scene. He told the deputy that “his five dogs are not aggressive and that they would not attack a person,” the report states. “Hays called his dogs over to his fence so that I could see them.” The deputy continues: “I observed five small to medium sized pit-bull, or pit-bull mixed, dogs. The five dogs were all tan in color, some lighter than others. A lighter colored dog appeared to have blood on its snout and right front leg. When questioned about the blood, Hays advised that the dog had been run over several days earlier and that the blood was a result of injuries suffered during that incident.”

Animal Control Officer Anthony Mckay, who soon arrived at the scene, told a deputy that “he is very familiar with Hays and his five dogs. Mckay advised that Animal Control has responded to Hays’ residence multiple times in recent years in reference to Hays’ aggressive dogs.”

Mckay explained to Hays that his five dogs would need to be quarantined and that Hays could do it himself if he wanted to. Hays did not have the capabilities to do so and preferred turning the dogs over to Animal Control.

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43 Responses for “A Mondex Woman, 27, Is Attacked by 5 Pit Bulls as She Protects Her 6-Year-Old”

  1. PalmCoast Parent says:

    Pitbulls are so kind and loving.

  2. Think About it says:

    Pit bulls are the worst and worst yet when left unattended and not chained up or at least in a 6′ fence because they can jump a 4′ chain link fence easily.

    Thank God the lady was able to save her child from what could have been a sad tragedy. I sincerely wish the women well and HOPE the Sheriff’s office doesn’t turn their backs on this matter.

    The owner needs to be help responsible for all 5 dogs and the ladies medical bills.

    • Pitbull Lover says:

      Any dog can be mean, i hate when people stereotype pit bulls! Its all on the owners, and how they are raised and trained or lack of training.

  3. gator says:

    people like him, makes every one who have a dog look bad, thay need to lock him up, he;s just evil to teach his dogs to be mean

    • Debbie Bell says:

      These dogs did not need teaching; this is “good” pit bull behavior: Attack for no reason (off home territory), do damage.

      These traits were essential for pits to excel at dog fighting and pits remain the best.

      • pitt bull owner says:

        I have to dis agree. Most dogs are more docile away from their “home territory” Why do you think dog parks, where many dogs, unknown to each other, can get along and play together.

  4. Laura says:

    Sheer horror.
    Wounds for life.

    This could have easily been a helpless mother watching dogs attack child.
    Simply taking a walk outside for fresh air and sunshine is risky behavior these days.
    I hope all involved in this will heal, and overcome the gripping fear that rules a mind after such brutality.

    Where is swift, just, and severe punishment for this dog owner?
    There must be laws in place to ensure humans win over dogs,
    no matter how sweet & playful their owners think they are.

    {{* *}}

    • Debbie Bell says:

      Well said.

      Nightmares to last a lifetime.

      Many, I’m believing most, choose pits for the vicarious aggression, power and virility that pits afford their owners.

      Enact spay.neuter. microchipping of all pits, and pit mixes. Many who choose pits would not have any dog at all if this is law.

      These dogs are sweet and cuddly, immediately before and immediately after mauling. But that does not make them safe. Ted Bundy could be charming too.

      • Yeah says:

        I’ve met many pits and pit mixes that are extremely friendly to humans. The breed has nothing to do with it, any dog can be aggressive.. Especially if they’re left outside all day and not taught proper human bonding like most irresponsible owners do. Pits just happen to be a popular “bully” breed, and many lower life-form humans tend to own them unfortunately. But if you actually do a little research, you’ll find that pit bull terriers rank on the higher end of friendly disposition, on par with Beagles and Australian Shepherds.

        EVERY dog should be spayed/neutered as part of responsible dog ownership, not just pits.

  5. Marc Brown says:

    It’s unacceptable that these pit bulls have even an ice cube’s chance in hell of being alive tomorrow. They need to be put down. This Hays person who owns them needs to be charged with felony assault with intent to kill, criminal negligence and depraved indifference. Everything he owns should be confiscated and sold to help his victim pay her hospital bills.

  6. Alfred E. Newman says:

    James D. Hays needs to go to jail, pay the lady’s hospital bills, and have his dogs taken away.
    (not necessarily in that order)

    • Debbie Bell says:

      He has no money, most who choose pits do not.

      And even when they do have money, as a rule they do not consider others (heck, they choose to acquire pits!) , and do not pay for the damage their dogs can so quickly accomplish.

      • sally says:

        Please….that’s ridiculous….how about that little dog sitting in the Cadillac with the 2 inch crack in the windows during the middle of summer. I guess that’s a “good dog owner” because they picked an approved breed & its ok because they just ran into publix….how considerate is that rich old bag…..ignorance is not attractive……no matter how u put it….dogs that are taught to be aggressive should be considered as abused dogs not a bad breed just as a dog that is left out in the elements or beaten….

