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Second Elderly Plantation Bay Woman Dies After May 3 Wreck With a Truck on US1

| May 9, 2012

The violence of the t-bone impact left the fender of the truck embedded into the side of the Toyota Avalon driven by two elderly women from Plantation Bay. click on the image for larger view. (c FlaglerLive)

Last Updated: May 9, 7:53 a.m.

Harriet Look, 76, a resident of Plantation Bay, died on May 4 from injuries sustained Thursday evening in a two-vehicle wreck just outside Plantation bay, where authorities said she lived. Diane Teske, 68, who was riding with her, died on May 9 after battling critical injuries for four days.

The two women were involved in a violent crash between their Toyota and a pick-up truck hauling scrap metal. Look and Teske were airlifted on separate helicopters to Halifax Hospital in Daytona Beach. Paulo Rodrigues, the 36-year-old driver of the pick-up truck, a Palm Coast resident according to a Florida Highway Patrol reports, was in serious condition, and was transported by ground to Florida Hospital Flagler.

U.S. 1 in both directions was closed for three hours for about a mile on either side of Plantation Bay from the time of the crash, just before 5 p.m., to 8:22 p.m., by which time Roger’s Towing had cleared the scene.

The silver Toyota, according to preliminary findings by Florida Highway Patrol investigators at the scene, was stopped at the Stop sign on Plantation Bay and U.S.1. The Ford F-350 pick-up truck was traveling north on U.S. 1, in the outside lane. The Toyota attempted to pull out onto the southbound lanes of U.S. 1, crossing the northbound lanes and making a left-hand turn. The Toyota “violated the right-of-way of the F-350 Ford pick-up truck, at which point they made impact on U.S. 1.,” an FHP investigator said.

The truck’s scrap metal remained contained. But the violence of the impact embedded the truck’s front bender into the driver’s side of the Toyota, where it remained when wreckers separated the truck and the car. The car’s roof had been sheared off and its passenger side door cut and lifted to give rescuers access to the victims.  The Toyota’s steering wheel was cut off and laid by the side of the road.

The Toyota, after rescuers had extripated the two women. Click on the image for larger view. (FlaglerLive)

Impact. Click on the image for larger view. (FlaglerLive)

The Ford F-350. Click on the image for larger view. (FlaglerLive)


The Plantation Bay entrance where the women had stopped before crossing onto U.S. 1. Click on the image for larger view. (FlaglerLive)

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61 Responses for “Second Elderly Plantation Bay Woman Dies After May 3 Wreck With a Truck on US1”

  1. David says:

    I personally would have no problem after the age of 55 or 60 getting a yearly evaluation to determine if I am fit to drive. It is better than taking the life of an innocent person and living with it. Look what happened at Publix. Same thing happened to me. Driving down the road and some 78 year old woman just turned into me like I wasn’t there. I understand that reaction time and such deminish with age, but I don’t feel that keeping the elderly mobile should come at the cost of the rest of us who are still able to pay attention when driving.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is more blessed to give than to receive.
      This is especially true of the RIGHT OF WAY – something to be yielded, not taken!

  2. David says:

    On a side note. There also plenty of young people who seem incapable of paying attention on the road also.

  3. The Truth says:

    Seeing images like this make us understand how blessed we are. One bad decision and your life could be over just like that. My thoughts and prayers are with all those involved and their families.

  4. Listen Up says:

    Everybody reading this – take this advice to heart……share it with all all loved ones and everyone you meet….this is timeless advice and will more than likely keep you safe during your travels:


    There is a lot involved in driving defensively…from understanding ever-changing road conditions, to understanding your vehicle’s relationship to the road. From properly maintaining your vehicle to properly maintaining your attention to the road and all its connected elements.

    Yes, some accidents are unavoidable. Just try your best to make sure you avoid being at fault and always do your best to avoid hazards….learn to read potentially hazardous situations and be nice, be respectful of others and of yourself when you are behind the wheel!


  5. knew it would eventually happen says:

    It was bound to happen. I frequently travel on Old Dixie Highway, where the north entrance is to Plantation Bay, and can not tell you how many people pull right out in front of you from the development. It is as if they think they own the damn road. While this is a tragedy and I hope that everyone involved makes a full recovery, I can’t say that this story shocks me. It is hard for me to believe that she didn’t see this big red truck coming at her, but I truly wish people would be a little more patient, had she waited 10 seconds, she would be home safe and sound right now.

