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“If I had a Son, He’d Look Like Trayvon”: Obama Speaks Out, FPC Students Protest

| March 23, 2012

'If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon': President Barack Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia shop at Kramerbook & Afterwords Cafe in Washington, D.C., last November. (White House)

President Barack Obama addressed the killing of Treyvon Martin for the first time this morning, and in personal terms, calling for “soul-searching” not only about the specifics of the case, but regarding the Stand Your Ground law and the “context for what happened.”

“I can only imagine what these parents are going through,” Obama said. “And when I think about this boy, I think about my own kids.” He added later, in a 90-second statement: My main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin. You know, if I had a son he’d look like Trayvon. And you know, I think they are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness that it deserves and that we’re going to get to the bottom of this.”

The Flagler District’s Message About FPC’s Student Protests[media id=275 width=250 height=250]

Students have been walking out of classes across Florida in protest over the killing all morning, including at Flagler Palm Coast High School, where a peaceful protest by “a few hundred students” followed by the signing of banners and student-led prayer in the Bulldog Cafe, the school cafeteria. Most students returned to class and were excused for their absence. Some did not, and had in-excused absences recorded.

Meanwhile, Gov. Rick Scott appointed an outside prosecutor Thursday night to investigate the shooting death of Trayvon Martin and formed a task force that will review the state’s controversial “stand your ground” law.

Scott made the announcement amid a national furor about the Feb. 26 shooting death of the unarmed black teenager by Sanford neighborhood-watch volunteer George Zimmerman. Black lawmakers earlier this week called on Scott to appoint a special prosecutor to handle the case.

In an executive order, Scott said Jacksonville-area State Attorney Angela Corey has accepted an assignment to handle the case. Norman Wolfinger, the state attorney in Seminole County, which includes Sanford, sent a letter to Scott requesting that another prosecutor be assigned.

“I am fully confident in the ability of my office to conduct a fair and impartial investigation, and I have already committed experienced career prosecutors and investigators to this task who have been working diligently in conjunction with FDLE (the Florida Department of Law Enforcement),” Wolfinger wrote. “This request is being made in light of the public good with the intent of toning down the rhetoric and preserving the integrity of this investigation.”

Scott also announced the creation of a Task Force on Citizen Safety and Protection, which will be led by Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll. The Rev. R.B. Holmes Jr., a prominent African-American Tallahassee minister, will be vice-chairman of the task force, and Scott said legislative leaders and Attorney General Pam Bondi will recommend other members.

In a news release, Scott said the panel will “thoroughly review Florida’s ‘stand your ground’ law and any other laws, rules, regulations or programs that relate to public safety and citizen protection.” The task force will start meeting after Corey’s investigation into Martin’s death, hold hearings and ultimately make recommendations to Scott and the Legislature.

“As we exercise our right to be free and secure both in public and in the privacy of our own homes, it is important that we have an open and honest discussion on these issues so that we might help avoid such tragedies in the future,” Scott said.

The stand-your-ground law has drawn heavy criticism since Martin, 17, was killed as he walked to the home of his father’s girlfriend home in a gated community. Lawmakers passed the self-defense law in 2005, allowing people to stand their ground and shoot — instead of retreat — if they think they are in danger.

Zimmerman, 28, argued that he shot Martin in self-defense and has not been charged. The case has spurred criticism across the country and led to an investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice.

State Sen. Gary Siplin, an Orlando Democrat who had called Wednesday for a special prosecutor, issued a statement Thursday night praising Scott’s decision to appoint Corey and the task force.

“I am pleased Gov. Scott had the wisdom and foresight to listen to the pleas of the thousands of citizens in the city of Sanford who are yearning for justice in the killing of Trayvon Martin,” Siplin said.

Corey, whose office handles prosecutions in Duval, Clay and Nassau counties, was elected state attorney in 2008. A Republican, she was a long-time prosecutor before getting elected state attorney.

