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Rick Scott, Pointer Sister: He Sings “Fire” at The Golden Lion, Does the Pier, Then Turns In

| August 28, 2011

He stopped in for the view.

Gov. Rick Scott played Flagler tonight.

The governor, in town for an early breakfast meeting at the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce Monday, stopped in at the Golden Lion restaurant in Flagler Beach for an early evening dinner. WNZF’s David Ayres, who was there (and contributed the video below), at first mistook him for Bill Butler, Palm Coast’s landscape architect: the two men share the same gangly look all the way up to their Kojak skull, though Scott had an entourage of look-outs rather than trees.

The moment the Golden Lion announced the drop-in on its Facebook page, the comments began to dribble in:




“Sorry to hear that.”

“Sorry to hear he’s there!”

“Take his money!”


“Really? He has great taste.”

“Slap him.”

“The only good decision he’s made since taking office.”

The reactions were significantly more expectorative on Kendall Clark-St. Jacques’ Facebook page, where news of Scott’s whereabouts had, to the author’s dismay, spread.

Scott’s appearance at the Golden Lion coincided with a wreck outside the restaurant on A1A–more symbolic than serious, as it turned out. Ayres described it as “a blend between the firetrucks and the governor’s secret service.”

Scott had dinner upstairs at the Golden Lion, where recognizing him was hit and miss. He then returned downstairs and sang, or appeared to be attempting to sing… dare we say it without ruining it for legions of Pointer Sisters fans? “Fire.”

Not, needless to say, the governor’s best choice, considering his last dismal performance in Flagler, back in June, when he parachuted in during the wildfires for a quick appearance at the county’s emergency operations center. Scott didn’t exactly sing so much as play with a tambourine and flex his knees. He then sang a Beatles song that has not yet been identified.

After the restaurant, Scott took a walk on the Flagler Beach pier, where he is likely to have shared stories of his recent fishing trip to the Keys (where he caught “a beautiful grouper,” in his words).

The video below has the same grainy quality as videos that have emerged from the streets of Syria, Libya and Egypt during the Arab Spring, though the aims of the wreckage on display is somewhat less lofty. (There’s a whole lot better live music coming right out of Beach 92’s studios tonight–local bands, local music. Listen here).

Rick Scott Unplugged
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22 Responses for “Rick Scott, Pointer Sister: He Sings “Fire” at The Golden Lion, Does the Pier, Then Turns In”

  1. ol'sarge says:

    well that song is appropriate, especially considering how he stepped all over the fire service in this state…Flagler Beach and the Golden Lion will smell like shame for weeks. Thanks again, all of you who voted for this criminal…I hope you are never unlucky enough to reap the negative effect his administration has had on the community servants in Florida…

  2. K says:

    It would have been smart for him to incorporate a visit to the high school across the street from the Chamber. I’m sure the students and the teachers would love to be heard.

    But I suppose Gov Voldemort is not interested in seeing the results of his carnage on education.

  3. Kevin Quinn says:

    Well, sorry, but the songs we did were “Fire” by Bruce Springsteen and “Saw Her Standing There” by the Beatles. I guess the Pointer Sisters covered the Springsteen song as did many other artists. The Governor was a good sport and I’m sure that Gov Christie of NJ wouldn’t have done it. Bruce won’t sing with him ;)

  4. John Smith says:

    Well this makes me sick to think that this CLOWN is in our town. I also agree that FB will be stained by this with NO disinfectant to clean it. He should have went to those pet friendly places in PC to spread his sugar since those TEA PARTIERS are trying to run PC now. GOD please give us a good rain to help clean our smell from this visit.

  5. Concerned Koronaian says:

    Guess he is trying to make up with this county, like that is really gonna do the trick.

  6. leslie says:

    “Fire” is a Springsteen song and poorly covered by the Pointer’s. FYI Too bad he had to murder a Boss song.

  7. palmcoaster says:

    The perfect combination; Rick Scott and the Flagler Chamber of Outsourcing aka Un commerce. The fictitious “so called representative of about only 9 to 10 % if so, these days, of the 9,000 total businesses in this county singing together. This fascist karaoke at the Golden Lion “no wonder this one is may least favorite local restaurant for all the over 15 years I been living here” Probably he was singing “fire” to the demise of all the public employees and their unions that he has attacked since he took office. He should have sang “fire himself”. Probably the local elite sang along. He is lucky that there is not recall provision in our Florida constitution yet (we need to keep the pressure into the likes of Mica, Trasher and Nelson, etc. for recall provision), otherwise he will be emptying his desk for booting, just like Walker in Wisconsin.
    How come any politician currently in this country can be singing or even taking vacations while we have over 20 million unemployed and their buddies banks are evicting home owners to bulldoze their homes? When we have entire families going to the charitable kitchens not to starve.
    Meanwhile we have this F- governor flying around and partying along with his entourage on our pockets. How many families of unemployed parents his flying around fuel and man hour, could have fed instead? A very costly way to us all in Florida, to have this crook try and make peace with the press now! Lets demand recall.

