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A Radio Voice of America from Palm Coast: Mario Jr. Alive and Green, and National

| October 13, 2012

A radio man visits another: Mario Ridgley, who hosts his own radio show, was a guest on WNZF’s Free for All Friday with David Ayres on Oct. 12. (© FlaglerLive)

A week ago Thursday I had the opportunity to meet a young man who is doing what I tell everyone to do: follow your dream and have fun. On top of that, he is helping nature at the same time. I received an email inviting me to be a guest on the “Mario Jr. Alive and Green” radio program. An engineer friend of mine, Anthony Cinelli, had been a guest on the show and suggested me as a guest.

frank gromling flagler live coastal view columnistThe rest, as they say, is history. After researching who Mario, Jr. is and what his show was all about, I readily agreed to a guest spot. My research disclosed that Mario Jr. is Mario Ridgley, a 14 year old from Palm Coast who has had his own radio show on since he was 10. His program is all about being green; that is, doing good things to protect nature.

Mario’s Alive and Green show features a variety of subjects and guests, all focused on conservation of earth’s bounty. His topics have included: One with Nature; Hydroponics for the Win; Global Warming Misnomer; Saving Our Oceans; BP Oil Spill; and Greenhouse Gases.

Some of Mario’s guests have been: Dr. Rob Moir (host of Moir’s Environmental Dialogues on the VoiceAmerica Green Channel, and Director/Founder of Ocean River Institute); Jill Buck (Creator and Founder of “Go Green Initiative Environmental Program” on; Anthony Cinelli (Project Geologist at Shaw Environmental and Infrastructure); and Eric Taylor (Founder and CEO of Tae Sue Productions Entertainment, and creator of “The Good Time Kids.”)

Mario’s mother, Aleta, is also his producer and engineer in their home-based studio, complete with microphones, headsets, recording control board, and other electronic paraphernalia essential for a quality program. She keeps Mario on track and on schedule, counting down segment starts and scheduled breaks, thereby allowing Mario to focus on his guests and planned questions.

And Mario really focuses on his questions. He was well-prepared for my one-hour interview, with two pages of questions, the sign of a professional talk radio host. I had my own talk radio show for quite a while, and I know the importance of having a planned and prepared show, with questions, background points, and the occasional leading comment or two. Mario did a fine job handling both the questions and my answers, which sometimes led into side points on related topics.

We talked about the oceans (of course) and what’s happening to so many marine species. We discussed how people are working together to protect various fish, mammals, and reptiles from extinction. We talked about the importance of water and how it is the essential ingredient for everything on earth. We touched upon how I use art and film and music to promote the books my company publishes about nature, marine life, environment and conservation. And, most importantly for his audience, we talked about what kids of any age can do to protect nature.

As Aleta said at the end of the hour, this was a truly fun experience. I thoroughly enjoyed being with Mario, a young man who clearly has a bright future in radio or, in my opinion, any field he chooses. Mario is personable, smart, funny, and focused. What a joy to behold.

Maybe I’ll get invited back one day. Maybe you or your kids or grandkids will tune in Tuesday afternoons at 5 p.m. Eastern Time to catch one of the most fun radio programs available for kids, and all of us who have never really grown up.

Until next week, be well and do something positive to protect nature. After all, we’re the animals on earth with the brains.

Frank Gromling is the owner of Ocean Publishing in Flagler Beach. Reach him by email here.

Frank Gromling and Mario Ridgley during a taping of Ridgley’s weekly radio show.

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9 Responses for “A Radio Voice of America from Palm Coast: Mario Jr. Alive and Green, and National”

  1. Anita says:

    Congratulations, Mario! Keep up the good work.

    • Mario Ridgley Jr says:

      Hi Mrs. Anita, Thank You for the Amazing Compliment….I am Honored and I Truly APPRECIATE Your Support….You are Helping The Planet Through Much Needed KINDNESSSSSSSS (I said that in my Super Hero Voice) :-)

  2. Mario Ridgley Jr says:

    WOW, Mr. Frank Gromling, Thank You for this Amazing Write Up!!! I have Truly been Blessed to Meet, Interview, Work and Learn from Wonderful People like Yourself, who have a Passion for our Planet, the People, Animals and Nature that inhabit it. Mr. Frank it was an Honor interviewing You, I learned so much about our Oceans and how We Can Protect it, and having the opportunity to be a Guest at Your Amazing Ocean Publishing Art Opening, where you brought Art and Nature together. Please Keep Up Your Fantastic Activism and I look forward to Teaming up with you at Major Conference on Saving Our Planet.
    Your Go To Guy On Going Green!!! This is Mario Jr asking What are You Doing to Go Green?

  3. Back atcha from Texas. Be well.

  4. ANONYMOUSAY says:

    Wow, talk about a head start in life. This young man loves what he does. Would be nice for Marine-land, Sea World or even Disney to work with him in an effort to reach out to the young masses who need to be made aware of these things. Second thought Mario, put together a speaking or lecture version of your show tailored to their needs, share it and make them and offer they can’t refuse. Your a winner either way good work! Excellent article.

    • Mario Ridgley Jr says:

      WOW!!!! Thank You ANONYMOUSAY, What an AWESOME Compliment, I’m so Honored,,, Oh Yes, You are Speaking My Language. I would LOVE to work with Marine-land, Sea World or Disney, in an effort to reach out to the young masses on Community and Environmental Awareness, that would be a DREAM COME TRUE….ANONYMOUSAY You have INSPIRED Me to Go For The GOLD!!! Thank You for Your Encouraging words….I Truly APPRECIATE YOU!!! However I don’t do this Alone, It’s because of AMAZING People like You, the WONDERFUL Mr. David Ayers G.M. of WNZF – Host of Free For All Fridays ,the FANTASTIC Mr. Perry Damone Founder of Organization, the GREAT Mr. Bruce Solsten of The Shaklee Corporation, the KIND Mr. Jeff Spenard Founder of VoiceAmerica LLC, All The FABULOUS ECO FANS, TEAM ECO JR and So Many More…..ANONYMOUSAY You Are The BEST Thank You:-)

  5. Mario,

    What an amazing story!!!! Congratulations and please keep up the great work. We are so proud of you and will support in any way we can.

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