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Early Morning Shooting in Palm Coast’s P-Section Sends One Man to Hospital

| February 17, 2013

The house on Pine Hill.

The house on Pine Hill.

A man was shot in the chin in Palm Coast’s P-Section, on Pine Hill Lane, early Sunday morning at the end of what had reportedly been a loud party. The shooter is still at large.

Johnnie Thomas Jr.

Johnnie Thomas Jr.

The victim, Johnnie Thomas Jr., 19, of Bunnell, went with friends to Florida Hospital Flagler. This is the same Johnnie Thomas who, last April, was arrested for firing a .32-caliber gun at Ralph Carter Park in Palm Coast, when two groups of teens got into a brawl, and with dozens of children nearby. Thomas has been in and out of jail five times in the last five years, most recently last August on a trespass after warning charge.

The shooting reportedly took place at 25A Pine Hill Lane at around 3 a.m. Numerous cars had been seen at the property until that time. The cars left the property after the shooting. The shooter was seen pulling the trigger on the victim, but the shooter’s identity is not known at this time, either.

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office established a crime scene that was still active Sunday. Three or four shell casings were recovered at the entrance to the house.

The sheriff’s office later this morning released the following details: a birthday party with as many as 75-100 people in attendance was being held at the property, when several gunshots were heard outside in front of the residence.

Thomas was treated and later released. Investigators have just completed interviewing a number of witnesses who were at 25A Pine Hill Lane when the incident occurred and wish to speak to anyone else that may have been at the party.

“This was a reckless act of violence which endangered the lives of many. Incidents such as this need to stop before innocent lives are lost,” Flagler County Sheriff Jim Manfre said in the release.

Anyone with information that may assist investigators in this case is asked to contact Detective Annie Conrad of the Persons Crimes Unit at 386-586-4844 or Crime Stoppers at 1-888-277-TIPS (8477). Callers may remain anonymous and could be eligible for a reward up to $1,000.

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36 Responses for “Early Morning Shooting in Palm Coast’s P-Section Sends One Man to Hospital”

  1. biker says:

    Palm Compton just gets more & more ghetto every day.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That section has become known as the Palm Coast ghetto. It is a haven for criminals. My elderly aunt used to live alone in there on the very next block over from where this happened. The other unit in her duplex was burgled, as well as a house a couple of doors down. Glad we got her out of there, as I’m sure it has only gotten worse since, as this story indicates. Even the cops are timid of going into certain parts of Pine Grove.

  3. Robert says:

    And the government wants to take your 2nd Amendment rights away . Everyday I hear of another shooting. Everyday I get more and more defensive. Everyday I watch the deterioration of my neighborhood. Everyday I wonder when I will have to DEFEND my family.

    • The Truth says:

      I’m so over the panic masters that are claiming their second ammendment is unde attack. Your second amendment rights are not changing at all so please take a deep breath and turn off Fox News.

      • Jim Egan says:

        I see this all of the time particulary those in politics who seem to be anti-gun. You use the word “your” as if the 2nd does not apply to you. If you had the chance would you rescind your right to the 2nd?

  4. ANONYMOUSAY says:

    @ Robert: Stop looking for an excuse to pull the trigger on what YOU see as a threat. Today’s legal gun owner is tomorrows murdering gun owner. That mentality is no different than a gang members. Kill or be killed. Wild, wild south.

    • Rudy Valee says:

      What an extreme statement to make.
      If you hate guns–don’t buy any.

      Police are just a phone call, and several minutes away.
      After you’re dead, they can fill out all the pertinent reports and arrange for pick-up.
      Then, after all of that; on your tombstone it can read: “But he called 911.”

      It’s like the guy who crosses the street without looking.
      On his tombstone it reads: “He had the right-of-way.”
      He was right, you know…..

      So maybe you’re right. Your tombstone can reflect that.

  5. christina b says:

    What “the government” wants to do is take away your ability to have a military arsenal in your home. Can we please understand that The Big Bad Gubmint is not seeking to disarm us all? We have enough problems without baseless fearmongering…

    • Anonymous says:

      Well I thought Sheriff Fleming did nothing in the P section ? Lets go Manfre clean up the P section like you said you would,,,,,,, remember!

    • Barb says:

      Oh yes, lets give up all our firearms like the German people did back in 1930’s. That way ONLY the criminals and our TACTICAL MILITARIZED POLICE FORCE will have firearms.