      • Alfred E. Newman says:

        You like to use a broad brush to paint all Pitbull owners.
        I have many Pitbulls (5), mutts (3) and they all lived happy, non-aggresive lives.

        Those dogs are a reflection of their owner- not all owners.

  7. Brattlike says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Ms. Bookamer for a fast recovery. Be proud of youself for saving your 6 year old daugher. Sounds like these dogs have an aggression issue if a mom and daughter can’t even walk past their home. Sounds to me like they need to be put down for being aggressive and attacking for no reason at all.

    • Alfred E. Newman says:

      Dogs are territorial. They are supposed to be contained by their owner.
      Yorkies are territorial, poodles, maltese, shepherds, et al.

      Pits in particular are dogs that need proper training and responsible owners.

      Mr. Hays doesn’t fit the bill. Those dogs need to be removed from his “care.”
      He should NOT be allowed to own dogs, let alone gerbils.

      I wonder, is he a gerbil guy? I hope that HE pays more than the dogs.

  8. Deep South says:

    If these dogs were discipline, just a simple command to sit and “GO HOME”, would have obviously sent these dogs back to there property. These dogs were wild and had no dog obedience training. I solely put the blame on the owner, and he should be prosecuted to the highest level of the law.

  9. PalmCoast Parent says:

    Honestly, all Pitbulls are loyal, nice and loving………….Until they go out and kill a child or Maul a woman protecting her child.

  10. Bekka says:

    I live right down the street from them and I know these dogs very well. I walk by them all the time. Have even pet them b4. They r all very friendly. He’s had his gate open as I walked by before, and they have never ran past the open door.

  11. just saying says:

    There are laws, Concealed carry and the will to protect you and yours.

  12. RG says:

    Ms Bookamoor Should definitely obtain a lawyer this owner and his home insurance company if he has any need to make this tragedy righted. What a numbskull to be so irresponsible.

  13. Gauge says:

    Shotgun to the heads of those dogs would have taken care of the situation. As for “Bubba”, send his butt to county lock up for 3 months.

  14. jp says:

    There should be a restriction on dangerous type dogs in Flagler! Miami did it…why cant we?

    • sally says:

      just because the owner made the dogs dangerous doesn’t mean the county needs to restrict a breed….a Standard Poodle or any other large dog in a group could have attacked the woman just as easily…..its so easy to attack a breed rather than the people who teach the animals to act or re-act to situations…..its a shame people are so blind……

    • pitt bull owner says:

      Who is dangerous? The dog or the owner that trained it\?

    • Yeah says:

      Yeah let’s ban everything dangerous… dogs, guns, cars, knives, forks… please. What really need to be banned are dangerous people… Put them on an island far away from civilization.

  15. Why? says:

    Why should these dogs be put down? The dogs are merely a portrayal of their owners. If they are raised violently they will act violent. These dogs had no chance under this man’s control. I know many peaceful pitbulls who come from loving homes and are not a danger to anyone in the least. Bad dogs will be bad dogs, but a whole breed isn’t ruined from a few bad eggs. Humans aren’t all genocidal maniacs.

  16. shira says:

    people are so stupid the way they raise theses dogs because i have pits and would never own another kind the love and protect my kids and me. and they would never hurt a flea. if you are mean and beat them like a dumb ass or fight them that is when you get a bad dog and that is any dog. so dont down the breed because you dont know shit treat them like family and they will love you like family.

  17. liljohn says:

    you cant blame the man about the dog they get cross bead like others . they do what they do like people they aint perfect but noone is a dog is a dog pit bull shmit bull poodles are more agressive than any pitbull but sometimes dogs nap like people cant blame the person cause whay happened but sorry to the mother and daughter for trauma so dont hate on the person cause dogs when wasnt home dont vhate the person cause the dog you can come to my house and my pits will lick you to deatrh the worst you get is a bath so stop in the pit shit and grow up you own a dog they can do the same thing look at roofus the beagle that needs saved enough said

  18. Dontbullymybreed says:

    Dogs are like kids they need to be trained to know whats right and wrong its not like pit bulls can pick up a phone and call the cops when there owner teaches them this behavior. These dogs learned this behavior from someone, just like when a kid learns a cuss word it has heard it some where before. Meaning kids and animals need to be taught whats right and wrong.