–FlaglerLive and the News Service of Florida

Obama’s full statement:

“I’m the head of the executive branch, and the attorney general reports to me so I’ve got to be careful about my statements to make sure that we’re not impairing any investigation that’s taking place right now. But obviously, this is a tragedy. I can only imagine what these parents are going through.” He paused. “And when I think about this boy, I think about my own kids, and I think every parent in America should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this, and that everybody pulls together, federal, state and local, to figure out exactly how this tragedy happened. So I’m glad that not only is the Justice Department looking into it, I understand now that the governor of the state of Florida has formed a task force to investigate what’s taken place. I think all of us have to do some soul searching to figure out how does something like this happen. And that means that we examine the laws, and the context for what happened as well as the specifics of the incident. My main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin. You know, if I had a son he’d look like Trayvon. And you know, I think they are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness that it deserves and that we’re going to get to the bottom of this.”

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63 Responses for ““If I had a Son, He’d Look Like Trayvon”: Obama Speaks Out, FPC Students Protest”

  1. Angie says:

    “You know, if I had a son he’d look like Trayvon.” Really??? Boy, if I said, “If Obama had a son he’d look like Trayvon.” I would be called a racist. What a completely ignorant thing to say. It’s not racist, it’s just D-U-M-B. Go play golf or contemplate your navel. I don’t care, but please, if this is the most compassionate thing you can say off teleprompter to a hurting family, then just SHUT UP you ignorant fool.

    • concerned citizen says:

      Angie, Everyone has made that statement about “if I had a son, he would look like ”TRAYVON MARTIN”. Just because you don’t like ”OUR PRESIDENT”, doesn’t mean you have to single him out among the crowd….This is not about “”RACE” its about ”JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON MARTIN” and PEACE for his family.. This could of happen to any one of our young son’s walking that night…….even “”WHITE””

  2. Come on says:

    So if Dana Mulhall were black would the President of the United States be acknowledging his brutal murder also? What happened to Trayvon is awful, and tragic. My deepest condolences to all who loved him. And from what I have heard, this man (Zimmerman) does deserve to be punished. But there is another murder that took place and I am seeing little to no coverage on it. And certainly the President hasn’t commented on it.

    This case should not be made to be about race. I don’t beleive it was race related. It was an overzealous “mall cop” on a power kick. When he said to the dispatcher that it was a “black kid” , I beleive whole heartedly he could have just as easily said it was a “white kid”. He was trying to give a description. I don’t beleive this boy is dead because he was black, I beleive he died because of a man who wanted to be a hero someday so he made an opportunity. The law, and the way people seem to be understanding it, made him (and Paul Miller) think they could get away with it.

    The laws in Florida have to be explained to these people carrying the guns.
    Stand your ground is not a license to kill if someone gives you are dirty look or says something you dont like. People need to be made to understand that Zimmerman and Miller WILL suffer consequences for their quick triggers. Maybe that will prevent other tragedies and other families from being literally blown to peices. RIP Trayvon AND DANA.

  3. GOP says:

    Ditto, Ditto Angie.. Well said.

  4. palmcoaster says:

    This Florida law needs to be ammended not explainned…too many lives lost since 2005 and as much as three times the amount of what it used to be before Bush Jeb signed it.

    • Layla says:

      With all due respect, Palmcoaster….not as long as young hoods feel it is ok to break into someone’s home and rob them at will.

      More of that is happening here and there is NO mercy being shown to these victims.

      This is not about race, as some would have you believe. It is about safety and common sense.

      What bothers me the most here is that innocent children are killed EVERY NIGHT in DC, which has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation and where are Sharpton and Jackson on that? No cameras, no Sharpton or Jackson.

  5. palmcoaster says:

    There Angie proving what I said, racism as it best since Obama was elected. Firts of all the President is no ignorant but a Harvard Graduated Lawyer as well as his wife is. His candid comment may have referred to being about his oldest daughter’s, same age. No matter what this man says some will distort, hate, repudiate, or find worth of insulting. I would advise you to ask “the hurting family” what do they think of your Obama’s debouching smear here, regarding his words to them.

  6. George Bowman says:

    I dont Agree with palmcoaster I carry a concealed weapon ever day it makes people think before they try to Rob You Or Maybe invade your home, this has nothing to do with what happened it has to do with Common Sense, i think the gun hating libreals should just stop with the BS. AS ALWAYS GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE – PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE….

