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Lay-Offs at Palm Coast Data; Parent Co. Posts Loss and Signs $20 Million Line of Credit

| May 19, 2010

The Palm Coast Data building previously known as City Hall. (© FlaglerLive)

Amrep Corp., Palm Coast Data’s parent company, reported a $2.76 million loss for the first nine fiscal months of 2010, which ended on Jan. 31. Revenue was down 16 percent during the period, compared with the same period last year. The largest portion of the decrease by far was in subscription fulfillment services, now almost entirely based out of Palm Coast, where revenue fell 20 percent—from $90 million in the first nine fiscal months of 2009 to $72.5 million in the same period in 2010, according to the company’s latest filing. That’s despite a $12.3 million decrease in operating expenses at the subscription-services division.

Last week, Palm Coast Data and Kable Media, of which Palm Coast Data is a division, signed on to a $20 million revolving line of credit “secured by substantially all of their assets other than real property.” The two-year credit agreement allows the company to borrow and repay various amounts as needed during the life of the agreement. The arrangement is designed to ease cash flow but doesn’t necessarily imply trouble: it can also imply creditors’ confidence (in this case, PNC Bank) that the company has a credit-worthy plan for growth, though the lending terms aren’t exactly generous—2 to 3 percent interest rate above base commercial rates. Borrowings may be used to offset “expenses and other costs associated with the consolidation” of the company’s subscription services in Palm Coast, the note states.

Attention Former and Current Palm Coast Data Employees!

If you have stories to tell, we want to hear from you—in confidence if you so choose. Write us here or comment below.

Kable Media is completing the shut-down and consolidation of three operations in Illinois, Ohio and Colorado into its Palm Coast campus. Hence the decreasing operating expenses in that division. The company won $500,000 in tax concessions and direct taxpayer contributions from the Palm Coast City Council and the Flagler County Commission, plus Palm Coast’s old city hall, which the company eventually bought last April for $2.4 million less than its assessed value in 2008. (Palm Coast now wants to build a $10 million city hall.)

Local governments opened up taxpayers’ pocketbooks in exchange for Palm Coast Data’s pledge to stay in Palm Coast and add 700 jobs over three years to its total of about 1,000 at the time of the deal in October 2008.

It hasn’t quite worked out that way. Some segments of the company are adding employees, such as “client representatives” (the contacts between Palm Coast Data and the magazines whose subscriptions it services). But It’s laying off people in other divisions. Three weeks ago, eight people were laid off in the Information Technology department, several of them in Palm Coast proper. A few were laid off in the company’s Illinois operation, which is closing. Consolidation was projected to grow the local workforce, however. One employee who was laid off three weeks ago, and who requested anonymity, said lay-offs “have been happening all along, little by little,” including 20 to 30 people laid off from an entire department last year when Palm Coast Data was no longer involved in an electronic identification project it was working on. “Everything as far as I know is on hold,” the ex-employee said, including an expanded warehouse and a planned move to a new IT building. “That’s not going to happen.”

Not that the company’s space on Commerce Boulevard wasn’t overcrowded. The company began moving into the old city hall, which is still under re-construction.

Jim Landon, the Palm Coast city manager who played a role in the deal with the company, characterized news of the layoffs as “fun rumors, adding, of the total number of employees at the company, that “the total number they give me is that they’re about 1,200, total.” Speaking at an Enterprise Flagler’s May board meeting, Landon did not say whether the figure includes employees in Kable’s operations out of state, or if the number was those at the Commercial Drive facilities only. He did concede, using a falling-domino analogy, that actual development is not matching original expectations. “Are they falling as quickly as we had hoped? Absolutely not, but nothing is falling right now as quickly as we’d hoped three or four years ago.”

New building plans appear to be on hold as the heart of the operation—subscription services—is taking a hit.

Revenues “have continued to suffer from reduced advertising revenues and lower subscription and newsstand sales, which have caused some publishers to close magazine titles or seek more favorable terms from Kable or its competitors,” the parent company’s latest filing states. Palm Coast Data recently lost two major accounts when Jet and Ebony magazines bailed to another company that would provide them with marketing. Palm Coast Data has lost several smaller titles, and may be losing Smithsonian and Aerospace come fall.

