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Man Faces Attempted Murder Charge After Sunday Stabbing on Mud Muckers’ ATV Trails

| April 15, 2013

Todd Richmond.

Todd Richmond.

Early Sunday morning—at 2 a.m.—police were called to a residence on County Road 90, a few miles southwest of Bunnell and just east of the Mondex. A reported stabbing had taken place. Brad Taylor was being treated for a stabbing wound by Flagler County Fire Rescue paramedics.

Taylor could not provide more information, but a witness described to a Bunnell Police Department what had allegedly taken place: Taylor was among a group of people on all-terrain vehicles on a trail somewhere in Mud Muckers’ 11,000-acre expanse of parkland southwest of Bunnell. Taylor got into an argument with Todd L. Richmond, 47, a resident of Brighton Lane in Orlando.

“The confrontation escalated and they began shoving each other,” according to Richmond’s arrest report. A witness, Kristen Zimmerman, then saw Taylor “step back and yell that Mr. Richmond had stabbed him.”

Richmond fled on foot, through the trees. Taylor was airlifted by Air One, Volusia County’s emergency helicopter, to Halifax hospital’s trauma unit in Daytona Beach. He had a knife wound about one inch long on the left side of his upper abdomen, according to the arrest report.

Authorities searched the area with no success. Bunnell’s officer Frank Barbagallo then located Richmond’s vehicle in Mud Muckers’s camping area and asked event staff there to alert authorities should Richmond show up. He did. Barbagallo returned to the scene at 5 a.m. and placed Richmond under arrest.

“No weapons were found on Mr. Richmond,” the arrest report states. He was read his rights. He refused to answer any questions, as is his right. He was taken to the Flagler County jail. Statements by three witnesses other than Zimmerman were all consistent with Zimmerman’s account.

By then, Taylor’s condition was stable.

Richmond posted $100,000 bond and was released. Six months ago, he was arrested in Volusia County for criminal mischief and damaging property.

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14 Responses for “Man Faces Attempted Murder Charge After Sunday Stabbing on Mud Muckers’ ATV Trails”

  1. Rasber says:

    What NO GUN involved in this crime ? Time to register every knife in America. That’s right Grandma, get that silverware out and register everyone of those butter knifes. I heard the DHS is training Armies of young nazi like TACTICAL TEAMS to invade your homes and confiscate not only your guns, but knives, hammers, shovels, dog collars, weed eater cord, PVC pipe ( could be made into a knife)..ETC ETC. George Orwell’s 1984 is coming true !

    • jespo says:

      Why am I thinking buried oil drums, 50 cals, and a bunker. I love the smell of hysteria in the morning…smells like right buffalo wingie.

    • ,NortonSmitty says:

      Please read your post and think for a second, for once at least. If this low-life losers gun would have been on him instead of in the Pawn Shop, we wouldn’t be reading about Brads recovery, but about his funeral. You know this. We all know this. So every word of your article is nothing more than regurgitated NRA bullshit. Except for the last six.

    • Quail Hollow resident says:

      Your comments highlight the shortsighted mentality of the NRA/gun nut community in America, especially rural/Flagler type areas. How did the Nascar NRA 500 in Texas work out for you this weekend? Similar circumstances to the mudders, except that the guy in the altercation DID have a gun. Then he blew his brains out after arguing with other spectators. Close gun show loopholes, ban assault weapons and let people keep their hunting rifles and handgun protection.
      PS, lots of people “liked” your brilliant commentary. Speaks volumes about our county. No surprise.

      • johnny smith says:

        Do you think more gun control laws are going to stop a criminal from getting a gun? NO, they will NOT! Would more gun control laws have stopped ANY of the recent tradgedies of late, NO! As sad as those situations were and are, gun control laws absolutely would not have prevented ANY of them! We have a right to bear arms, live with it or leave the country, because this country was founded on the constitution!

  2. Anon says:

    Glad to see attempted murder being taken seriously in Flagler County. Good Job, FCSO !

  3. mellissa says:

    Happened at 2am, and the suspect came back around 5am. I know it can happen anywhere but maybe someone needs to put some rules and regulations such as the drunken mud fest must only occur during certain hours. Ive heard the stories and have seen the photos, if the bars and clubs shut down they should to. How many people are drinking and driving away from there also

  4. Stop your nonsense says:

    If a gun had been used the victim would have most likely been dead!

  5. Popo3984 says:

    Anon it was not the FCSO it was the Bunnell police department please give them there kudos for a good job

  6. ryan says:

    Too bad there weren’t more details about how it started, instead of this both sides, both sides, stuff.

  7. Anon says:

    Alrighty then, Good job Bunnell PD !

    Again, guns and knives do not kill people. People kill people, and/or try to. Just look at what happened in Boston. No guns involved. or knives.

  8. haw creek girl says:

    such a family oriented affair ,don’t you think ? Everyone should take their seven and eight year old children to this….what a joke JJM

  9. N. Fl. Mudder says:

    I take my family there all the time. We have never seen anything but friendly people there every time. This is definitely an isolated incident, as it really is a family oriented park. Now there are people partying and drinking, but I’ve never seen it get out of control or any violence at all.

    • cane fan says:

      I takemy kids also. Things like this happens late at night.I brought this idiotout of the woods that night only to find out later he stabbed someone. He was polite and asked me if he could get a ride to camp. He was a little creepy but one machine wouldnt crank so my wife rode with me and we towed him out. I will never do that again.we dont drink ourselves but we do stay out late and have a good time. I recommend mudmuckers to everyone.

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