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Second Grave Crash in 14 Hours, on A1A in Beverly Beach, Injures 2 Critically

| August 2, 2012

An elderly man was at the wheel of the Ford Escape, in the foreground. A 38-year-old woman was driving the Dodge. Click on the image for larger view. (FlaglerLive)

A grave, apparently head-on wreck between two 4,600-pound vehicles on State Road A1A in Beverly Beach sent two people to Halifax hospital with critical injuries and closed A1A after 12:30 p.m. (The road reopened at 3 p.m.)

It is the second grave wreck on Flagler County roads in less than 14 hours. A Palm Coast resident was killed in a wreck as he drove his motorcycle into a car on White View Parkway after 10 p.m. Wednesday evening.

The violence of the crash on A1A, which took place at 12:30 p.m., was such that Florida Highway Patrol troopers at the scene were still trying to figure out the direction the vehicles were traveling when they collided, or whether one of them was attempting a turn.

The wreck took place at the intersection of Osprey Point Drive and A1A, or parallel to it. A 38-year-old woman was at the wheel of a gray, 2011 Dodge Avenger. She had to be extricated by paramedics, the driver’s side door having been crunched out to allow for the extrication. The Dodge ended up parallel to Osprey Point Drive, facing the ocean. The car radio was still playing faintly, long after the wreck.

The red Ford Escape, a 2004 SUV, ended up in the middle of the road, straddling the yellow lines. Like the Dodge, its left front was pulverized. The windshield on the passenger side was smashed from within, suggesting that the driver, a 75-year-old man, had swung far enough to the passenger side and struck it. A cane was slung sideways on the passenger floorboard, jutting out of the car. The license plate was in a Disney “Been There, Done That, Going back!” frame. Hand-written notes taped to the dashboard provided directions on how to turn on the wipers or turn on headlights.

Both vehicles’ air bags deployed.

Roger’s Towing cleared the road and towed the vehicles. Both cars leaked fluid, which was sopped up with sand. Units from Flagler County Fire Rescue, the Flagler Beach Fire department and Palm Coast Fire Police responded.

Flagler County Fire Flight evacuated the 75-year-old man, whose condition was, on a scale from 3 to 15 (3 being the worst), a 3, according to officials at the scene. The woman is believed to have a punctured lung. She was taken to Halifax by ground.

Identities of the victims were not yet available.

The dodge. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

The Dodge was parallel with Osprey Point Drive, facing A1A. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

The driver of the Ford is believed to have struck the windshield on the passenger side. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Small notes were scotch-taped to the dashboard in the Ford, explaining knobs’ functions. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

On the pavement, near the wreck. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

30 Responses for “Second Grave Crash in 14 Hours, on A1A in Beverly Beach, Injures 2 Critically”

  1. Jenn-Dom Di Geronimo says:

    praying for all

  2. JL says:

    God be with them both. What is happening around here. Why so many deadly accidents? People, we all have to slow down and pay attention. I hope they both make it.

  3. question says:

    Both accidents…heartbreaking.

    Wherever you’re going…please slow down…get off your phones, buckle those seat belts

    and double down on what we all learned about defensive driving.

    Prayers to all of today’s accident victims.

  4. Justin says:

    Wow so many car accidents these days, very sad :(

    • Anonymous says:

      I left Island Estates and headed south on A1A with NO idea that this had occurred. I got ALL the way down there before being stopped and told to U-Turn. I got to the A1A connecting road to Palm Coast Parkway before I saw the FIRST SIGN of COPS diverting traffic. (insanity!)
      As I made my way through Palm Coast I had to stop at the Old Kings Road traffic signal. I took a look in my outside mirror and the young woman behind me was “busy” with something in her lap. The light went green and everyone proceeded to “go”-except her. By the time I got to I-95, there were several vehicles answering my prayer. “Please don’t let her rear-end me!”
      I have stated in other posts here and in the Daytona paper: “These are NOT accidents! They are crimminal acts of STUPIDITY!
      My prayers are going out to the “victims”.
      Stupid people, well, enough said.
      Thanks for this site, P. T.
      David Campbell

      • Concerned Friend says:

        Honestly, there are notes telling the operator of the vehicle how to operate the vehicle, and you are accusing the other driver of texting? It is a very tragic incident, yes, and people do get preoccupied by phones, but I happen to know the other driver, and let me tell you, you could not be more wrong. Accidents do happen without the use of cell phones being the cause. And if you knew who you were accusing, you might want to take back your harsh words. Because she may be one of the most caring, responsible, do-gooders on earth. So I ask you to rethink your comment David Campbell, because on this particular incident, you could not be more wrong.

