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Mondex Woman Shoots at Repo Men Preparing to Tow Her Mustang

| April 24, 2013

Victoria Higgins

Victoria Higgins

Victoria Higgins was not in the mood to have her black 2005 Ford Mustang repossessed. So she allegedly shot at the two repo men who went to her Mohogany Boulevard home in the Mondex Tuesday, forcing them to flee.

Higgins, 41, was arrested on two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and booked at the Flagler County jail. The counts are third-degree felonies, which means she could face up to five years in prison if convicted.

Robert Archer and Justin Jones, both 29 and both of Palatka, had gone to Higgins’s residence at 5170 Mahogany Boulevard at about 1:30 Tuesday afternoon to repossess, the vehicle, according to Higgins’s arrest report. The car was in the driveway.

As Jones was backing a tow truck into the driveway, Higgins “exited the residence out of the front door with a .22 caliber bolt action in her hands and advised [Jones and Archer] to leave her property. Jones told police that Higgins pointed the rifle directly at him, at which point, according to the arrest report, he got into the tow truck and started to exit the driveway.

Archer told police that before he managed to get into the tow truck, Higgins “fired off a single round into the ground in the general direction” of the two men. Both told police they feared for their lives. They fled.

Higgins drove away from her home the Mustang and was later located walking near the intersection of Papaya Street and Mahogany Boulevard, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies recovered the gun and the Mustang at the home of Higgins’ mother-in-law on Candleberry Street. The gun was located under the back porch of the home. The car was in the woods.

Higgins posted $10,000 bond and was released. Her previous run-ins with police in Flagler County have never been worse than traffic infractions.

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28 Responses for “Mondex Woman Shoots at Repo Men Preparing to Tow Her Mustang”

  1. David R Campbell says:

    FlaglerLive, please!!!
    It’s NOT the Mondex! It is the Daytona North Subdivision (or something along that line).
    The very use of the word “Mondex” to most of the people in Flagler County summons up visions of lawlessness. There is a tremendous community here! The majority of us don’t live in *THE MONDEX*. We live in Daytona North.
    Would you please not continue branding all of us with the same label.
    Thanks, and here’s a hug ().

    • FlaglerLive says:

      Sorry David. We usually include the line also known as Daytona North. But we also refer to it as the Mondex because that’s how the area is commonly and widely referred to.

    • maryann says:

      What the heck difference does it make? It’s still the same area – same people – same perception.

    • Angel says:

      Well, Mr. Campbell – there are very few decent people even in the Daytona North division. I happen to be one of them – looking to move out because of the magnitude of disgusting, life leaching criminals that are out there.

      So, I don’t think Flagler live is branding anyone – they are merely identifying what is obvious.

      • James Wigington says:

        Angel do you read the news much? MONDEX doesnt have the home invasions, armed robberies, gang activity, and all the rest of criminal activity that goes on in Palm Coast. Has anyone every been shot and killed that worked at the Country Store during a robbery? Have they ever taken down a group of gang members that have relocated from up north, in MONDEX? Mondex may not be the nicest place in the county but it is probably one of the safest.

        • beth tompkins says:

          apparently you dont live here drugs are rampant in this area and as for robberies i have personally been robbed three times in the last 4 yrs and of course nothing has been done about i have lived here for 25 yrs its much worse now than it used to be

  2. gator says:

    A real winner,her mother in law should get in trouble also

    • Nancy N. says:

      And where does it say the mother-in-law had any knowledge of or complicity in illegal behavior? There’s no indication she was even present at the property at the time of the incident!

      The lynch mob mentality in this town is getting ridiculous…it’s become shoot ’em all and figure it out later.

    • mallyssa Berry says:

      how does she have anything to do with it. ? she isn’t responsible for paying my aunt and uncles bills. so I ask again “gator” why does she deserve to get in trouble with the law also?

  3. devrie says:

    I think it’s becoming more commonly referred to as Daytona North.

  4. Justin says:

    THANK YOU David R Campbell !!! I am tired of the press calling it the “Mondex”! There is no such place! It would be like calling Palm Coast, ITT! FYI, Mondex was the owner of the properties. Actually, Hidden Trails was the name for the area in the first place.

  5. Anon says:

    I think it’s sad, and sadder still that other people love it when people get into trouble and want to see even more people get into trouble. Why would you want her MIL to get in trouble??? I’m quite sure if she were at fault in any way, she would have.

  6. BeachGuy says:

    No way I’d ever move to the Mondex if this type of stuff is happening.

    • mallyssa Berry says:

      this type of stuff doesn’t only happen in the dex. yes im from the mondex. I call it Daytona north, mondex, dex, ect. who cares. but look anywhere else in the world. this happens EVERYWHERE. no matter what your goin to run into the type of people that commit these crimes. hell look people are getting shot and KILLED in big cities where ya’ll think and say its safe. lol.. ya’ll surprise me and entertain me with the things that ya’ll say about us mondexians lol

  7. GoodFella says:

    Its been “Mondex”for many many years and should stay that way. Where in the hell did the name Daytona North come from? Daytona is 30 miles away!!!

  8. Trucker1 says:

    If people would get a job and pay their bills, the repo men will not show up. Shame on you for shooting at someone DOING THEIR JOB!

