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Details Emerge in Ex-Cop Juratovac’s Shooting Of Flagler Paramedic in 911 Calls and Report

| April 1, 2013

Nathaniel Juratovac is charged with attempted murder.

Nathaniel Juratovac is charged with attempted murder.

Shortly before Nathaniel Juratovac shot Jared Parkey at least twice in the culmination of a road rage confrontation on U.S. 1 Friday evening, as both drove north of the Flagler County line, another driver had witnessed both men’s SUVs and described them to a 911 operator: “Two cars that were like, playing, I don’t know, chicken or aggressively driving near each other, and then we saw them again, and there was somebody laying on the ground, looked like somebody had a gun.”

“Oh dear lord,” the 911 dispatcher says. (Audio of the 911 calls is below).

“We were driving north,” the caller later continued, “and they almost, like, they almost, one of them ran to the other and almost ran us off the road, so we just slowed down and let them go.” The man did not stop as he rode by the shooting scene, so he could not specify anything about a gun.

But Parkey’s wife Ashley could. “My husband just got shot,” she yelled, begging the operator to send help, just south of a Publix. The call abruptly ended.

Another 911 call appears to have been made by another woman–Juratovac’s wife, Robin, who is a deputy with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s department, was in the car at the time of the incident–who tends to Parkey while asking the 911 dispatcher to send an ambulance and a supervisor. (A police report later identified one woman who helped the victim as Robin Wilson.) At one point the caller tells the dispatcher that she’s “trying to control my husband.” She then says of Parkey, “He’s bleeding, he’s conscious, he is, I’m just checking a pulse, he’s conscious and bleeding, the gun is secured.” The rest of the call is garbled, though the woman is heard saying, “keep your hands up.”

The shooting took place south of Wildwood Drive on U.S. 1, just before 8 p.m. The Parkeys were returning from visiting family in south Florida, after a week-long vacation in California. They had their 17-month-old daughter in the car.

The Juratovacs also had one of their two daughters in the car, a 4 year old. They also have a 6-year-old daughter who appears not have been with them at the time.

When a Sheriff’s deputy arrived at the scene, Jared Parkey was lying behind a Ford Explorer, on his right side, bleeding from his chest and arm, according to the police report. He was in pain. The deputy tended to his wounds until a rescue unit arrived.

A witness, Joseph Napalitano, 58, of St. Augustine, said he “saw both vehicles pull to the side of the road very quickly,” that “the driver of the Ford Explorer got out of his vehicle and fired a gun at the man from the other vehicle.”

The report also notes that in the run-up to the final confrontation, Juratovac “brake-checked” Parkey’s car because Juratovac “believed the victim’s vehicle was following too closely. An eyewitness observed both vehicles driving in a reckless manner.” Parkey, the report states, “also admitted to throwing a water jug at [Juratovac’s] vehicle. After the water jug was thrown, the eyewitness advised both the defendant and the victim’s vehicles collided and pulled off to the side of the roadway. Per eyewitness, after both vehicles came to a stop, the defendant existed his vehicle and walked around to the driver’s side of [Parkey’s] vehicle and shot the victim.”

Parkey was unarmed.

Parkey was flown to Shands hospital in Jacksonville, where he was interviewed by an investigator, conceding that he’d been driving aggressively, and describing “being run off the roadway” by Juratovac when Juratovac hit his vehicle. “After being run off the roadway,” the report continues, Parkey said “he immediately got out and walked to the rear of his vehicle and was confronted by [Juratovac]. [Parkey] described seeing [Juratovac] holding a gun with his arms straight out, in a ‘shooting stance.’ The victim stated to law enforcement that he was unarmed and his arms were in an outward direction, clearly indicating he had nothing in his hands when the defendant shot him.”

When a deputy approached Juratovac, who was standing to the north of the scene as rescuers were tending to Parkey, he said, according to the police report: “I am the shooter and the gun is secured in the front of my vehicle.” He was patted down–a silver folding pocket knife was removed–and escorted to a patrol car, as he was told by the deputy that no questions were being asked of him for now. Once in the car, Juratovac said, according to the report: “The other vehicle involved threw an object at my vehicle then hit my vehicle, when we came to a stop the driver ran up to my car and I shot him.”

Juratovac, a resident of St. Augustine, had been a Flagler Beach police officer until 2008. He launched a company called Juratovac Enterprises in 2012, with his wife–a pressure-washing business that operates under the name of High Pressure Solutions on Casuarina Circle in Flagler Beach.

Listen to Four 911 Calls on the Shooting
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20 Responses for “Details Emerge in Ex-Cop Juratovac’s Shooting Of Flagler Paramedic in 911 Calls and Report”

  1. nyy says:

    Jerks!!!!!! Both of them. They had kids in there cars. So much for parenting.

  2. Alex says:

    Without guns they just could have clobbered each other.

    How many people have to be killed before we do something about it?.

    • johnny taxpayer says:

      This loose cannon had the police in the car with him (his wife is a deputy) and this still happened, and you think the solution is to take guns away from law abiding citizens? Wow.

    • Mr. Smith says:

      With no gun he could have stabbed him with his silver pocket knife. Maybe then we should ban knives too?

  3. Mabel says:

    Exactly, one is as bad as the other. Grow up! Firefighter is no innocent babe in the woods either. Twenty lashes each.