  7. meh says:

    here comes a race war…

    are there any details that even prove this was a hate crime? I’m pretty sure if Trayvon Martin was white, he would have gotten shot anyway. Zimmerman seems like a loose cannon, but don’t automatically, immediately call this a hate crime when there is nothing to prove exactly that, yet.

  8. palmcoaster says:

    Layla thank you for “your all due respect”.
    We can all disagree in a civilize manner, while we exchange information and thoughts and still learn quiet a bit, about what we may have not known before.

  9. palmcoaster says:

    @Angie. Just keeping the record straight:

  10. palmcoaster says:

    @Angie…Obama gave words of comfort to Gaby Gifford as well after the massacre commited trying to kill her, in Tucson AZ. Those were not also, proper words that you approved?

    • Layla says:

      Palmcoaster, I guess I am bugged by the fact that people seem to be looking for trouble. The President must bear some of the blame for that. He blamed the Gifford shooting on the Tea Party, a group we all know to be non-violent.

      You will disagree, but I see this administration as working as hard as it can to divide people.

      I have been hugely disappointed in his administration and leadership abilities. He was going to be the Great Uniter and all he is doing is dividing us, by politics, skin color, even religion.

      Frankly, I’m just tired of it.

      • Anita says:

        @ Layla:

        “He blamed the Gifford shooting on the Tea Party, a group we all know to be non-violent.”

        Didn’t members of the Tea Party carry signs featuring pictures of then candidate Obama in the crosshairs of a rifle? Non-violent? If that was an indication of their fantasies, you might want to re-think your definition.

  11. Dorothea says:

    The so-called “race war” is not just about the killing of Trayvon, but about how the police handled the matter after he died. Trayvon’s corpse was subjected to drug and alcohol testing, Zimmerman was not tested but sent home. In fact, no physical evidence was collected from Mr. Zimmerman at all. Trayvon’s family waited days for further investigation which was not forthcoming until the uproar began. It is likely that the entire case would have been closed if not for the media attention that the case eventually received. Would the police have handled the case differently if the shooter was black and the victim was white? My guess is that the black shooter would be in jail.

    As for those individuals who have negative comments about President Obama and what he said, the text of Obama’s 90 second comment is in the article. You should invest some time in reading it before spending a great deal more than 90 seconds posting your opinions about it.

    • Layla says:

      Still, it is a LOCAL ISSUE, not one that should have massive demonstrations, people stirring up hate and racism.

      Was this all wrong? CERTAINLY. ANY shooter should be in jail.

  12. GOP says:

    meh, you’re may be right. It’s about time.. Everytime one of them get insulted or arrested they play the RACE CARD.. This you owe me crap has to stop.. We’ve tried and we’re sick of it.. Get a job and join sociaty..

    • Anita says:


      “meh, you’re may be right. It’s about time.. Everytime one of them get insulted or arrested they play the RACE CARD.. This you owe me crap has to stop.. We’ve tried and we’re sick of it.. Get a job and join sociaty.. ”

      Would you tell a Jewish person to stop pointing out antisemitism when they perceive it? Racism exists in this world as much as antisemitism which is, after all, racism by another name. In what other case of stalking and murder of an innocent teenager is the gunman allowed to simply claim “self-defense” and leave, taking the murder weapon, while the “investigation” is going on? In how many cases is the victim’s blood tested for drugs/alcohol and background scrutinized, but not that of the murderer? Not racism? Then what? Incompetence? Insanity? Yes, racism IS a definitely a form of insanity and you’re positively certifiable..

  13. jespo says:

    While I question my President from time to time, I do believe his comments were spurred by a father’s standpoint, not from a racist one. This incident will play itself out, and if the shooter acted on racism then he should fry, but time will tell that. Personally, I’ve never seen racism on this level more than since Obama was elected, and I was raised in 1970’s Brooklyn where it was ugly as hell. Funny thing is, most of it is from so called ‘white people’ like myself….it’s like their lives are threatened in such an ignorant, base, and sad way.

    If you don’t want a black man as President, get the fuck off your busted up flowered pattern couch, take a shower with soap, shave off your mullet, put on your polyester sunday suit, drive your fifteen year old car to school and learn yerself sumthin…..who knows, after twenty years you might be as smart as Obama’s pinky finger.