      • christina b says:

        Please demonstrate exactly who is asking you to give up ALL of your firearms.

        If you cannot–and you cannot, because NO ONE IS–then you’re spreading misinformation.

    • Meinl man says:

      Please read the 2nd amendment and what Thomas Jefferson truly stated about it and then get back to my about how your government wants to protect you….they are a bigger Ponzi than Madoff ever could be and good luck to you very soon….

  6. Safety guy says:

    How many guns were at this “party” that were legal? How many were illegal? What convictions did the majority of those in attendance have?

    The innocent lives lost and hurt are done by people with a habit of breaking the law. Why in the world would a perp be on the street after 10 years of serving time for Murder? 10 years? Really?

    Right, it is the amount of guns and ammunition legal people own and have that is the problem. If that is believed then I have a club for you to join. The Head in the Sand Ostrich association. No one in this club sees the real problems. They think it will all just go away.

    This is unique as well: “This was a reckless act of violence which endangered the lives of many. Incidents such as this need to stop before innocent lives are lost,” Flagler County Sheriff Jim Manfre said in the release.” Okay Sheriff, have to agree, but how will it be done? Oh right, disarm the legal law abiding people.

  7. Magnolia says:

    Until local law enforcement and the courts get tough on gang bangers like this guy, you can forget about growth. Nobody in their right mind would open a business or move here.

    Clean it up. Palm Compton is right. Your property values and your safety are plummeting.

  8. Reality Check says:

    The same click in charge of Palm Coast means no change, Manfre failed misseribly last time he was in yet here he is again. The City council stinks at their jobs, yet here they are still, wake up people and vote these no-doers out of office. We will never see change in our city with out a wake up call to our leaders, they spend more money on re-doing landscaping over and over again, put that money to good use somewhere. Police do their jobs, now the courts need to do theres, 5 times in jail over the past 5 years and he is only 19, he is a proven thug and needs to go away for good. Make prison an option no one wants, bring back the chain gang, make them cut grass in 100 degre weather and make licence plates. Have them do hard labor 10 hours a day, no cable TV, basic food and water. If we stop coddleing these prisoners and make prison what it should be maybe they would be afraid of going there. I do not want to hear some right winger say what about their rights? they gave those up the day they broke the law, now make them suffer and pay.

  9. redneck with guns says:

    so carma is in everyones favor,he shoots a gun in a public park and then is on the streets again involved in gun glad i dont have any of this in my neighbor hood,then again all my neighbors are conealed permet carries!!should have shoot him in the cheast then would be one less jack ass to fead with my tax payed money..then again bring it to my nieborhood so we can shoot u and not worry about this problem any more!!

  10. Howard Duley says:

    Thank GOD for the uptick in violent crimes. When my wife and I moved here from New Hampshire we were overjoyed with the lack of such crimes. After being here for almost 10 years things were getting very dull. With all the new guns crimes going down things are getting spicier. It won’t be much longer and this place will be just like Chicago.

  11. MW says:

    75 to 100 people? I don’t think I know 100 people in Palm Coast. I am surprised the neighbors didn’t call the cops on a noise violation.

  12. Stan U Ground says:

    OK, Let me get this straight , 75 to 100 upstanding citizens of Palm Coast packed into a duplex with doors and windows wide open cranking music and where exactly were the police all night in this fine prestine part of our town ? No neighbors called about the loud music and the very predictable fact that gun fire would be ringing out ? I live in the “W”s less than 1 mile from were this happened and I am terrified for my family and myself, This year alone while sitting under my lani I have heard at least 3 times of gun shots in that direction and multiple gun shots in the close by “R” section. My dream house has been on the market for 6 months and I cant unload it unless if I take substantial beating ! Maybe I should rent it to section 8 just like every one else does and just walk away from the american dream of retirement ! Thank you very Mr Mayor, And I would like to thank Sheriff Manfre, Great job you politicians are doing !!!!!!

  13. happening now says:

    If I had 75 to 100 cars and or people at my house….. I can guarantee you the neighbors would call law enforcement long before any guns were used.

  14. Deep South says:

    Palm Coast’s version of Hatfield & McCoys

    • anonymous says:

      First off this is not a second amendment issue. This was obviuosly a personal quarrel at a party, not a hold up or a robbery. Most robberies happen when the residence is not home. How will a gun help you then?

