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16-Year-Old Matanzas High Student Accused Of Raping 14-Year-Old in School Stairwell

| January 15, 2013

The alleged rape is reported to have taken place in a stairwell at Matanzas High School. This image is of a generic stairwell, not of Matanzas's. (Daehyun Park)

The alleged rape is reported to have taken place in a stairwell at Matanzas High School. This image is of a generic stairwell, not of Matanzas’s. (Daehyun Park)

For several years, D’Shawn Hosang has been a concern of school authorities and, at times, of police. He was enrolled in Flagler County’s African American Mentor Program when he was at Buddy Taylor Middle School. The program pairs young boys who are either at-risk of straying into destructive behavior or have already done so, with an adult mentor who supervises the boy’s academic and social activities. The program has had its successes, lifting many a student’s performance or righting his course. But it has its setbacks: mentors have been known to have to visit their charge in jail.

Last June, Hosang, who’s now 16 and who used to attend Flagler Palm Coast High School, was part of the mentor program’s annual end-of-year ceremony, recognizing its ranks. A month later, Hosang was under arrest, one of three teen-agers charged in a burglary spree in Palm Coast’s B Section.

Numerous electronics that had been reported stolen from several cars were found in the attic of the house where Hosang lived, with his mother, on Berkshire Lane. He was charged with a felony, and placed on probation. When school resumed, he was at Matanzas High School.

The latest charge against Hosang is far more serious. He is accused of raping a 14-year-old girl in a stairwell at Matanzas High School.

The incident is alleged to have taken place at 9:46 a.m. on Monday (school starts at 8 a.m. at Matanzas). According to the arrest report, “the victim stated in her interview that she and D’Shawn Hosang were kissing in the stairwell and then D’Shawn Hosang pulled out his penis and forced her to perform oral sex on him. The victim then stated that D’Shawn Hosang forced her to turn around and penetrated her vagina with his penis.”

Matanzas is on block scheduling, meaning that class periods last 82 minutes. The alleged incident took place 10 minutes into the second period, which had started at 9:35 a.m. Both students had requested (and been granted) hall passes to go to the library and check out a book, according to the school administration. Two separate teachers provided the passes, unaware of the other’s actions.

How sexual activity could take place in a school stairwell may be a pressing question after an allegation of the sort, but Matanzas Principal Chris Pryor said it’s impossible to have eyes and ears in every segment of the school at all times.

“We can’t control everything,” Pryor said. “We don’t have cameras everywhere, we don’t have enough people to patrol every hallway and every stairwell. This was a well-traveled stairwell, I was surprised” that the alleged incident had taken place there. The school has its own School Resource Deputy.

There were security cameras in the stairwell–above and below where the alleged incident took place. But students are wise to the cameras’ emplacements, too.

Pryor is meeting with the faculty today to talk about strategies for greater attention. “Other than completely locking kids in classrooms 100 percfent of the time, all we can do is urge teachers to be more vigilant,” Pryor said, referring to when students are let out on hall passes.

Hosang was arrested at 5 p.m. yesterday after being questioned at the sheriff’s office’s Investigative Services Division (he still lives on Berkshire Lane). According to the arrest report, which was heavily redacted, Hosang gave a recorded statement to police, but denied having sex with the girl. He admitted meeting the girl in the stairwell.

The arrest was based on evidence from text messages exchanged between Hosang and the girl between 9:59 a.m. and 10:54 a.m. “Both the victim and the defendant showed me their cell phones and the text messages back and forth between the two,” the arresting deputy wrote in the report.

Hosang was taken to a youth jail in Daytona Beach. He is charged with felony second degree sexual battery, a legal term for rape, and also charged with violating probation.

85 Responses for “16-Year-Old Matanzas High Student Accused Of Raping 14-Year-Old in School Stairwell”

  1. Kathy says:

    “We can’t control everything,” Pryor said (Uhm no, it is your job to control everything..figure it out)

    “…urge teachers to be more vigilant,” Pryor said (Uhm no, teacher are there to teach in the classrooms and frankly they have more to be concerned with beyond their teaching hours than hall monitoring…so what about telling us what you’re doing as well as other non-educating staff).

    How about, for example, things that don’t make sense that go on year after year like…calling parents about 11 hours after their child didn’t show up to school to be sure the parent was aware and that nothing is wrong…who thought that was a good idea?

    Please put the focus back on yourself Chris.

    • sam says:

      wrong, as a student at matanzas high school dr pryor has done an excellent job of runner our school. There cannot be a camera that covers every inch of the school, and even if there were, us students would still find a way around them. i dont believe you have eyes in the back of your head, so dont expect him too. honestly i find it very aggravating that many people are so naive. This is how the world is. it happens when we have FREEDOM. And i wonder why you blame my principal instead of the parents of the kid! he has a whole school to manage,

    • maryann says:

      Of course – let’s blame the principal – when do we make the one who committed the crime responsible. How about the parents teach their children this is unacceptable!!!
      “We must reject the idea that every time a law is broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions” (President Reagan) This is not the fault of the Principal. Get your heads out of your butts people – we need to make lawbreakers accountable – not everyone around them!

