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Palm Coast Stormwater Fees Going Up 46%, Taxes Stay Level, Most Infrastructure Neglected

| August 29, 2012

Mayor Jon Netts and the city administration’s attempts to raise taxes to improve Palm Coast’s infrastructure got the finger on Tuesday.

Palm Coast government officials are proud of saying that year after year, the city—for its size—has among the lowest property taxes in the state. That’s true. But the calculations never take into account the fees residents pay, which are no different than taxes, aside from being more regressive. Among those is the stormwater fee, set at $8 a month, to ensure that the city’s drainage system works.

On Tuesday, the Palm Coast City Council agreed, with little discussion, to raise the fee 46 percent—to $11.65 a month, or $140 a year. Combined with households’ $225 annual fee for garbage pick-up, the typical Palm Coast home now pays far more in city “fees” than it does in property taxes, masking the true cost of government services while maintaining the illusion of low taxes.

On Tuesday, the council also agreed not to raise property taxes beyond the point at which the same revenue that was brought in for 2012 would be brought in again next year. The tax rate will increase to $4.29 per $1,000 in taxable value, a 7.5 percent increase over the current rate of $3.99 per $1,000 in taxable value. But because property values dropped by about 7.5 percent on average last year, most property owners will not see significant changes in their actual tax bill from Palm Coast, should the council finally adopt the higher rate in September. That higher rate is called the rolled-back rate, which means that it’s even with the rate required to bring in the same revenue as the previous year’s rate did. Under Florida law, sticking with the rolled-back rate does not amount to a tax increase.

That’s not to say that some council members weren’t willing to raise the property tax. Mayor Jon Netts and council member Bill McGuire were. But the remaining council members—Jason DeLorenzo, Bill Lewis, and especially Frank Meeker, who’s running for a county commission seat—were not.

The huge stormwater fee increase was not the point of contention. The lack of willingness among council members to raise property taxes to pay for the city’s deteriorating infrastructure was. But Meeker wanted to stick with the rolled-back rate. He squared off against Netts in a rare verbal confrontation that saw Netts abandoning his usual composure and all but accusing Meeker of political expediency, since Meeker won’t be on the council to deal with the problems next year.

“What is so holy about the roll-back,” Netts asked Meeker.

“With the way the economy is right now I’m not interested in exceeding the roll-back rate,” Meeker said.

Netts: “So you’re not interested in maintaining the city’s infrastructure. Just kick the can down the road.”

Meeker: “I’m willing to address as much of it as I can without exceeding the rollback rate. I’m not going to spend more than I can bring in. I know I can bring in gobs more, but I’m not interested in kicking up taxes at this time.”

jon netts palm coast mayor city council

Jon Netts. (© FlaglerLive)

Netts: “But it’s OK to kick them up next year.” The derision in Netts’s was audible, especially especially when Meeker suggested that he would be shifting projects to following years.

Chris Quinn, the city’s finance director, had brought his preliminary tax notice for his own house, a 2,100-square foot house with a swimming pool. He paid a total of $1,109 in 2011. Even with a larger increase in city taxes—one of the options Quinn was proposing—and even with a proposed tax increase from the county, his own taxes would increase by a mere $17 overall. The reason (which Quinn did not explain) is that school taxes, for the second year in a row, are falling significantly. School taxes account for between 40 and 50 percent of property taxes. When they go down, tax bills go down, though local residents—especially among tea party adherents—have continued to peddle the false notion that their property taxes have kept going up. (They’d be on stronger grounds if they focused on fees.)

Netts used Quinn’s example to press the point, and drew on an analogy involving a theoretical budget for weekly milk consumption. He could save money in the early paert of the week by buying less milk. But then he’d run out, and have to go to the store anyway to buy more.

“In my house I’d drink less milk,” Meeker said.

“That’s what I was going to say,” DeLorenzo said.

“Nobody wants to raise taxes,” Netts said, “but the discussion is, are these essential services that we need to deliver, and if they are, you have to generate the revenue somewhere. Deferring them doesn’t solve a single thing except it gives you some political breathing room this year.” He added:  “And next year we’re going to hear the same song and dance about we’ve got to stay with the rollback rate.”

“No, we won’t,” Netts shot back. “You will have left this council to deal with that issue and whoever replaces you and the four of us next year are going to be wringing our hands twice as hard.”