  6. Krystal says:

    I think the DMV needs to stop with the renewing license for 10 years at a time at a certain age. My father who is 84 was going to be given a license for the next 10 years which would make him 94! I said umm no, he can come back at his birthday and retake the test and if he can take it then he can drive. He was told that this was probable his last year of driving because he just isnt as confident as he once was. He does not drive as far and as often and doesnt drive during the busy times of day. I agree some of the teens are just as bad because I drop the kids off every morning and pick up every day. Talk about trying drive defensive.

    • Krystal says:

      My condolences to the family. US-1 is not an easy road to turn out on and my husband and father frequent this road daily. It is hard to judge how fast they are going and at a speed of 65 a vehicle comes up on you way too quickly.

  7. Michelle says:

    I passed this accident, and hoped for the best. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who were injured in this accident, and to the families as well. I hope everyone recovers well and is healthy. I agree with “The Truth says”…life is so short. Sometime’s you never know when your last day will be…or when a tragic event can happen. Live life…appreciate the small moments, and always think positive. :) God bless.

  8. SKEETER says:

    speed… a factor in these accidents on rt 1. also a lack of signage on the road showing where intersections are. ( especially where the new Mobil startion is) Lack of police presence on rt 1.. Florida needs to test the elderly EVERY year. Everyone needs to stop talking on their phones and keep an eye on the road,
    Florida is a very dangerous place to live.

  9. palmcoaster says:

    @David. I disagree with your statement. The elderly, the middle age and young drivers, all want to beat the incoming traffic even while waiting (when or if they obey the law and do it) at a stop sign, they know well cops ARE NOT around to catch them. I see it daily, drivers of all ages cutting of the incoming traffic specially if motorcyclist approach, bicyclist or pedestrians while are crossing an intersection with their right of way light! A total disregard for human life.
    What we need here is some traffic monitoring that we DO NOT HAVE NOW, as our traffic is monitored only by empty sheriff vehicles parked in our medians..what a joke! We need here and there a patrol car in some intersections like Rte 1 and Moody Blvd, Belle Terre and White Deer Lane, Rte 100 and I95.
    Rotate those traffic monitoring deputies around our churches after the Sunday services, residential development access and vicinity of schools after students arrive for classes or go home. Ticket the violators and the word will spread around soon enough that then abiding our traffic laws will save lives. I will vote for Sheriff the one that will put our deputies to work in the community with a clear set of guidelines. We see right now, there are “too many high paid chiefs (that should be patrolling in those parked cruisers) and few indians to do the work we pay and is not done by our law enforcement in Flagler County”


      @Palmcoaster………..As always you have no clue as to what really goes on, how many tickets are issued, where the repeat areas are, and the “REAL” staffing of the FCSO. May i suggest you spend more time obtaining the correct information and less time bashing the FCSO,
      Thank you

  10. Donna De Poalo says:

    But, was age really a factor here? Sounds like an impatient driver to me and those come in all ages. Whether it’s pulling out in front of oncoming traffic, speeding through lights that have just turned red, tailgating, etc, Nothing is done to discourage aggressive, impatient driving so these people drive this way their entire lives.

  11. blondee says:

    Drivers pulling out onto US 1 seem to forget that oncoming traffic is barreling at you at 60+ mph! While you may think you have plenty of time to cross the intersection, in reality, you do not.

  12. Agnese says:

    My heart goes out to Mr Rodriguez, due to the impatience or misjudgement (or shall we blame the gas pedal again) of another older driver a young man is seriously injured. I hope that the sherrifs office and Highway patrol is paying attention and will get serious about retesting older drivers.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is amazing how many comments pertain to the persons age on driving, .
      the truth of the matter is that leaving plantation bayis extremely dangerous. There is a blind spot that is caused when another driver is leaving us1 to turn into the development that turning entrance needs to be expanded and a light needs to be added People of all ages should be tested more frequently by dmv
      Our next problem of driving on the roads are the cell phones people have busy lifes and they are afraid that they are going to miss something .put the cell phones in the trunk next to the gun and that will help with the cell phone problem it did with the guns at least you hav to stop to answere to phone if it rings

  13. Jim says:

    About 5 years ago, my wife was involved in a very similar accident at the same location. She was the one heading north on US 1 and someone pulled out in front of her. Luckily, there were no serious injuries. A big issue at that location is the turn lane into Plantation Bay. When a vehicle pulls into that lane, it is very difficult to see what is heading north. There is a major blind spot. People are impatient, regardless of age, and pull out instead of waiting a few extra seconds to be sure it is clear. A very simple solution is a stop light.

