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No Close Call: Obama Wins; Weeks, Meeker, Nelson, DeSantis, Thrasher, Hanns, Moore-Stens, Manfre and Hutson Win

| November 6, 2012

The sun set on two key campaigns close to the hearts of many Flagler County residents. (© FlaglerLive)

Last Updated: 11:15 p.m.

The following results reflect all Flagler County ballots counted, including early voting, absentee ballots and all precincts reporting. Raw results are at the foot of the article.

Quick links to the races:

The Presidency, Federal and State Elections

Mitt Romney has won Flagler County 53-46. In 2008, Flagler was an Obama county. But in a see-sawing statewide race, Obama is ahead of Romney 50-49, with 84 percent of precincts reporting. If Florida falls in Obama’s camp, the presidential election is over before Ohio votes are counted: Obama will win. It would be the surprise of the evening–not the Obama victory, which has been predicted by most polls in the past week, but Florida’s resilience in the Obama camp, which it carried in 2008, but was not projected to hold this year.

Regardless of Obama’s performance in Florida, his re-election appeared virtually assured, with state after state that the Romney campaign had fancied it could carry–Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa–going the president’s way, and suggestions of a long night strained by recounts and legal challenges fading away fast.

It was very likely that the president would be assured of a second term well before midnight, with accumulating electoral votes after that.

Remaining debates are academic: for our sake, it’s easy to declare it a fait accompli: Obama has been re-elected.

Incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson, a Democrat, trounced Republican challenger Connie Mack.

Republican Ron DeSantis has defeated Democrat Heather Beaven for the newly created District 6 seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. DeSantis beat Beaven 52-48 in Flagler, and won in Volusia and St. Johns by larger margins.

Florida Sen. John Thrasher held only a 53 percent lead over Democrat Kathleen Trued in Flagler, but he more than made up for it elsewhere in the district, enabling him to keep his seat.

Democrat Milissa Holland was ahead of Republican Travis Hutson by 13 points in the race for Florida House (55-42) in Flagler. That narrowed to 54-44 by the time all ballots were rtallied in her home county. She was doing far less well in Volusia and St. Johns counties, and by 10:53 p.m., Hutson had 37,628 votes to Holland’s 36,352, a Hutson advantage of 1,276 votes. Just two Volusia County precincts were left to count, making it virtually impossible for Holland to make up the difference.

Beyond Florida, Democrats will retain the U.S. Senate, Republicans will retain the House of Representatives.

U.S. President, Federal and State Races

Candidate and Race
Flagler Votes
Flagler Percent
Overall vote in FloridaOverall Percentage in Florida
Mitt Romney
Paul Ryan (REP)
Barack Obama
Joe Biden (DEM)
Gary Johnson
James P. Gray (LBT)
Candidates for U.S. Senate
Connie Mack (REP)2198145.03%312749842.27%
Bill Nelson (DEM)2533651.90%408305855.19%
Bill Gaylor (NPA)9021.85%1143281.55%
Chris Borgia (NPA)5541.13%734380.99%
Representative in Congress
Ron DeSantis (REP)2431551.97%17037157.97%
Heather Beaven (Dem)2247648.03%12353542.03%
Candidates for State Senate, Dist. 6
John Thrasher (Rep)2498452.54%12917759.36%
Kathleen Trued (DEM)2257047.46%8845640.64%
Candidates for State Representative, Dist. 24
Travis Hutton (REB)2085743.53%3715749%
Milissa Holland (DEM)2573653.72%3615847.68%
MIchael Cornish (NPA)13182.75%25133.31%
Justices of the Supreme Court, should they be retained?
Justice R. Fred Lewis66.03%33.97%67.43%32.57%
Justice Barbara J. Pariente67.00%33.00%67.89%32.11%
Justice Peggy A. Quince66.79%67.79%67.64%32.36%

Flagler County Judge, Sheriff, County Commission, Supervisor of Elections

Incumbent Supervisor of Elections Kimberle Weeks has won a second term, beating Republican Trey Corbett with 59 percent of the vote. Republican Frank Meeker defeated Independent Abby Romaine for the county commission seat Holland vacated, with 55 percent of the vote. And the rematch between Democrat George Hanns and Herb Whitaker ended with another loss for Whitaker, as Hanns managed to win by 335 votes out of 46,243 cast.

