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The Live Poll: Palm Coast City Council Elections

| October 24, 2011

The choices: from left, Dennis Cross and Jason DeLorenzo in one race, and Bill McGuire and Holsey Moorman in another. (© FlaglerLive)

The choices: from left, Dennis Cross and Jason DeLorenzo in one race, and Bill McGuire and Holsey Moorman in another. (© FlaglerLive)

Last Updated: Oct. 10

Judging from the last election in Palm Coast, most of you may not know, or don;t care, that a municipal election is going on. Early voting began Oct. 24 for the two Palm Coast City Council races, ending with the final Election Day on Nov. 8. When this exercise was held last month for the mayoral election, just 10.7 percent of Palm Coast’s registered voters cast a ballot, which means that barely 5 percent of the city’s voters re-elected Jon Netts.

If you’re registered to vote in Palm Coast, you may vote in both races, regardless of your party affiliation, regardless of the candidates’ districts. See the sample ballot below the poll.

Four candidates are vying for two seats on the council: Dennis Cross and Jason DeLorenzo in one race (District 3), to replace Mary DiStefano, who was term-limited. And Bill McGuire and incumbent Holsey Moorman in District 1.

When we took a poll for the mayoral election, the results were flat wrong. He got 54 percent of the vote, defeating Charlie Ericksen, who got 41 percen. Joe Cunnane got 5 percent. A tea party poll had Ericksen winning with 59 percent. FlaglerLive’s poll had Ericksen winning with 51 percent. So as always, take the poll results below with a truckload of salt. And be sure to cast a real ballot between now and Nov. 8.

Early voting is taking place at the public library in Palm Coast daily, except for Sunday, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Here’s the survey. As always, it’ll take only one vote per computer (even if it appears as if it’s soliciting your vote again). Comments written by poll-takers appear below the poll.

The survey’s final results (click on the chart for larger view):

click on the chart for larger view.

Comments left by poll-takers:

To Question 1 (the McGuire Moorman Race):

Need new faces and ideas. Palm Coast needs Florida ideas and improvements not outlooks. Current city council members need stay home and work on their memiors.

I can’t vote for either. Moorman has not shown me anything that says I deserve another term. Bill McGuire is a member of the Tea Party and I would rather jump out of a high rise and cut my throat on the way down than vote for someone from that xxxxxxx organization.

Voted for Holsey last time. Tired of hearing about his military accomplishments. We need help here, now.

Holsey still worth my vote.

To Question 2 (the Cross-DeLorenzo Race)

We need fresh young people serving not elderly “look at me” retirees. City Council must have shorter term limits to prevent homesteading.

Jason DeLorenzo is the Chief Lobbyist for the Builders. This is a HUGE CONFLICT OF INTEREST. I don’t think a lobbyist belongs on ANY governing body.

We do not need even more developer control of the city council, we have enough as is now.

To Question 3

hope more votes turn out this time

already voted!

The city street corners are being saturated with campaign signs. Perhpas are dutiful Code Enforcement should pick them up, much like garage and yard sale signs. Oops! Did I say that.

So fedup with local, state, and national politics. I will not vote to reelect an incombent or anyone who is related to politics IE lobiests or previously held office.

From what I saw today at the polls, voter turnout will not be much better this time around than it was for the Mayor’s election. People simply don’t care enough to get out and vote.

does it really matter who gets in nothing will change almost 15% unemployment. the politicians just want to get in to say they were a politician.

Please Palm Coasters, get out and vote.

Sample Ballot, Palm Coast City Council Election, Nov. 8, 2011

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23 Responses for “The Live Poll: Palm Coast City Council Elections”

  1. Linda Hansen says:

    Thank you for doing this, Pierre. I worked the polls today. Each of the candidates was there, looking for voters to talk with. The voters simply weren’t there. You wouldn’t believe how many told me “I don’t vote.”

    One of these candidates, Jason DeLorenzo, is the Chief Lobbyist for the Builders. How many realize this? (To be fair, I volunteer for Dennis Cross, but would feel the same if it was Cross who was the lobbyist.)

    If all Americans voted, we could fire the entire US House of Representatives in one election, but people simply do not care. Two Governors have suggested we suspend voting until the economy improves, so that officials will not be campaigning all the time. Thought it couldn’t happen here? Well, with turnout like this, it can.

  2. Ella says:

    Please get out and vote people! Look at what is going on in our city and county and decide how you want to spend the next few years. It takes less than 5 minutes to pop into one of the 6 locations on election day and let your voice be heard. IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE! YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

  3. Dudley Doright says:

    It is very unfortunate that voter apathy will once again keep our elections from having a meaningful purpose. Voting is suppose to be a privilege. Many of us have shed blood so our fellow Americans could exercise this right. I guess I shed my blood on foreign soil for nothing! Almost makes me ashame to be American.

  4. Ralph says:

    It is not just voter apathy here…you have Republicans, including Tea Party leaders trying to get DeLorenzo on that council.

    Why in hell would you want a LOBBYIST for the Builders, Developers on a City Council? If you ask me, this smells to high heaven.

