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Basketball Rolls Onto Neighbor’s Property. Neighbor Takes Out a Glock .45 and Shoots.

| May 2, 2012

Theodore van Beveren.

Theodore van Beveren is a 56-year-old resident of Providence Lane in Palm Coast, across the canal from the campus of Buddy Taylor Middle School. By 9 p.m. Tuesday, he’d emptied about half a bottle of vodka that day, he told police.

Around that time, a 16-year-old boy was playing basketball across the street. The ball rolled onto van Beveren’s property. Van Beveren took out his Glock .45 and shot. He shot into the ground, to scare the boy.

He was briefly jailed on three charges: culpable negligence, possession or use of a firearm while drunk, and breach of the peace, though he’s already posted the $750 bond on the charges.

They weren’t his first. In November 2009, he was jailed on a drunk driving charge, a charge of improperly exhibiting a firearm or weapon, and a charge of violating a concealed weapon permit.

The Tuesday evening shooting is the latest in a string of incidents involving firearms in the presence of children, including a shooting at Ralph Carter Park on Sunday, while some 100 people were playing there, an elderly man’s shooting death of a Flagler Beach neighbor in March, over a barking dog, while children played two blocks away, and, the same month, the brandishing of what turned out to have been an air-soft gun at Matanzas High School students.

The Tuesday evening shooting took place almost at the same time as Flagler County School Board Colleen Conklin, in a meeting of the board, was calling for a task force to examine gang and firearm violence and firearms in Flagler County. Her call was prompted by the Ralph Carter Park shooting, though she said other incidents had made her think about calling for action on the mater.

Tuesday evening, van Beveren was sitting in his garage with the Glock and a 12-gauge Mossberg shotgun next to him when deputies from the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office arrived. He told cops that while he’d been sitting in his garage drinking vodka, he’d seen several cars pull up to his neighbor’s house for a few minutes, then leave. Van Beveren surmised to cops that it had to do with drugs, and that he’d been observing the back-and-forth for a long time.

Van Beveren admitted to retrieving his gun, walking to the middle of his front yard, and shooting one round to scare the people across the street. The 16-year-old boy across the street told a different story. He told cops that he was merely playing basketball, and that when the ball rolled over across the street, he saw van Beveren “walking toward him with a pistol in his hand,” according to the police report. Van Beveren “then stopped near a vehicle in his driveway, looked at him, and fired the pistol into the ground.” The boy then retreated and notified adults of the incident.

The incident took place in the same area as Plainview Drive where, in September, 64-year-old Patrick Kilichowski, who’d also been drinking, was jailed after angrily firing his Winchester rifle into the ground in the culmination of an argument involving several people. He was unhappy about his girlfriend talking with another man, and he told cops that the Remington Arms 30-30 fired accidentally.

At the jail on Monday, Van Beveren refused to submit to an alcohol-level test.

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30 Responses for “Basketball Rolls Onto Neighbor’s Property. Neighbor Takes Out a Glock .45 and Shoots.”

  1. Sue Dickinson says:

    The task force is a little late in coming. But lets bring it on the sooner the better. Only the innocent will be hurt IF we do not do something soon. How many more shootings have happened that we are not aware of? That’s the scary question.

  2. PalmCoast says:

    Police let this guy out!! stated in the article above “he was “briefly” jailed no less let out on $750.00 bond!! They knew he was drunk and had fire arms and a prior history and still let him out!! What is up with all these guns and shootings???

    • jespo says:

      Police don’t decide bond amount, judges do…when the bond is paid, the person walks.

      • You know what says:

        Police do set the bond rate when you are arrested and taken in for booking and a judge has the authority to increase or decrease the bond. Bond setting is not conistant in Flagler County at any rate.

    • Anonymous says:

      You do realize that to bond out they only have to pay 10% of the total bond? The police didn’t “LET” him out… he paid his 10% and was released. Nothing they can do except keep an eye on him now.

  3. tulip says:

    Isn’t it just wonderful the type of people who are allowed to have a gun!!! All these shootings are as disgusting as the sub humans who think they have the right to shoot at someone for no good reason.

  4. Jackie Mulligan says:

    I wonder who thought up the light charges and low bail, they should be ashamed of themselves.
    No wonder he is a menace , no real teeth in the charges on him
    He will continue until we have a tragedy.
    Alcohol and guns do not mix, he is a drinking time bomb.

    Heads in the sand.

