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Daniel Biles, Long-Time Bunnell Elementary Aide, Arrested on Child Porn Charges

| April 27, 2012

Daniel Biles's home on North Palmettto Avenue is across the street from Bunnell Elementary, and, on the opposite side, adjacent to Jet's Daycare center. (© FlaglerLive)

“Great news,” Gerald Keating, a Daytona Beach attorney, wrote Daniel Biles in November 2003. “On November 18, 2003, Sergeant Burke contacted me to advise me that they were closing the case on you based on insufficient probable cause to proceed further.”

Randy Burke, now a lieutenant with the Bunnell Police Department, had been investigating allegations brought by two parents that Biles, 30 at the time, had inappropriately touched their juvenile sons at a day care center called Miss Dawn’s Lil Kountry Kids Preschool and Day Care Center, where Biles worked in addition to his job with the Flagler County school district. “Department of Children and Families took the victim, children’s video taped statements which was insufficient although Sergeant Burke believes that something did happen.” The attorney added: “Good luck in your future endeavors as a teacher.”

Daniel Biles, in his Facebook self-portrait.

Biles, 38, was arrested this afternoon at Bunnell Elementary on 10 counts of possession of child pornography. He was arrested by the Bunnell Police Department as a result of a joint investigation with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office. The investigation, City Manager Armando Martinez said, began on Tuesday after Biles had taken his computer to a repair shop in Bunnell. Images of naked children were discovered on the computer at the shop, triggering a call to police and the subsequent investigation.

“When a child is involved it instinctively takes a different tone for anybody so we worked on this day and night,” Martinez said. “The thing that we wanted was to wrap the case up as soon as possible to remove the threat from our schools as soon as possible.”

Bunnell Police Department officer Christopher Wolfle worked with sheriff’s investigator Kim Davis and John Eckersen, an investigator with the State Attorney’s office. “We are asking anybody that has any information pertaining to this individual to contact investigator Eckersen at the State Attorney’s office,” Martinez said.

Biles was employed as a teacher’s aide at Bunnell Elementary, and worked in the school’s extended day, or pre- and after-school day care. He has also worked as a camp counselor through the district’s adult education program. He began working for the district in 1991 as a substitute child care worker and camp counselor.

Richard Dupont, the principal at Bunnell Elementary, would not address the situation, referring all questions to the district office. He distanced himself from Biles, saying he knew him only as an employee, and that he’d taken out a “trespass warrant” on him.

Biles’s home, at 209 North Palmetto Avenue in Bunnell–the address listed on his employee file’s paperwork–is literally across the street from Bunnell Elementary, and adjoins Jet’s Daycare Center on the opposite side. Jet’s owner was not aware of the arrest, but said she knew Biles by sight as “Danny,” seeing him walk around the neighborhood in the evening, when she’d be closing.

Dupont has evaluated Biles as far back as 2005. In his last available evaluation of Biles–he was being evaluated as a para-professional, or teacher aide, in the special education program, which suggests he may have worked with retarded children–he gave him almost perfect marks, awarding him 5’s (on a scale of 5) in five out of six categories, including his quality of work, job knowledge, planning and organization, quantity of work and cooperation. His only 4 was about his punctuality. “Daniel has been a tremendous asset to the classroom teachers and students,” Dupont wrote in a 2009 evaluation. “He continues to provide a positive learning environment and support.”

He was placed on paid leave on Oct. 1, 2003, pending the outcome of the investigation at the time. But his personnel file is otherwise unremarkable: steady employment through various functions, and positive evaluations.

In 2007, then-principal Phyllis Pearson wrote: “Mr. Biles has made a difference at Bunnell Elementary by his commitment to students and staff programs for more than 15 years. He works effectively with his colleagues, making certain to stay positive but point out when areas of concern need to be addressed with possible solutions. I have encouraged him to pursue a career in teaching as a next step and look forward to seeing him continue to grow as an educator.”

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88 Responses for “Daniel Biles, Long-Time Bunnell Elementary Aide, Arrested on Child Porn Charges”

  1. jenn says:

    Didn’t the author of this article take a class in etiquette or something on how to say things correctly? Since when is it right or politically correct to call mentally challenged or handicap individuals “retarded?” Here’s a thought..maybe the editor should proof read articles BEFORE they are published. This is a shame.

    • FlaglerLive says:

      Sorry jenn. We don’t do euphemisms.

      Note: To all those who wish to discuss terminology in this thread: your comments will not be approved. This article is about a serious allegation. Only thoughtful comments about that matter will be considered.

      • Kathryn A. Lopez says:


      • Nancy N. says:

        Your use of the term retarded is actually completely inaccurate whether you consider it offensive or not. The correct clinical terminology for children in the special education program is developmentally disabled – of which mental retardation is only one small specific clinical sub-set of those types of disabilities.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe u should worry a little more that u have someone in the school working around and quite possibly doing harm to these kids and all you r worried about is whether or not some one is being labeled wrong really ?

    • Tracy Rhodes says:

      We are talking about a man who was subjected to our children and was messing with kids and porn of children and you can only see in the article the word RETARDED? Seriously this is outright crazy RETARDED means not developed as it should be, delayed, and not properly developed and that is exactly what mentally challenged children are. Stop trying to direct the focus on another topic because you know this man or something. Not all us people fall for these distractions to change topic. This is the second investigation and that should be your focus not picking apart the words to create a distractions with words not said to your standard.