The Palm Coast City Council’s agreement hurriedly to move out of city hall was touted as the deal-maker that kept Palm Coast Data in Palm Coast, even though it’s never been clear to what extent the company seriously considered other cities: the secrecy surrounding the deal-making in 2008 was part of the politically heated urgency that compelled the city and county governments to act.

The city, with City Manager Jim Landon and Mayor Jon Netts leading the charge, now wants to move out of its current digs at City Walk (which is in foreclosure) and into a city hall in Town Center, which would cost at least $10 million.

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45 Responses for “Lay-Offs at Palm Coast Data; Parent Co. Posts Loss and Signs $20 Million Line of Credit”

  1. Kari C. says:

    Ouch! Way to go. It’s about time someone dug into what was really going on behind closed doors beyond the public promises and PR.

  2. R3ACHER says:

    “Local governments opened up taxpayers’ pocketbooks in exchange for Palm Coast Data’s pledge to stay in Palm Coast and add 700 jobs over three years to its total of about 1,000 at the time of the deal in October 2008. ”

    Too bad that’s not true. they moved archiving to St. Augustine. Who wants to travel to St. Augustine for a part time, minimum wage job? More jobs for the desperate there.

    Money troubles… lol, they are spending tens of thousands at the club at hammock beach soon. Reminds me of AIG, in money trouble and still spending on higher ups fun. Meanwhile, employees get fired, the ones that stay don’t get matching 401K anymore and pay raises have been reduced to a max of 2%, on an already laughable salary.

  3. J.S says:

    When are they going to start giving back to the employees?

  4. beachcomberT says:

    Regarding your mention of PNC Bank as a confident creditor, it should be noted PNC also financed the News-Journal sale.

  5. Illinois says:

    Well, well, well —– it just goes to show that the business decision made by some at the company that owns Palm Coast Data made some very, very bad business decisions. Guess they did not think that moving everything to Florida would cause them to lose almost 50% of their publishers/business and things would go sour. Oh wah wah and too bad for them…………….the almost 1000 people in Ohio , Iliinois, and Colorado who lost their jobs are probably laughing their heads off at this development. We gave PCD about two years to go under and it looks like things might speed right along, especially if they continue to lose very large clients like the last couple.
    Too bad so sad.

  6. One80 says:

    There are a few other things that should be mentioned regarding the current management/leadership at Palm Coast Data. Does the City and County know that this company has laid off employees so they could out-source their Email Customer Service and White Mail to India? Do you also know that they recently hired all of the so called temporary consolidation consultants as full-time employees making them senior VP’s and none of them reside in this state? As a result PCD is footing the bill for their housing expenses during the days that they work here but as stated in one of the other comments, the employees can’t get raises, jobs are being eliminated and benefits cut but upper management still gets their high salaries and bonuses. It is painfully obvious that John Meneough is merely a figure-head now days. In addition, it is painfully obvious that the “new executives” (the aforementioned consultants) are calling all of the shots. It should also be noted that these consultants are the same “executives” that put DIMAC into bankruptcy when PCD was owned by them at one time. How many more jobs are going to be sacrificed before the City/County hold this company accountable for the “deal” that they struck? The City and County leadership who made this “deal” should be held accountable as well. One needs to consider the serious ramifications there will be if PCD continues their spiral downturn on the City’s already struggling economy (unemployment & foreclosure rates). The current leadership at PCD has only one agenda…”how much can we make before we close the doors or we have to bail?”. The current trend of downsizing is justifying their excessive wages. Once again it is the typical corporate tactic of reducing overhead/expenses to justify unjustified executive wages.

  7. harryc says:

    The statement about “having lost e few other smaller titles” is laughable at best. How about adding to the list Highlights for Children (huge revenues) The Affinity Group (18 titles) Weight Watchers and other gems of the magazine publishing world. Correctly stated above is that 50% (over 350 titles) of the Mid-west, Colorado titles have voted with their feet.

    How the management of Palm Coast ever thought they were going to bring in 700 plus titles in the short time they allowed is beyond understanding. It is either a case of “tell AMREP what they want to hear and continue to collect my $350K salary” or, a huge showing of incompetence or, sheer arrogance or they were smoking something or, a combination of all of the above.