  2. Ralph Belcher says:

    Condolances to the victim and her family — and the family of the reported perpertrator – for being jammed into a really tough situation by the kid.

    Remember our civic organizations will plead for authorities to go lightly on our students because they are being come down on too hard for acting up. That’s right ->> for being disruptive to good order and dicipline in our schools.

  3. Anon says:

    @Kathy says:
    You beat me to it.

    The principal was real quick to shift the weight and cover himself up.

    I thought that uniforms were supposed to lessen the criminal behavior in schools.

    • Magnolia says:


      Uniforms won’t lesson this. While schools are so busy teaching liberalism, they have forgotten that morals must also be taught to children…moral’s and responsibility.

      Now that you are busy teaching kids that any kind of sex is ok and normal, you’d better teach them that sex by force isn’t. It’s a prison sentence.

      Anyone putting their children in public schools these days is absolutely nuts.

      I’m speechless on this one.

      • anon says:

        this could happen at any school. not just public school . i know Hosang personally and he would never do this. he has had a bad begining yes we has gotten into trouble but raping a girl he would never do . she is trying to make her out to be the victim when she should be getting in trouble also.

      • sam says:

        no one is being taught about sex. im sure you know this. your just trying to make a very good school look like a juvenile jail i can see. matanzas is the best school in this area, one incident happens and all hell breaks loose. this is America and you would be ignorant to believe that this is the worst thing to happen in a public school. get ahold of yourself

      • Nancy N. says:

        I’m so sick of liberalism being equated with a lack of morals.

        Since when is it a teacher’s job to instill moral values in a child? That’s MY job as a parent, so I can choose how I want my child to be raised.

        IF this young man is in fact guilty of this crime he is accused of, the blame lies in the lack of moral education he received at home, not at school.

  4. Jessica says:

    sounds like Chris Pryor needs to take responsibility for something that happened on his watch at his school and reenforce that he will do whatever it takes to avoid this happening again..instead he wants to not take any kind of responsibility. When I send my child to school, I am trusting the supervision by faculty, including the principal is held to the highest standards. In this case the principal is just like..well its a high traffic area..huh?…. Makes me wonder….


      Lets try something unique! Lets blame the person who committed the crime, let him take responsibility for what he did, and punish him to the full extent of the law. TRY IT! IT MIGHT JUST WORK.

  5. Anonymous says:

    We need a better system in place for the childrens sake. Lets get volunteers their are thousands of retirees that I’m sure would be glad to do some volunteer work. Give them a comfy chair and a book and place them in the hallways and bath rooms with a walkee talkee. I went to a Big city Highschool and we were definitley being watched. This needs to be dealt with right away. The comment that “we can’t control everything” It’s your job to give the students a safe enviroment …Make it happen!!! you took on the job and if you can’t make it happen let some one else do the job right.

  6. cindy says:

    This needs to be dealt with right away. You took on the job you make sure those kids are safe when they get there. I went to a big city highschool and we had volunteers in every bath room and hallway. They sat in comfy chairs and had a great book to keep them occupied in between periiods. They also had walkee talkee to call for help from security that also roamed the hallways. we have thousands of seniors that I’m sure would love to volunteer. Letsget the ball rolling so that another child doesn’t fall victim

  7. Who Knows . . . says:

    . . . what really happened?

    Troublesome kids are often granted a pass to the library – guess why?

    Secondly, some HSs that I have taught in have ‘certain’ areas where ‘certain’ activities take place. stairwells are a ‘certain’ place. This has been going on since 1955 when I saw look-out students at ‘certain’ doorways. Teachers are warned by good students and fellow Teachers to “don’t go there!”.

    I think the problem rests again with the individual students and their ‘get away with it’ behaviors. Not the Teachers, Principals, Police, or Parents.

    The punishment has to fit the crime in this case. Once convicted DO NOT bail him out (like you have done too many times the past with this same guy), but “do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to jail” – for a long, long time.

    This is the only deterent society has – (until, jokingly, we fully institute the uniform policy and arm all teachers with guns!).

  8. bq says:

    Way to pass the buck Mr. Pryor. Lay this at the feet of the teaching staff!!! Give us a break!!!

  9. Deep South says:

    Take away the cell phones. All cell phones should be taken away while students are on school grounds, and return to students at the end of the day, when they leave school grounds. If you need to make a call go to the administration office. That’s the way I did it.

    • Student says:

      You are not considering many things. There are many students who go to DSC and just would never have the time to pick up and drop off their phone. Some kids also have to go to the bus after school. Who has time to do this? How would they track every single phone? There is a reason they allowed using phones in between classes now. Many parents would disagree with you on this.

    • annonymous says:

      By taking phones away from the kids, you make the schools liable for the cel phones. Instead block all cell signals while on school grounds. cell phone problem solved.

  10. "My Daily Rant" says:

    This kid should have been in a special school.I read awhile back that some Minority groups were saying that to many of their kids are in jail so My guess is he will get a slap on the wrist and told to never do it again.