    • Kathryn A. Lopez says:

      Have raised a child for 38 years with special needs and worked for over 20 years with individual’s with developmental disabilities but this case is about a criminal not how to say things correctly

    • JH says:

      I’m sorry if you think that is the worst thing about this article; semantics. A “valued” shool employee living next door to an elementary school with child pornography on his computer is a much bigger issue than being politically correct. The shame in this story is that people that work with our children have the capacity to look at the children they teach through a sexual lens.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Great news,” Gerald Keating, a Daytona Beach attorney, wrote Daniel Biles in November 2003. “On November 18, 2003, Sergeant Burke contacted me to advise me that they were closing the case on you based on insufficient probable cause to proceed further.”

    “Department of Children and Families took the victim, children’s video taped statements which was insufficient although Sergeant Burke believes that something did happen.”

    Mr Biles must have friends in the right places.

    Not too long ago, a band teacher was fired for WATCHING porn at school, but when school officals ENGAGE in these erotic behaviors/porn activities on school campus, they are shuffled around the district to continue with their games of musical beds. This district seriously needs an image makeover.

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem is the Flagler School District only cares about paper and the State Department. The students are not in the overall picture.

  3. A friend says:

    Please be kind and fair until we know all the facts. The computer he took to be repaired was purchased used. This man is not a dangerous predator.

    Thank you, Flagler Live, for writing a fair and non-inflammatory article.

    • Tracy Rhodes says:

      I would give credit here however an arrest would not have been made if the files were not that of recent activity by Biles. When a system “computer is broke down it can be determined when each article of porn was pulled up, viewed, and how each was saved within the system, and verified when Biles bought the computer. The police would have not simply arrested him without having this information for it would be a liability on the department. I believe as much as people may not want to admit it this man had issues hidden that need to be revealed and exposed as they are.

      • Ariana386 says:

        I worked at Bunnell Elementary, in the same room as Mr. Biles. He never once showed signs of any “issues” toward the children. Mr. Biles is extremely artistic, and–how shall I say this? He would be much more at home directing a musical production than on a football field, if you know what I am saying.

        Because of this, he was often called “gay”, “faggot”, and many other names that are too horrible for me to even repeat, much less print with my own name attached. People are ignorant about things they don’t understand, and they are mean. Often times in that type of classroom, you are dealing with parents that have not yet “come to terms” with the diagnosis their children have been given—particularly since many doctors will NOT give a “label” to a child under 5, as some of the facets of various disabilities can mimic others or can even be indicative of a “developmental delay”, as opposed to something more permanent. While it is always better to err on the side of caution instead of giving a label (and possibly subsequent inappropriate meds!) to a child that will haunt them for life, it makes it especially hard on some parents that have just learned this about their child. They are angry. It isn’t fair. And the location of the school itself is in close proximity to the ‘hood, where often education/literacy is lacking and drugs/genetic disabilities are present, making it that much more difficult for the parent(s) to understand what the diagnosis of their child may mean.

        I’m not denying or confirming that there were pix on Mr. Biles computer. They were obviously there, or there would have been no grounds for any type of arrest. But what are these pix of? I personally have had pix of my two sons–when they were babies–in the bathtub. Would these not also meet the criteria of this alleged “child porn”, since it depicts naked infants? But it would be a truly sad day to think that my keepsakes of baby’s first bath could land me in jail and cost me a more-than-15-yr career in which I made my students my priority!

        This is the United States—where people are supposedly innocent until proven guilty, yet you can sue anybody you damn well like, even if the charges are a blatant fabrication. This man who is accused of this heinous crime? He worked in the classroom with MY child, when my child was 4-5 yrs old. He never treated my son with anything other than respect, and he was a positive male role model to some of the students attending there that have absolutely no experience with such a thing! But you know, eventually the truth will come out. I pray that that day is soon; and that those of you jumping on-board this witch-hunt that was drummed up simply because a man is a little more effeminate than some would like are made to feel like the ridiculous “sheep” you are proving yourselves to be. Shame on you people for jumping ahead of the evidence.

    • Not Even says:

      Although it is used, everything is dated and stamped in a permanent file. Considering he had previous allegations toward him at a day care, let’s be intelligent about the inferences we make. I am sorry “a friend”, but this man may not seem dangerous directly, but his illness DOES make him dangerous to our kids. He may control his “urges” and seem calm, sweet, and lovable, but he IS dangerous in that he can interfere with a child’s entire psyche and mar them emotionally for life. This man is mentally ill and needs help, but regardless, he needs to pay for his crimes to the nth degree as it involves children. In some countries, he would become a uenuch in pay for his sexual crimes.

  4. Wondering says:

    What I wonder is, were there no “gut feelings” about this person? None of his co-wokers or supervisors, none of the parents’ instincts kick in, you know, that nagging feeling that ‘somethings not right about this guy’?

    • friend says:

      I know him personally and would never believe he would do something like this. But we will see when they fully investegate this.