City Manager Jim Landon came to the mayor’s aid: “It’s kicking the can down the road, but that can keeps getting filled up,” Landon said. “And the way I describe it, eventually you’re going to break your toe kicking it because you’re going to have too many capital projects on there that you’ve moved on down, that you’ve not funded. So your accountants, and that includes your auditor, are saying you have to come up with a capital improvement funding program, not just a capital improvement expense program, but we don’t have the capital improvement revenue program to match it. We’re trying real hard to do that each year, piecemeal, and it’s gotten away from us. It’s just not there. You’re going to have to figure out a way to fund it. Or let your infrastructure go the other direction.”

McGuire blamed ITT and previous councils for not better ensuring the city’s infrastructure. “Now we’re in a situation where it’s not going to go away,” he said. “We need to look at this, if we’re going to stay a city, we have to maintain the infrastructure that’s there, and if it has to be done on the basis of taxes in my view that’s what we’re going to have to do, because maybe we should have taxed more 10 years ago and built a reserve, but we didn’t do it. Now we need the money, we’ve got to come up with it.”

But the argument was lost. The property tax rate would be set at the rolled-back level, and the city would remain on the hunt for a way to pay for its larger infrastructure needs. One silver lining: the budget was built on the assumption that it would lose about $1.7 million from a half-cent sales tax that’s expiring in December, although the county commission has signaled that bit would renew the sales tax by its own vote, skipping the popular referendum process. That virtually guarantees a chunk of revenue for Palm Coast, which would also attenuate the absence of more property tax revenue.

Landon summed up the council’s compromise: “Collect the same amount of property taxes, your stormwater fees are going to go up, and we are funding stormwater 100 percent. We’ve cut resurfacing this year, and we have to come up with a more comprehensive approach to our capital projects in the future.”

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43 Responses for “Palm Coast Stormwater Fees Going Up 46%, Taxes Stay Level, Most Infrastructure Neglected”

  1. Clint says:

    Is there NO END to the madness in this city ? I’ve been trying for 19 years to get my swale cleaned and drained each summer. Even had city engineers come out and say they need to dig up three driveways and relevel the drainage system so it DRAINS ! Each year the same old crap…YOUR ON THE LIST !
    That freaking list most be the size of Texas cause I’ll be dead and buried before I will see a DRY front yard. To the people in charge with all the promises…I send the CURSE of Davy Jones to your house.

  2. Samuel Smith says:

    I sure am glad that Palm Coast decided to tear up the grass in my front yard to lay down new sod that did literally nothing to change how water drains in my lot.

  3. Ben Blakely says:

    More taxes? More fees? In Palm Coast? I’m shocked!

  4. Ben Blakely says:

    Neglected infrastructure? So what were the taxpayers paying the politicians for with proceeds from our over taxed domiciles? Have we paid them to sleep, eat and waste our money spending it frivolously? That’s clearly what they have been doing while neglecting public work systems. What else have they neglected? Once again, I am shocked!

    • Magnolia says:

      You’re shocked, but what are you doing about it? I think it’s time to do a recall petition to put something on the ballot which would end the OPEN ENDED contract of the Manager permanently and HIRE A MAYOR to serve just 2 year terms to run all this so we have someone who is accountable instead of Boss Landon. We are being robbed blind.

      Dennis McDonald suggest this at a recent council meeting. I think maybe we’re ready.

      These buffoon have clearly forgotten they represent us, not the builders.

  5. palmcoastpioneers says:

    Important Insurance Information for the newer ‘Palm Coasters’: Perhaps you would want to keep this information with your Important Papers.

    ‘ …Palm Coast has been designed to withstand what is termed ‘the 100 year Flood’. That, says Richard Vaughan, director of environmental affairs for ITT Community Development Corporation means a flood that statistically could occur once in a hundred years could hit Palm Coast and no flood water would enter the houses…’

    From: Richard Vaughan, director of environmental affairs for the ITT Community Development Corporation
    The PalmCoaster, Volume 11, Number 1, Winter/Spring, 1982, Front Cover Page, p 1., p 13.

  6. clint says:

    19 years I have waited to have my swale cleaned and re’design. For 19 years the city engineers promised they would fix it, We AREputting you on list. We will come by when we get to your name……..Conditions
    are weaking and my dog finally died fom the snake bites the poor little fellow endured while trying to get home…..I hold you IDIOTS responsible. Law suits are being discussed as Im typing, I won;t be living next year to see if it ever gets fixed but my children and grandchildren will continue the fight,,,,Not one more dollar will be givin to these idiots !