  8. Seabreeze1 says:

    Why should John Meneough, Mike Tashler, Mike Lee, Peter Beaudet or any of the other executives give a crap when they have all made money off of the sale of this company and will continue to make money even though it’s going downhill. Watch out guys, karma is a bitch!

  9. Hardworkerforless says:

    To add to the fire, in the customer service department, how about you can’t go home early if you elect to be paid out of your time bank for the difference. And how is this, after NOT announcing to the customer service department of job eliminations, within the department, they purchase 2 brand new color copiers. While people are packing their things, we hear the news that two employees have been made VP’s. So from reading the previous posts, what kind of company is this? So does it suprise you hearing of all those publishers leaving?
    Once one leaves like for example Smithsonian they all will follow, and where will the employees be that are employed by Flagler Countys leading employer? The town sure isnt stepping in to help the situation and promote new job growth, instead they make it almost impossible for a company to setup shop in this county, maybe because it would compete with Palm Coast Data, and i am sure they pay the “Powers that be” to keep it that way. SO once again, the Rich keep getting richer.

  10. John Rivera says:

    Did the city of Palm Coast have written reprocussions in place if PCD failed to fullfill their end of the agreement, or did they just take PCD at their word like the county did with Ginn on the airport white elephant?

  11. Asia says:

    Don’t worry all formers employee they think move the business to palm coast for better but its wrong… They move to the worst…. Palm coast is a mass you can’t evven walk pass the warehouse asle due to no space for the warehouse stock, pile after pile no place to put it…………!

    It’s won’t last due to the big publisher leaving to the better business else where..

  12. PC says:

    I was one of those that lost a job in Illinois when they moved all our work to Florida (PCD) … I have to admit that I get a bit of satisfaction in knowing that they made a bad move and now they are faililng. But to be honest, we in Illinois were all very proud of our jobs and relationships with the clients we worked with. I saddens all of us to see all the years of hard work we put in to build the Kable company and brand and now see it all going to down the drain. It makes it even worse knowing that all of this was done to make just a few greedy people richer. No matter how many other people and families they hurt in the process. I think karma will win in the end….but I still wish those at PCD a very healthy hurricain season!

  13. Anonymous says:

    How can sending stuff to India save money for the company? Someone is being paid off to use tham.

  14. pissed off says:

    i hope they burn in hell for what they have done to the IL people that made Kable what it once was. WE had happy clients that renewed their contracts. And WE will be the only ones that can be proud of that.
    I too am hoping for the worst hurricane season ever—–oh what joy we will have from a sea of paper. Grab your life jackets PCD—-you’re about to sink.

  15. JT Boulder says:

    Well AMREP paid $90 million dollars for PCD. That is a big nut to crack and wonder what the ROI is for this investment is???? Remember when land and housing was riding high – that is AMREP with their operations out west. The housing market is in the tank so is land sales. I wonder how they are going to pay the debt off with a lost that will continue for years. Now $20 million LOC, I hope that PNC knows what it is doing and the economy gets better for PCD, Circulation and the magazines ad dollars need to improve. How many years down the road is this going to be? PCD pledged all their assets for this line but not real property.

    Remember they were the only division of DIMAC to survive their Bankruptcy. I wonder who was in charge when DIMAC went under.

    It is not good for a company when you start to lose customers especially when they are large and going to a competitor in Tampa and CDS in IA. You can only cut expenses so far and then Troubles with the clients, not processing on time, a big problems. I hear that previous management designed applications that allows clients to review PCD’s processing – On Time Preformance. That application will be a problem for PCD.

    Yes, Palm Coast City gave to PCD not to move. I wonder what they are willing to give to keep them afloat. Do you think Palm Coast will ask for their money back from PCD for not fulfilling their end of the agreement? Go to City Hall and ask……… Seems like the government is involved in everything look at the Federal side of this coin.

    This would be a great article for Circulation Management and DM News. The Greatest Dive – was that a book writen about Time Inc and one of its ventures? Some like the same end is coming.

    Having fun in Boulder, Colorado….. Playing Golf, Skiing and drinking a Brew once in awhile.

  16. Jim B says:

    When will the City of Palm Coast Audit the employment numbers of PCD for the agrement it made. Was 700 jobs created???????????????????