    • ???? says:

      I know him personally and have never seen this side of him, nor had any gut feelings about this man. We knew he was homosexual, but never thought there was this side to him. I now kick myself for not being able to see this coming, but you can’t always tell a serial killer, rapist, or sexual predator as it’s not an obvious trait that one can see or know from knowing a person. Regardless of being somewhat friends, I will NEVER speak to him again and feel he needs to serve time and get help for his crimes with children. Even more so, the fact that he has been around kids and has committed crimes involving children makes me sick to my stomach! The worst crime ever is that of one involving a child. If I was the mother of one the children he touched inappropriately, I would have to make him pay for his crimes the way “mi familia” would.

    • I wish we could have known earlier says:

      Yes my husband had these feelings & concerns from yrs. ago. They were addressed to his boys MOM.
      She blew it off and now I fear they also were victims.

  5. rodeogrl07 says:

    This is a sad case, I have met this man in question and he was always very nice and friendly. I hope that this is not true.

  6. known him forever says:

    I’ve known him for years… He has NEVER came across as this kind of person. Mr. Danny is by far the most caring person I’ve ever met. Until all of the facts are out I say everyone should just leave it alone. He’s going through enough right now. Thank you flaglerlive for being extremely fair when writing this

    • rodeogrl07 says:

      He was always been a nice man to everyone I hope they find the facts for him. and that you never know that could have been there when he got the pc. I know for a fact you can hide files and the normal person will never find them.

      • ???? says:

        I was told by one of his coworkers that he got his PC from a friend. That person WOULD NEVER engage in anything of the sort. EVERYTHING you do on a computer has a permanent footprint that can be trailed regardless of being erased from the computer. I am sure the cops wouldn’t make the arrest unless they were recent enough to be traced back to him. I just hope his friend that sold him the computer doesn’t have to go through court and everything else because of the choices HE made. I am sorry to all his friends that have to deal with this and have in a way lost a friend.

    • co-worker says:

      I worked with Danny 10 years ago at BES . He is such a caring person, I can not, do not and will not believe this. Remember innocent until proven guilty. I pray God reveal the truth.

    • Heather Black says:

      My family has known Mr.Danny for 12 years or so He is a great man and my kids adore him.I hope everyone looks at all the facts before making any judgements l myself don’t believe Danny would ever harm a child

  7. Kamamani says:

    THAT’S what you took from this article???!!!!!! It’s a shame the author said “retarded” instead of mentally handicapped, but NOT a SHAME and a TRAVESTY that this pervert has been working with our kids for over TWENTY YEARS???!!!!!!!!!! Wow, your priorities seem really messed up to me.

    • rodeogrl07 says:

      No not really but you can not judge anyone because how do you know he put those pictures there he is has to be proven guilty that is the law. I have a open mind and this man never gave the feeling that he would ever do this. It is known that people are capable of planting stuff on people!!! Oh and by the way there are many people offended by this article!!

      • rodeogrl07 says:

        Oh and one more point there were pictures that could have come from the internet that does not mean he touched any child. The facts need to be looked at before anyone judges like I said!

    • jenn says:

      My priorities are just fine. This man is innocent until proven guilty. My child attends Bunnell Elementary and their aftercare program where she is under his supervision 5 days a week. I have never had any issues with him. I have also had no “gut” feelings about him mistreating children. Maybe everyone should just sit back and let our justice system do their work before jumping to conclusions without knowing all of the facts.

    • NortonSmitty says:

      In the twenty years he has been interacting with hundreds if not thousands of students without one incident or report of impropriety to blemish his record. By all accounts he was one of the good ones, admired by the kids and respected by his peers. But you scream Pervert because maybe he looked at a little porn on line? Who among us would ever do that?

      Well, I hate to put a hitch in that proud Church Lady strut honey, but 30% of ALL internet searches across the entire globe are for nasty, sweaty perverted and disgusting PORN! And I’m sure you or any of your family has traveled those deviant dirt roads, so it’s OK for you to hurl the Pervert at a man you don’t know. Anyone’s sanctimonious bullshit seems really messed up to me.

      The way the law is set up, if the site you view does not post the certificate of the producers of the film and the paperwork filed saying the actors were certified to be over 18, the Police can assume they are underage and press charges. The courts cannot consider if the defendant actually downloaded or viewed the material, possession is enough, even in the deepest nooks of your used hard-drive.

      And this is one of the few laws that does not require an unbroken chain of possession. In other words, if you take your computer to a shop and piss them off, nothing is stopping them from loading illegal shit on your unit and dropping a dime on you. Not to mention the fact that you get unwanted stuff downloaded onto your computer daily without your consent. If anybody or any agency wanted to set up a person for any reason at all, can you think of an easier way than to send a PervBomb to your unsuspecting computer?

      With all of this reasonable doubt and no facts released but the charges, the only shame and travesty I see Is phony and pompous outrage. Get some facts.

      • James says:

        First of all there was a blemish on his record back in 03. Secondly it wasn’t just porn found on his computer it was CHILD porn. I doubt 30% of internet searches include child porn. Also for other people you say no red flags how about single 38 yoa and loves to work with young kids for no money. I’m sure many people didn’t think Jerry sandusky was a child molester either and he got away with it for over thirty years.

        • Ariana386 says:

          If you are 19, and you have sex with your g-friend who is only 17, not yet 18 (even if you were together with her when you were both minors), you could be charged as a child-molester and you would have to register as a sex-offender. If you are 16, and she is 15, you can (even as a minor) be charged with felony sexual assault, as the laws in the USA do not let a person under 16 consent to sex at all. By that reasoning, those “child porn” pix could be of a 17 yr old who was posing as 18+, and it would still be considered “child porn” under the law.