In the sheriff’s race, Democrat Jim Manfre, who was sheriff from 2001 to 2004, who has twice run and lost for the position since, finally defeated two-term incumbent Don Fleming by 302 votes, a less than 1 percentage point margin.

In a run-off, Melissa Moore-Stens defeated Craig Atack for Flagler County Court Judge with 51 percent of the vote.

Flagler County's Local Races

Candidate and Race
Donald W. Fleming (REP)2395549.39%
Jim Manfre (DEM)2425750.02%
Supervisor of Elections
Trey Corbett1972340.66%
Kimberle B. Weeks (DEM)2878759.34%
Flagler County Commission, District 2
Frank Meeker (REP)2421354.84%
Abby Romaine1986344.99%
Flagler County Commission, District 5
Herb Whitaker (REP)2297249.69%
George E. Hanns2326250.31%
Flagler County Court Judge
Craig R. Atack2167448.89%
Melissa Moore Stens2265851.11%

Constitutional Amendments

Based on Flagler numbers, most of the proposed constitutional amendments are failing for lack of a 60 percent majority, with three exceptions: the greater homestead exemption for veterans, the greater homestead exemption for the spouses of veterans and first responders, and the greater homestead exemption for certain seniors (and that one barely, in Flagler).

The statewide numbers track closely with those in Flagler, including on Amendment 4, which would expand the homestead exemption for first-time buyers and cap the annual increase in non-homesteaded properties’ assessments at 5 percent (down from 10 percent). Flagler rejected the amendment by the same 57 percent margin as voters elsewhere in the state did.

That means the so-called “religious freedom” amendment, an attempt to loosen constitutional language and enable tax dollars to underwrite the religious education of private school students, for example (through vouchers), failed, as did an attempt to impose new restrictions on abortion.

Surprisingly, even the proposed constitutional amendment opposing Obamacare’s mandate on health insurance failed to garner so much as a majority in Flagler County (it got 49.7 percent of the Yes vote). It failed by a wider margin statewide, placing the Florida Legislature, which placed the amendment on the ballot, at wide variance with the Florida electorate on Obamacare.

Proposed 2012 Constitutional Amendments

Consitutional Amendment
Yes (Flagler)
No (Flagler)
Yes (Florida)
No (Florida)
Amendment 1
No to ObamaCare
Amendment 2
Homestead tax discount for veterans.
Amendment 3
Limits on State Government Revenue
Amendment 4
Property tax limitations and greater homestead exemptions for some.
Amendment 5
Giving the Legislature more power over the Supreme Court.
Amendment 6
Prohibition on public funding of abortions.
Amendment 8
"Religious Freedom."
Amendment 9
Greater homestead exemption for spouses of veterans or first responders.
Amendment 10
Tangible personal property exemption.
Amendment 11
More homestead exemption for seniors.
Amendment 12
Appointing a student body president to University board.
Note: Amendments need 60 percent of the vote or better to pass.

Mosquito Control and Hammock Dunes Community Development

Candidate and Race
East Flagler Mosquito Control, Seat 2
Konnie L. Rea1749749.80%
Barbara A. Sgroi1763650.20%
East Flagler Mosquito Control, Seat 3
Shawn Byrnes1073830.70%
Ed Caroe753821.55%
Steve Levy773922.13%
Aynne McAvoy895725.61%
Hammock Dunes Community Development District, Seat 2
Kevin J. Kennedy55547.52%
Jack Leckie61352.48%
Hammock Dunes Community Development District, Seat 3
Sumner S. Bryant, Jr.50342.81%
Dennis V. Vohs67257.19%
Hammock Dunes Community Development District, Seat 4
Gary M. Crahan71060.43%
Elliot M. Puritz46539.57%

Flagler County Election Results

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58 Responses for “No Close Call: Obama Wins; Weeks, Meeker, Nelson, DeSantis, Thrasher, Hanns, Moore-Stens, Manfre and Hutson Win”

  1. Dadgum says:

    So far, Wow!

  2. Jim Neuenfeldt says:

    No so far the Flagler Election site is broke!

  3. Anonymous says:

    So who is ahead for Sheriff? Numbers above say Fleming is at 23284, and manfre is at 23805. Meaning Manfre is in the lead, or is the count final yet?

  4. tulip says:

    I guess Weeks didn’t learn her lesson when the server crashed during the primaries..Disgusting

  5. gator says:

    Kim you go girl,See people knows when someone does a good job,

  6. Merrill Shapiro says:

    Wow! Wow! for Kathleen Trued! On a shoestring as a novice, she did remarkably well against a pillar of the Ole Boy Network! who had about a gazillion dollars in his campaign war chest!