  5. Gia says:

    Streets are not a playground, you want to play basketball go to the school that what they do best. With drug around you’de better get some defense to protect yourself.

    • flaglermomofone says:

      Gia, are you saying that kids shouldn’t be playing in their own neighborhood or outside their own homes? And what does your comment about drugs being around have anything to do with this article? How is a 16 year old kid playing basketball a threat to the 64 year old man who has been downing vodka all day long? The man shot at a 16 year old because his basketball rolled into his yard and you think that’s ok? You are seriously twisted.

  6. ric says:

    This guy belongs in an institution..

  7. palmcoaster says:

    Bullies with guns and alcohol a deadly combination.

  8. B. Claire says:

    Come on all you, Founding Father, Grossly Misinterpreted 2nd Amendment Rights
    Shameless supporters…

    Defend another act of a gun idiocy…and how another nut job just happened to have access to a Glock .45.

    You may not care if the next victim is someone in your family…but the rest of us DO CARE.

    You may think you have every RIGHT to have a gun for every day of the week…and threaten or shoot whomever at will… but we have rights too.


    • Chuck says:

      Obviously this guy was not a responsible gun owner. He should still be in jail for the last gun charges. Don’t blame this on the 2nd amendment and the law abiding citizens who actually follow laws. Don’t blame it on the NRA or congress, blame it on the judge and prosecutors that only care about winning in court and file bs charges. $750 bail this guy shouldn’t even get bail. Nothing in the laws say anything about threatening or shooting at will. Actually says not to do that. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would try to defend these actions. As far as another victim goes that’s why we have laws like stand your ground so you can defend yourself and loved ones against criminals like this guy.

      • Anita says:

        Chuck, everybody is a law abiding citizen until the day they’re tired, irritable, drunk, stupid or mad and they do something that causes needless harm to another human being. The Second Amendment was written in an age when the gun was useful for self-defense and to put food on the table. Unless your family relies on what you kill to eat; you used a quill pen dipped in ink to write your message, and you rode your horse over to Flagler Live to deliver it, realize that amendments CAN and SHOULD be amended to meet the needs of 21st C. America.

        Wayne LaPierre makes good money promoting gun proliferation and spouting bull shit, but he knows as well as you and I, that guns are not being kept out of the hands of the “bad” guys and that anyone with a gun could easily be a bad guy if he thinks he’s got a reason. When Mr. LaPierre stops lobbying Congress to relax already lax gun laws, and they stop taking his payoffs to cooperate, then I’ll stop holding them responsible for the death of every innocent gunned down.

    • some guy says:

      @B.Claire Come on all you, Founding Father, Grossly Misinterpreted 2nd Amendment Rights
      Shameless supporters…

      are you saying the founders grossly misinterpreted their own words?

      You may think you have every RIGHT to have a gun for every day of the week…and threaten or shoot whomever at will… but we have rights too.

      Yes we all have that right within the law BUT I do not know of what you speek of in te second part.. I just dont get you gun nuts who look at those who legaly and safly own them as a problem?

  9. GoodFella says:

    Guns dont kill people, people kill people. Shameless supporters??? Get real, not all gun owners are irresponsible. I have had my guns for years and have not had the need to use them, but it sure is nice to know that they are nearby if needed . You never know when some jackass tries to break into your home or try to carjack you. Its always nice to have Smith and Wesson as friends. And yes you do have rights B. Claire, you choose not to exercise those rights and own a gun. Thats your decision!!! So if and when the time comes and you need to protect yourself, good luck doing that without a weapon.

  10. Thinking says:

    No, it’s the idiot who is not ok. The Glock did not run out the door and pull it’s own trigger. When that starts happening, they yes, I’d say we have guns out of control. It’s people who are unable to control their own behavior that creates problems.

  11. michelle says:

    Note to self:
    Bullet proof vest for child AND basketball.

  12. B. Claire says:

    All you gun shameless ‘can never have too many AK-47’s’ defenders….you all keep voting in other right wing, NRA bought & paid for nut jobs to VOTE DOWN any deterrent to behavior like we are currently suffering.

    NO gun too grotesque
    NO magazine too huge,
    NO cop killing bullet too bad to be on the streets in the millions…

    Killing ‘toys’ like this more available than air to ANYONE with cash or desire to break in to others homes to steal. [btw…how do they know YOU have unsecured guns in your home?]