          I’m not condoning looking at minors in the buff, by any means. But anything is available on the internet, and the sources do not always disclose the correct ages of the target in the photo. Also, to bring up the fact that he is 38 and single? There are a great MANY people that are single, choosing to never marry and never have children. That doesn’t make them “perverts” or “child molesters”, to be sure. Also, should we ever as a nation embrace same-sex marriages, he would probably BE married by now, and you would have to think up another reason for why he “just has to be guilty of this”.

          Also, it is sad that you would turn his willingness to work with children for very little pay into a character flaw, instead of the positive aspect it is. There are a great many people currently working for the state that choose to stay, even when they are receiving pay far beneath their educational level. They stay because they love their students/work. They stay for the medical benefits. In this day and age of economic uncertainty, they stay for the stability of a JOB. They stay for the retirement they receive (vested after only 5 yrs). There are a great many reasons they stay, and most of them are not because they want to hug and smooch kids in an inappropriate way. Those type of sicko’s utilize the internet, and lure your teenagers into sending nekkid selfies while you are too involved in your own crap to realize what’s happening in your own home. They aren’t the ones right up in front, out in front of God and everybody, taking care of someone else’s kids day in and day out. You may want to consider all of THAT before passing your high-and-mighty-misguided-judgment. IJS

      • porn is not harming a child says:

        you are so right and they are trashing him with no facts and then what how does someone get a fair trial with all this b/s in the media

      • Just Wondering says:

        it seems odd to me that this is the 2nd story within a few weeks of “man takes computer to repair shop and the computer owner finds child pornography” turns it in to police…just wondering was this the same computer repair business, could this business owner be wanting his 15 minutes of fame?

      • ???? says:

        First of all, it’s not “just porn”, it was DOWNLOADED images of children! Yes, many people engage in surfing their fantasies, but his is UNACCEPTABLE. Yes, innocent until proven, but someone who had 2 SEPARATE allegations of touching a child inappropriately, from 2 different children whose parents weren’t related or friends in any way, you can only come to one conclusion. Yes everyone loved him, but it doesn’t mean that it’s IMPOSSIBLE that he doesn’t have an illness or past traumatic experience that caused him to have the “urges” that caused this to happen.

        • Ariana386 says:

          Funny, but I seem to remember back in 1995-1996, several of the parents of an Early Childhood ESE-program in Flagler County banded together to launch formal complaints against one of the teachers there. Seems they didn’t enjoy her praying before class began (despite no kids being in the room yet, it was on the teacher’s planning time) and they thought she was “inappropriate with the kids”.

          Now, like you said above, none of those parents were friends. They weren’t related. They didn’t associate with one another at all—one of them hadn’t had a student in that classroom for over 4 yrs. The only common denominator was that they had had kids in that woman’s classroom at some point, and they heard that one of the parents wanted to get a class-action suit together against Flagler County Schools. Often when one parent comes forward and puts it out there that they want to sue, there are always going to be wolves that join the pack in the hopes that a fat lawsuit will lead to them not having to work.

          Eventually, the story fell apart, because no one could keep a made-up story straight… And they kids? They were special-needs kids and could not have corroborated their parents’ shenanigans if they wanted to, bless their little hearts! So it was dropped. But not before ruining that good teacher’s reputation, and jading her for life where her career was concerned. She left the school, the county, and the profession altogether. If you ask me, it was a severe loss, and those parents’ children, and the subsequent children that attended that program after she left were the ones that suffered along with their beloved teacher.

          So, please, don’t perpetuate that mentality. Wait for the facts.

    • Anonymous says:

      I really hope you know what your talking about, because i have known daniel all my life. so do me a favor and don’t slander his name. thank you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Excuse me but im pretty sure there is no proof that any of this child pornography was his so calm down and stop accusing. It wasnt een his computer it was a used computer that he purchased. like the person above said HE IS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!

      • Not even! says:

        Yes it was used, but he bought it from his friend. That person WOULD NEVER BE INVOLVED in any of these obscene images! If he is saying it was his “friend” that the images originated from, then he IS A WORMY WEASEL for claiming it is hers.

  8. Kamamani says:

    I hope it is not true as well. Unfortunately, where there’s smoke there is usually fire.

  9. friend says:

    danny is a great friend and wonderful person. “Wondering”, i worked with danny for many summers, i could never in a million years imagine something like this being said…

  10. Anon says:

    Kamamani, What he’s accused of is horrific but someone else said his computer was bought used. I hope and pray that this is the reason for the child pornography on it because I’ve known this man and worked closely with him and have always had positive encounters with him. It saddens and sickens me to think of him this way and I pray it’s not true.

    I just wonder why Dupont took out a trespass warrant against him. What’s *that* about? As a word of caution, if this principal is quoted any further take everything he says with a grain of salt.

  11. Anon says:

    He is not a pervert. He’s a good person who is currently being accused and defamed publically. I have known this man for almost 4 years and all that I have ever seen from him is love and kindness to the children we worked with. This is a huge mistake and I hope that the justice system of this backwards town will see that and not put this innocent man through the ringer.

  12. anonymous says:

    We shall see what other evidence comes of this or if any other children come forward in this case. I just hope justice is served.