  17. Jim B says:

    Would the City officials respond to the last message on this Blog, Please??????????????????

    I will be at the next city council meeting and will be asking, so please have the answer or tell me when you will have the answer.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I understand that the IL folks lost their jobs, it is truly sad. However, wishing bad things come to PCD and it’s hundreds of employees is just wrong. Companies merge, downsize and go belly up every day. It is part of life. I know first hand that the PCD employees are just as brilliant and capable as the IL & CO folks. They have families as well. I hope and pray that PCD management makes wise decisions and grow for the sake of the many clients that depend on them, and the employees that have devoted just as much time and energy into helping their clients succeed.

  19. KABLE EMPLOYEE says:

    Amrep has ruined a nice, family company. The Kable brothers probably didn’t think that people would be running it that were only out to “take over the media industry”, instead of helping the local employees in Illinois where it started. Some of these people had been with the company for 30, 40 and 50 years. Many were escorted out like common criminals. Some of the executives make upwards to half a million a year, that is more than some doctors make. The employee doesn’t matter anymore. The quality of kidness and loyalty are tainted. Customers have fled, because they simply don’t want to be told what to do. We have been lied too, telling us that after the subs division left for warmer weather, that everything else would stay in Illinois, soon after that we were told that they bought another company in Ohio and our product division was moving there. Then we were told we would get a huge newsstand account, we hired more people, just to be told recently that many people would be laid off, due to not getting this new business. They are slowly letting us die and although I would be fine moving on, I feel for the people, (in all areas), that are struggling and wondering when their pink slip will arrive.

  20. whyowhy says:

    The bottom line of this entire fiasco is that clients are affected. They are the life blood of every company out there. If your company can not provide quality service the client will look elswhere. This move has affected all of our abilities to service our clients and give them the “best” service in the industry. From drastic changes for the Kable clients on how the PCD system works to huge delays in their mailing getting out. Service has declined across the board. The “new” direction of PCD is electronic. Unfortunately, so many of the small and middle sized clients do not want or can not afford this move.
    So many families have been affected and will be affected because the time and attention was not given to a task this large. Systems and client needs were not analyzed fully and this is the result.
    In the end the clients will speak as they leave and choose other service bureaus. To get “service” which is not something the PCD/Kable clients are getting now.
    I urge all to attend the board meeting and ask for answers. Where did our tax dollars go? What happens if promises are not kept? What recourse do we have?

  21. wtf says:

    Where are you people getting the information that Palm Coast Data is going under? To me it sounds like bitter speculation and wishful hateful thinking. I think if people are going to make such claims then sources need to be provided.

  22. brandon k says:

    It Strikes

  23. sayitain'tso says:

    I am a former employee of PCD (no, not a disgruntled one) and I have to say that they are the worst employer I have ever worked for. They treat their employees like dirt, pay is well below poverty level unless you’re in a management position and their salaries won’t exactly break the bank, the majority of their management personnel need to attend some professional management classes (especially upper management)…..the list goes on and on.

    It is most unfortunate that our city officials don’t care enough about their local economy to make a half-hearted attempt at getting more industry in the area other than restaurants and retail.

    Good luck with the whole PCD thing but it sounds to me like their shoddy business practices are catching up with them and they are losing their stable client base. If they close their doors and there is no other large employer in Flagler County, Palm Coast will likely not grow/survive and the city officials will also be part of the ranks of the unemployed…….couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of folks!!

  24. PCD EMP says:

    While the actions and motives of PCD upper management and Palm Coast City Officials are certainly questionable, there seems to be a lot of conjecture in the comments posted, not necessarily fact.
    I certainly feel compassion for the employees and their families in CO and IL who have lost their jobs as a result of the consolidation. It could just as well have been us here in FL. We need jobs too, and we have families to support as well. The economy here is not exactly thriving. But to wish natural disasters (hurricanes, not “hurricains”) on your fellow Americans demonstrates a degree of acrimony that is very sad. I would never wish a natural disaster on anybody. To those of you who have posted such hateful comments, may I suggest counseling, meds, or perhaps attending church.