    • concerned citizen says:

      @Jespo, I agree with you, that white (caucasians) see color more than blacks (African Americans). Thats because black people view white people as human beings not of color. Its the older generation that’s keeping the race card going on.You have a generation of young people growing up as young adults and the mixture of young black and white people get along better than most all blacks and better than most all whites, this is never going to cease. There will always be color in our society until we all learn to get along. People fail to realize…this is how GOD made everyone of us, if GOD wanted us all to be one color he would of made us that way, but he didn’t. So until the one’s who can’t come to terms with this race of color, its going to stay around for some years to come…..we just have to keep PRAYING for a change to come…..

      • Anonymous says:

        While I don’t believe in God, you make excellent points. This is a human issue, not a race issue. Racism is never one way, so for whites to claim racism is as ignorant as blacks decrying racism and citing a slavery issue 250 years past. There are no inocents here. Race, Sex, Creed…the trifecta of human ignorance and stagnation as a species.

  14. Outsider says:

    First of all, I don’t believe Zimmerman is entitled to protection under the stand your ground law. He followed the kid, and I think the kid felt threatened and fought against Zimmerman and was probably getting the best of him as evidenced by Zimmerman’s bloody nose and grass on his back. Based on the currently available information, Zimmerman and Paul Miller should be in same jail cell; or better yet, give ’em each a six shooter and let ’em have a quick draw contest. There is a certain amount of hypocrisy in the media coverage of the event. How many of you knew that 46 people were shot on the south side of Chicago on St. Patrick’s Day? One of the fatalities was a six year old girl. Where is the outrage? Wouldn’t Al Sharpton’s time be just as well spent protesting the shootings of 46 people in Chicago? Is it okay for black people to shoot other black people? The real issue is that the left wing media want to blame Florida’s liberal gun laws for the shooting of young Treyvon Martin, but they ignore the fact that 46 people were shot, and a six year old girl was killed in a city with some of the toughest gun laws in the country.

  15. w.ryan says:

    What is the matter with you’ll? This shooting was Racist!!! The handling of this case was also Racist!!! President Obama said what needed to be said in the best way he could to illuminate further how wrong every aspect of this case is!!! It’s not wrong until it happens to some of you. Unfortunately you can never understand unless you are a person of color and most of all Black in America that there is two standards of justice in America. Thank God for the human family of European decent that are clear in the understanding of this injustice that has happened in this country and are willing to call it what it is and help in correcting it despite the blind supporters of a system that can and often go wrong. What’s wrong is wrong and the killing of Trayvon Martin is SOoo wrong!!!

    • Layla says:

      I think the point you missed was that these are ALL wrong, the killings in Chicago, the black children in DC. Why didn’t these mobs of people stand up and defend these people? We’ve been calling this an injustice all along.

      It is this administration that is picking and choosing which it wants to comment upon.

      DC has some of the toughest gun laws in America. Sharpton and Jackson have never said one word about the dead children there and neither has the President.

  16. momgates says:

    How is the heck has this become a “attack on blacks” (quote from mr jackson) ????? Zimmerman is spanish with black family members…. Zimmerman should be in jail he confronted the kid, which i believe would take away the stand your ground law…. Yes Zimmerman must think he is a cop or something( after listening to all his 911 calls) but to say this is now a race issue reals ticks me off…. when a few months ago a black student was killed by a hazing at a black college was their a visit from mr sharpton or jackson on that matter??? Oh and there was not an arrest in that either…. just saying… when i have personally had an 8yr old girl say infront of my kids at the park to her older sister “we dont play with white folks” WTF!!! I asked her why and her sister jumped in and told her that was wrong to say….. Dont tell me she just made it up…. RACISM GOES BOTH WAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT this is NOT a RACISM case…. this is a man on a power trip and took it to far and now needs to be in jail.

  17. momgates says:

    Oh and Obama’s comment….. ummm ok, he would look like you???? dont even know what to think about that…

  18. momgates says:

    w ryan- so you heard zimmerman say something racial?? really didnt know you were there… and know how it feels to be black… give me a break … RACISM goes BOTH ways… How about what that little girl said to me about not playing with “white folks” how does that make my kids feel?? How did that make me feel??? It goes both ways sorry. This was a man on a power trip that should be in jail b/c i dont know how it is self defense b/c he followed trayvon… he should be in jail for murder but not a hate crime. (oh another example it goes both ways … about a month ago two black students mocked, punched a white autistic boy. was that racist????? just saying.