  13. Best Friend says:

    He is my very best friend and I’ve known him since I was 12. I am also a mother of 3 . He’s been there all their lives and he is their ‘Uncle’ . He is a kind , caring man. He will give up anything to help his friends. So you people can stop making assumptions . Thank you

  14. anonymous says:

    With other incidents on file and proof on his pc ….probably under his profile which can show what date the pictures were placed there……truth will come to light.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I know for a fact this is not true!!!! He is such a great person and I BELIEVE HIM!!!

  16. anonymoustoo says:

    I find it highly suspect that he had allegations against him in 2003. Allegations that a police official thought “something went on” but couldn’t be proven in court so it was dropped. True enough that the district moved him to a clerical job (then of course dropped the ball and moved him into a classroom with children that can be preyed upon). And COINCIDENTALLY these images were found on his computer??? You can defend him all you’d like but please open your eyes and recognize for your own childrens’ sake. The sex offender isn’t the creepy looking man or woman walking around with a sign saying, “Look at me! I like small children, BEWARE!” They are the ones that gain your trust and exploit that trust as to bring the lamb to the slaughter.

  17. Jennifer says:

    I truly believe that Mr. Danny is innocent! My daughter attended BES for five years and also attended the 21st Century Program that Mr. Danny was also a caretaker in, and we not once had anything but pleasant things to say about him. We absolutely love Mr. Danny as do any other children and parents, that I know, that have met him! He is a great asset to BES or any kind of learning facility, if you ask me, and I couldn’t imagine thinking differently of him. It’s nice to know that there are people in the school system like Mr. Danny that our children like and feel they can trust. As the judicial system states, he’s innocent until proven guilty!

  18. A friend says:

    when it says “naked children” we have to remember that it doesnt always mean bad things. The law has many things lumped into one category. for example if you happen to have pictures of your friends naked kids taking a bath and dont have any kids some people think thats perverted. we dont know the facts, and its nice to know that some people are not throwing him under the bus. The comments made in the article about his perfomace reviews were wonderfully written and nice that it was included as well. I have known him for many years now and he the first to do things for others and I hope all thoes he has helped have his back. and regardless if its true, well, I hope not, but either way I agree with one man we have all looked at things we shouldnt have and it doesnt mean we would act on it, or that we are predators. and again it was a used computer. you never know.

  19. sneeze says:

    They need to go after the people who made those awful videos. Those are the real perpatrators. Forgive me if i mispell perps.

    • I wish we could have known earlier says:

      If I choose to drink and drive I can’t blame the Brewery , I chose to do it .
      If I choose to eat Choclate and get fat , I can’t blame the candy maker.
      Stupid right ? We all have options out there , it is up to us to do them or not.. You do the crime then YOU do the TIME

  20. Jthethird says:

    My daughter went to BES and was in extended day and she never had any problem with Mr. Danny he was a nice guy. Now truth be told I always thought he was a homosexual but honestly that never bothered me or any of the other parents. He was a favorite of all of the kids there. I am hoping this is not true and will wait to see all of the facts before I reserve judgement

  21. Kamamani says:

    1 in 5 little girls are molested in this country, and I think it’s 1 in 8 little boys. Do you think the parents of these kids hand them over to the care of someone they DON”T trust? Someone they think MIGHT do something? NO! They drop them off with these people totally trusting them, and having no suspicions whatsoever that they would ever do anything wrong to their child.

    The same thing goes for the bosses of these people (as some of you have mentioned his glowing performance reviews.) The bosses, and friends, and neighbors of sexual predators, and murders, and other horrific criminals never suspect anything. They always say that they were so nice, they loved kids, they would do anything for you, etc. That’s the way these people work. They don’t do things that would raise red flags, as that could prevent them from accomplishing their goals.

    Look at the statistics, and think about them….they are shocking. It happens EVERY DAY! Every parent should be suspicious of EVERY person they leave their child with. They should actively look for clues that something might be amiss.

    I hope and pray that these allegations are not true, because if they are, then there are probably dozens of kids who have fallen prey to this man.

    The fact that he had similar allegations brought against him previously is a huge red flag. I know that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but he should not be allowed to be around kids AT ALL until the investigation is over, and he is completely cleared of all all wrong doing, AND they find NO suspicious activity at all.

    • porn is not harming a child says:

      he is not accused of molesting children at this time so for you to even bring that in is very wrong and I MEAN VERY WRONG cause it has nothing to do with what they charged him with at this time so why try and steer peoples thought of what he already has to go through if he did something like that he does and not just him but people that harm children do not deserve the breath in their lungs but the courts let them walk away every day so stay with what he has been charge with cause if the shoe was on the other foot So every one needs to stick with his computer and till proven otherwise stay off what you think he may have done CAUSE YOU MAY BE WRONG and that will not stop the suffering he has it will only make it Harder for him to go on with his life if it is wrongfuly pointed at him and its wrong but then you would say oh well sorry and that we help wont it

  22. Kamamani says:

    Those of you who are saying that he purchased the computer used…..
    I am curious as the how you came upon this information. This article doesn’t mention anything about the computer having been purchased used.