  14. Well... says:

    My personal opinion is that ALL people need to be retested and if they fail, regardless of age, their license is revoked. Implement public transportation. Real public transportation. A driving license is a privilege. All the time people cut in front of others, pull out in front of a car doing the speed limit when the car is well within impact, texting, talking on cell phones, doing anything and everything but paying attention to driving. Driving is not a difficult task, however, watching people here and avoiding accidents on nearly a daily basis on my drive to and from Saint Augustine, you would think it required a higher level of cognitive functioning. The reality is someone lost her life, another is clinging on to hers and a man is in serious condition. When we sit behind the wheel of a car, we are all operating a deadly weapon that is why it is so important to pay attention to your surroundings and know how to properly operate that vehicle.

    • gypsey; says:

      OK maybe just maybe the truck was also speeding. After all his fender is embedded in the car. I agree after a certain age, we should all be road tested at least once a year.Also a light should be installed at that entrance, there are alot of trucks useing US 1 on both sides of the road.

      • Harry says:

        the truck (90’s model f350 with a super low tranny) was not speeding. It was not his fender embedded in the car, it was the bumper. I agree that a light should be put there as it is suppose to be at least 6 fatalities in 2 years gets the traffic lights, this one has had 10. Also Us.1 is not like I95 where bigger trucks are required to stay in the right lane, they can pass if they wish. Age has nothing to do with this, impatience does. I have worked many wrecks there, and it is always people of different ages with the same problem… lack of patience for traffic. If drivers would leave a couple minutes early to get to their desinations, maybe this would happen less often especially at this intersection.

        • Just a thought says:

          Harry says “at least 6 fatalities in 2 years gets the traffic lights, this one has had 10.”

          Where do you get that info? I seriously doubt there have 10 falalities in 2 years at that one intersection. I would like to facts on that.

          [JAT raises a valid point: We’ve been covering crashes for the past two years; this appears to be the first at that particular intersection in those two years, though obviously there’s been others north of the spot–but not at Plantation Bay. If we’re wrong Harry, please let us know.–FL]

    • Krystal says:

      I am amazed on a daily basis how careless people are while driving. Just the lack of road rules knowledge at a four way stop makes me shake my head. A round-a-bout is a major task for drivers in the Town Centre. We were in Clearwater last weekend and as we stopped at a stop sign it said below “incoming traffic has right of way” I said to my husband jokingly “its genius I tell you we need a 1000 ordered right a way for Palm Coast”

      • flaglermomofone says:

        I agree with you on the round-a-bout at Town Centre. Not sure what the purpose was of putting one in but it’s a bit confusing as to what lane you should be in depending on where you are trying to go. I’ve seen many people having to slam on their brakes to avoid other cars and cars cutting across the 2 lanes in front of another car while in the round-a-bout.

  15. Richard says:

    The article should say” Elderly woman killed IN YET ANOTHER auto crash at Plantation Bay Entrance to Route 1″…At least TEN people have been killed or mangled at this exact location in the past TWO YEARS!How many deaths is it going to take before the apporpriate authorities PUT A LIGHT THERE?j

  16. meh says:

    3 words…


    for… the… elderly…

    ok, so 6 words.

  17. PJ says:

    This is very sad. My best friend’s mother was the passenger in the car, and I can assure you her age has nothing to do with this. She is more alert than most people half her age. I can also assure you that neither she or the driver were texting or other things younger people do when they drive. Please just pray for all that were involved and blame no one; accidents happen. I hope a traffic light gets installed at this location.