  7. Tammy says:

    Who the heck were the 248 people in Flagler County who voted for Johnson for president? Really? Did ya really think he had a more than a snowball’s chance to win? I’d hate to see the presidential race come down to those votes. Hope you’re proud of yourselves : (

    • MSFB says:

      There happens to be a Libertarian Party in this country and 40,000 in Florida voted for him. Maybe you should educate yourself on the other Parties in this country and what they stand for!!!

    • Phoenix8 says:

      These are the kind of people that wastes their votes where they could have made a difference. I didn’t think either of the candidates for the president deserved to be voted in for the position, but I had to choose between the two where my vote can count. For shame, 248 citizens, why did you do it, when you’re aware your candidate wouldn’t have had a snowball’s chance of winning!

    • NortonSmitty says:

      IGary Johnson was better than voting for None of the Above, who would have won in a landslide.

  8. Floridian says:

    Well Tammy, people shouldn’t just vote for Romney or Obama because they are the only ones who have a chance. They should vote for who they want. It isn’t a two party election, you shouldn’t vote for the lesser of two evils, you should vote for who you want to best represent you.

    • Phoenix8 says:

      You are right, of course, Floridian, we all have equal rights to vote for whom we want, but the point we’re trying to make is that this is a critical issue that will impact our country and all of us. If they’re old enough to vote, they’re old enough to know Johnson isn’t going to win because he wouldn’t gather enough votes, therefore they’re just wasting their voted. If they want to prove a point, I’m sure there are better and more effective ways, like writing to editors, blogging, even demonstrating, where I might even join them….

  9. confidential says:

    Congratulations to Kimberle Weeks our honest, dedicated and excellent SOE for four more years and beyond!!.
    Congratulations to Sheriff Jim Manfre another honest dedicated and family man, to server us in Flagler County now!.
    Congratulations to our re-elected President Obama, like I said, the poor, the workers, women, minorities, students, real small business owners, our retires, we voted for him!! Kudos Mr. President!
    Congratulations to Judge Melissa Moore Stens will serve our county with experience!!
    Congratulations to Commissioner George Hanns, please this time around, promote respect to our constitutional officials elected by us, The People of Flagler County! No more witch hunts please.

  10. Carjo says:

    Congratulations to Melissa Moore-Stens for the new Flagler County Judge, and kudos to the voters who made the right decision!

  11. Geezer says:


  12. gator says:

    the president that got vote in is a real joke to te usa

  13. Reality Check says:

    Manfre a proven loser back as Sherriff, great job Flagler, and Stens a Divorce lawyer and ambulance chaser as a Judge – really?

    • Ray Thorne says:

      Manfre has received a second chance at it. Having been a staunch supporter of Fleming, I’m willing to give him the opportunity to show us through actions without bashing him over past mistakes. I know some employees will be leaving the Sheriffs Office (jobless) to make way for the new and that is saddening.

    • Nancy N. says:

      Quite frankly, there were several local races where the choice was “lesser of the evils” and I really wanted a 3rd option.

  14. Samuel Smith says:

    The tears of conservatives, oh they are soo delicious.

  15. Stevie says:

    I am surprised Obama lost in Flagler. Now he will have to face Benghazi like Nixon faced Watergate after winning his second term. I don’t think it will go well for him politically and I don’t think the economy will go well either.

    I am not surprised by his national victory. He has succeeded in playing Nanny to so many people we have become a majority of wimps and parasites. Thank you Mr. President for helping to accelerate the vivid contrast between good and evil.

  16. A True American Says says:

    Congratulations Kimberly Weeks. Thank God Some people in this county are intelligent enough to know what a good job you and your office have done and will continue to do. Honesty and integrity most of the time will prevail.

    • Magnolia says:

      @ A True Amerikan:

      Honesty and integrity? Really? She was allowing people with out of town driver’s licenses to vote. She presided over an election day where people brought seniors to the polling places and voted for them, literally.

      All over town, people went to the wrong polling places. The only thing she advertised during this election was herself. This is sad if this is acceptable to you.

      • Way To Go Weeks says:

        Corbett didn’t know the rules either….do your homework before making your posts. Ive been a poll worker for years, and we know the rules, and follow them.There’s no excuse for anyone to go to a wrong voting location. Our new cards Weeks sent out have the name and address of where we are to go vote. Voters have to be responsible if they don’t read their mail.