  4. Reality Check says:

    Two grown men acting like children over driving issues, but the one who shoots him is the worst kind of idiot, an armed one. I am all about the 2nd amendment, but certain people do not need to be carrying a weapon, have a gun yes a concealed weapon no. They give out these concealed permits here in FL like they were driver’s licenses; this want to be tough guy who was afraid to have a fist fight just shoots an unarmed man. Well you no longer have the badge to protect you, and in prison no gun, so your sorry ass is toast. People need to just leave well enough alone, if we flipped out every time we were cut off by a texting driver we would all be in jail, chill out people.

  5. Palm Coasting says:

    Way to go, drive like morons with your families in the car, then pull over to brute it out… they both should have been shot… by their wives.

    They have been watching ‘ Rescue Me’ too long.

  6. Sherry Epley says:

    PLEASE! Who said anything about taking guns away from “law abiding” citizens? (An NRA “talking point”!) Back ground checks, are to screen out criminals and the mentally disturbed. What intelligent, “law abiding” citizen need assault rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition?

    • Palm Coasting says:

      Who cares what sort of gun they have and how many rounds of ammunition? If they’re law abiding it doesn’t matter. An AK with 1000 rounds is just as devastating as a glock with 1000 rounds, depending on the circumstances. This new gun control thing is way off base.

      Guess what, if there were harsher gun laws, this clown would STILL have had a gun, he is ex police. What then? Want to focus on safety? Do yearly road tests for drivers… That makes more sense to me…

  7. Cindy says:

    Wow and these so called gentleman work with our community and are supposed to be la obiding citizens. What an example !!!! Bravo Bravo. Someone is going to jail and the other should loose their job. All a game of who has a bigger Penis

    • the truth monitor says:

      Spot on Cindy! Of all the ignorant comments made with no facts you came up with the best unbiased comment made. We have a young muscular firefighter that could have roid rage showing how tough he is. An excop who was never a criminal as some have stated who has a temper when some threat to his family was made. As sure as there is a higher power Parkey has not told all. I hope these two people had their blood tested for any illegal substances. More facts will come out and the legal war will begin.

  8. Bunnell Resident says:

    From the wording in the article it appears that Juratovic’s wife, herself an LEO did everything right. She treated the victim and essentially had her husband under arrest. If this is true, kudos to her. I just wish she would have demanded her husband quit acting like a jerk in the first place. Both men were acting like jerks and both were doing it in front of their spouses and children. How sad! I am fairly certain there is more to this story that will unfold. We should all stay tuned. In the meanwhile I hope everyone will just stay calm and avoid confontrations in traffic or anywhere else for that matter. You cannot always expect a reasonable response from a stranger when you act like a jerk.

  9. Samuel Smith says:

    So, what’s going to happen to his wife? Because she’s a cop, and it’s pretty clear from the article that she at least condoned his behavior up to the point that he stopped the car.

  10. Dlee says:

    They should both be charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Is there a rehab for ignorance ????

  11. shark says:

    Because of idiots like this, I have to carry a gun!!!!

  12. I say says:

    Throwing the object at a vehicle could have in its self caused a fatal accident. How stupid of the fireman to behave in this manner, and to do so with his wife and child in the car. Then to pull off the road only shows he was lookingn for trouble, and it could have cost him his life. This is not what Flagler County needs as a first responder….he should be FIRED!

  13. Spot On says:

    The Flagler fireman should be fired! He has demonstrated he is not a professional, and he too should be arrested and charged for throwing a deadly missile at a moving vehicle. Throwing something at a vehicle as he did could have caused a deadly accident and they all could have been killed. I can imagine any man would be furious if a jerk threw something like this when they were driving with their family. If the Flagler fireman gets away with this there is something wrong!

  14. Karma says:

    @ Sherry
    Please educated yourself about the NRA. I am willing to bet you did not even know what NRA stood for one year ago. Learn there history and who they helped. You may be surprised about the things MSNBC will not tell you.
    You ask about the people keeping large amounts ammunition, yet in reality it’s your government hording very large amounts of ammunition. 1.6 Billion rounds for Homeland Security alone. Only 5 million rounds a month were used during the peak of the war in Iraq.

  15. Ol' sarge says:

    I know Mr. Parkey, and I can tell you your assumption is far off. I am curious as to why you would assume there was some sort of steroid involvement just because the guy is in shape? I would venture to say any firefighter who takes his job seriously would also take his health and lifestyle seriously. Mr. Parkey is probably the kindest, most humble person I have ever had the honor of meeting, and I can tell you, it takes quite a bit for that guy to lose his temper. Mr. Parkey has also never been placed on administrative leave for disciplinary reasons, and has never had his name associated with accusations of falsifying documents, false imprisonment, and perjury.

    Obviously, you have personal feelings on the matter, as do I, which would lead us to biased opinions. In fairness, I will say I only socially once knew Mr. Juratovac, so I can’t really speak to his personality. However, your rush to judgment and blind assumptions on a public forum are the moral and ethical equivalent to wearing a blindfold while driving through a school zone. The media has printed that both men stated they lost their cool…the only difference is one of them allegedly threw water, while the other fired a high caliber weapon at a vehicle with a mother and child inside and at the body of a man with a spotless reputation and a cavalcade of acquaintances who can testify to just how kind Jared Parkey is…

    you should think before you speak…

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