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Warned Of Animal Filth Months Ago, a Mondex Woman Is Jailed on Child Neglect Charges

| December 14, 2011

Jamie Ina Miller and an image of the house she rented in the Mondex.

Jamie Miller had already been warned back in late July.

On July 23, a Flagler County Sheriff’s Office deputy had responded to the house at 4523 Clove Avenue in the Mondex, or Daytona North, after the landlord had complained about animals at the house. The landlord had rented the property about two years earlier to Miller, 31, and her four young children.

After examining the house, a deputy concluded that several dogs there, which had been cooped up inside, had been there roughly three days, judging from the animal waste on the floors. There was no food or water visible anywhere for the dogs. The deputy and an animal control officers described the scene as “deplorable and unlivable for humans or animals,” according to a police report. “They described filthy living conditions and an infestation of roaches too numerous to estimate.”

Three days later another deputy went to the house with the landlord and saw the residence in the same conditions. The deputy took pictures that show innumerable roaches in living areas and the bathroom, mucky, brown water in the commode, dilapidated walls and floors and furniture strewn with empty food cans, utensils, empty milk jugs and various objects, and a fish tank half-filled with greenish-gray water.

The deputy, after interviewing neighbors, concluded that Miller had been living at the house in those conditions with her children/ But it was early August when the deputy was able to make contact with Miller. She confirmed that she had been living at that address, and had left it on July 21. She conceded that there was a roach problem but attributed the waste on the floor to the fact that her dog had had puppies. She told the deputy that even though her children slept at the house, they spent most of their time at her mother’s place. Miller’s boyfriend confirmed that the children lived at the house.

Miller also told police that she couldn’t afford to care for the animals and didn;t know how to turn them over to someone who could.

Neighbors and witnesses subsequently provided police with additional images. “The images,” the police report states, “depict Jamie Miller’s youngest child, now 2 years old, walking down the road with no supervision. The child is also photographed while climbing a neighbor’s fence completely nude with also no one else observed supervising him.”

That police report, signed on Sept. 27, listed four charges of child neglect against Miller “for failing to provide the aforementioned children with the care, supervision, and services necessary to maintain the [children’s] physical and mental health.”

But it was only on Dec. 5 that Circuit Judge Raul Zambrano signed warrants for the child neglect charges and additional warrants for animal cruelty charges. Miller was physically arrested and booked into the Flagler County jail on Dec. 13. It’s not clear, based on the police report and other information provided by the sheriff’s office, including a news release this afternoon, why Miller had not been arrested sooner, or where she or her children had been since a deputy’s visit to the house in September. Deputies did contact the Florida Department of Children and Families.

“This was an avoidable situation,” Flagler County Sheriff Don Fleming said in a release. “There are services out there for families who are struggling, just like this single mother. I would encourage anyone who is in this situation or knows anyone in this situation, to call us before things get to this point.” He added: “No child should have to live like this.”

Miller, a native of Baltimore listed as unemployed in her booking sheet, posted $1,000 bond Wednesday and was released.

35 Responses for “Warned Of Animal Filth Months Ago, a Mondex Woman Is Jailed on Child Neglect Charges”

  1. Layla says:

    If she can come up with the bond, she should be forced to clean up her mess.

  2. Devrie says:

    “This was an avoidable situation,” Flagler County Sheriff Don Fleming said in a release. “There are services out there for families who are struggling, just like this single mother. ”

    What types of services? I don’t think this situation had anything to do with finances. Very poor people can watch children and keep a safe and sanitary home.

    This woman has something else going on. I don’t know what it is…the title of the article here sums up my feeling on it.

  3. Dennis says:

    This is just the beginning of what’s going to happen in this country. These young mothers have NO support to help them. Society has changed dramatically and not for the better. Thank goodness we have the mighty police state to arrest these poor women and take their children away. I like to see what these children have to say about losing their only comfort in their lives .