        • Anonymous says:

          @ Concerned Friend
          You are on a completely different page in this report than I am.
          I was “complaining” about two different things-BOTH of which are important to this story!
          My initial complaint was re: having to drive so many miles before being forced to turn around and etc-etc.
          My other observation (at Old Kings Road) was just to point out that the average driver on the highways of our county/state/nation should be viewed as an assailant. In other words, one needs to view EVERY vehicle around them as such!
          Watch your outside mirrors-inside mirrors-windshield!! Just WATCH what is going on around you and pay less attention to the happenings inside!!!
          David Campbell

  5. The Truth says:

    Another classic example that seniors need retesting of the license.

  6. FBGrl says:

    I’m sorry but if you honestly require reminders on how to turn on/off your headlights and windshield wipers, I question your ability to operate a motor vehicle.

    That said, I find the whole situation very sad and disturbing with all the serious wrecks lately :(

  7. Well... says:

    How about we have people that can drive without needing notes first and then we can talk about the other stuff like speed, cell phones and the like. Why don’t we have people, everyone, regardless of age take a physical driving test every 5-10 years with your DL renewal contingent upon passing the driving portion. People cannot do the speed limit (over and under), people do not signal, cannot do 3-point turns, can barely do a u-turn, pull out in front of cars going a dangerously slow speed, and on, and on, and on. I would be willing take a physical driving exam. If a DL isn’t renewed (like someone wouldn’t drive anyway) maybe the city can rectify that problem by putting in sidewalks throughout the city and implementing REAL public transportation. If PC wants to think like they are a big city then they need to act like one.

  8. Dadgum says:

    Senseless. Speed kills, even two cars driving toward each other at 40 MPH is 80 MPH on impact.

  9. question says:

    Fender benders…remember them?

    New rule: Nothing bent larger than a rubber bumper. Got it?

    Now go out there and be MUCH more careful than you’ve ever been b4.

    Thank you for your support.

  10. Billybob says:

    When I drive I try to imagine every single other vehicle is going to try to hit me, and what could I do to avoid it. That’s saved me numerous times. Except for the time at the bank when I was at a full stop in the exit lane and a truck came in going the wrong way into the exit lane and hit me head on. Some traffic collisions don’t involve speeding, cell phone use, etc., somebody just messes up and the other person simply can’t avoid their mistake. I don’t like hearing blanket statements “slow down … hang up … don’t text …”, etc., because those may or may not have been factors what-so-ever in the collision. The fact is, the article does not specify why it happened. It only said that the vehicles were both heavy.

  11. Edward M. Hammett says:

    Unfortunately, I happened to see this accident, and was on the scene immediately after. I told the police my best account of what happened. The lesson to be learned is; Don’t take driving for granted, be courtious, never be in a hurry, and don’t tailgate. Driving a car is the most dangerous thing any of us do. My prayers are with both of the injured and their families. You can’t place blame if you weren’t even there, and then you still may not know why it happened.

  12. palmcoaster says:

    All phones, I-phones, smart phones or any alike gadget should be automatically disable as soon as we start our vehicles engines. Want to communicate on an emergency..? stop on the shoulder and turn off your engine, or take the next exit and get to a safe parking area and then talk, text have a siesta or whatever.
    When this disabling mechanism is going to be installed from factory in all cars? Needs to be done to save lives.

    • Jim Neuenfeldt says:

      Palm Coaster: The vehicle manufacturers cannot do that (yet) however there are applications for your phones that when the GPS sensor shows you moving more than 5mph disables the ringer on your phone and sends the caller directly to voicemail. Of course you would still get the voicemail message however at some point you have to accept responsibility as a phone user that at times the phone just has to wait.

      here is just 1 that I found doing a quick Google Search:

      Maybe the answer would be that when you renew your Drivers License that you have to show you have that app installed?