  17. Bert says:

    I’ve been following Nate Silver’s blog, the most accurate of all polls leading up to last night’s elections. He called an Obama win a few days ago.

  18. BE HONEST says:

    Well Congrats to the new Sheriff in town. I hope that you lead this department with Integrity, respect,and loyalty. I am hoping that you have consideration for all the deputies that risk their lives daily protecting and serving their community. Let’s not go in with the Dukes of hazards mentality and your deputies and their families and the community will be happy.

  19. JAMES says:

    I as quite suprised that Milissa Holland did not win. How can a Flagler resident not win a larger majority of the county? This would have given her the election. Once again Flagler misses the mark. We had an opportunity to have one of our own residents represent us in Tallahassee and again Flagler missed the mark. Now Mr. Hutton will push for Orlando. I don’t understand Flagler voters!

  20. Robert Lewis says:

    Seems the Ronald Reagan Assembly of Democrats have failed at their attempt to destroy Frank Meeker.
    It is pretty disgusting that Ronald Reagan Assembly Princess “Janet O. McDonald” took enough votes away from Don Fleming to cause him to lose. So much for standing up for the party and party purity.

    I would like to congratulate the Democratic Party on being well organized and had a unified front. We have never heard a single story of their power struggles. Yet, the Republican Party has had 1 bad headline after another.

    Shame on John Ruffalo! Shame on Ray Stevens! Shame on Janet O. McDonald! Shame on the Ronald Reagan Assembly of Democrats!

    • Magnolia says:

      Robert Lewis:

      Don Fleming lost his election because of some very BAD choices he made and nothing else. My friends, family and neighbors did not vote for this man because he is not fit to be sheriff.

      For a member of law enforcement to say he had no idea that a free membership to the club at Hammock Dunes was wrong was all my family needed to vote for Mr. Manfre. People will not tolerate dishonesty in law enforcement.

      You can shame, shame, shame all you want to, but you missed the one who deserves it the most, Sheriff Fleming.

  21. confidential says:

    Melissa I am so sorry you lost outside Flagler County!! Try it again next time around please.
    By now we fall in the hands of one more developer from Jacksonville, thanks to the Republicans in Flagler that voted for him.

  22. Riley says:

    Governor Romney what you going to do now that you got stomped in the election? I am going to take Ann and the boys to the Cayman Islands to count my ill-gotten millions. Perhaps we will move there, so I won’t have to pay any taxes.

    • Anonymous says:

      You criticize Romney for having millions. According to Forbes, Obama is worth six million dollars. Bet your bottom dollar he is keeping an eye on his nest egg.

  23. In Shock! says:

    Sheriff Fleming, you will always have our upmost respect….
    I can only wish Mr. Manfre good luck because he has a BIG boot to fill.

  24. CHECK PLEASE says:

    Yea for Ms Weeks!
    Some lady @ the seafood fest was complaining about her, going on and on and on.

    Glad she won!

  25. Jack stewart says:

    I just hope the country can withstand 4 more years of a socialist President ! I am not sure America will ever be the same….God bless us…or should I say God help us!!!!

  26. confidential says:

    I just spoken with Mr Hutson that unfortunately defeated Milissa Holland. He was very cordial given the fact that we spoke while crossing each other on the parking lot. I congratulated himon his victory and reminded him that Flagler County is 60% of his district and that he won only for about 1,000 votes from outside this county and that we will be watching closely his performance and the type of representation he will give us here.
    I asked him if he was a developer he said No and that he is a realtor to which I replied then maybe your family is, to what he replied that was over 10 years ago.
    He stressed that he has been talking to Melissa Holland and that he will meet with her next week given her experience on this county issues and further more he is planning to work in close collaboration with her.
    He promised that he will be working hard to gain Flagler County’s voter confidence and win our ballots next time around.
    Then we will have to wait and see…

  27. Justin says:

    Does anyone know when the new sheriff gets sworn in?

  28. Informed voter says:

    Reality check how about a fact check. Stens is a board certified criminal defense attorney (which is 2/3 of the county court docket) she hasn’t advertised for Family Law in years she gets that business from word of mouth only. And an ambulance chaser? Hmmmm do your homework she doesn’t practice personal injury. Nice work. Congrats Melissa Moore Stens!!