    • We'll See says:

      Seriously? How about we take your nice home, hot meals, clean bathroom, and a warm bed away from you and see how you like it. Maybe we should even replace it all with roaches, animal feces, and rotten milk. See how that makes you feel. I’m sure these kids will be much better off living elsewhere. Im sure they love their mother, but this is no way to live..for anyone! Its disgusting and nobodys fault but her own. She had plenty of time to get herself fixed up. There are numerous shelters, churches, donation banks, food banks, and places for single women to go. Someone would have come out to this womans house and helped her clean up and feed her children if she just would have asked or made an effort. Seems as though she doesn’t really care about their welfare. Hopefully they’ll be placed with a family member that can care for them.

    • Annie says:

      Comfort? Seriously Dennis, do you really think a mother who lets their children live in filth also has the capacity to comfort her children? This girl doesn’t have a job, she has plenty of time to clean her house and tend to her children. Give me a break, I’m quite sure those EBT cards allow you to buy food and there are services for clothing for those in need as well as, soap products and toiletries. Sounds like this girl has a bigger problem. Kudos to the police for intervening, perhaps now these kids might have a chance. By the way, comfort is also feeling safe. How safe are you when you are walking around on dog feces and having roaches crawl all over you while you sleep? This is what happens when the ignorant breed. My prayers for the children, I pray they get a clean, safe and loving home.

      • leave it alone 4 the kids says:

        just please stop her kids r my best friends i know she did a bad thing but wat if this was happening to u would u want a lot of people talking crap about u dont think so her mom does have a job she is always at work thts y the kids live wit their grandmother so just please stop bcuz wat if her kids right now were reading wat u guys r saying about their mother

    • Layla says:

      Comfort? Are you serious?

      Dennis, I don’t know about you but my babies prefer clean floors, not feces on their bare little feet. This woman is living like an animal.

  4. ol'sarge says:

    you guys are all way off base…the question we should be asking is how do you help someone who doesn’t want help? Better yet, should you help them? This complete lack of accountability and lack of self discipline is precisely what is destroying the 20-40 yr old generation. This filthy little child abuser obviously does not want help and lacks the basic sense it takes to provide the most basic protection for her children…these kids suffer while this blight gets a roof and three squares in jail. I have no empathy for someone with such enormous disregard for her own children and neither should anyone else.

  5. Well... says:

    She choose this life, she is not a child, she is 31, which is old enough to know how to clean up after herself and her kids. I’m sorry but there was a time I lived on peanut butter and white bread because that was all I could afford, eating once a day, scrimping together enough change to make it on minimum wage and yet I still made it a point to have a clean home, clean clothes and to not live or expose others to filth. People like this make excuses and want to blame everyone but themselves. I don’t have sympathy for her but I do have sympathy for her children and the animals that had to endure this filth.

  6. joann says:

    this lady worked at windixe on 100 for a long time so she did have a job just to lazy to clean up after her dogs and if she didnt want to clean up after them she could of just let them be out side and come inat night like most of the people do in daytona north no reson for any of it dont have kids then

  7. joann says:

    I hope so one else has them for the holidays so they can have a nice christmas no kids should have to live like that go bless them all

  8. Jack Howell says:

    The Sheriff,Don Fleming, is spot on in his statement. There is all kinds of of help available…just ask. A few years ago, I worked for the FDCF in Child Protective Services. Only in dire circumstances were chidren removed from their parent (s). But, that was not the end as parent(s) were given every opportunity for counselling and taught how to use the various community/state support services.

  9. Layla says:

    My guess would be drugs! What else is there for young people to do out there?

  10. Anonymous says:

    What I am not getting is why it took so long for them to arrest her they knew this was going on in july ! So they let the kids live in filth for another 6 months before any actions where taken ?

  11. Hilda says:

    Here is to all you the kids are safe! Safe with there mom!! They where not even home when all this took place! there physical and mental health is great also! As far as you saying drugs you couldnt be more wrong!!!!

  12. Layla says:

    Hilda, it’s either drugs or bad (terrible) parenting….take your pick!