  7. palmcoastpioneers says:

    For the newer Palm Coasters – This is how the ‘ Palm Coast Project’ was planned , designed and regularly evaluated all last Century by I.T.T. Community Development Corporation:

    D. Pollutants in Drainage and Stormwater Runoff
    Studies: Studies were conducted to determine the characteristics of fertilizers (e.g. phosphates, nitrates) that contribute least to nutrient runoff into surface water bodies. The ultimate goal is to prevent eutrophication. Specific products were recommended which are capable of releasing nutrients at a controlled rate; these were preferred over the water soluble types, which release nutrients at a very rapid rate on water contact. All available data were gathered to determine the extent and degree of pollutant concerntrations found in stormwater runoff from urban areas. Data indicate that runoff contains significant concentration of BOD , suspended solids, nutrients, and dissolved solids.
    Soil erosion control technology was reviewed with regard to minimizing the effects of sediment runoof during construction when natural vegetative covers are removed and soil is exposed to water impact and scour energy. Alternative methods and/or practices are: (1) minimization of length of exposure time for unprotected grades areas, (2) soil treatment, seeding and mulching, or mulching alone, (3) interceptor dikes, (4) diversion dikes, (5) sediment traps. It was recommended that ll of the methods studies should be applied to Palm Coast and incorporated wherever possible in design aof the drainage system in order to retard water movement as much as possible.
    Solutions: whereas conventional techniques have aimed at rapid movement and disposal of rainwater from a given site, the present
    Page 134

    methods available, and required treatment facilities. It was concluded that pollution cased by boats has been only recently recognized as an important wastewater source in marine waters and that the most effective control device available to date is the holding tank. On shore disposal facilities at Marinas are necessary for boat owner pump out service.
    Solutions: Legal studies are now being instituted to determine methods of regulation of the following: (1) prohibiting discharges of all wastes from watercraft ( requirement for boat owners to install holding tanks will be sought in regulations of the drainage district); (2) wastes from holding tanks must be disposed of through on shore disposal facilities; pumping storage, and disposal facilities will be constructed on shore to delilver waste to the central treatment plant; (3) all other types of wastes such as litter, garage, oil, chemicals, etc. from watercrafts.
    D. Pollutants in Drainage and Stormwater Runoff
    Studies: Studies were conducted to determine the characteristics of fertilizers (e.g. phosphates, nitrates) that contribute least to nutrient runoff into surface water bodies. The ultimate goal is to prevent eutrophication. Specific products were recommended which are capable of releasing nutrients at a controlled rate; these were preferred over the water soluble types, which release nutrients at a very rapid rate on water contact. All available data were gathered to determine the extent and degree of pollutant concerntrations found in stormwater runoff from urban areas. Data indicate that runoff contains significant concentration of BOD , suspended solids, nutrients, and dissolved solids.
    Soil erosion control technology was reviewed with regard to minimizing the effects of sediment runoof during construction when natural vegetative covers are removed and soil is exposed to water impact and scour energy. Alternative methods and/or practices are: (1) minimization of length of exposure time for unprotected grades areas, (2) soil treatment, seeding and mulching, or mulching alone, (3) interceptor dikes, (4) diversion dikes, (5) sediment traps. It was recommended that ll of the methods studies should be applied to Palm Coast and incorporated wherever possible in design aof the drainage system in order to retard water movement as much as possible.
    Solutions: whereas conventional techniques have aimed at rapid movement and disposal of rainwater from a given site, the present
    Page 135