    • K says:

      I agree. Only 911 should be able to be dialed when in motion over a certain MPH. Regardless whether a person is a driver or passenger.

    • Nancy N. says:

      Whatever happened to personal responsibility? How about we all just learn not to be idiots? Because, really, if you are going to start making the government babysit our phones, how about having cars have mechanisms in them that don’t let the engine go into gear until all seats that the car detects are occupied have fastened seat belts? Where does it stop, this government nanny state?

      • Helene says:

        Nancy, I do not trust anybody else on the road to take personal repsonsibiltly – that’s what happened to it. When it comes to the safety of my family, I do not trust anybody. If there is no law against texting or talking while driving, then people will always think they are the exception and can do these completely irresponsible things safely. There are many states that have this law and Florida needs to step it up – there are way to many “accidents” because of people not being responsible for their own actions. When my life depends upon it, I trust a so-called “nanny state” more than I do you – sorry if that insults you.

        That being said, apparently at the time this article was written, they do not know what caused this accident. People are jumping the gun and making assumptions and we all know what happens when you assume. Let’s wait for the facts before the accusations and insults roll please.

    • anon. says:

      hey. sometimes cell phones aren’t involved at all. my cousin didn’t have a cell phone, and she was driving a 75 dodge dart swinger that the seat belts didn’t work in, and the driver’s door didn’t latch properly, and she dropped off one side of the road one night, panicked and swung it back across the highway off the other side, and when she swung back to the right, her door flew open and she was ejected. that car would only go 55 tops, and she was one of the most careful drivers i knew. like i said, she didn’t even own a cell phone, but she was on her way home from work, and must have been extra tired and wasn’t paying much attention. she was 16. R.I.P. Aleah.

  13. Ken Dodge says:

    Well… says ” If PC wants to think like they are a big city then they need to act like one.”

    Re-read this story’s header; this accident occurred in Beverly Beach.

    • patti bissonnette says:

      I’m not blaming anyone for this tragic accident…but it is getting scary to drive around here. I know it’s inconvenient, but I really think we need to go back to having your eyes checked every two years when you go to renew your licence, as well as an agility test every 5 years, and then every two years after the age of 50. This is for our own safety and everyone around us. To save time and aggravation, a record from you own optometrist could be used instead of the registry eye exam, if you have one. Just my opinion because it seems like folks either are not paying attention, or just plain can’t see. It’s not like we have hilly terrain with snow and ice around here!

      • Rocky Mac says:

        Florida is too lackadaisical about driving laws. My mother’s neighbor in Palm Coast is over 90 years old, walks bent over, drives an old car with bandaged lights and the car is loaded with trash. Yet, he continues to drive and the sheriff’s department is aware of him. If you see him coming, warning, get out of his way…he weaves all over the road.

        Yes, Florida needs to catch up with the rest of the civilized country or some of it.

  14. Raymond M. Sautner says:

    I knew the driver of the red vehicle , as I delivered his mail . He was one of the nicest and funniest people I have had the pleasure of meeting .
    My heart goes out to his family and friends.
    Will miss ya Ed .

  15. cfran10406 says:

    Please, no more finger-pointing. My friend and colleague was one of the drivers, and is in critical condition, alone and far from home. The other driver, who as I understand it, was a beloved local resident, did not survive. Just pray for them both.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Before blaming elderly drivers and the State of Florida and everyone else for what was an accident, take a moment to think that these folks that need to be able to get out to the stores, doctors, mail etc. and many have left their families “back home” in another state to retire here. If you take away their right to drive, then who will take care of them? You? As a younger driver that lives in Painters Hill, I deal with the elderly drivers all the time. I know to watch out and I go the speed limit. I also have to deal with “young” people flying down A-1-A because it is a straight road and they are in a hurry. Everyone needs to show a little more patience and understanding and not be in such a hurry on the road or to judge.

  17. Mary says:

    I was the driver who survived and I want to set the record straight. I wasn’t speeding, I wasn’t on my phone, I was obeying the rules of the road. I was contacted by FHP to inform me the other driver had a blood alcohol content almost twice the legal limit. For all of you who vilified me and decided that I was at fault against the poor helpless elderly man in Florida, stay out of other people’s business. He had post-it instructions in his car, he was drunk and he nearly killed me.

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