  11. ???? says:

    I know from a good source that Matanzas is on an odd daily schedule. Each teacher has 7 classes each. 6 of them rotate on an every other day block so each teacher has 3 block classes one day, then 3 different block classes another. They also have one period that meets every day thats on a traditional 50 minute period. They also decide to have all 7 classes meet on Fridays for about 45 minutes each. During these 7 oddly placed classed do you know how many free periods each teacher has? ZERO. Throughout the entire school day when students are on campus every teacher is teaching their subjects in their rooms 100% of the time (outside of passing period). How could this be thrown on the teachers?

  12. tax payer says:

    This story has got me overly angry how can this happen in our schools after all that has happened in schools lately ?? Are we not on any type of heighten alert at all , last month the same school was locked down because it was feared someone was going to shoot up the place. There is no reason why kids that are on probation should be aloud to attend school with kids that were brought up right. All they do at school is think they are cool because they have been arrested and corrupt and intimidate our kids . I have a 14 year old daughter at this school and demand for this to be fixed. And for someone to say that they can’t be everywhere all the time,, and that’s your answer go get a new job buddy that’s a cop out . I feel for the parents of the victim here and they should hire a lawyer and file suit. , how is this kid on probation from the law and able to be in school with our kids, or to get hall passes he should have had to be supervised to go to the bathroom.. need tougher laws if your kid gets arrested expel them period.. at least until they are off probation, make the parents of these loser kids figure out what to do with them all day . don’t have the schools babysit them, home school or put them to work. Why should they get the same privileges that kids that make the right choices in life get,, like I said they will only corrupt and intimidate our kids ..

    • Dan says:

      Im not saying your right or wrong but If your daughter were to ever end up doing something stupid and get in trouble wouldn’t you want to give her a second chance? And most importantly get an education and have a chance to succeed in life? Also your innocent until proven guilty, everyone is thinking the opposite nowadays (Guilty until proven innocent) . No one knows if this even really happened…

  13. Lori says:

    Sounds like there is something worse than earbuds, hey Dr. Pryor? He’s always quick to place the blame on everyone else. Sounds like we need a new principal at MHS.

    This kid had this many issues, he really should have been in a juvenile detention center rather than MHS or FPC. He put the girls in both of these schools in danger. He also had a hand in the B section burglaries, why was he still allowed to attend school?! This is not the kind of article a parent wants to see after sending my 14 year old daughter off to this place.

  14. Really says:

    It can only be the rapist’s fault. Not the teacher or principal, they didn’t rape anyone.

    • Magnolia says:

      @Really, the teachers and the principal have an obligation to keep our children safe. In this case, they failed this little girl.

      Yes, the rapist is at fault. But in the schools, we expect our teachers and administration to keep watch on our children. And it was not the rapists fault that he was still in the public school system.

      Anyone on probation with the legal system does not belong around public schools. And take the damned cell phones or kids will text all day and not learn.

      Cell phones do not belong in school. How easy would it have been to plan those robberies if he didn’t have that cell phone? Might have made a difference.

      • RC says:

        You expect so many things from teachers yet you are probably the type of person who thinks they are over paid. An average salary of $40000, to not only teach your kids but supervise them (babysit) all day long, is awful. This is why it is hard to attract high quality people to the teaching profession. Why put up with all of this for a measly salary while paying off student loans? I know many people think, ‘I wish I made $40000’ but did you bust your butt in high school to get into college? Where they had to bust their butts and take out loans to one day do their best to help out society? Ah, screw that, they’re paid too much :/

    • Patrice says:

      Chris Pryor… Where should I begin?
      As a fellow student at Matanzas High School ( FPC graduate )
      Pryor doesn’t care about average students an there sucsees, he cares
      About the honors students an that’s about it.
      As people above stated he never takes the blame for his own
      mistakes,he commonly blames teacher, student or the deans office at matanzas,who deals with most
      Of the bullshit that goes down an get paid a quarter of
      his salary. Pryor might handle a few situations but
      For the most part he’s sitting at his desk, or making morning news annouOncements
      With irrelevant quotes. Or causally eating in the cafeteria.The only
      Reason I believe he still has his job is because the 38% of teachers, that actually teach
      Are really good ones. Being the reason for our test scores, Pryor has nothing to do with those. Not to mention he’s really close with the school
      Board. Just for things like this he has his buddy’s to keep his name clear so
      He can get away with blaming things on the teachers ect. I once asked pryor “why would couldn’t have
      Spent money on more speed bumps In the senior parking lot, instead of fancy tables in the dinning hall” he made eye contact but had no response of corse. I feel very sorry for the girl an I hope everyone got a better view of Pryor. This boy deserves serious punishment. If you want your teenagers to be in a real school send them to fpc until Matanzas gets a better principal.

  15. Bruno says:

    Military troops needed in schools NOW !!!!!!!!!
    No more tolerance……More DISICPLINE !!!!!!!!!!

    • robromat says:

      GOOD IDEA!!!This may be a better option or national guard personnel on rotating basis to free up our local law enforcement to serve their community all over the USA

      • NortonSmitty says:

        Great idea! Let’s declare Martial Law because a girl got raped!