    being utilized in the layout, spacing, and geometry of the dredged canal systems and in establishing minimum homesite elevations. (2) Shallow canal depths of eight feet were selected in order to maximize turbulence and eliminate the possibility of stratification. Therefore, dissolved oxygen levels are maintained throughout the entire depth.
    F. Operation, and Maintenance of Canals to Perpetuate Water Quality and Aesthetics.
    Sutdies: Water quality criteria for tidal canals are classified by the State of Florida according to use. They fall into Class III standards for recreation and for propagation and management of fish and wildlife. The criteria governing these waters may be summarized as follows: modern treatment technology required for all discharges into canals: pH range of 6.0-8.5, minimum dissolved oxyten of 4.0 mg/l; coliform bacteria not to exceed 1,000 per 100 ml as a monthly average; no substances toxic to humans, animals or aquatic life; no substances causing deleterious effects or nuisance conditions; turbidity less than 50 Jackson unite above background; and no damage to aquatic life, vegetation, or water use caused by temperature elevation.
    An inventory of pollutant sources into the canals was made. Since the entire water front area will be certainly sewered , there will be no domestic or industrial waste inputs. Discharges and effluents from boats will be negigible . As discussed earlier under Section D, drainage and storm water runoff is the only important source of potential pollution. However, design of the drainage system has called for maximum water retention on the land, where major fractions of the pollutants will be filtered out and/or absorbed by the soil vegetation complex. Rainfall records have been studied to accurately determine what will be the runoff volumes and their relative distribution throughout the year. Likewise, the amount of fresh water flow into the canals has been calculated. Pollutants loading rates were projected, based upon studies which have investigated storm water quality of urban runoff. Since these published loading factors are developed from areas aimed at rapid movement and disposal of rain water from a given site, they can be substantially lowered for Palm Coast becaue of our drastically different approach in drainage philosophy. Both in terms of volumetric and concentration discharge, the study showed that loading
    Page 136

    rates are favorably low for biochemical oxygen demand, nitrogen, phosphates, and solids.
    Solution: Regulatory laws will be sought in order to (1) maintain dissolved oxygen levels at pre-determined values by combinations of natural and mechanical means; (2) maintain canal banks; (3) remove water surface debris, trash, oiil, etc.; (4) maintain tributary area drainage system; and (5) maintain all drainage works,. Responsive and corrective action in relation to established water quality criteria will be taken.
    G. Sampling and Monotiring of Canal Water quality
    Solutions: Representative sampling points will be established throughout the entire system. Also established will be a periodic sampling schedule as follows, based upon degree of resident occupancy:
    Occupancy : 1-25, Sampling once every four Months, 26-50 Composite sampling once every two months, 51-75 Composite sampling once every month, 76-100 Continuous sampling, recorded.
    Installation will be made of a permanent recording, remove-sensing, water-quality monitoring system at 75 % occupancy.

    H. Preservation of Tidal Wetlands

    Study: Preliminary site analysis data showed that approximately 4,000 acres of project property are tidal wetlands, which comprise areas of great biological diversity and productivity. These areas produce a wide variety of living organisms, from microscopic species to fish and shellfish, birds, and mammals. Many species spend their entire life cycles in tidal wetlands, whereas others spend portions of their cycles there. Abundant species of plant growth, which form the base for all animal life, are also evident.
    Solution: NO building, construction, or development will occur on tidal wetlands.
    1. Preservation of Intracoastal Waterway Water Quality.
    Study: Available engineering studies, reports, and other records were gathered on the Intracoastal Waterway in the vicinity of Palm Coast , relating to construction problems, erosion, and maintenance-
    Page 137

    FR: ‘ … An approach to a New City: Palm Coast…’ 1972. pp. 135-137.

  8. Joe says:

    Why don’t you get rid of your Economic Developement Department, they don’t bring in any new businesses anyway, you could use that money towards your infrastructure reserve fund. I think the citizens are paying too steep a price for the 2 lunches and a slogan and logo. Why is it always so easy to reach into our pockets, do your job and put some effort into finding another way besides raising fees and taxes!!!!!!

  9. DWFerg says:

    Given that the cost to rent in Flagler county remains incredibly low, how do renters pay their fair share of school taxes, stormwater and trash fees ? To continue to tax property owners disproportionally, due to the lack of a broader commercial tax base, remains particularly onerous and a chronic drag on the recovery of the real estate market in Flagler County. This trend will continue to dampen any serious economic development activity

    • Umm says:

      The cost to rent in Flagler County is so low? Really? I haven’t noticed that in my 1 bed/1bed APARTMENT at a rental cost more than some people’s mortgage ($800/month) plus I pay an additional $14/month for garbage PLUS I pay the same fees on my water bill that you do in your house. Not to mention my grocery/necessity shopping within county limits. Better check your facts cause I’m pretty sure I pay more than my fair share of taxes and fees to a county/city that just wants more and more of my money.

    • w.ryan says:

      Renters rent from a home owner. Don’t the owners pay?