    • almighty1 says:

      pj says, i agree for the most part ut mr rodriguez is a close friend to me and i assure you this. 1 he was not speeding at all. 2 the lady just pulled right out in front of him and there are witnesses to prove that. 3 as this is a tragedy blame isnt an issue. my thoughts and prayers for the friends and family of the avalon, as the driver has died and the passenger is still in critical condition. as for mr rodriguez he broke his hand from the impact. he is already traumatized enough knowing that the lady died. this is all a lesson learned to always look several times when pulling out into a roadway. maybe there does need to be a light there.

    • Judy Vedova says:

      The passenger involved is a dear friend of mine. She played bridge at my house Thursday afternoon. There needs to be a traffice light at this intersection and also the one on Pine Trail. This is just a horrible accident. Maybe the sun was a factor in the driver’s vision? Please pray for Diane’s survival. She is a wonderful person and was so full of life.

    • bill and sue hall says:

      Hello PJ, We knew Harriet for many years…we lost contact since moving to Oregon. I remember her as always having fun and smiling..We r very sad upon learning of her unfortunate death. May ur friend’s mother recover…Be well, cherish the day…, bill hall (

    • Anne says:

      Well said PJ!

    • Anonymous says:

      Can you send my condolences to Diane’s sons? My mom was good friends with Diane. We all lived in the same neighborhood for many years. My parents were still in touch with Diane, and she recently visited them when they were vacationing near Clearwater in March. I have lost touch with the boys, but would like them to know I’m thinking of them and wishing them well during this difficult time. Thank you!
      Pamela (Dan) Fear

  18. Bill says:

    I can guarantee you this was not primarily age related. I live in Plantation Bay and use that intersection frequently. There is a MAJOR blind spot when another car is in the ‘slow down’ lane to turn into Plantation Bay, and traffic on US 1 there is typically going 70 mph. Personally I NEVER pull out if there is a car in that
    lane blocking the view, and a lot of people in Plantation Bay know that… sadly not everyone… and probably not most visitors. Something needs to change… maybe a light.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I’m so sick of people passing judgement on the elderly and their driving… One day you will be there, let’s see how you feel when they revoke your license… Teenagers are far more a risk then the elderly…

    • David says:

      @Anonymous – I would be more than happy to be tested every year for my driving skills when I become a elder. What makes you think elders don’t text or talk on their cell phones while driving. Remember driving is a priviledge not a duty.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I think texting and driving is the cause of more accidents then the elderly and driving… Let’s report those accidents instead if picking on the elderly!!!

  21. Jeanne says:

    What an amazing rush to judgement by some who have never met the people involved and know only what was printed in this article.

  22. Maryjoe says:

    “A big issue at that location is the turn lane into Plantation Bay. When a vehicle pulls into that lane, it is very difficult to see what is heading north. There is a major blind spot.”
    Exactly! A request was put in with the state to put a sign there and it was again rejected with the reasoning that there isn’t heavy enough traffic. It’s my understanding there have been six accidents at that location within the last two or three years. That’s not impatience, age or anything else. It’s a flaw in the traffic control and design. A ‘blind spot’ does not belong on a major highway. My condolences to all who knew and loved these two women.

  23. Martha Richards says:

    Regardless of her age Harriet Look was a vibrant, intelligent woman and loved by many who knew her.
    When a vehicle on US1 is in the north bound turning lane at the Plantation Bay entrance it creates a blind spot for those waiting to turn left/south on to US1. There have been numerous near misses and serious accidents, several of those with fatalities at this intersection. I warn everyone visiting us… young and old to take extreme caution when exiting the Plantation Bay community on to US1. The speed limit at this intersection is 65 miles per hour.
    What is the solution…
    1. Reconfigure the turning lane so vehicles turning right do not create a blind spot.
    2. Reduce the speed limit, currently 65.
    3. Install a traffic light with an activation feature for vehicles on Plantation Bay Dr.(aka Aldenham LN)
    4. Install a flashing sign on Plantation Bay DR… DANGEROUS INTERSECTION
    5. All of the Above.

    • A little patience is needed says:

      if a vehicle turning into Plantation Bay creates a “blind spot”, then isn’t waiting until you can make sure there is no oncoming traffic smarter than taking a chance of pulling out into 65+ mph traffic??? There are other intersections that have more traffic needing signal lights, for example US1 & Belle Terre and US1 & Seminole Woods. I know for a fact that people pull out of Plantation Bay ALL THE TIME in front of oncoming traffic…it is almost as if they think that if they live in that neighborhood they own the road. ALL DRIVERS need to pay more attention and not pull out unless they are 10000000% sure they have ample time to get across the road or up to speed with traffic.