  23. Not surprised says:

    I just feel I need to say I have know Danny since we were kids in school. He watched my children at Dawn’s daycare, when the other allegations were made. I felt then he was being discriminated against because he was male. Some people just think its odd for a man to work with kids. Why is that when all kids need a father figure? I never believed anything happened back then. My kids loved him. Then it took years for him to escape those allegations and get back to working with kids. When I first saw him at the school years ago I was excited. He has spent his whole life working with these kids and fighting to do what he loves to do. I think he’s always been a target. I hope this used computer he was having fixed will eventually disprove these allegations! And I would be shocked to find out this all holds truth. But all the damage will not go away! Unfortunately once someone accuses you of something people never forget. But I do understand why it’s being dealt with this way. We can not trust anyone at the price of our children. I only hope if this is proved to not belong to Danny , that he can finally get a break? I pray it’s not true!!! I would have trusted him with my kids anytime!

    • vicki Ruud says:

      Thank you for your kind words and words of support. God will protect Daniel

    • anonymous says:

      Daniel is one of my best friends…and in just 2 short days I have seen true loyalty and love and also the evil humans are capable of. It breaks my heart that the people are so quick to end someone’s life off of one article with so little information. Danny has a heart of gold I have been closely in his life for ten y years and this is truly a heartbreaking time for all that love him and I can’t imagine what he is going through right now.. I would respond to all the horrible things said but I am genuinely too hurt by them. I hope than all of you are never in a comprising circumstantial situation that your heart and future rely on the fairness and open minds of others. This is his life we are speaking of. The life of an honorable, loyal, goodhearted person whos whole life was about helping others and teaching children in a unique way. Daniel has been targeted for reasons that people should be ashamed of. His sexual orientation had always brought heartache to him and has put him in the spotlight for all hateful accusations. Which is disgusting. Your all seeing the front cover of a book that has been designed for hate and refuse to open it and read a few chapters before u pass judgement. And u should all be ashamed of yourselves. You too will be judged one day and I hope and pray that it is only by God and not like individuals like yourselves. Daniel I love you and if I could be there with you I wouldn’t leave your side.. I am here for you and all the good you have done and the punishment you have been through for being yourself will all turn around.

  24. Life long friend says:

    I have known Daniel my whole life and to those of you who are passing judgement on someone you have never met or know should really take a step back. It is a shame that we now live in a country where we are guilty until proven innocent. Daniel is a great, kind, loving person who is being wrongly accused of something horrible. Please do not pass judgement on something you don’t know anything about

  25. Ann Canoli says:

    I only meet Danny a couple of years ago and I also don’t believe it. I heard also that he just got this used computer from someone. Let’s wait and see the outcome before we all judge. Whatever happen to innocent before proven guilty.

    • Kathryn A. Lopez says:

      I just got onto Flaglerlive and started to read about the arrested worker. I think that “retarded” is a true offense but I also believe that we are losing sight as to what has been going on here for way too long. The gut feeling that has hit me for the past 20 years, every time I saw Biles on nearly a daily basis, turned my stomach. The times I saw little boys in his yard, when he would ride his bike past our home on Sundays when we played in the front yard with our toddler grandson, when I would drive pass Bunnell Elementary and see him glare back at me as little children played at his feet. When I read the allegations against him about molesting students and he did not get arrested. When a now grown special educated young man worked for me and we talked about Biles while he was in his care. How many children have been violated over the years by Biles? This has been going on for far too long and no one cared. I was blackballed from working for Flagler County School back in 1989 when I went to the principal and reported that a teacher was physically abusing special needs students. I was let go and the teacher eventually left and to work for the School for the Blind and Deaf. What about the man who had been employed at a company in Palm Coast and was let go for sexually harassing female co-workers and ended up as a bus driver for Flagler County Schools? He drove special needs students and molested a young female while on his bus before taking her to his house and raping her. This crap has been going on for far too long.

      • Tracy Rhodes says:

        The county is like that! I recently reported abuse in regards to my son that happen on county grounds by a wrestling coach with the Bad Boy Wrestling Club and it to cause my son to be blackballed from wrestling. In this town if you dont keep your mouth shut and cover things up you are derailed from anything and everything for everyone has ties. My son now has a death sentence in wrestling for the head coach is over all types of wrestling being youth, middle age, and high school. Not fair and still fighting this issue. I refuse to give up on this matter and know exactly what you mean by being blackballed. Its sad when you try to protect not just your own child but EVERYONES and are basically kicked around by those who have vowed to protect them. All it boils down to this town is like the buddy system, and they all keep their mouth shut so their children can continue on without hassle. I personally have had parents come to me and express concerns and say we have been told not to speak to you or their kids would get the same treatment as mine. Im not like many moms I say what I think and can be very loud so I have no plans of letting what happen to my son go. Pending an investigation now will determine the lawsuit I have in site for justification. My son was the whisleblower as I was on the abuse and thats a crime in this town. I was not going to mention anything about my situation but think its crazy all the abuse and such that keeps being revealed in this town. I will say this Im not from here and do not care about the buddy system, Im from up north were women are allowed to have an opinion and real men protect their children and others not cover it up and allow abuse to continue.

        This man Biles may be one of the best people in the world to some of these people but all it boils down to is NO NORMAL MAN or woman looks up child porn for it would make them sick and in a rage to even hear of this let alone do it. This is a crime to even posses this type of material and what NORMAL ADULT without those sexual desires looks at this type of stuff? NORMAL people do not look at this and save images on their computers. If ANYONE thinks working with children and watching child porn is a good combination you need a psychological evaluation.