  19. B. Claire says:

    Me thinks many doth protest too much about being racist…hitting a little too close to home?

    All in all quite an embarrassing ‘chat’ …once again lot’s of 1950 ‘thinking.’

  20. palmcoaster says:

    @GOP. Comments like yours really do not help the GOP chances in coming August elections. You sure doing a great job!

  21. w.ryan says:

    Strange Fruit preserves causes severe brain dysfunction.

  22. Joe A. says:

    This has Crown Heights written all over it. Just a mater of time before the riots start. I thought I would never have to see ugly days like this again.

    President Obama’s remarks are uncalled for. This is a matter of State Government. It would have been completely appropriate for Governor Scott to comment on this issue. But President Obama overstepped his boundaries and commented on an issue that is reserved to the states. I am not going to decode if his comments were racially motivated, but I believe he was giving attention to the issue.

    The issue is local at first, that should be dealt with by the State Attorney’s Office and the Sanford Police Department. If justice is not due there (which I believe the prosecutors were seeking a grand jury indictment), then there are other avenues that can be explored. Again this is a local issue. An issue that is reserved to the powers of the State Government !

    Let the facts come out and stop speculating. If this proves to be a justified self defense shooting, then it be. If this proves to be an over zealous neighborhood watch vigilante who took matters into his own hands unlawfully, then he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

    This was a tragic end to a young mans life. That should warrant an investigation.
    However, the President of the United States (ANY PRESIDENT) should not intervene in state right issues. There is a distinct difference in state and federal crimes as outlined in our federalist system of government. Shame on you Mr. President for exceeding your authority!!

    • B. Claire says:

      The President very plainly laid out the basis for his comments, legally and personally. That of a fellow parent…and a President of a country that had a tragedy that was so shocking that it warranted and received state, local and Federal mediation.

      Is there NO limit to how wide, hard and far some will look and try so desperately to demonize this man?

      Obviously not.

      • Helene says:

        B. Claire, I completely second that!

      • Joe A. says:

        Claire –

        I don’t care who the President is. It is not their job to intervene on state and local issues, unless there is a compelling interest of the federal government. It is a matter of holding government in check. Do you want Congress regulating speed limits?

        The President overstepped his authority. This is Governor Scott’s job.

  23. NortonSmitty says:

    If you look at the kids picture, he could be Barack’s kid. Same sort of face. Oh,yea, I forgot. To you “conservatives” They all look alike to you.

  24. Christie 2012 says:

    Lets not forget Berry’s first attack on a white police officer a few years back. Lets not forget the church Berry attended for 20 years ago and what hate was preached there. Obama has sent race relations back 20 years and his DOJ is doing everything possible to help. This is a local and State matter just as it was a few years back with the Cambridge police officer. We don’t need Mob rule!!!

  25. palmcoaster says:

    Totally agree with Anita’s comments above.

  26. Come on says:

    I find it so sad that this boy will never have justice because everyone has lost sight of the real issue. Focusing on race will not change anything other than flare tempers. This was not racially motivated. Stop the idiocy! Focus on the real problem that caused this young man’s death rather than distracting from it so that his death will not be in vain.
    Florida’s law of stand your ground. I believe this boy was attacked because of a man on a power kick NOT because he was black. He harassed this boy and intimidated him until the boy felt he was under attack and fought back, then he shot him. Because he could.
    Fight against the law that says that this behavior is acceptable. THIS LAW is why Zimmerman is still on the streets. Stop the misdirected anger about racism and distracting behaviors that are making a mockery of this poor boy’s death and fight for a positive change. Mr. Obama sir, you should be the voice of reason and not fueling the fire. BTW…I am a 42 year old black woman with three children of my own. I would want the REAL issue addressed if Trayvon were my boy. Race is not it.

    • Helene says:

      Come on: I agree with about 3/4 of your post. I feel the race issue comes into play (as I posted in another thread) if we consider what would have happened if the roles were reversed. That is, had it been a white boy shot by a black man – said black man would have been arrested on the spot, no quesitons asked. Just my opinion and I am white.

