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Pleasure Trails: 3 Men Arrested in Onanism Sting at Graham Swamp and Malacompra

| October 10, 2012

The trail around Graham Swamp inspires all sorts of behaviors. (© FlaglerLive)

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office’s wanker patrol fanned out in force Tuesday, netting three arrests in five hours at two popular county parks–Graham Swamp on Old Kings Road, and Malacompra Park in the Hammock as Flagler County Sheriff Don Fleming drew a line in the sand against public self-servicing.

The sting unfolded in much the same way in all three cases. The first, at 10:46 a.m. at Graham Swamp, involved Arthur Bellany, a 59-year-old resident of Roundmill Lane in Palm Coast. He started talking with what proved to be an undercover cop. The chat turned sexual, according to his arrest report. Bellamy then “pulled his penis out of his pants and began masturbating in front of the undercover officer.” The incident occurred on the Graham Swamp trail that circles the small, water lily-covered lake there.

Next was Gary Lee Thompson Jr., 43, of West Place in Palm Coast, about two hours after the initial arrest. Same story. He began chatting with the under-cover officer, then exposed himself, and “in plain view” began pleasuring himself.

The third incident involved two under-cover detectives staked out at Malacompra Park. Just before 4 p.m., Vernal G. Arnette III, a 72-year-old resident of Palm Drive in Flagler Beach, approached both . They started chatting. The conversation turned sexual. In that case, Arnette asked the detectives to expose themselves to prove that they were not cops, according to his arrest report. “During the conversation, the defendant had his hand inside his pants, and was pleasuring himself,” the report states. He then walked into the bathroom stall at the park and exposed himself while masturbating in front of the detectives.

None of the three men appears to have had prior issues with local police.

Late last month, a 52-year-old Ormond Beach resident was arrested in Flagler Beach for walking naked on the boardwalk. He wore just a hat.

Fleming said public displays of self-affection in Flagler County will not be tolerated. “Our parks and trails are there for families and residents to enjoy. They should not expect to encounter deviant behavior when they are on a family outing,” Fleming said. “We will continue these operations for as long as it takes for the word to spread: Not in Flagler County.”

All three men arrested Tuesday posted $2,000 bond and were released. They face misdemeanor charges of “exposure of sexual organs” and “unnatural and lascivious acts.” Florida law does not specify the meaning of the word “unnatural,” leaving its definition to the eye, or the limbs, of the beholder.

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36 Responses for “Pleasure Trails: 3 Men Arrested in Onanism Sting at Graham Swamp and Malacompra”

  1. Jim Neuenfeldt says:

    “Fleming said public displays of self-affection in Flagler County will not be tolerated”

    Note to Government Officials…. Be very careful of Patting yourself on the back in public!
    Just kidding. I do appreciate Law Enforcement, trying to keep our parks clean and available for everyone. Public Areas should be just that.. Public for everyone, not Pubic for a few!

    • Anonymous says:

      I say lets train some attack dogs to go after dirty old men. Maybe we’ve gotten to the point were we need our parks policed so we could go for walks and feel safe. What a shame, thanks to these perverts we need someone looking out for our safety all the times.

    • Anonymous says:

      this is a case where we WANT government intervention!

  2. Geezer says:

    I hope that the officers are equipped with latex gloves when dealing with these degenerates.
    But I think that a latex suit would be better. Some kind of cootie barrier.
    Please disinfect your patrol cars afterwards!


    Moral of the story: Never shake hands with strangers.

  3. johnny taxpayer says:

    I’m glad we have undercover detectives encouraging/entrapping individuals to expose themselves in public. I feel so much safer now. Meanwhile houses are being burglarized, gang activity continues, and the drug trade thrives, but at least the sheriff has drawn a firm line in the sand on this significant law enforcement issue.

    • jespo says:

      Please make a list of only the crimes you think this limited police force can or should address. Please list them in order of precedence. Also, please make a list of all those citizens who have a right to complain to law enforcement about crime in their area or what they witness and those who should not be listened to. Please place yourself on that last list if you think it’s ok for grown men to masturbate in front of people in public places.

      • NortonSmitty says:

        OK, since you asked:

        1.- Insider Trading by members of congress.

        2. Mortgage fraud/ Robo the big Banksters fraudulently stealing Citizens homes.

        3,- One of the oldest election law on the books that states unequivically that it is a Felony to accept or solicit political donations from foreigners. Romney boasted about collecting $Millions in London and Israel this summer, and Nothing from the press or the Law.

        I could be here all night bringing up torture, election fraud, bribery, phone tapping, investment fraud, murder and more, but my point is that if you are powerful or wealthy (same thing) the Law is not blind as we are told. It does not apply to you,you are different. Your ass is Special.

        But if you’re not, you can’t even jack-off in the woods without going to jail.

        Is this a great country or what?

  4. blondee says:

    I had to click on the article just to find out what “onanism” meant. Now I’m sorry I did.