    Shut up and stop voting down every new gun law that every valiant gun violence victim has put up for the last 20 years. YOU ARE at fault for this even if you are pure as the driven snow with your cadre of guns in your secure ‘bed bunker’

    • Chuck says:

      You make no sense when you blame responsible gun owners for the stupid acts of criminals. This guy and anybody that uses a gun in a crime is not a responsible gun owner. In your thinking, why stop at just guns, lets outlaw all knives including kitchen knives, box cutters, filet knives, and let’s stop restaurants from letting customers use steak knives butter knives because some dumbass could use all these to kill someone. While we are at it lets get rid of all trees limbs, and lumber cause somebody could use these as weapons. Let’s get rid of all ropes, tarps, and plastic sheets cause these can be used in crimes. I have owned guns from the age of 7 years and I drink alcohol occasionally and never have I once thought of using a gun in a threatening manner.

    • nodoubt says:

      B. Claire, Sorry, but you can’t legislate stupid and, as long as there are people, there will be crime.

      I don’t care whether or not you exercise your 2nd Amend Rights but I am a responsible gun owner who feels no “shame” about my own personal decisions and would appreciate your not categorizing everyone because of the irresponsibility of others.

  13. David says:

    What ever happen to the good ole days when everybody knew their neighbors, and trusted them. This was just a innocent 16 year old shooting hoops in his yard. Micheal Jordon use to practice shooting hoops till all hours of the night. Get this idiot some help.

  14. JL says:

    There should be a law in place that makes it a felony punishable by mandatory jail time if you drink alcohol and have personal possession of a firearm. Alcohol and guns don’t mix. Just like driving and alcohol don’t. If we had that law, this guy wouldn’t have gotten off with $750 bond. Note to police and Judges: If you get another idiot like this who wants to get drunk and shoot off his gun, make the bond a lot higher. Make it hurt these people in the wallet. We need stiffer penalties. Wanna bet this guy eventually gets drunk and kills someone? whoever set his bond at only $750 should be out of a job. I don’t care who it was.

  15. B.Claire says:

    some guy,

    …s l o w l y… read Anita’s excellent post.

    And JL…you also rock…superb idea! [uphill battle however with gun nuts seeking drink and carry ‘rights’ in bars. Can the human species come up with a dumber idea.?!]

  16. PalmCoast says:

    JL GREAT post!! well said!

  17. FlaglerVoter says:

    I love reading comments about opinion. They make just about everyone sound like a fascist.

    Folks- Opinions are just THAT, opinion. We shouldn’t take it personally when someone does not agree with us. We don’t need to tell people they are idiots just because we happen to have an opposing opinion. It is difference of opinion that got these people into this mess in the first place.

    I agree that guns are not inherently bad. I also agree that guns should be regulated, as should alcohol. It seems evident to me that some folks shouldn’t drink (and probably wouldn’t if it weren’t for the physical addiction of it).

    I like a beer or two from time to time. I also happen to own guns. I have NEVER so much as touched one after even one drink. I have seen people do it though…and let’s just say this ” Drinking impairs judgment(fact), judgment will either get us in or keep us out of trouble.”

    Now, please don’t comment on this. Instead, go sober up and get a real hobby… Or better yet, create some jobs.

    BTW- Conklin always seems to be a loud voice on the schoolboard, but what good has she really done in the community? :

    “The Tuesday evening shooting took place almost at the same time as Flagler County School Board Colleen Conklin, in a meeting of the board, was calling for a task force to examine gang and firearm violence and firearms in Flagler County. Her call was prompted by the Ralph Carter Park shooting, though she said other incidents had made her think about calling for action on the mater.”

    I’m thinking that is probably the way to keep an old drunk guy from shooting himself in the foot… Start a task force. How about background checks to purchase alcohol? Maybe we should put a drug in vodka that would make your legs go completely numb after three drinks?

    You can put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  18. robindeann says:

    I agree Chuck! You can’t put All gun owners in the same category. I have been raised around guns my whole life, and I am glad to know that if ever there is a time I need one to defend my family from harm, its there. Which has happened in the past. I am just as upset with the whole judicial system in Flagler Co, as anyone! Not only should he have gotten a stiffer punishment, but should have the right to own any firearms taken away. And honestly he shouldve had them taken away on the first charges!

  19. jk w says:

    There is a time and a place for everything. He shuld have did his drinking at the bar an his shooting at the range.

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