        None of these abusers or sexual tendencies by these men or women should be allowed in our school system and when reported it should be taken serious not brushed under the rug. I always loved this twon since I was a child but now that I moved here and its dark secrets kept make me sick. I actuall regret moving here but refuse to be ran out. Im standing my ground and doing whats right.

  26. Kayla says:

    this is MY uncle , he does a mile wallk everyday to lose weight, I actually have walked with him before .

  27. vicki Ruud says:

    Let me start off by stating that I have known Daniel since birth! He IS my family. I am married with four children of my won and have had my own children around him their whole lives, with my eldest being almost 20 years. All of you judgmental Hippocrates need to shut up and let our “justice system” try and
    work. Isn’t policy in our great country,”INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY “!!!!
    Daniel has had such a gift with children since he was a small child. In fact, one of mu fondest memories of Daniel was that when my youngest child, who is now a teenager, when she was an infant, Daniel was the very first person to have my sweet precious daughter, belly chuckle!!!! It was him and his gift that touched my whole family to hear him have her belly chuckling! That is just one story, of countless others, that I refuse to believe that he would ever harm a child. He spent his life trying to teach children. I have spent my life with this man, both as a child myself ad well as an adult. I believe that he is innocent until proven otherwise. NEVER HAS MY GUT INSTINCT TOLD ME ANYTHING OTHER THAN DANIEL IS A CARING ACOMPATIONATE MAN THAT WOULD NEVER HARM ANY CHILD IN ANY WAY!!!!!

  28. Railroad says:

    If you were truly a child predator who had pornographic images stored on your computer you would have to be pretty damn foolish to even think about bringing in your computer for repairs and leave yourself wide open for discovery !!! Why would someone take that kind of risk ?

    • A friend says:

      He’s not being accused of being a “child predator.”

    • Ariana386 says:

      Because he DIDN’T. Seriously, this is an educated man. He wouldn’t have taken that in, especially with the allegations that were drummed up on him before… This is bs.

  29. Jojo says:

    Are these computer repair stores going beyond the realm of repairing computers. Could it be the overzealous repairman reaching, investigating and just plain snooping for his own goody two shoes. Are policing computers and exposing child pornography on a customers computer fruits of evidence handed to the police on a Silver Platter. Isn’t this evidence considered a Chain-of-Command which should be documented by the repair shop.

    I just don’t like where these discoveries are going and find it very troublesome. I take the 4th Amendment very seriously and see individual rights being eroded and innocent lives being destroyed in the delicate balance of evil versus good, night versus day and black versus white.

  30. trish says:

    How sad that a person can be tried and conficted on a website…
    I was danny supervisor in a preschool setting for 3 years… this man loves his job and works tirelessly at it.
    He has always avoided any situation that would ever put him or a student in a compromising situation.

    Do you know why america is in the trouble it’s in? because people read the media the way they used to read the bible…

    I would think all of us knew enough to never believe everything we read and half of what you hear…

    but, this mans life is in ruins because he bought a second hand computer…. think about it??? does anyone with a functioning brain take the porn loaded computer to block buster to get it repaired….???? Daaaaa, he’s an educator, not a moron….

    Come on America , wake up, do you know how gullible you are? the media could convince you of anything..just by stirring your emotions…

    I worked at Bunnell elementary for 20 years side by side with this young man and I would hire him tomorrow if I were in the position…

    Mr. Dupont got a no trespass order???? really? that would not be his place, that would be the district office…and do you need a no trespass on someone who is in jail….
    People, stop feeling and start thinking….

    You need to pray, that you are never in a situation where you need to count on the media to save you?
    and maybe say… there but for the grace of God go I….

    could we maybe let the facts be learned and hear the facts before we perpetuate this witch hunt…

    I appeal to your common sense and sense of fairness to not try this wonderful young man on facebook.

    • Squeaky says:

      Oh my how right you are Trish, but this is what people do and that is why the world is the way it is. The one we really have to watch out for is the dang state attorney he will try to use Danny as an example and you know it is election year. If anything there should be alot of people backing Danny because he is NOT GUILTY.

  31. Mamabowman02 says:

    I have worked with Danny for years and he NEVER EVER gave anyone a creepy vibe. Danny is nothing short of wonderful. He helps the kids with anything they ask him and never complains. I have seen him with hundreds of kids and he is nothing but appropriate at all times. Parents love him and always complement him on his dedication to the school. I don’t think you should call someone a pervert just because you see an article about them. One you don’t know this man I do and Two if you where charged with this after buying a used computer would you want strangers judging you. If you can’t say innocent until proven guilty then stop commenting on someone you don’t know because those of us who have know Danny for years never got a bad vibe and if we ever needed anything we all know Danny would be the first in line to help no matter what happened or what we did.

    • truthmaster says:

      I have known him for some time now and if he has two reasons to be arrested either hes guilty twice or once its the truth.

  32. anonymous says:

    Sorry! I never wanted to believe this about Danny either. I always liked him and thought he as a sweet guy. But when an incident with Danny happened to someone I know and nothing ever got done about it, I was appalled that a young boy was left with nothing and no help. He was afraid to talk about it and still is. The fact that justice was not served to begin with really upset me and my family. I am hoping that something will be done about it this time. And the young boy can rest easier now. It has been a very long hard road for him. If this happened to any other children, I pray they come forward to bring truth to light and get the help that they need to move forward in life and try to put all this behind him.