  5. So happy to see this. I go to Graham Swamp on my lunch break a lot and can not beleive all the pervs that follow each other down the trails there. It was very clear to me what was going on and I have seen their posts on craiglist. That is where they advertise. There is someone posting about Pellicer Creek on Old Kings being a meeting spot now. And I had to quit taking my kids to Mala Compra years ago bc I was afraid of what they might walk in on in those restrooms

  6. we can’t let these perverts ruin our parks! we need a number t o call and report these sitings. a speed dial number

  7. asylum says:

    I’ve seen many homeless encampments among the trails of Graham Swamp. I would never take my family back there. Very shady….and not from the trees.

  8. Outsider says:

    Maybe these three guys can just exchange phone numbers at the jail and meet in one of their own back yards for a circle-you-know-what and spare the rest of us who just want to enjoy a good old fashioned walk in the park, sans tally wacking.

  9. Dadgum says:

    Is there something in the water at these lakes. What is wrong with these people. Didn’t there Mothers love them enough. Sad times indeed. Sickening to say the least.

  10. BeachGuy says:

    Keep your children close!

  11. Amy Hamal-Canna says:

    Finally. Everytime I go there I’ve always been suspicious of the men lurking in their vehicles by themselves.

    • Jack Stewart says:

      So according to amy..any time a man is alone at a Park..he could be a sexual,,I guess I cant go anywhere now and take pictures or I might be considered a Pervert !

      • Ben Dover says:

        Well Jack , if your acting strange, like your waiting for someone , and you don t have a camera in your hand , yeah you pretty much fit the bill , why don t these homo – sapiens meet in private, why does it have to be in parks and restrooms. Hey here`s an idea for the city counsel , take all your RED LIGHT CAMERA`S and put them in our parks , you can get your 158 buck fines from the pervs you catch jacking off in public and exposing themselves, be nice if you`d actually get fines from people purposely breaking the law for a change and not people just trying to get to and from work with your rigged lights

        • Anonymous says:

          You can’t be serious. You’re asking to be spied on and video taped in public parks now? How do you think we end up with “red light cameras?”

  12. NortonSmitty says:

    FlaglerLive, how can you tease us with this titillating story and leave out the most important information, the name of the undercover officers. I mean why leave that out? As citizens, I believe we have the right to know their names so we can bust their balls (metaphorically speaking of course) as much as their fellow officers are doing every day since Operation Stop the Stroke stood down. Our tax dollars paid for it, we at least should get some fun out of it.

    And why are these sad gay folks going to our public parks to hook-up anyhow, don’t they know that’s why Al Gore invented the internet?

  13. Always been that way says:

    That park has ALWAYS been known for that as long as I’ve known about it.

  14. Wingnut says:

    I see empty patrol cars throughout the county. Leave a few cars in a few of these places. Have a couple of cops watch from afar with binoculars. My guess……..Not a penis in sight….

  15. Magnolia says:

    Now we add “tally whacking” to the gang banging, drug dealing, wife beaters in this town???? Lock them up and throw away the key.

    Time for a new and serious Sheriff.

  16. No Name ... No Slogan says:

    So uhm … where these lecherous men hitting on undercover male or female Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies?

    That is the answer that I’d like to know.



  17. Elaygee says:

    Ever hear of anyone commiting a theft, murdering someone or making meth while masturbating in public? The office they approached was a full grown adult, not a child. Why would you spend $35,000 a year to “lock them all up”? How about a nice fine and their picture in the paper and lesson learned. Stop overreacting. It makes no sense.

    • NortonSmitty says:

      To be honest, if a stranger approached me and said: “Give me your money or I’ll shoot!!”, it would be a tough choice for me with either weapon. A Glock or a….? I’ll have to think about this one.

  18. Geezer says:

    The sheriff acted on a hot tip here.
    He conducted a sweep.

    These jokers were then yanked from circulation.
    Nipped at the bud. So we can sleep.

    Self-control lacking,
    the cops sent them packing.

    When they make bail,
    they’ll get out of jail.

    • NortonSmitty says:

      Good one Geez! Looks like fun, Lemme’ try:

      There once was a man from Nantucket,
      Who’s Mom left him a house on Pawtucket,

      He’d move to Palm Coast,
      of his size he could boast,

      and he heard they had parks where…

      well you get the idea.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Palm Coast is a FREAK SHOW !!!! Perverts and criminals everywhere you go. Police and City politicians who are starting to look like nazi’s with all their “control” techniques. Camera’s on every intersection, drones flying over our houses……. Maybe one of those BIG TIME TV reporters will come down here and film what really is going on down here.

  20. Geezer says:

    Thanks Smitty!

  21. Anonymous says:

    So a full day was essentially wasted to nab 3 old men who were lured into a sexual conversation by an undercover cop. Taxpayer money hard at work I see, while real crime such as the grow houses and drug trafficking in the P and R sections goes on. Kudos sheriff, I feel much safer now knowing that youve draw a line in the sand and that your offices got a tan while staking out a park. I would like to know, if this was done with the safety of children and families, why then was it done on a school day? I didnt gather from this story that any of these men were looking for sex with minors.

  22. Fishdude says:

    I “try” to fish some of these ponds and with my children. It is downright disgusting what goes on. And yes ive reported this behavior and hats off to the FSO for taking care of it. Great job guys….

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