  10. John Boy says:

    My Total tax bill has increased every year by least5 $250. Regardless of what the politicians say or do the increase is there every year.The fees cannot be deducted from your income tax and costs you another 20% so the “Hacks” can say they do not increase your property taxes. Romney did the same thing as Governor, drastic fee increases that are not taxes. The stupid people buy into this and brag about low property taxes rather than looking at total cash outlays to support the government

  11. Anon says:

    ITT was smart enough to dump the development before the infrastructure began deteriorating.

    Those who were in a rush to incorporate with the “self rule” pitch didn’t have enough foresight to see their nose in front of their face. This city can’t sustain itself without continuously increasing taxes. Call it a fee or a tax, it is an additional cost placed upon the homeowners. There aren’t enough businesses to broaden the tax base nor might there ever be. What is the attraction in Flagler County, Palm Coast? Don’t tell me the golf courses and the ocean. This is small town America, with small-minded politicians who are more worried about trucks parking in the city, small business people baking goods in their homes, yard sales, medians with flowers etc. For instance, they allow a tennis center to function and lose $10,000 per month and who knows what the balance sheet looks like for the golf course. Don’t forgot the Bull Dog Drive fiasco and the empty lot that used to be a hotel and restaurant. In addition, hiding in the weeds is a back door attempt to force a town hall down on the citizens. Yet the band plays on. The membership of the town council has changed a bit, however there has been one constant over a number of years.
    Get smart and dissolve the city government, get rid of dead wood and form one government.

    • Magnolia says:

      I’m in. I don’t think we have any other choice. This council and manager are not responding to the residents here, they are feathering their own nests.

      We need a referendum on the ballet to change the government here, fire the city manager, fire the Mayor and hire a Mayor who can be fired to run city government.

  12. question says:

    You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet, that rusty bolt will turn to dust before it’s replaced…now that the Tea Party, by 138 votes, has invaded the Flagler County Commission. Aug. 14, 2012 – bad turn for a town that a lot of people worked very hard to make a little gem on the Atlantic coast.

  13. Ralph says:

    Netts talks about essential services and infrastructure that have to be taken care of, why doesn’t the article list some examples?

    Last year the swale on my street was graded in three separate places and re sodded, yet the water never stood for more than 5 hours during any rain event even when there was one time the rainfall rate was over 10 inches an hour. But the mouths on the street shut up.

    They don’t care about doing a good job they only care about shutting up chronic complainers and taking the path of least resistance. Why don’t they fix the guy that really does have a problem? Home rule was supposed to be the solution to these types of problems.

    So instead we put in sidewalks and foot bridges on Palm Coast Parkway and Palm Harbor Pkway.

    Ain’t it great to live in a city that plays a shell game with money designations and ignores real problems while they send out a color printed magazine at tax payer expense telling us what a great job they do. Who cares? That’s just the way it is.

  14. sam8131 says:

    wah, wah, wah! I want everything for free!

  15. Tired says:

    Planners plan, concepts is what they specialize in. Engineers deal with the nuts and bolts. Until Mr. Landon – a planner – empowers his Engineers we will not see progress. It does not matter how much money they have or what fees they assess. If Mr. Landon doesn’t let the Engineers do their jobs we will continue to have infrastructure issues. Classic example is the sidewalk south of Buddy Taylor, those that live in that area should be furious that they lost such a significant drainage ditch.

  16. Reality Check says:

    Taxes must go up, everyone wants a cost of living raise each year, it is what you get for those tax dollars that count. The problem with PC is the lack of industry; most industry only uses about 40 cents on each tax dollar paid in actual City services. The average homeowner uses $1.38 in City services, do you see the problem here. If there is no industry then the homeowners will need to foot the tax burden, and that burden will go higher each year. Please do not give me the “I live on a fixed income” income speech either, so do I since I am a salaried employee. I am tired of hearing about fixed incomes at the Council meetings and at the end of the night; you get in your new Cadillac or Lexus to leave. For you that have not enough to live on, It is not mine nor America’s problem if you did not save enough for your retirement. I save my money so that I can retire with no government assistance, the entitlement in this country must stop, you save nothing you get nothing! Face facts taxes will go up, just like the cost of living, put on your big boy pants and pay your fair share.

    • Magnolia says:

      Tired, We have NO QUALIFIED ENGINEERS in Palm Coast City Government. We no longer HAVE an engineering dept. The people doing this are not QUALIFIED engineers.