      That being said, I agree wholeheartedly with the rest of your post. With the facts that have come to light so far (and I admit maybe there are more we don’t know), Zimmerman should have been arrested when the police showed up that night. Stand Your Ground does NOT count in this instance for Mr. Zimmerman because he PURSUED this boy. It was clear from the 911 call that the operator asked him if he was “following” the boy. Zim replied “yes”. The operator said “we don’t need you to do that”. Then Zim says “he ran”. The conversation established that Zim would meet the cops at the mailbox. By the way, for a man who has been doing this “watching” in the same neighborhood for many years, he seemed a bit confused as to what street he was on! I know if I was on the phone in any part of my typical Palm Coast crazy street named neighborhood, I could tell them where I was!! Anyway, it is apparant that Zim disregarded his instructions and followed the boy. He had to get our of his car to confront a defenseless boy who by Zimmerman’s OWN WORDS was running away. Running away from what? He was walking in the neighborhood looking at the houses??!! And for this he should be chased and shot?!!! How about Treyvon was terrified and running for his life from this crazy person. In my view it was Treyvon that was threatened and STOOD HIS GROUND when being confronted by this wanna-be cop. The real cop should have arrested Zimmeran on the spot.

    • Liana G says:

      Thank you… there was a recent case in Utah where a white father shot a white neighbourhood patrolman he saw talking to his daughter. The father thought the person was stalking his daughter.

      There are many incidents of this ‘stand your ground’ type on the national crime website. Also of interest is the increase of stand your ground incidents involving off duty police officers against persons they are acquainted with. For these reasons, this law needs to be reviewed.

      A person’s right to bear arms should not be revoked.

      • Come on says:

        I just wish people weren’t so quick to jump to racism. THE LAW allowed this man to walk away from shooting this kid. THAT is what needs to be addressed. I feel that we (black people) in general MAKE issues black/white issues. Sometimes justifiably, most times not.
        If we deal with the issue at hand rather than acting like victims of racial discrimination we would see that everyone IS treated equally in most cases.

        My daughter was once told by a little white girl in the park that she couldn’t play with her because she was allergic to chocolate. I could have been a little person and attacked the parent for teaching her daughter to be a racist.
        Instead I laughed hysterically as the little girls mother was standing by mortified that this had come out of her daughters mouth. I assured the little girl that “it was ok because I wasn’t going to allow her to eat my daughter but playing with her would not hurt.” Her mother (looking very relieved) and I became fast friends and still are to this day. This situation could have ended much differently had I played the victim on my daughters behalf and gone on the offensive.

  27. palmcoaster says:

    @B.Claire. I agree with you and further more, I should add, that I never seeing a man to endure these virulents inflammatory attacks, with such an entegrity and class even sense of forgiveness as well.
    Wish the Almighty watches over him and his family during his tenure.

    • Layla says:

      @B Claire & PCer, before you are so quick to call out the race card and so called hatred of this president, please allow me to remind you that crimes like these go on every day in this country and have for decades.

      We don’t teach right and wrong anymore. It has to be SOMEBODY ELSE’S fault, certainly not MY babies! We don’t teach personal responsibility and love and concern for our fellow man anymore. That’s called religion and that’s against the law.

      What so many of us fail to understand is that you gain respect by caring and showing respect. None of us can demand anything. We must work together. We must love and care for one another. That is the only way in which we become equal in all ways. Do we teach this to our children anymore? Do we teach them anything?

      I watched innocent babies being killed in DC right in their own living rooms and NOBODY, certainly NOT the good Revs. Sharpton and Jackson, said ONE WORD while the neighborhoods were so desperate they set up their own patrols. Now these same two clowns come running down to Florida to stir up trouble. To INTENTIONALLY stir up trouble. Might it have something to do with a Presidential election coming up?

      What “virulent” attacks? All anybody has done is to ask this man to lead his people, not divide them, LEAD THEM. That is why President’s stay out of local issues. All except this one.

      We all need to grow up, to learn to care about one another instead of attacking. And this President must learn that what he says is listened to, so he must be very careful of jumping into local crime issues and inferring they are racial. That is NOT how you unite a country.