        Get a grip people! This has happened occasionally for thousands of years and will continue as log as there are people. It happened when I was in school in the sixties, it happened in your school too. This is the first school rape I remember hearing about in years. This is a tragedy, but don’t pretend it is something new or another sign of the coming apocalypse. Your Good Old Days weren’t any better.

        • Bruno says:

          I REPEAT !!!!!!!!!
          Military troops needed in schools NOW !!!!!!!!!
          No more tolerance……More DISICPLINE !!!!!!!!!!

  16. Palmcoast1l says:


    I have a student that received a referral for earbuds at lunch time. We did not fight the punishment, but I felt that the punishment did not fit the crime so to speak.

    In this situation…I do hold the administration responsible for leaving a window of opportunity for a crime of this nature to be committed. And we must remember that no matter that background of the student in question our laws say innocent until proved guilty in a court of law…not the court of public opinion.

    My prayers are with those who’s lives have been altered by these events.

  17. Linda says:

    Dr. Pryor is a fine and caring man and educator. Instead of blaming him, if you know him, your heart will go out to him.
    Crime happens on everyone’s watch. We can’t stop a person hell bent on commiting a crime. If we could, there would be no crime.

    Only one person is actually responsible though – and that is this creep that is obviously someone who cannot be rehabilitated. He has caring persons try to steer him in the right direction, and he has played them all like a fiddle. There are some people who cannot live amongst the rest of us, and this punk appears to be one of them. How many more people will he hurt first is my scary question?

    Volunteers – come off it. The school district needs to hire and pay for hall monitors. They would not be high paying jobs, but in this economy and with unemployment so high in this county, it would be a “win-win” for so many people and for so many reasons.

    • cindy says:

      Dr. Pryor might be a caring man but I believe he made need to learn to not make statements like ” We can’t control everything”. This is his school take ownership for what has happened and fix the issue so that it doesn’t happen again. We have C.O.P ‘s in this county lets get them into the highschools. The sheriffs office can provide all the back round checks, ask them for a helping hand. I know we have a new Sheriff and this might be a good time to ask him to prove himself. Every parent should have the right to go to work and feel that they placed their child in good hands.

      Connie, You Know I’m sure that young lady also thought that Dshawn was her friend too.

  18. J MILLER says:

    They need camera’s at all entrances and exits and in all stairwells and hallways

  19. Devin says:

    Yeah right….. I went to Matanzas, they have so many faculty people running around being ID nazis… All you have to do is yell and you got like 3 staff workers there. Seriously, if you just yell you’ll have all the staff there in 5 seconds, I doubt it was rape, and yes I am insinuating that she was lying. Girl yells rape and ruins a kids life, strongly doubt she was raped in the stairwell, the deans office is 10 feet away from as well as the guidance office!

  20. Joe says:

    okay i really need to say something right now. I am currently a senior at MHS and I have had plenty of disagreements with how Dr. Pryor handles things at this school but this incident that happened honestly no body is at fault. All u that are blaming this on Dr Pryor do understand he needs to run a school and do other work to maintain it so he cant be on that specific hall way babysitting like us high schoolers are a bunch of babies. Also for some of you saying take our cell phones away this is 2013!!!!! but i will say that only thing pryor is at fault of is not having a camera in that stairway

  21. connie says:

    You people don’t know what happened. D’shawn would never force a girl to do anything like that.
    He is way too nice. She lied to the police so she wouldn’t get in trouble. She said she wanted to do it & she was sending him nude pictures. D’shawn is my friend & I know he would never do anything like that.

    • Tracy says:

      I am very disappointed with this situation. I can’t believe that there are some people who find this 14 year old victim at fault, especially the girls on here making comments. I’m praying for the safety of the children, especially the girls at MHS. If people continue to label this girl as a liar, then every victim of rape and assault will not come forward and find justice. I have 2 daughters who attend that school. This girl is also being victimized on facebook as well as in school but ignornant students and staff. I can’t believe that the school allows kids on probation to attend. As, I dropped off my daughters at school this morning, I couldn’t help but wonder how many other criminals attend or work at this school. Where else can our children attend school to be safe and get an education?

      • cutie pie says:

        It is easy to judge & look down on others while putting our children or family members in a better catagory UNTIL we find out who they really are. Alot of children cant be themselves becuz they have to maintain a image for mommy & daddy. Every child has the right to education. So many people pretend or should i say forget that they made bad choices as a child. Calling someone elses children criminals becuz you THINK your student is a Model student indicates ignorance. It is people like you, that look down on others, that are the problem. If only we could turn back the hands of time, one of Those CRIMINALS Would probably be you. Yes, this girl is saying rape, but HOW CONVIENANT. Lets not over look the racial aspect . It has been happening for years! Mommy & Daddy Will Never except that their lil angel is in love with a black boy. People never seem to amaze me. His parents,, The teachers, & none of the administrators are at fault. Its curiosity, technology, & opportunity that is the blame. Dont call anybody elses children criminals becuz ya dont know what yours is gonna turn out to be.

        • K says:

          Sorry but the things you blame this RAPE on:

          Curiosity- lots of kids are curious about sex but they don’t commit rape.

          Technology- Rape existed before technology. No excuse.