      What we don’t need is this city manager. He is over paid and has become boss tweed.

      Good comment, Ralph! You get an A. Name some projects the Mayor and Manager have funded which save the taxpayer money. I can help you out here: NONE! But they have done a great job of destroying some of our most beautiful areas so that a developer could put up something large and concrete that stands empty.

      People, you need to show up at the council meetings and you need to vote them OUT. But instead, most would rather just bitch and blog.

      Reality Check, Thank you for the input, MR. MAYOR!

      • Reality Check says:

        Sorry I am not the Mayor, look at other posts and you will see where I cut them apart, both City & County Councils. I am a middle-aged male that works hard. I do not mind paying taxes, it is what I get in return for the money, I am very civilly minded and like attending council meetings. The amount of people who complain about taxes is unreal! However, heaven forbid they do not get their Social Security raise! (A form of Welfare) the worst thing this country ever did was start to give out handouts! It is a very simple three step process 1) you work (an actual job, not collect welfare) 2) you save (your money to invest) you retire (get life insurance so you can leave money to your family) honestly people expect the world on a silver platter. I will be 50 this year and I do not expect to see a dime of SS, nor does my retirement strategy plan around it, if it is here it will be a bonus. So Magnolia stop your elderly fixed income whining and get a PT job if you need the money. Taxes are a part of life; you can vote these clown out only to vote new ones in, same sad outcome. I was once told, “I will vote for the lesser of the two evils” either way you are still voting for evil!

    • w.ryan says:

      You’ll be singing the same song one day soon! Greed generates cost! Been so for eternity. Unless you’re a retired CEO etc you’ll feel the pinch. We retired whiners worked hard for what we have and it’s our retirement bucks that has made Palm Coast a place to “Retire”. I like the retired adult shorts that I wear. You see it is money from elsewhere we bring down here to pay salaries of the people who make statements like yours. Just a fact to face.

      • Reality Check says:

        No its not, I pay the same taxes (even a higher rate than you did) so your elderly dollars do not make Palm Coast a place to retire, do you think your early bird specials tips make the economy better? If you planned your retirement, better, you would have enough money, you planned on Social Security and that was your failure, it a welfare plan that should have never been started. I am the one funding your retirement now; I am planning my retirement around my money not the governments. So keep your shorts, they will come in handy when SS dries up and you need to dumpster dive for food, you will not get the cuffs of your tax paying pants dirty.

        • w.ryan says:

          That big green monster has perverted your reality! Lighten up and take a chill. Displaced anger hurts the innocent RC. I sure hope the parents you belong to wash your mouth out with soap. I’m confident they have told you that you’ll be in their shoes one day.

          • Reality Check says:

            No I will not be in your shoes; I am nearing fifty and have worked hard and saved money for my retirement. As far as washing my mouth out with soap, no need, my parents get all the credit for me being ready for retirement, I have values and will not need to depend on government assistance. I am not angry what so ever, I am just tired of hearing “I am on a fixed income” well so am I and I make it work, if my taxes go up I cannot ask my company for more money. As far as their shoes, they did the same worked hard and put money away, if you cannot not afford to live on what you get whose fault is that? Look in the mirror and stop complaining about what it costs to live now, the 1950s are long gone and inflation is at an all time high. You have a choice complain, and that gets you nowhere, or fix the problem, perhaps you need a part time job to supplement your income? Either way it is not the government’s responsibility to support you.

  17. Magicone says:

    What a circus this storm water department is, the ring leader is John Moden. I have had him out to my property on 3 different occasions in the 6 years I have owned my house. He has had a backhoe digging in the ditch behind my house, which just made the problem worse. I am breeding West Nile Virus in the storm drain behind my house and have been for 6 years. But not to worry I am on the list………..What a joke. Mark my words the next thing that they will raise will be the water usage base. This storm water department is just as corrupt as the rest of the city departments !!!

  18. Hmmm says:

    First garbage-pickup fees, now stormwater fees, what’s next more red-light cameras……oh yeah that was last week.

  19. Gia says:

    The city collect at least a minimum of $6.500.000 per year from private customer meter houses, now ad up all the business meters $$$…….where the money goes after all these years?

  20. blondee says:

    You know they’re going to slap the fee on us whether we like it or not. I’d rather see these fees incorporated into the tax bills, at least they would be tax deductible!