    • anony says:

      If you see a car in the right hand turning lane, why would you make a left turn in front of that car? Shouldn’t you wait until the car already in the turning lane makes their turn before trying to race across the street? If you waited, that blind spot wouldn’t be so blind anymore.

  24. toes in the sand says:

    I can not tell you how many times in a week that I have to slam on my brakes, with everything in the car flying forward, to avoid crashing into someone that has pulled out in front of me. It literally is ridiculous, I also travel Old Dixie Hwy daily, and I would say 4 out of 5 days a week someone is pulling out of Plantation Bay, into on-coming traffic without even looking, I pray that everyone invovled in the accident is okay. Maybe this will be an eye-opener for everyone.

  25. FlaglerResident says:

    A light has been needed there for some time, now! Wonder if a death will now make it a reality?

  26. ANONYMOUSAY says:

    Hate to say it, but take a stroll through any one of our local grocery stores at specific times of the day and you’ll get a glance how of some of our dear retirees navigate with those shopping carts. Most times dangerous and oblivious and impatient. Put them behind the wheel and amplify that by one hundred. Neck is too stiff to look both ways, steering wheel to close to navigate properly, patience is out the window, highly medicated and on a mission. Any cop will tell you braking excessively every time your heat beats doesn’t make one a safe driver when your three car lengths behind the next vehicle. Nor is driving fifteen miles under the posted speed limit, accelerating, decelerating being a defensive driver. I myself have been dangerously cut off more times than I can count. Yeah, it’s annoying and sometimes dangerous but I would never outwardly lash out at them, just make sure I drive safely and pray I make it to their age.

  27. Nick says:

    After having read all the comments:

    1) the intersection is unnecessarily dangerous. The construction and design did not take into consideration the flow and speed of traffic going both north and south. Until it is redesigned, close it. Plantation Bay has an excellent front gate with easy access to 95. It may mean more driving for those living near the back gate but that is an acceptable trade off.
    2) do not make this a senior driver issue. If you do, to be fair, you also need to look into the safety of teen drivers and those with medical handicaps.

  28. Jack says:

    This accident could have happened to anyone regardless of their age. Don’t we all find ourselves distracted by things in a car. These distractions can be: radio, conversations with another passenger etc. All drivers regarless of age must be more careful and less inpulsive. Harriet was a good friend of ours and we are sad to hear of her death.

  29. Mike says:

    We have a serious problem inside Plantation Bay with stop sign violations, so it is no surprise to see the number of responses that note people fail to stop at both entrances. Maybe a right turn only at the rte. 1 exit would help.As well as stronger enforcement in the community and at the exits.

  30. Anonymous says:

    It’s sorry,,to hear someome has lost there life..But it’s everyone..That doesn’t pay attention..Look at the other drivers on the road..Always on the phone,playing with the radio….I’m not saying the driver was on the phone..Todays driver don’t really pay attention..Watch the sheriff’s on Belle Terre Pkwy..On A call..I understand they have a emergency…Have they taken in consideration all the side streets? They travel way to fast..They couldn’t stop in time if someone pulled out in front of them..I was at a friends house,The sheriff’s car flew by..I would say at over 70mph… That’s how EVOC teaches them to drive.?Could they stop? It’s not just the old,the young..It’s everyone..My prays go out to the family..

  31. Ralph Belcher says:

    I’ve had someone from Plantation Bay pull out in front of me on US 1. After I recovered, physically, I got a new car, thanks to the Plantation Bay resident, and also managed enough to get the rest of my mortgage paid off.

    I took advantage of a neat opportunity and bought a 1960 Chrysler Imperial, so I’m ready for the next fool to come out in front of me. They’re going to get creamed. I’ll have to pull out my tire jack and straighten out the front bumper (I-Beam). I almost got one last month.

    Downside: I’m paying a LOT more for gas, but it’s mostly only for recreational trips.