      Protection from the military? Do you have stinger missles or anti-drone technology? what about night vision goggles, bunker busters, hacking ability, and un-resticted access to surveilance sattalities? If the government wants to turn on it’s people, unfortunately there is not much you can do except make IEDs and do a lot of hiding.

      By the way, if the government turns on its’ people I dont think laws will be of much conequence anymore. At that point just pick one up from a dead person, or steal one, if you are indeed interested in fighting.

      • Mr.Ed says:

        I got news for you jethro, if the government turns on its own people there would be militia’s and state national guards who would side with the people..NOT the government. And that list of items you mentioned…personally I got four of those items and that’s just me !!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          @ Mr.Ed

          The National Guard? Sometimes they are sent to stop riots when there are protests. Maybe militias, but they’ve sent the national guard to Iraq. Sometimes they’re sent to stop or kill the real patriots, on our own soil.

          But I do agree with you. The only chance the ordinary ctiizen has got is for some well equipped oranization to give aid. Basically like French underground resistance working in conjuction with main allied forces. Then that list I mentioned, which is not complete (It gets worse when you add heavy artillery and laser guided weapons, etc), becomes more feasible.

          Personally I don’t know how you could have four on the list either. There are only two items/capabilities there that an ordinary civilain could possibly have. And that is who the comment is for. (I’m guessing your not an ordinary citizen then).

          I bet you have an RPG too.

          and my name isn’t Jethro…Friend.

          Point is this is not a second ammendment issue. This is due to lack of discipline around firearms, and a criminal issue.

  15. Eric says:

    I agree…..very nice job Manfre. All you cared was getting votes to get into office (kinda like ALL politicians, which all SUCK). on a side note, its too bad the scumbag who got shot is still breathing, as looking at his history, he too is one of the many that makes this area crap

  16. Outsider says:

    And to think, just 20 years ago Calm Post was a beautiful retirement community. I’m glad I got out. The place has turned into a real shit hole. Pardon my French; there are some things unworthy of a euphemism.

  17. BeachLvr84 says:

    I got a month-to-month lease in the P-section back in early 2005. Without getting into too much detail, my experience was so awful, I packed my stuff and moved after 2 weeks. Back then it really wasn’t that bad… now it’s a complete crapshoot. I’m sorry if that offends anyone currently living there but it’s the truth. P an R sections are by far the worst in Palm Coast. B section is following just behind…

  18. Anonymous says:

    Let me tell PC residents I stay down the street from this party and it wasn’t loud at all it was just alot of cars we have alot of kids living on this street don’t you all think if it was out of control someone would have called the police

  19. upset pine hill ln resident says:

    Let me tell PC residents I stay down the street from this party and it wasn’t loud at all it was just alot of cars we have alot of kids living on this street don’t you all think if it was out of control someone would have called the police

  20. Deep South says:

    Perhaps places like the VFW, or Knights of Columbus could allow these young people to use their facilities so they can accommodate such a large crowd, and noise concern.100 people in a small duplex is no place to have a party. These young people need somewhere to go on Weekend nites, and these clubs would be great so they can play their music and have fun.

  21. Life Long Flagler County Resident says:

    This is ridiculous, the ghetto can inhabit even the retirement community. Shootings are all over even in Palm Coast. Guess what an old freaking lady drove through the doors of the publix down the street and did more damage I don’t see all the old idiots barking complaints about a persons age and ability to drive have anything in common. If you ask me, and I have lived here for a LONG time, having the ghetto in Palm Coast is no worse then having the whole population of Russia and ALL the dying residents of New York living here! If you dont like where u live MOVE its not that difficult nobody is holding u back! #sick of ppl bitching..don’t cry about it be about it.

    • Brighton Beach says:

      The local red-necks were right all along.
      This exodus from up north was going to ruin this town.
      Boy did it ever…..

      Time to go, this place is crime-ridden and corrupt as can be.

    • Oldman says:

      How about you keep the ‘ghetto” at your house junior. I’ll keep the outstanding “older” residents near me.

  22. cindy says:

    I say raise the rents on these low lives and get them out of this town. When they show up to rent you place say sorry some lady just came and rented the place out. They will get the message

  23. David S. says:

    This place is a joke unless the town council and the courts do not wake up now this community is going down hill .I would love to move but my wife has a great job here so we are stuck for now.

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