    • Magnolia says:

      I’ve a novel concept for you, Blondee: We elect them to represent US. When they stop doing that we must drag our lazy derriers off the sofa long enough to vote them out.

      And when they start raising fees without a vote, it’s time for a recall and a new government. That’s robbery.

      Gia, Good question.

      Magicone, The Ring Master is Jim Landon, City Manager, salary and benefits in the neighborhood of $400,000.00.

      And guess what, there is no end date to his contract! Bye bye, Jim!

      Anon, Netts was warned to save money for a rainy day, pun intended. He chose not to do that. And many here reelected him.

      KNOW what you’re voting for. Palm Coast has the WORST GOVT in Florida.

  21. PJ says:

    Ok, so Netts has been on the City council for quite a few years at this point. Landon has been the City Manager for 4-5-6 years now right?

    So it took this long to figure out we need to raise taxes? It took this long to use the “fee/tax” scam to screw us.

    I said before in one of my post that Palm Coast will be like so many of the cities in south florida to have the ever so popular “fee/tax.”We are on the way there.

    We are paying a premium salary to Landon a person with the education to do his job and the best he can do is fee us or hide the tax/fee.

    Netts has been around through several councils. He is now the mayor. Amazingly he feels this is ok to fee/tax us, NOW in this crap economy.

    Look let’s face it you need to maintin the infrastructure, ok so just increase the tax with a time frame to repair the worst issues with the repair budget well managed and then the tax get’s rolled back.

    So the keyword here “well managed” something Mr. WellPaid Landon and his personal Mayor Netts can’t assure to be done for us Palm Coasters…………………………………..Pretty sad……….fire Landon and Netts should step down.

  22. tom dooley still hanging around says:

    To Mr. and Mrs. home owners; yes we the renters pay taxes; apparently you never rented out…it’s included with our “monthly” rent; just like your monthly” mortgage”…ya’ll are just “renter’s” like us…don’t believe me??? then just stop paying your mortagae aka “rent” and see who owns your house…(except of course ya’ll have to “fix” everything) whereas us “renters” can move…now tell us again; “US” ” renter’s” we don’t pay taxes…up yours…rent is “ridiculious in “failure county”…

  23. tulip says:

    I have but one comment. All you people have been moaning, groaning, whining and, in general, unhappy with Flagler county or Palm Coast. Why are you still living here, and if you move and find the perfect place with the perfect people, would you please let the rest of us know, so we can move there too?

  24. Sand in My Shoes says:

    Before Palm Coast – the land was swamp land. After Palm coast, it’s still swamp land. You can’t mess with Mother Nature. In the 80’s, ITT had a swale cutter. It did a so so job but was very expensive to operate. Most Palm Coasters have never seen a genuine “rainy seasson”. The weather we just experienced was nothing – just wait til it really starts to rain again.

  25. Anonymous says:

    bring in some decent jobs with descent salaries so we can keep up with the tax/fees. no i guess not , that takes intelligence

  26. Jan Reeger says:

    My compliments go to Frank Meeker, Jason DeLorenzo and Bill Lewis for holding to the roll-back rate. We should be voting for Frank Meeker to bring that wisdom to the County. Frank always keeps his eye on the budget.

    Extra funds in Palm Coast would cover “niceties” not “necessities”. I cringe when I see improvements that are pretties and not maintenance. Administration needs appropriate planning to focus funds they have on the infrastructure needs.

    A better budget analogy for our economy is whether you buy steak, hamburger or spam. Palm Coast will still be buying steak, just a lesser cut.

  27. Shark says:

    If they could only convince Adams and the rest of his clowns that water flows downhill, the town could save millions. There was no problem with the swale on my street until they dug it up and now it takes four days for it to evaporate!! The sad thing is that it was done twice and even though the grass is dead they refuse to correct the problem they created. I have several friends, with the same problem. On another note – How many more signs do we need to remind us we live in Palm Coast?????

  28. New to PC says:

    The swale (swail?) diggers are in my front yard as I type this. It’s just a back hoe and some people with rakes and a dump truck. We’re just moved here from the west coast so this is new to us. I was surprised when we got here to see that there were no storm drains in the neighborhood, just ditches. Seems rather inadequate considering the location and all. They took a wide swath of sod and about 1 or 2 inches of soil. Do they then come and replant the sod? I’m confused at how this is going to do anything.

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