  8. Lucine says:

    I guess his campaign slogan of “Let’s get to work” only applies to the little people whose salary and jobs he cut. In his case, all he is trying to do is work on his battered image.
    A complete joke. I feel embarrassed for anybody who actually voted for him. Eat crow.

    And Scott: Eat something else.

  9. John Boy says:

    Now who the hell wil pay to have the Town fumigated”?

  10. FireDonn says:

    I’m a retired firefighter and I’m glad to see Rick Scott, or anyone, having a good time here in Flagler Beach. We have some fun places here- The Lion, Fins, Hurricane Pattys, the pier, the beach… and I’m glad when someone of note gets to show off our good times. Don’t let the whiney- hineys dictate who can and who cannot have fun in Flagler. A smile for everyone and a good time for all.

  11. Donna says:

    Can’t please everyone. I’m willing to bet the ones complaining he was here, would be the same ones complaining if he never came at all.

  12. RosiKaye Wade says:

    It is nice to know Scott has had time in his short time in office to keep up his fishing trips in the Keys… Floridians need to wake up and acknowledge this man for the demon he is and kick him out of office… What a waste of a governor! … makes you wonder why he choose the Golden Lion…TeaParty Sympathizers???

  13. John Smith says:

    Donna I’ll take your bet and can guarantee I am one of those complaining and DONOT want that Criminal in my town let alone my county after his disgraceful time in office. He needs to be a 1 term gov then se if he comes back to the lion. GO HOME YOU LOW LIFE.

  14. palmcoaster says:

    @Jon Smith…I am for pet friendly restaurants but I am not a Tea Part fun and much less Rick Scott. Please do not mix up innocent pets with this Governor…and we got the rain you wished, thank God for our rained lawns.

  15. Outsider says:

    I’m glad the governor is out meeting and greeting the people to find out first hand what is needed to get this state’s economy moving again. And palmcoaster, this governor sold the publicly financed government aircraft and flies around in his own on his own dime. Our president and the Mrs. took not one, but two aircraft, definitely on our dime to Martha’s Vineyard. This was done so that SHE could stay a few extra days. She also took Air Force 2, a Boeing 757 to South Africa, along with her mother and children. The president didn’t go, as there was no official reason to do so. It was apparently just a 15,000 mile mini vaca for the Mrs. and children. Oh, she also took Air Force 2 to Los Angeles. Officially, she went there to honor some military families; suspiciously, there was a Hollywood fundraiser for Dems AT THAT VERY SAME TIME. Wow! That was great timing! These are absolute FACTS.

  16. Out of curiosity says:

    I concur k!

  17. PJ says:

    I’m not a big fan of Rick Scott but it gets press for flagler county, flagler Beach and the rest of our all but dead county. The chamber is trying.So keep up the good work. Keep bringing any politician that will listen. We may even get someting from them one day.

  18. Justin says:

    I just threw up a little in my mouth!

  19. palmcoaster says:

    @Outsider if what you tell me “is true” that Rick Scott is flying his own aircraft and paying for the expense I correct my words and thank you for setting the record straight here. Then I think his visit is bit more positive than I originally thought. Hopefully he keeps trying hard and walks the line for us all and then only then, I will be content with Scott.
    Now just like you do I also profoundly resent our Presidents vacation in Martha’s Vinyeard as, like I said before, we have over 20 million Americans unemployed and many families homeless and even going to the charity soup kitchens. If I would have been our President by now, would have already resolved great percentage of this jobless situation, no vacations for him and Congress until the unemployment rate is cut down and our economy was improved. No more health care insurance paid by us to any elected official federal or state until all Americans are covered as well. Tax imports, end these useless wars and bring our soldiers and our trillions $$$ home to repair our infrastructure and create more jobs. NO MORE FOREIGN AID TO SO CALLED ALLIES! We are super self sufficient we don’t need any allies as has been allways the other way arround and we can’t no longer afford it.
    As you see our President has failed me too.

  20. Dick Conklin says:

    Glad the Guv made a stop at the Golden Lion, one of the best restaurants in this part of Florida. The guy had to take some flak from people who get their opinions from the left-wing media, but he and the people in the audience had a good time anyway.

  21. Kevin says:

    Its sickening to see the hypocracy displayed towards Rick Scott by many of you based on your repugnant and vitriolic comments even though technically he has kept our state from imploding like that of California and others like it yet Chairman Obama and his queen have worsened our economy every month, doing nothing to help it, while personally attack taxpayers who speak out against his policies, vacationing and shitting away tax dollars on his campaigning and luxury living. To those it applies, lay off the cool-aid and whatever else it is that is preventing rational thought.

  22. DP says:

    I think its sick this POS comes into our county to Visit with the chamber for what unknown reason. @ Kevin I never liked the guy from the beginning, as to the joke in the whitehouse, as a matter of fact none of them SOB’s elected crooks, as all they have is whats in it for them attitude . And yes if it does sound that I’m a little disgruntled, i am as I’m one of the people that was affected by Scott’s actions, and now working a 3rd job just to make ends meet, and put food in my kids mouths. I didnt vote for any of them’ so I have a right to complain.

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