          Opportunity- Males are in proximity to females all the time. Young adults/teens are in each other’s presence, some get intimate. Sometimes things move forward, sometimes they do not. By your reasoning, just because a guy is kissing a girl he is not wrong for raping her?

          Give me a break. Have you seen what’s happening in India? Gang rapes of opportunity everywhere. You have severe moral and reasoning deficits.

  22. Guilltyornot says:

    Students are not banned from school or an education just because of a criminal charge. You would be surprised to see the number of high school students in surrounding areas as such. I am sad to see how many people are attacking a principal. He cannot be everywhere and is certainly not to blame.

    Even worse than the above is judgement being passed on this boy before he is proven guilty of anything. There are many girls just alone here in Flagler county who have cried rape or assault because they got caught or were in fear of being caught after the fact. They have ruined many a boys young lives because of consentual

  23. Anon says:

    Hmmm well maybe if the teachers weren’t so focused on yelling at students for a tear in there jeans or the wrong colored polo on, they could actually do something valuable with their time like I don’t know, making sure our students don’t get raped in the school stairwells.

    • RC says:

      They’re too busy teaching. They were not the ones that came up with the ‘uniform’ policy, that was the elected school board. They are just doing their jobs. Not only are they teaching and looking after your kids but also enforcing rules they are obligated to enforce.

  24. Meinl man says:

    As I stated in the past…our youth is out of control….the federal government took religion and discipline out of the lives that need it the most and now more than ever since mr. clinton was president the youth in this country are totally clueless when it comes to respect and I do believe we have past the point to return to civility in our culture……..We have nobody to blame but ourselves for letting this happen in our society…..

  25. Student says:

    @Devin, there is multiple staircases in the school. The incident supposedly took place in the concretable which is far from any office. She may not have yelled rape as he may have been paralyzed with fear. We don’t know the full story as of now, best to not make assumptions.

  26. Previous student says:

    This wouldn’t be the first time Pryor shoves something under the carpet, numerous “sexual” things have happened in the stairwells, in which teachers walked in at the wrong time. But this was all ” such a surprise” to him. Honestly he need not to be a principal.

  27. A Teacher Who Cares says:

    I am a teacher in this county and have been for several years. The MHS campus is something like 30 acres! There is no way to watch every nook and cranny. For those of you yelling at teachers and blaming us: midterm exams are taking place this week in both high schools. How can we watch the halls AND administer exams in our classrooms at the same time, and monitor for cheating? For those of you who are complaining because we enforce rules about ID cards and clothing. WE HAVE NO CHOICE! We did not make the rules. The School Board did. We are the ones who are the scapegoats when we enforce rules, if we enforce them the kids and parents complain, and if we don’t, we hear about it from administrators who tell us we aren’t doing are jobs well enough. The point is, this happened during CLASS TIME. There are no teachers in the halls then because we are TEACHING as we are supposed to be doing, with the 25-35 kids in our classrooms. We are in the halls during change of class, and 10 minutes before and after school –so much so that we don’t even have time to go to the bathroom!!! Perhaps if we had the schedule we used to have where every period there are 10-15 teachers on “planning” who might be out and about in the school, running errands, going to meetings, etc… there would be more of an adult presence during class time. But with this lousy schedule where all teachers are on planing from 7 to 7:50 AT THE SAME TIME , and no teachers are free during the day, we are probably going to see more things like this. This could easily have happened at 7:30 a.m. All teachers are on planning then, grading papers, going to parent conferences and IEP meetings and department meetings, etc.. ., and there is literally no one supervising the kids then. Some parents drop off their kids as early as 6:45 a.m., I’ve seen it myself, they are there in the dark. Kids hang in the halls, in the court yard in the parking lot, under bleachers, they could be anywhere. The bottom line is there are 1,500 kids there and only about 150 adults…. on 30+ acres! Kids are going to do this stuff. It’s happened before and it’s will happen again. The worst part is most parents don’t know WHO is sitting in class next to their kids. Those kids who did the “grinching” –they are back already too!!! One of them is even being allowed to go on a sports trip with one of the varsity team!!!! How fair is that???? There have been kids attending Flagler Schools (both high schools!) who were registered sex offenders and committed other crimes. Last year a kid stole cars in St. Augustine, got arrested, and because his parents complained about his suspension and removal from school on the basis of it hadn’t been proved yet, he was allowed to come back to school and finish, right alongside the law abiding kids!!! Truth be known, we teachers aren’t even allowed to know what crimes our students have committed. I had a kid once who was assigned to my class after spending two years in juvenile detention! I didn’t know whether to fear for my life or not, as I was not allowed to know what the kid did. The criminals rights were more important than mine or the rights of the 25 other law-abiding kids in the class! This gives MHS a bad name when in reality, the teachers there work VERY VERY HARD, the vast majority of kids are well-behaved and don’t break laws, they do lots of community service, are being accepted to some of the best colleges, and so many more positive things, but this is all that gets mention in the newspaper and elsewhere. Everyone just focuses on a school when something happens that’s negative, but ignores the positive.