  33. honest. says:

    I know Mr.Danny, actually pretty well. He was accused of something about touching some kids back in 2003. Which now that case will re-open.. more than likely. I dont think there is any sort of excuse for child pornography. They say that he just bought his computer or something of that sort, but if thats a case there is a stamp saved in the file of where, when, and through what ways that the picture was uploaded or saved to the computer. If this proves that he is in fact guilty, then i and many of others will be shocked. i believe hes accused of a lot bc he’s gay, and super nice so the fact hes so friendly, people make accusations. There are a ton of very very angry parents out here, which there should be. But i personally believe if theres proof of when these photos were put on the computer, and at that point it was his computer, he should be charged with a ton and the previous case should definitely be re-opened.. but until then, no judgements should be made, or talk should be said, but opinions should be kept and expected.

  34. Flagler Guy says:

    If it was him, I hope they lock him up and throw away the key.

  35. nunya says:

    Ok, I am really wondering what is more inappropriate, the fact that Daniel Biles was arrested on Friday for child pornography, or the fact that my sons teacher told the class today to keep the arrest quiet and to not discuss it with anyone????? HUH WTF ???????? The least the school could do is have councelling for these kids.

    Absolutely pathetic

  36. mom says:

    I am one of the angry parents that Mr. Danny was in contact with daily. The fact that the school didn’t notify any of the parents is ridiculous!! I have my suspicions and my son has had some things happen at extended day that will be addressed. I take my child’s innocence very seriously and above all I want to protect him. Mo matter what all of his friends say. Child pornography is heinous no matter how you look at it!! And anyone into child pornography shouldn’t be allowed around children period!

    • angry mom too says:

      I agree with this comment. I will wait for the investigation to make my decision on whether I feel like Mr. Danny is guilty or not, however, I am more upset at this point that the school said NOTHING to the parents of the children who had daily contact with this man… I heard today, this morning, as I’m dropping my child off at the extended day program at BES, in DETAIL, from an 8yr old!!! MY 8YR OLD!!! I feel the school had and has a responsibility to parent of EVERY child that had daily contact with a person who has been CHARGED with a crime involving children to at least tell the parents what happened and what they know up until that point. I’m not saying he did or didn’t do it, but I have a right to know that my child may have been or had the exposure to potential danger… I have lost faith in the school system.

  37. Tech says:

    I work for the computer repair shop. I was not the technician who discovered it though only a spectator.

    What I can tell you for sure is that it was not Daniel that brought the PC into the shop, his mother reported “The System is unable to connect to internet”

    She dropped the system off or it was picked up from her residence. The technician began running virus scans and the system was heavily infected.

    The technician discovered the photos and reported it to the police, they came and confiscated the system and sent it to a forensics lab, after the forensic inspection and whatever other investigative work they did concluded, an arrest was made.

    We only did what we felt was the right thing to do, he lives right by a school, would you rather we just ignore the pictures and go on with our lives with the constant gnawing feeling in our heads that we didn’t do the right thing or that children are at risk?

    We don’t know if hes innocent or guilty. If it can be proven that the pictures were downloaded by him or even worse, are pictures of children that attend that school, then he may be guilty. If he is innocent then lets hope and pray for him that the evidence doesn’t point to him.

    I apologize for how this effects everyone that is close to him and I will pray for everyone that a quick conclusion is made.

    • Squeaky says:

      If you are any kind of computer guy then should have known that when a computer gets a virus all kinds of things can be planted on the hard drive, I understand that your computer guy worked on this machine two times before this by doing that means that you didn’t do your job right the first time or just wanted to make a name for yourself. You need to shut your business down because you have no idea what the h**l your doing.

      bulldog, Danny has been around kids for as long as I have known him 18yrs. You going to believe what is written or your daughter, it would be the last thing that Danny would do is to hurt a child. NEVER, NEVER heck he would probably take care of the kids better then some of their parents do.

  38. bulldog says:

    I just want to say that my little girl goes to BES and she said that Mr.Danny was always nice to her.But all this stuff that is coming out about him dose make me very upset that the school would let someone with a pass like I have read work with kids
    We need to look out for our kids so they don’t get hurt by bad guys

  39. PCRESIDENT says:

    I see he was just charged today with more charges. 14 counts of “Promoting Sex Performance by Child”

  40. Tech says:

    “If you are any kind of computer guy then should have known that when a computer gets a virus all kinds of things can be planted on the hard drive, I understand that your computer guy worked on this machine two times before this by doing that means that you didn’t do your job right the first time or just wanted to make a name for yourself. You need to shut your business down because you have no idea what the h**l your doing.”

    Hi Squeaky,

    Your response is old so im not sure if you’ll see my response.

    While your logic may sound good in your head, it is flawed.

    1. The first two times the PC was worked on, it was worked on at Daniels home for issues un-related to viruses, so we would have not inspected the contents or files of the PC. When the system was brought into the shop the technician discovered the files.

    Working on a PC once does not mean the computer will work forever without any more issues. Software issues are caused by the user or lack of user knowledge.

    The child pictures were stored in the same location as personal pictures, in user created folders. If the pictures were caused by a virus they would not be in such folders.

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