      You unite a country by caring, by reaching out and taking personal responsibility for our actions, all of us. I think it is safe to say that most of us pray for this President, whether we approve or not.

  28. Dorothea says:

    In the released tapes of the phone calls that Zimmerman made to the police, before he killed Trayvon and while he was not following the dispatcher’s request to stand down, Zimmerman could be heard muttering “fucking coons” as he proceeded to chase Trayvon.

  29. momgates says:

    dorothea, they have cleaned up the audio and he says “punks” not “coons”. Norton yes i am a republican and yes i have black family members and black/white nieces , i dont like Obama for his actions and words and beliefs… NOT THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN!! Sorry to say the racist GOP card is way over played……

    • NortonSmitty says:

      But Moooom, look what your GOP buddy has to say below. And you can tell me racism isn’t part and parcel of the whole Republican branded message you rubes buy into?

  30. Maryjoe says:

    there are reports there is a witness to the incident which is why the guy was never arrested. The witness reported that Zimmerman was being attacked… The witness had also called police. So I guess we’re all just going to have to wait and find out the facts before passing judgement…which is how it’s supposed to be. I think the President would have done better to do the same..but…we all know how how that goes, lol. If you can get in the press, you get in the press. It’s a shame really. All he actually did was stir the pot.
    My condolences to everyone involved…the victim(s) and their families/friends. It’s going to be a tough road regardless of what the verdict turns out to be.

    • Helene says:

      Zimmerman should have stayed the hell in his car and met the REAL police at the mailbox stand to the condos as he said he would do in the recorded 911 coversation he had with the operator. Instead, it is clear he followed the boy. This alone was provocation for the boy to STAND HIS OWN GROUND. If Zimmerman had not gotten out of his car AS INSTRUCTED, this would not have happened. End of story.

  31. GOP says:

    palmcoaster,, I think it’s about time that the people have a word.. We are always focused on polictical correction we loose our rights. People are being groomed to expect intilements.. We can’t afford it any more.. They contribute nothing to society they’re just a bunch of moochers..

    • NortonSmitty says:

      Thank you so much for that statement GOP. You finally remove all doubt about your inner heart. “It’s about time the people have a word” So if your Black, your not people? “They” contribute nothing to society? Moochers? Hell, they aren’t even human!

      If this is what you believe, you should do two things. First, your words prove you are the very definition of a racist, without a shadow of a doubt. So stop being cowed by all that “political correction” out there. Be proud of your opinions on this subject. Maybe join a club full of like minded individuals. Hell, to show you there are no hard feelings, I’ll even buy you your first sheet!

      You did pick the perfect pen name.

  32. Gia says:

    Shut up Obama. That yoyo is a liar.

  33. The Truth says:

    After just reading through the comments, I have lost complete faith in our society. This is not only about race, but it’s about a young boy being shot dead for no reason. Those of you bashing our President and making this a political issue are absolutely pathetic.

    Look at the facts and stop looking at everything from a political point of view and look at it as a human.

  34. GOP says:

    The Truth.. They made it a race issue. When ever an issue comes up the race card is played..

  35. w.ryan says:

    It’s overwhelming for me to see the posts from people like GOP. Why so much denial? We’re all people that rely on each other to succeed as a nation. Clearly race was injected from the onset. Basic police function was suspended based on assumptions based on race. The black guy must have been guilty of something. Give Mr. Zimmerman back his gun and let him go home. We’ll get the body off the street. If Zimmerman shot a dog he’d get locked up!!! The police investigation into Trayvon’s identity and next of kin notification was not conducted when basic contact information was present for their retrieval at the scene. Everyone watches cop drama on television. A novice could have done that job that night. Why so much DENIAL! With thoughts and a philosophy that spews from mouths like GOP we’re headed back to the Jim Crow era.

  36. Chuck says:

    Was Obama talking about the picture of 12 year old nice young child Trayvon or the pants sagging, bird flipping, pot smoking, jewelry stealing Trayvon? I would only hope Obama “son” would have higher standards.

    • ???? says:

      how on earth could you sit there and make a comment like that? Did you know the child personally? Or did you again make a race biased statement because he was black so that automatically makes his pants sag and make him a robber? This is why i hate palm coast. IGNORANCE.

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