  9. resident says:

    Who cares what they call it out here-The more important point is that WORSE happens ALL OVERPalm Coast.
    There are a lot of good people out here, and there is also some “redneckery” that happens, but for the most part, is just a country community.
    And might I add…………STEVE CLAIR for SHERIFF

  10. haw creek girl says:

    It is built on top of the old “Deen Farms” and I swear, the pesticides used in farming are coming in through these ppls wells and causing all kinds of contrariness….lol……and yep, STEVE CLAIR for SHERIFF works for me, too!

  11. Mike says:

    Mondex was the parent company that developed Hidden Trails at Daytona North. There is no plat named Mondex. If the reporter for Flagler Live did some research, he/she would know this. I have lived in Daytona North since 1981, and dislike it when our community is referred to as The Mondex.

    Thank you David for bringing this to light.


    • FlaglerLive says:

      To repeat: an area is not referred to exclusively by its platted or bound name in musty county books (or their digital equivalent). Some of you may not like the nama. But it’s how the area is also known, just as Hell’s Kitchen was not the official name of that section of Manhattan’s west side. But is is now, and it’s a hell of a more poetic name than “Clinton” (just as the Mondex has a more telling ring than that ugly import, Daytona North). We also don’t refer to Palm Coast’s P-Section as “Pine Grove.” No one would know where that is. We call it the P Section. I’m sure the Tories among you would have complained in the old days over the spelling of “color” without a “u.” But language and place names are not and should not be tyrannized.

  12. Repoman says:

    If the repo man could shoot back people would stop and think about shooting at them!!!

  13. Jenifer says:

    It’s a dang sham that grown people act this crazy. If you would pay your bills you would not be on the repo list .those repo men have family’s and children. And they are only doing their job. Get off your dead behinds and get a job or do your job and pay your bills. If you can buy a gun you can pay your bill. I’m just saying. I mean is it really worthe going to jail and facing time over a car?

  14. Cutie says:

    wow! how does reading about a car being repoed, the repo men being shot at, and them fleeing for their lives have anything to do with the proper name of a city? who cares!! the mondex, daytona north, the farms! whateva! everyone knows what a person is refering to when using any of those names; when actually on the map, “its bunnell” zip code 32110, to get technical-who cares!!!! glad those guys didnt get shot and made it home to their families safe. as for vicki, she probably just “snapped” financial problems tend to get the best of many people.

    • Mr. Mondex says:

      I love the MONDEX, I bought 2&1/2 acres in 1996 and I love living out here in GODS country the privacy and peaceful setting is unmatched any where in this county,why some deranged woman would come out of her trailer with a gun shooting and then get arrested over a freakin 05 mustang repo attempt a bad and stupid decision. I live near by and I’ve seen that car around dirty crummy never washed her driving attitude!! Etc….and if she can’t make her car payments she needs to let them take the damn thing back and then using a friends truck to block it in Ha Ha!!! She must have known the repo men were coming!!!! What a jerk, and then to try to run em off with that Annie Oakley tactic makes us good people who live out here and love this area look like a bunch of imbreds fresh out of that movie DELIVERANCE!!!!!! Now Nate the county commissioner for area out here is doing a great job for us out here in western flagler county to give us the image that we are good tax paying citizens and then you have this deranged stupid dumb ass lady pull off a stunt like this,she needs to pay for her actions and hopefully not the way she makes her car payments!!!!!! Keep her in jail where she belongs now on a lighter a Chevy , they are easier to pay for cause they don’t have to be fixed as often and you can make your car payments on time,!!!!!!! Signed,,,A who cares they call it the MONDEX happy citizen

  15. Mel Bronson says:

    Why not just call it Miami North? Think of all the business it would bring in, not to mention wayward tourists looking for the famous Miami beach and the man who met Andy Griffith.

  16. Bubba says:

    Come and listen to my story bout a girl name Vickie
    Had a 05 mustang and about 300 hickies
    Then one day she was shootin at some fools
    When they tried to take her mustang for not following the rules
    Sheriff said “ County lock-up” is were you gone nah be
    So they put her in a squad car, as she yelled “ GOODBYE HORSEEEE !!!!

  17. Walter Ellison, Sr. says:

    We bought a lot off Avocado Blvd. more than 15 years ago. Have met some great people (Bud Freeman, Steve and Caprice Williams, pastor Bill Turner), all of which watch our place and help with maintenance due to our living out of state. The are has great fishing, beautiful motorcycle views, and excellent county recreational facilities. I served the public for 36 years as a fire officer in Georgia and have spent many weeks here. I would not be embarrassed to state I was a full time resident at all.

    Sorry to hear anyone falls into a repo. Life goes on. As a retired public safety employee (36 years), I have owned property off Avocado Blvd. for more than 15 years. We enjoy coming to the area and fish, bike, and visit the many Flagler rec areas. My property is located in an area that’s quite, free of commotion, as well as surrounded by many befriended people, (like Bud Freeman, and Steve and Caprice Stephens). All of whom have left nothing but positive impressions on us. I have used another close friend to aid in land clearing, pastor Bill Turner, a true confident and spiritual inspiration. Anyone who thinks of this area as “a bad neighborhood” needs to open their eye’s, and look around. I enjoy coming down, spending money during bike week, and biketoberfest, as well as the Blue crab festival in Palatka. Looking forward to visiting Leesburg in the future also. I have no problems in this area at all. Can’t wait till this weekend. Walter Ellison, Forsyth GA
    Walter Ellison
    Retired Fire Chief, Rockdale County Fire Department
    Conyers GA

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