  19. pitt bull owner says:

    As an owner of a pitt bull, I would have to admit my dog is vicious. If you are not careful,she will beat you to death,,,, with her tounge!!!!! I am from Miami where they banned this breed and required the owners of those grandfathered in before the law took effect to get $300,000 worth of insurance. THE DOG IS ONLY WHAT THE OWNER MAKES OF IT!!!! To me, the #1 dog, who is ALWAYS agressive,is the CHIHUAHUA. For reasons unknown to me, all my encounters with them (chihuahuas) have not been good, even though I know the owners are kind and responsible. My dog was aquired from a rescue here in Flagler as she is the the best thing that has ever happened to me (next to my kids). PLEASE. Don’t judge a dog because of it’s breed, judge the owner whom raised and trained it!

  20. np says:

    This is SUCH a horrid tragedy, and I pray for this woman, but Flagler Live DOESNT KNOW THE WHOLE STORY (and sure needs to post it in full)! And neither do you! This is horrible. I get that. I understand peoples fear and concern. But you CANNOT generalize a breed PERIOD. Point the finger at the loser owner and Animal Control that did NOTHING after at least SIX complaints about the lack of care, dog fighting, breeding, neglect, etc these dogs endured.

    Not to mention that these were NOT all pits! Nowadays, every mistreated and misunderstood dog is called a pit mix. How sad.

  21. Realty Check says:

    he is such a great owner the dog was run over several days earlier but you dont help it by cleaning him up and getting a Vet to take a look.

    What I find even more intersting is the part where they state Fire Flight was grounded due to no money, yet the idiots we have in office think its okay to spend 1.2 million for a POS building in Bunnell. It is time for the 3 County Commisioners who voted for this to be impeached and removed from office.

  22. Brad W says:

    Sadly enough, all of these comments are about the dogs.

    You people do realize that this 27 year-old mother was mauled by 5 dogs! How about Brandy Bookamer?!!

  23. omg says:

    If anyone seen these dogs and you know what a pit is you would be able to see these are hardly pitbulls. So hate how everyone is calling this a Pitbull attack!

  24. confidential says:

    This is not the dogs fault but their owner!! Lady needs a good attorney that put a lien in his land and trailer and sell it to pay the hospital and pain and suffering bills as well as shock trauma treatment for her baby.
    These agressive individuals need proper punishment!!

  25. dawrench says:

    This man is responsible for his dogs actions. look at his property he runs a junkyard out of it. he most likely has no insurance of any kind and this poor women will get stuck with all the bills. He has no remorse could care less for his neighbors. the county needs to put him in jail and shut him down.

  26. Outsider says:

    Pit bulls are different because they are so powerful. When I lived up in Atlanta some years ago one disabled an ambulance by puncturing it’s tire. It grabbed on and wouldn’t let go. Frankly, I’m kind of tired of hearing about what great dogs they are; if one of them grabs onto my leg it gets two bullets through the back.

  27. KelliDonny'sNieace says:

    Listen I know you think that he is such a horrible owner and he raised them to be like that but he didn’t! All I ask for is a little bit more respect from the “adults” on here. Haven’t you heard the saying if you have nothing nice to say say nothing at all. I am 16 and yet I have a lot more common sense then all of you people. Hate all you want but it is not going to change what happened. You don’t know the dogs like I do though! There actually very loving if they know who you are. Just because they didn’t know you and they went into attack mode doesn’t mean we trained them to be like that. All of those dogs are my baby’s! Now there gone! Plus for all of those dogs to get rowelled up like that, that 6 year old little girl or the mom had to of went close to the fence or something to cause it all. Thats the side of the story you guys don’t know. So don’t blame it on the owner when it was their fault also. Two people contribute into things like this NOT just 1!

  28. Blueyedindlay says:

    I have a cousin who has raised Pits for over 20 yrs. Never has had a problem with his dogs! Its sad that this happend to her, Her sister is my soon to be Daughter in law. Never the less, it goes back to the old saying….BLAME THE DEED, NOT THE BREED!!!! Its all in how these dogs are raised! If you raise it in a sheltered in enviroment away from people and dont let them get people friendly then this is most likely whats gonna happen! with that i have to say….you most deffinetly do not let more then 2 of them run in a pack! Because then they become like a wild pack of wolves!!! I really hate that this happend to her and she is slowly recovering but its a long drawn process, and something that should have NEVER HAVE HAPPEND!!! The Owner Is at fault! And Ive also heard from sources that this is not the first time these dogs have ATTACTED! I also feel for the owner, because Im pretty sure he wasnt sickin the dogs on her, but never the less it happend.

  29. Brandi Bookamer says:

    My sister doesn’t live in Florida jsyk and I don’t blame the breed it’s just sad that people are more worried about dogs than the fact that I almost died trying to walk my child home from the park.

  30. Brandi Bookamer says:

    I don’t blame the breed it’s just sad that people are more worried about dogs than the fact that I almost died trying to walk my child home from the park.

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