  28. Flagler Mom says:

    These are hardworking people who are devastated by this terrible event. Judge not until you know all of the facts. Mr. Pryor was not initially in favor of the uniform policy but followed what he was told to do by the district. Mr. Jacob didn’t like it either when he was still principle at FPC. Should Mr.. Pryor walk around the halls all day? Should he spend more taxpayer money on guards and then get yelled at for that too? The boy was really wrong. But the girl should never have met up with him either. Parents? Kids? As usual blame the school for something that was all on the people directly involved but blamin the school is way easier.

  29. Anonymous says:

    There is only one classroom in the building where this took place. This should not have happened. The ID , uniform, parking lot Nazis missed this incident!!!!

  30. mellissa says:

    So,if the shopping malls can have cameras and someone who sits in a security room and monitors them all day then why cant schools have the same thing. Having cameras with nobody to monitor them all day remind me of the fence that goes around my kids school but has no locking gates and remains open all day..

  31. mhsmom says:

    No one knows what happened but them and I don’t feel it’s right for everyone to assume because this boy has a past he is guilty. I know that as a woman no man would ever force me to give him oral sex I would bite it off before that would happen. That is a defense tactic that should be taught to these girls. I also know that one of the previous commenters is also correct there are a lit of young men who have been wrongfully accused of rape because young girls don’t want to be called a slut or come clean to their parents. I do think the school needs to watch the kids more and be mindful when they ask for a pass. I will also agree that MHS needs a new principle. Dr. Pryor is ok but I think he spends to much time worrying about earbuds and uniforms not more important issues like bullying and hate crimes things that deserve serious punishment…..which his own son has gotten away with I might add.

  32. BrunoTars says:

    Maybe that’s why the Principal at PCHS was chosen over Pryor for the Taj Mahal? How will this play into the NAACP lawsuit that more African American students are disciplined more than other groups? Perhaps too much is placed on teachers today and rather disciplining one student over another or in particular, an Afro American student, it is just as easy to give one a pass to get out of their dam class. Wake up people, why would anyone want to be a teacher today in that environment. It’s exhausting, mentally, physically, medically and morally. Administrators in High Schools and Colleges today are useless – nothing but demagogues that suck the vitality of good teachers over their own useless forked agendas. Hire a real Administrator at Matanzas – one who will take the bull by the horns not the other way around. – schlep!

  33. Anon Student says:

    Blaming: a common premise that is rampant in this country, “Oh, a girl was raped? It has to be at the fault of somebody else then the actual rapist.”. That’s all you see in Today’s society, the blame game.

    Being a student in Flagler County, I have definitely noticed a stricter regime enforced by the School Board and administration. They are doing all they can to make these schools a safe environment, under certain circumstances, such as budget.

    Surely we cannot fully exterminate acts like these in our school systems, just like we cannot fully exterminate criminal activity outside, yes people, in the ‘real world’. This may be an awkward statement, but if we don’t have criminals and rule breakers, than what is the point of police, resource officers? To Serve and Protect, right? No matter what the principal (or better yet, ‘hall monitors’ as many of you are saying) may or may not do, there will always be risky events such as these, unfortunately. This world is not pure, we cannot 100% stop this, especially if all anyone is doing is blaming the principal for not baby-sitting young adults (that’s right, young ADULTS). We need to focus the efforts on the criminal; his attitude, his discipline, his respect, his humanity.

  34. anon says:

    This is the kind of stuff that happens. there are people at Fpc that know where the cameras aren’t at and they go there to have sex. These things happen daily but when one person decides to call it rape and report it everybody is concerned.

    Soon it will start happening in middle schools. Smh.

  35. anon says:

    Soon it will start happening in middle schools. Smh.

  36. ??? says:

    Do this confirm spending tons of money on school resource officers is ineffective? Suppose this was a shooting instead of a rape. This school has resource officers and I think it is important to know where they were and what they were doing when this incident occurred.

  37. gary weaver says:

    my daughter will not be here in this school system for much longer. teachers are the worst they only care about themselves. there is a few that care. but not many and as far as the boy. why are they aloud phones at school. thats just plain stupid. sound like she went to the stairwell to meet him if she did and then felt bad afterwards. she is destroying any chance of the young man having a normal life. if he forced her he shoud be punhished to full exstent of the law.

  38. emile says:

    This is very similar to a date rape. Sadly, the victim was only 14 and didn’t understand what she was getting into. I agree that a student on probation should be in an alternative school.

  39. Dorothea says:


    It’s difficult to scream when someone has his penis your mouth. However, D’Shawn is innocent until proven quilty.

    @Meinl Man

    Sexual intercourse has been going on long before Clinton took office, whether consensual or rape.

  40. John F Passero says:

    The authorities have confiscated the cell phones of each student involved, including the text messages between the two. Let’s wait for a full investigation before jumping to conclusions.

    • unknown says:

      Thank You, we should know it was not one person at fault they both had conversations between each other about meeting up. What is needed is the truth !!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    The solution is not 50 more cameras and having more teachers patrolling the halls. Put the ones who long for prison where they want to go; don’t turn the schools into prisons. This kid was a burglar and should not have returned to regular school where he could corrupt others. This is why we have alternative education institutions. Burglary is a felony, and our community ought to take a harder line on property crime. Aside from that, it is refreshing to see action being taken on an alleged statutory rape where the suspect is a student, since these incidents are often swept under the rug.