    I never had the honor of serving, but have the greatest respect for those who have. Between the Chamber trying to manipulate this election and those who just don’t give a damn, we’re screwed.

  5. Rob says:

    What really is the toothpick under the finger nail is the move to align the city elections with state and federal elections. And to add insult is the fact that the councilors voted to extend rather than shorten the terms so that the hold overs (Meeker, Lewis) get to serve extended terms, and the contested races including the mayor will serve five years.

    I don’t see what Moorman has done to merit 5 more years. But, I cannot vote for any one from the Tea Party. So I have to pass on that race.

    Having a builder’s lobbyist on the town council would do more harm than good. On the other hand, the management of this city cannot get much worse. Or can it?

  6. BW says:

    I really don’t think the last round of voting is any real indicator of voter activity in the town. That particular election was very confused because it was technically a “primary” election, but because of a certain local law it became a general election. I personally think that voter turnout would have been drastically different if that vote was held in November. I think the outcome would have been the same in terms of Mayor Netts winning the vote, but the turnout would have been much larger.

  7. Dudley Doright says:

    I too have to question Halsey’s military accomplishments. Having heard him tell of his service, I have to wonder why he never served a day in combat. During the time he entered the National Guard, most youngmen do so to avoid the draft and subsequent service in Vietnam. Some of his tales of military accomplishment, given the lack of active duty time, I have to question as embellishment!. That said, I have not seen anything he has accomplished in his current position of city councilman. I don’t believe he ever had an original idea. Just been going with the flow…slide under the radar!

  8. Ralph says:

    Rob, is Moorman a member of the Tea Party?

  9. says:

    if DeLorenzo is a lobbyist for the builders and after seeing the crappy homes some of these builders built , he is out of my choice and probably the rest of them. i am sorry to say that the trust is gone.

  10. Ralph says:

    wsh: Well, then nothing will change. That should make you very happy….won’t do much for the country, but as long as you are happy, what else matters…

    When the dictators are telling you how to live, and you have no choices, will that make it better?

    Lots died for your right to vote, your right to freedom. But hey, life is crappy, who cares…

  11. Rob says:

    @ Ralph,

    I was referring to his opponent.
    I saw an article written that referenced him as being a member.

    This article also says he managed a manufacturing company that employed an all Black workforce.

    It is possible that he is on the level, however being associated with the Tea Party does not bode well for me.

  12. Iris says:


    Do you mean that because McGuire is just as frustrated as you are and is trying to do something about it that you won’t vote for him?

    He have fangs or something?

  13. Linda Hansen says:

    If anybody has the time, you really should come down to the Library in the mornings for early voting. All four candidates are there. It is a great opportunity to meet them all, ask them all questions, whatever. They are usually all there in the afternoons as well.

    Oh, and while you are there you can pop in and vote. Takes just minutes, no waiting!

  14. Rob says:

    I don’t know if “he have fangs or something”

    I am not casting my vote for anyone associated with the Tea Party.

    I have seen and heard enough from this group, both national and local, they don’t represent me or people like me.

  15. says:

    you run ralph if you are so full of wisdom

  16. Iris says:

    Rob, that’s too bad. I vote both directions, on the candidate, never the party. When do we get to become “people like US?”

  17. Linda Hansen says:

    Wed. Library Update: all candidates there again today. Come and meet them, talk to them. It’s all good, and no waiting to vote!

  18. Linda Hansen says:

    New website I suggest all take a look at. Some interesting figures on overdevelopment in Florida counties and what it’s costing us:

  19. Scooby Doo says:

    Mcguire just moved here, my family got here almost 40 years ago and he’s complaining about “waste” and taxes? . We have the second lowest taxes in the State. In fact our property taxes have been going down. In spite of all our troubles our streets are clean, great parks, more traffic lights and crime rates have gone down even with our real estate collapse.
    And the vague language about “helping new business get started.” This is a retirement community. The only businesses we can sustain are the ones that are already doing well, because there is a market for their services. (lawn care, pool cleaning, home health care, medicine, legal, etc.) With all the talented and accomplished seniors we have, if there was a market for more “expansive industry”, don’t you think they have would have seen the opportunity?

  20. Begonia says:

    Scooby doo: you obviously haven’t voted….this crime free environment you describe does not exist here in Palm Caost. It takes Outback restaurant 12 long years to get permission from our council to come here, but quick as a wink we have NINE gambling parlors in our neighborhoods.

    Drug deals going on in broad daylight at the Library. There are more of them than Library patrons or volunteers and they are dismantling the gazebo there piece by piece.

    Suggest you defog those blinders you are wearing. I think most of us would be interested in having a little more than more empty medical buildings.

  21. Len says:

    Why is it you do not follow the contributions to the Candidates?

  22. Layla says:

    Too late, it’s all too late. Nobody gives a damn, they’re not voting. DeLorenzo and the Manager will continue approving building permits until no house in this city will be worth anything. And we will all foot the bill for that.

    The builders are going to win this one unless people vote. It is just that simple.

    DeLorenzo represents the builder’s interests and he will go on representing the builder’s interests. He is PAID to do it.

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