  25. PCD..NOT says:

    Well, Palm Coast Data has finally hit a new low. 1% raises, if you were lucky to even get one, and then to top it off you’re told that you have to “compete” with the other departments going forward in order to even get a merit raise next year. What kind of management is running this place!! But I guess 1% of $350,000 to $500,000 isn’t as shabby as those of us who barely make it on the below industry level wages they pay their workforce. Of course that’s assuming upper management only got 1%….yeah right.

    The city of Palm Coast and Flager county better be doing all they can to get some new industry in here for the job market because at this rate I don’t think they are going to have Palm Coast Data as a major employer much longer. I’ll be surprised if they are still in business by this time next year.

  26. former pcd employee says:

    What is even more worrying for the company, is the fact that although they are laying off employees (in cases where it is not needed), the CEO or COO or whatever he is called, is employing his children in postions that has not been advertised. All of a sudden, his kids are employed there and no one knows what they are working on…seems like Palm Coast Data should now be called – Taschler and Family…

  27. R3ACHER says:

    ^ @ WTF ^

    I’m a current employee here and know it is going under. If you are one as well, then you are blind and naive to think every thing is hunky dory. ROFL Get your head out of that rock you are under and look around. Put two to two together.

  28. it was media solutions says:

    Mike Taschler gave all of our work in IL to a good for nothing loser out of NJ. Craig Clifford. Mike and John Menough and Peter Beadet gave Craig Clifford and Andy Shayler all of their business to lose! This guy from NJ admitted in a catered meeting in PCD that he knew nothing about envelopes, print or direct mail he was a report pushing piece of crap looking to see who he could screw next. Well after Craig Clifford and his big brother john the paper pushers fell on his face with the scam artist Andy Shayler PCD lost Bonnier a multi million dollar account!!!!!

  29. Capt. Obvious says:

    LMAO Palm Coast Data………Bobby Ginn…..

    What POS is going to take advantage of you next? Welcome to Flagler County! We buy your snake oil! Sad. Absolutely sad. Pathetic.

  30. ThumbsDownPalmCoast says:

    Palm Coast is desperate and PCD smells blood. PCD is much more savvy than those they are dealing with in Palm Coast government. Therefore PCD will take them (and us!) for a ride, and many will by into it simply because it offers some hope. But the truth is the pocketbooks of we taxpayers is going to be picked. It’s the only way that those in elected office can survive. No one would survive a reelection campaign if an attempt wasn’t made to retain PCD in Palm Coast. So, an offer is made….but let’s face it PCD is in serious trouble financially. Several major accounts have not renewed for 2011 – which means more layoffs. I’m not sure anything short of another construction boom will make us a viable community. During the boom, most of the good paying jobs were a result of construction and the companies that support construction. Palm Coast is in trouble. The writing is on the wall. But the many simple minded, uneducated people in this community

  31. Anonymous says:

    AMREP & PCD is getting all they deserve.

  32. The problem with a VPN is that secure web sites don’t like them very much because they are slowed down by the VPN. There is no web acceleration from those pages and the lag time is huge. That plus they don’t work well with Mac computers.

  33. ISEL Tech says:

    I guess they should have kept ISEL and integrated PCD to Kable. The would still have Highlights.

  34. Kip Durocher says:

    This story has got it all, sorry I missed it way back when. In 2008 anyone should have known that the writing was on the wall for subscription fulflment – just as for all print media. One can not fulfill what another does not buy in the first place. Give away city hall, haha. The fish in the Enterprise Flagler cooler smell. City Hall in foreclosure. Let’s build a new one. But wait ~ not 10 million ~ let’s go for the 20 million model. Bigger office for the Mayor and City Manager. Get Enterprise Flagler ~ they are looking for 50,000 square foot buildings.

  35. audrapcd says:

    cannot believe that it seems like Il Col and Oh are all blaming us for this disaster, it is effecting all low paid employees at PCD also, we felt very bad for you guys losing your jobs, and still do but now that I see this written about the hurricanes, you have no room to be saying that. That is just wrong.

  36. ISEL Tech says:

    I do not think that anyone from IL or CO or OH is blaming the workers at PCD. The workers didn’t take our jobs. The head shed took them. They had the best of both worlds and they destroyed it. By the time they finish, they will have destroyed both companies. But never once did any of us say that it was the workers at PCD fault. Their jobs are in jeopardy also.