  29. bq says:

    In the spirit of bipartisanship,”Why can’t we just all get along?”

  30. Anonymous says:

    America will fall to INFLATION and then the GREATER DEPPRESSION in less then 2 years. Better get that Obama money while you can because there will be nothing left by next year. Get your medical surgeries done now because when OBAMACARE takes affect you will be waiting in line for months.
    Yea America….Such intelligence, such wisdom, such insight, such ………… Mmmm, Mmmm,Mmmm

  31. Way To Go Weeks says:

    Weeks won her local race by more than any other local candidate (59.34%). You worked hard, and deserved every vote!! You also did another fine job yesterday. No lines at the polls, early results….you sure proved you have it all under control.

  32. Will Allen says:

    What a joke. Here it is 10 pm one day after the election and the nation still doesn’t know
    who gets FL’s electoral votes. Politics in the state is a collection of all the disorientated
    minds that grew from refugee intolerants generations past. Sadly, new ideas and new,
    modern 21st century advocates are drowned by the decadence of obstructionism.

    • Anonymous says:

      @ Will Allen,
      There is nothing wrong with counting the ballots. Just because the exit polls and demographics give an indication how someone might vote does not mean that they will vote that way. j

  33. Robert Lewis says:

    Reality Check: Craig Atack is a resident of Saint Augustine Beach, Florida.

    His family was so obnoxious that they thought they could keep it in the family business. His entire campaign was running on the fact that his mom and dad were both judges. Craig is a young and inexperienced individual who had no business behind the bench.

    Congratulations to Melissa Moore-Stens. That was a well deserved victory.

    • Miah Mahoney says:

      Mr. Lewis,

      Did anyone ever think of the fact that Mr. Atack lived and worked in St. Augustine because he could not hear cases in Flagler County while his mother was the judge here?

      Furthermore, calling his family “obnoxious” not only shows a limited amount of class, particularly considering the fact that Mr. Atack ran a very clean campaign, but shows the kind of irrelevant smears toward him that were far too common throughout a race. Was it “obnoxious” when he was knocking on thousands of doors to meet the citizens of Flagler County while trying to answer any questions they had about his qualifications for judge? Was it “obnoxious” when he repeatedly discussed how he felt about the law and how he would interpret the law rather than compare himself to his opponent? Or was it that you just feel he was “obnoxious” for chasing a job he has dreamed of since he was in grade school?

      Mrs. Moore-Stens is going to do an excellent job as Flagler County’s next county judge. I know Mr. Atack would have also. In a race that got far too personal, it’s time to stop with the name calling and move on.

  34. garyseven says:

    Yet another carpet-bagger sheriff who is disinterested in anything past the Palm Coast city limits.

  35. JasonB says:

    When are Republicans going to realize that you can’t alienate minorities, women, young people, and gay people and still expect to win elections. Hitching your wagon to old, angry white people is no longer a viable strategy.

  36. Geezer says:

    Your candidate didn’t offer a solution to our healthcare problem.

    All he has is a saucer full of secrets, and he was bought and paid for
    by the richest of Americans.

    Emergency Room visits, and charity from churches isn’t the way to
    care for the health of uninsured AMERICANS. The healthcare act will evolve to
    become part of what makes America great.

    And sorry, dying just isn’t a treatment.

    I know that you right-wingers love America from sea to sea.
    But I LOVE THE NATION of people that AMERICA is.
    I love the people more than the soil. AMERICA IS PEOPLE,
    not the national parks or the interstate highway system.
    ———-We should be the healthiest nation on the planet.———–

    Our country will prevail! Our people make us great!
    These same people have decided on their president.

  37. tulip says:

    @waytogoweeks——if it had been Pam Richardson, who lost to Corbett by only 80 votes, running against Weeks, the outcome would’ve been different. Again, it was which was the lesser of the two evils to vote for. At least Weeks has some experience.

    • Gobble-Gobble says:

      Pam Richardson is another realtor wanting a job. She has little experience even being an election worker. Richardson ran against Weeks in 2008 and Weeks left Richardson standing in the dust then too. Weeks won in 2012 by a larger margin than any other candidate on the ballot. If Richardson couldn’t beat Corbett in the Primary in 2012, how would ever beat Weeks in the General? Like I said, Richardson had her shot, and just ain’t got it. Richardson also is firmly holding hands with the Republican group…Weeks holds hands with no one. She is neutral and fair to all.

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