    • Linda says:

      Felons lose their civil rights, like voting rights. They should also lose their right to a public education, but at the very least, be sent to an alternative school or get their education while incarcerated. Keep them away from the kids who do well, and do not deserve to have their education interfered with by these kinds of incidents. Look at all the time and resources that will have to be allocated to this incident instead of new equpiment for science labs or other educational resources. Disgusting.

  42. A Concerned Student says:

    Everyone seems to be blaming the schools, saying they should have more cameras and resource officers. That stuff costs money, education budgets are constantly being cut. Schools can’t just pull money out of thin air. Maybe people should stop blaming the school for not having enough security and start blaming the people who take money from education budgets.

  43. Edman says:

    We all need to contact Mica and Rubio to let them know if they use any lame excuses to “follow the insanity of the NRA” they can count on caring citizens to “show them the door” at election time. We can and should be more rational and caring about our society than the gun manufacturer mouthpieces known as the NRA. Pass the word, we are better than that and won’t stand for any more lame excuses!

  44. Deep North says:

    As a fellow Matanzas senior, I find the comments of this article really amusing. First of all, I do agree that Dr. Pryor can’t be everywhere. This is an education facility FOR education. If it’s anything at fault, I believe it should be the parents fault for raising incompetent children; slimes of society who sucks our taxes from the system. If the girl was sending nude pictures to the boy, shouldn’t that be regarded as distribution of child pornography? And if it’s true that the boy forced his wanker on her, then that’s a different story and indeed we can agree that it as a possible rape. The only problem I have with Matanzas High School is that it’s so narrow minded. Teachers are their to provide education and instruction yet we pesker them for not raising morals to the students. I’m not saying this is a moral issue but look at the fact of your kids in the education system. What have they done for the community? Most resort to throwing trash on the court yard during lunch, waiting for the janitors to pick it up. Most trash the restroom, drowning it with insincere remarks on the wall. The problem is not the teacher. Blame the student and the parents for raising irresponsible offspring. Then again, this society is founded on the blame game system; no one wants to accept the responsibility for their actions. No one is honest. I find it utterly disgusting and a disgrace as a student to see my fellow peers following the wrong path; to see valuable financial resource drained from the education itself to counter with these pig like behavior. Yet what can we do? I’m not saying who’s innocent or not until more information comes out.

    So thank you for reading my comment. I hope I overpowered your thoughts with my thought.

  45. Liana G says:

    This blaming the victim needs to STOP! Why does society, our legal system included, always takes the side of the perpetuator – especially if the perpetuator happens to be male – and not the side of the victim?

    Yes! The school needs to take full responsibility for this occurring on school property! If kids are not guaranteed safety at school, why should parents and taxpayers be forced to subject themselves to the public cost and effort in undertaking this endeavor? One traumatizing event is all it takes to permanently scar a person’s life both physically and emotionally. And this could and should have been prevented!

    The disproportionate black male/female ratio results in black women being pressured to put out instantly albeit unwillingly, or be passed over for others who will. Black males are very much aware of their status among black women, and use it to their advantage. I remember the case of the middle school black male who physically assaulted a black girl for refusing to go out with him. And contrary to popular belief, it is not the shy insecure males who engage in sexual assaults. It is the popular guys who think they’re all that, and no means “yes, she sooo wants me”. No, she doesn’t! Why should this 14 year old young lady not be allowed to change her mind? She is totally within her RIGHT to say NO or STOP!

    Bertrand Russell wrote, “Marriage is for women the commonest mode of livelihood, and the total amount of undesired sex endured by women is probably greater in marriage than in prostitution.”

  46. Deep South says:

    I’m some what puzzled on this story and now I will say what I believe. The boy is 16, and the girl is 14, both minors, and both going though hormone changes. Young people today are more biologically older today then young people 20 years ago. They are more physically developed because of better healthcare, and better nutrition. Kids today have bodies of 18 and 20 year olds. They are bigger and stronger, and yes smarter. They start having sex younger because they are developing faster than the youths of years ago. I’m not defending the boy, but I believe his reputation has a lot to do with the conviction. Let’s study the evidence before we pass judgement. Also try to going to a High School Football Game, and stand next to the players those guys are huge, and even the cheerleaders.

    • Magnolia says:

      They’re having sex because nobody is telling them it is wrong, that they need to wait. I think we’re all tiring of this “anything goes” attitude.

      You’re right, we’re passing judgement without knowing the facts, but maybe it’s time for the Sheriff’s office to hold an assembly to tell this kids this behavior is a felony and it means prison time. We have children having sex in elementary schools. This is NOT OK. Neither is rape, IF he is guilty.