  32. Donna says:

    I live in plantation bay. Is it the truth that the Toyota pulled out to early or the truck was speeding and not paying attention. Until the accident is investgated or unless there witnesses knkow one will really know. I do know that the accident victims families are probably reading these posts and they probably are causing them more pain. I do not disagree that after a certain age we all need to take yearly driving tests. But, this is and was an accident and one women is dead and another on life support. I see the cars and trucks speeding on that road and it is hard to judge. Maybe if the Flagler or volushia county police sat outside the entrance and looked for speeders instead of inside the neighborhood this could have been avoided. God bless all the families impacted by this horrible event.

    • anony says:

      According to FHP investigtation (as stated in the article), the driver of the Toyota pulled out in front of the truck… DIRECTLY in front of the truck. It was not the truck driver’s fault, it was the Toyota driver’s fault.

    • common sense says:

      Again, this accident had nothing to do with speed…not saying that there aren’t speeders that fly by there or cars going south in the northbound left hand lane (whick i see on numerous occasions). If we pull the cops off their routes of patrolling neighborhoods, regardless of how often they do it, to sit and watch an entrance just because the drivers don’t have patience, meanwhile you’re house gets broken into and you make a report….but wait no cops to monitor the neighborhood because babysitting the intersections. People need to be held accountable for themselves. Like many have said, driving is a privledge. If you screw up the penalty should be stiffer. Plain and simple. But don’t take away the neighborhood watch police just to have them watch for impatience.

  33. Suzanne Nerone Shortman says:

    These two women are good friends of my mother who sadly passed away in 2011 (and I am sure met Harriet when she arrived at the Pearly Gates…) These two women are mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers to someone… NEED I SAY MORE to you haters… Just stop with the negative words… People hurt right now and you need to find a better forum for your rant right now.

    For Harriet’s family… I hope you can find peace with what has happened and celebrate all the happy memories she has brought you and never forget her with a smile on her face.

    For Diane’s family… I am praying for her recovery and sending all my prayers your way. I have had many wonderful dinners with Diane and I know how special she is… God Bless You All!!

  34. ol'sarge says:

    @Donna: Yes, the Toyota pulled out, be it recklessness or the blind spot, doesn’t matter

    @Ralph: Way to be insanely rude…that was someones mom, grandmother, and friend.

    Age aside, this is a dangerous intersection. I have been to multiple accidents at that very intersection, and I can assure you it does not discriminate based on birthdays…who needs to die there before we put in a light??

  35. HomeSchool4Me says:

    On another note, It seems as if in the majoritiy of intersections that I travel here in Flagler, that I have to pull WAY beyond the STOP signs, and sometimes into traffic just to see if the way is clear of oncoming traffic.

    I’ll give you two examples:
    * pulling onto A1A from coming across the toll bridge (is it Hammock Dune Pkwy?); &
    * turning left from Buffalo Bill Drive onto PC Pkway.

    Many times I’ve almost been clipped just to see if the traffic is clear. I post this to give another perspective.
    Thoughts please

    • common sense says:

      sorry buffalo bill does not intersect with belle terre but you are right about pulling out further than usual.

  36. palmcoaster says:

    @HomeSchool. You are correct regarding some difficult to see incoming traffic intersections. I just came out of one that is out of the Walgreens in PC Parkway East bound, East of I95.

  37. This accident was caused because neither driver could see the other until just before impact. There was a third northbound car turning right into Plantation Bay which was in the direct line of sight of the Toyota and the Truck. The car turning into Plantation Bay unfortunately shielded both the truck and the Avalon from seeing each other. The exit/entrance is poorly designed and makes it necessary for exiting cars to approach the northbound lane of US #! before they can get a clear look to see if there is any northbound traffic.

  38. elaygee says:

    Darwin’s theories played out in daily life.

  39. Justine German says:

    My name is Justine German,
    Im so srry for your loss who ever you might be. I live on u.s by John’s Junk Yard..
    I have seen people my age (20) be ejected from their vehicals, Iv seen people be crushed under neath the truck.. iv watched them bring out the jaws of life to save a life.. Iv watched them bring down the helicopter to save a life in which diddn’t make it.. Iv had to call the partents and boyfriend of a women that was dieing right in front of my face (amanda ).. I have been traumatized by what iv seen.. it makes me so sad seeing this ..
    im so sry for you who ever u are.. if i could .. i would give my life to bring them home for you. ..:*(
    god bless y’all
    love always

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