  37. needinfo says:

    Hi everyone, Would you recommed someone to work for PCD. I just saw that this company went private. When a company goes private layoffs are comming shortly. Which is very sad. With that being said how is it working in the center? The hours and who gets the day shift etc? are they really flexible? Do they have high turnovers?
    They want me to take a test tommorrow from reading these comments I do think I want to.
    Thank you

  38. PCD NOT says:


  39. needinfo says:

    Thank you for responding. They must be getting ready to lay off esp. when they are losing big name companies. I worked in a place and when the company went private the company laid off within 1-2 years.

    Are they really fexlible with hours and what kind of shifts and days off they have. This place sounds depressing =(. They make it sound so good over the phone.

  40. PalmCoastSucks says:

    As per usual another business with ego’s at the helm !! The ego’s, ego’s have trickled down into management, to supervisor’s, and some of the lowly “average” pay check to pay check workers thinking they are better than some of the other workers. To many managers, to many supervisors, and re-structuring for a company that seems to be stuck in the past, and needs modernizing. Base level staff are on stupid hourly wages which are far less than even someone who works at McDonalds or Burger King. There seems to be no offers of in house promotion, regardless of how long you have worked for PCD. I have spoken to several people from PCD and they have all told me that the harder you work the worse you are treated. Everyone needs a job, AND I will not be submitting an application to PCD any time soon from what I have heard from people who work there. All the stories I have heard might not be true, BUT when you hear the same ones from several different PCD sources then you begin to think that the PCD ship is not steady, and sinking. I would encourage the PCD employees to jump ship ASAP. Ex-staff have opened their mouths, and indeed those who thought there jobs where safe have now gone, thinking their ego’s would see them through without getting touched. I now wonder those who thought they where top pickings who got layed off are tooting their own horns now? Take those poles out of your backsides, and know that the ego’s at the top own PCD, and your ego is not as important as you thought.
    Palm Coast is sure not going to be at a loss if it loses Palm Coast Data, and I would hope they put a shopping mall in it’s place, and give us Palm Coast residents something other than mechanics, restaurants,super markets, CVS’s, and Walgreens. Please could we have a bus service also.
    There where to many cooks in the kitchen, and their ego’s, and the people with their noses up their butts have been cut, and money gave the God’s that be a reason to walk them up the PCD plank.
    Who next will be in the firing line? Just make sure if you are a decent, honest, hard working person get out now, and work somewhere where hasn’t got sharks, and vultures lurking.

  41. ISEL Tech says:

    Did PCD have some recent layoffs?

  42. chris h says:

    PCD is a joke they care nothing about their employees I worked in the warehouse and the new management that came from colorado is a joke they made it rediculous to work in the warehouse I’m kinda glad I got layed off and I feel so sorry for the hard working people that have no choice I was layed off last year after working there for 3 yrs. They layed me off because and I quote “we couldn’t really find a reason because you are a hard worker but you called out 3 days in a row last year and we need someone more reliable” but what they failed to see is the several months at a time I would work 6 to 7 days a week and lots of 12 hr days to help bail them out of trouble so that tells ya what kind of company they really are if u work or have ever worked there u know what I’m saying

  43. Randy says:

    Why so many clients are leaving PCD? I still work at PCD and I know this for sure.
    There is no communication between upper management and employees. The whole environment is very very calm. It is like deadly calm before a hurricane. There were layoffs in the warehouse couple of weeks ago. Everyone knows the company is in chaos state heading to a disaster and still no one has the courage to express this with anyone. I am looking out for new job. What happened at PCD is…they hired all jerks who do not know anything as part of upper management. They tried to “look like they are working” and started laying off good people and now no one is there to tell them what and hows of processes. This is getting simply ridiculous. Once a leader in fulfillment business is now in scrambles and no one in the upper management knows how to fix this. It is going to be a disaster unless they make sweeping changes and hire mix of ex-employees and new employees with a good leader and direction. Choice of people and technology with right attitude towards employees can still change the course. But I am sure it aint gonna happen with current attitude towards employees. God…Help all good, decent and hard working employees working at PCD.

  44. ISEL Tech says:

    How are things going at PCD? I was laid-off from Kable in Feb 2009. Been going to school. Just wondering how PCD is doing. No one has posted since the end of March.

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