    • cutie pie says:

      @ deep south, i strongly agree; WELL PUT

  47. Anonymous says:

    I’m a girl, and I believe that girls – even 14 year old girls – can be taught that it’s ok to say no, that they do have power. They can also be taught personal safety. Young adults that age are going to experiment with sex. Not saying he did/she did in this case, maybe flagler should consider having 1 all boys high school and 1 all girls high school. You can’t combine teenage boys and girls in a confined space with hormones raging and expect absolute self-control; that’s how the human race has survived. Regardless of who approves or not.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Florida Statutes 800.04

    (2) PROHIBITED DEFENSES.—Neither the victim’s lack of chastity nor the victim’s consent is a defense to the crimes proscribed by this section.

    (4) LEWD OR LASCIVIOUS BATTERY.—A person who:
    (a) Engages in sexual activity with a person 12 years of age or older but less than 16 years of age; or
    (b) Encourages, forces, or entices any person less than 16 years of age to engage in sadomasochistic abuse, sexual bestiality, prostitution, or any other act involving sexual activity

    commits lewd or lascivious battery, a felony of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.


    What this means is that minors below age 16 cannot consent with anybody, period. Whether or not she asked for it is inconsequential since the activity is already non-consensual by statute. Our state’s similar age exception, or “Romeo & Juliet” law, only applies when both parties are aged 16 or older. I hope that this clears things up for those who had any doubts about this case.

  49. kmedley says:

    My son attends Matanzas High and I asked him what he had heard. Now, I know this is hearsay; but, this is what is being said at school by students. There are two stories. One is that the young lovers wanted to test the boundaries of public sex and each planned to request a pass from their teacher in order to meet in the stairwell. The girl got nervous, there were two other students approaching the area, and she cried rape. The other story is that the two students who caught the couple threatened to call school administrators if the two didn’t stop. I am simply sharing that which is being said at school. There are two sides to every story and I am certainly not defending the boy. I understand rape all too well. Another news source reported the girl sent texts to the boy after reporting the rape. Let’s not forget, it started out as an “Afternoon Delight”. Can she still say no? Absolutely! Whether she did or not is for a court and jury to decide.

  50. Binkey says:

    Students should not be sent out of class by themselves. A same gender buddy should have been sent so there is never a lone person in the hallway.

  51. maryann says:

    They were said to be texting each other and kissing each other. I have a hard time putting 100% blame on the male or calling it “RAPE” That is a very dangerous word and if in fact this girl was just upset after the fact, it is not rape. I’m a female and if I didn’t want a penis in my mouth – it won’t be there – I have teeth – I can fight back VERY easily and it doesn’t have anything to do with size or strength. She would have definitely had the upper hand in that situation so please lets stop calling this rape. I got into some trouble as a kid – alot of them do and just because they have “pasts” doesn’t mean they are guilty of every crime. I don’t have children in MHS nor do I know the principal so I have a very unbias opinion that it is not solely his responsibility to be everywhere. Let’s be realistic – it is the parents responsibility to start raising responsible adults! High school is old enough to know better. Parents – stop playing the blame game and take responsibility for your children. Do you think because they are at school all day it’s the teachers role to raise your children – it’s their responsibility to teach them book smarts – the fundamentals of life are your responsibility! You could potentially be ruining a boys life because of fault accusations….be very careful here. Think – men – could you force a woman to give you oral sex and be comfortable that she wouldn’t bite down…..girls – BITE – it only takes a second he would be on his knees crying and you get away. It’s not real rape – it’s regret..that’s different!

    • Anonymous says:

      Under Florida law, all sex with minors below age 16 is statutory rape. The victim’s consent is not a defense. There is no similar age exception when the victim is below age 16.

      Thus, if sexual activity is found to have taken place, it is statutory rape. Don’t agree with statutory rape laws then petition your legislators to have them changed.

      We have an age of consent, so it should either be enforced for everybody or for nobody, but stop playing games.

  52. SouthernBell says:

    I met a petite divorced woman years ago who had 3 teenage children. But like this woman, parents in need of disciplining their children or “young adults” have found out the kids have all the power- their parents have literally got their hands tied. Her teenage daughter; who was a young 17 year old mother living under mommy’s roof, was being rude, mouthy and disrespectful but when her mother slapped her across the face the mother was hauled off to jail and not allowed to return to her own home! Everything has gone so far to the left it’s ridiculous. When I was a kid trust me you did not talk back to your parents or other adults of authority without some form of discipline. Protect abused children absolutely! but there must be accountability when children are disrespectful at home or they will be disrespectful everywhere.
    @ Deep South, Aside from the fact that you are very articulate and seem to have a good head on your shoulders and will more than likely be a great benefit to society…Children are bigger, bustier, and don’t appear to be their age because of the hormones fed to poultry, beef, etc. and preservatives in our foods. In South America children are fed hormone free meat unlike the food adults are fed. They still look like children…both boys and girls…when they are 18 and older. It’s not from being malnourished- I know this because my husband grew up there and I met his cousins when they moved here…they were by no means poor. So no I hardly believe it’s because we are healthier now than in the past. As a matter of fact I believe the healthcare was more affordable, and run by doctors who cared instead of by bureaucrats. One more thing kids eat a lot of junk when allowed and along with everything else that makes a girl look more womanly at 14 is because breast and hips are fat tissue. Just sayin’….

  53. SouthernBell says:

    Oops, I meant to direct some of @ Deep South to @ Deep North.

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