    • jennifer says:

      There is absolutely NO excuse for any living being to live in those conditions, let alone innocent children. I am 19 years old with my first child and id never even dream of letting my child live in those conditions. Everyone thats close to her needs to stop making excuses for her and tell her to take care of her kids. I work 11 to 5 am everynight and wake up at 8 with my son every morning and he will never live like that as long as im breathing and can prevent that. Just beacause you work doesnt mean you should neglect the only responsibility that should come first and foremost in your life. I have no remorse for what has happened to her my remorse lies with her children. Your supposed to protect your kids from harm not put them in harm. She doesnt deserve to be a mother if at 31 she cant be mature enough to realize whats really important. Everyone says young mothers dont deserve kids but seeing this article not only assures me i deserve my child but it also makes me proud that I at 19 can do better then a grown woman. She needs to get it together, those babies dont deserve that nor do the animals

  13. Hilda says:

    It far from drugs! As I said the kids were not even home when this happened. And neither was she. She was outta town. Someone else was taken care of her home for her and the pets. the kids where there grandmothers. She is not a bad mother she is a great mom. Her kids love her very much. Yes the home needed cleaning i will say that. but the home was far from that bad when she want out of town. As far As x-mas goes they will have a wonderful x-mas! with there mom and family!

  14. there is more between the lines says:

    She was working a lot at the time between 8 to 10 hours a day for 8$ and hour. She is a good mom to here Kodak. She was trying.g to move out of there when all this was going on. The landlord there didn’t fixs things. She had told him a out the bugs he keep telling her he was going.g to send someone out there but inverse did she had tried doing it her self but it wasn’t work. Yes the puppies did run every where n tour things apart. Most of the time the kids stayed with her mom because she did not want them there because of the way the house was it just was taken time for her to save up to move. But her kids r well taking care of n always have been. She is not saying that the house want a mess. It was hard for her to work all day then when they all got home. Clean up after everyone, after she got the kids to bed she just want ed to sleep aswell. She was out of town when all this happened. For like 2 and a half days. When she left the place was.
    not like that. People had mess around in the house while she was gone. I just know she love her kids n does take care of them. They r happy. As far as she new after children n families close the case. And she was able to pick up her pets that she could care for. She didn’t here anything more about it. She had moved out of there right after as pleaned in the 1st place. Jamie I know u r a wonderful mother!!!!

  15. More Amazed Every Day says:

    It kills me the way people are sticking up for her, like this is ok….LEAVE IT ALONE 4 THE KIDS – if you all were so close to them, what did you or your family do other than sit by and watch this happen. I feel absolutely no sympathy for her. She chose to live this way….why are the dogs locked up in the house and the kids are running around un-clothed and with no supervision???? We know she wasn’t inside cleaning. These kids definitely deserve better. If she doesn’t want to be berated publicly, then she should have done something about it. Instead, knowing it was wrong, she continued to live like this and allow her children to live in the horror. I guess she should have thought about that first.

  16. Layla says:

    I don’t doubt that her kids love her. But somebody made that mess, which is a health department violation at the least. Do you know who it was?

  17. Layla says:

    For ANYONE living in this filth, please take your animals to the Humane Society. I know you love them, but you cannot take care of them adequately.

    Jamie, ASK FOR HELP. This is disgusting whether it is your fault or not. It is pretty clear that you are overwhelmed. It is also clear you have many friends. Wouldn’t kill some of you to pitch in.

    Another tip: If you have bugs and your landlord won’t help, call the CITY of Palm Coast or Flagler County and ASK who you file a complaint with. Even as a renter, you have rights. Use them.

  18. Hilda says:

    family was there she moved out a few days after all this happened!!!! as far as her being a bad mom she is far from it!!!!! she is the most amazing MOTHER SISTER AUNT!!!! there were family things going on in jamies life that no one not even her or anybody else could control that is why the kids where with there grandmother alot..jamie worked full time to get out of that house! and if she was so bad why did they give the pets back to her! tell me that! if she was so bad why when all this broke her and her children where going around looking at xmas lights! there are far worst moms and dads out there! then jamie! your only reading something from a paper or website! how about look into it more!!!! b4 your a judge of someone you dont know!

  19. IJS says:

    I’m wondering why this women is just now being arrested since the police initially responded to the residence in late July. It is apparent that these children were let down by more than just their mother. For the ones making up excuses for this woman, “there is NO excuse for a mother to allow her children to live under these conditions!” There are single mothers that work, cook, clean and provide for their children on a daily basis no matter how tried they are or how little they have. The police department and the Department of Children and Families really screwed up here!

    • flaglerwoman says:

      Right on ! a source of mine is the one that reported this family and lived close by the source called them plenty of times and nothing wasn’t done . the source even pleaded with them please due something before one of these kids get hurt ,when you lived out in no where land it seems like everything gets push to the side till they have time to take care of it . Im just happy to know these kids are going to be feed now and will be watch over and the baby will have clothes . I wish they would have taken care of this matter long ago i understand the state wanted to give her a chance but when calls and calls where made and nothing was being done its sad

  20. Disgusted. says:

    Pictures are worth a thousand words. This filthy home did not occur in a matter of days, while she might of been out of town. Regardless of how many hours you work or how many children you have, you should have enough self respect and concern for your children to not live in a home such as those conditions shown. Common sense would tell you that if you can not take care of your animals, that is what the Humane Society is for. Common sense would tell you that if you can not financially care for your children, there is help out there available, you just need to get up and go get it. There is no sympathy for a person who allows their children to endure these conditions, walk aimlessly around the neighborhood naked, or abandons animals. Bless these children.

  21. LOLO says:

    WOW!!! good to know that people are still quick to judge before they know the absolute whole story! What about the land lord that did nothing about the roach problem? Why isn’t anyone berating him for being a slum lord and not doing his job of fixing things that were broken? Why not throw him under the bus that you are throwing her under. Remember, Judge not lest ye be judged.

  22. Formally Poor and Single Mom says:

    LOLO….cockroaches don’t infest clean homes. Did you read the article? The landlord reported the filth.

  23. Disgusted says:

    LoLo, since when is it the responsibility of a landlord to provide exterminating services to the tenants? Look at this pig sty! This didn’t happen overnight! Perhaps, if the mother had kept a clean and tidy home for her children, there wouldn’t have been a roach infestation problem? So far as the children, they are better off in another’s hands, surely. A 2 year old, unclothed and climbing fences? Is that loving and responsible parenting? I think not.

  24. Mondex Resident says:

    Interesting that the neighbors could take pics and call the sherriff…..and not offer to help. Thats the way it works in the Mondex. Not sure whether she was actually trying to get ahead but what I do know is all these inbred mongrels out here love to call the “authorities” for any reason. I doubt any of them ever tried to help or get to know this lady. I pity anyone who lives out here in this hell hole. If their not trying to steal your stuff, then thier jealous and calling every government agency they can on you.

    • matt says:

      yes we try too help,we was feeding cats dogs make shur had water when she up leve for days .dog chained up rapped round tree water 10 feet hot as hell

  25. natasha says:

    what a disgusting mess!!!! Them poor innocent children.. Im with DISGUSTED, if she had a clean or even half clean house then there wouldnt be a need for the landlord to exterminate… ewwww…

  26. Nikki says:

    I know parents like this and it discusts me to the point where I am angry that they were given the blessing of children. I have lived in some run down places with slumlords for landlords but have NEVER let my place get this bad. Who just lets animals drop their feces and leaves it???? I just pray these kids are put somewhere safe and healthy.

  27. YoungResident says:

    I’ve known her for years and this does NOT surprise me. Yes, she had a full-time job and 4 kids, but clean up the house. If you clean up as you go, it would NEVER look like this. Those of you here defending her, where were you when she needed her house clean? By the way you are all talking, she was just saving up her money to get out of there, but who was going to clean up the mess that she and her children made? Was she just going to walk away and leave it like that for the landlord to deal with? That’s really adult-like if that was the plan. This mess did not happen in 2 days (or 2.5, however many she was supposedly out of town). She has plenty of time to go clubbing with her teenage friends, she should have put some of that time into cleaning this disgusting house she made her children live in.

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