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To Save Tax Dollars, Consolidate Palm Coast and County Fire Departments Into One

| July 20, 2011

palm coast flagler county consolidation fire departments

Behind the name, they're all firefighters. (© FlaglerLive)

Flagler County and Palm Coast officials are grappling with lower revenue and lower property values as they develop next year’s budgets. Palm Coast is facing a $2.5 million shortfall. The county’s shortfall is more than twice as large.  They are considering various options that may eventually include some layoffs, reductions of service or higher property tax rates, or combinations of all three. The following is an open letter from the presidents of the Palm Coast and Flagler County firefighter unions proposing an alternative.

By Richard Bennett and Jason Laughren

To the citizens of Palm Coast and Flagler County,

It is no secret that the declining tax base has put a burden on you, the taxpayers, for several years. It is also no secret that the declining tax base means declining revenue for Flagler County’s local governments. It has become readily apparent that in order to not raise taxes this year we must find ways to be more cost-effective to preserve the same level of service, or better. Short of that, services would almost certainly be affected.

Palm Coast City Council members have suggested closing a firehouse and laying off nine firefighters. As firefighters and taxpayers ourselves, we have been looking for a better way. We believe we have found it.

Consolidation of services was to some degree recently discussed among Flagler County commissioners and at Palm Coast City Council meetings, and even enacted in some ways.  After careful consideration, both unions, Flagler County Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 4337 and Palm Coast Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 4807, have embraced a broader concept of consolidation.

Jason Laughren, left, and Richard Bennett.

As a union, we represent the firefighter in his or her mission of protecting the life and property of the citizens of Flagler County, and share the primary goal of providing the most efficient and effective services to our citizens. The unions support the efforts to provide these services in a fiscally prudent manner. For these reasons we support consolidation. It is a win-win situation for both citizens and firefighters. Over time, consolidation of the fire service is proven to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the fire service.

We believe that consolidation would create several benefits for residents (in essence, our bosses) in our community. By consolidating the two departments into one, much of the overlap and double taxation will be eliminated. Once all the resources are combined we can use the expertise from each department and put an end to the duplication of services and make this a more efficient Fire Rescue Service.

Consolidation will actually increase services while preventing layoffs and station closings which would jeopardize the health and safety of our community. Consolidation will reduce budget constraints and the tax burden to our citizens; we recognize that this issue is a high priority in our community. In sum, through consolidation, the fire department would provide improved services to Palm Coast and Flagler County.

Both Palm Coast’s and Flagler County’s fire departments showed during the recent wildfire season to what extent we share the goal of ensuring that all citizens in our community are protected. We are committed to continue providing the best services and care that all the citizens of our county have come to expect. Both unions will work together to support the efforts of consolidation to provide these services in the most fiscally responsible manner. We realize it would be a big effort. We understand that change is difficult. But difficult circumstances, which we routinely face on the job, are an opportunity to be resourceful and creative. Given all the options, we feel that consolidation is one of those opportunities, and one of the best solutions to a difficult problem for the community.

Both Departmental Unions stand together as one in support of the consolidation. We ask you to join us and help improve the financial burden to taxpayers and provide a better Fire Rescue Service.

Richard Bennett is president of Flagler County Professional Firefighters Local 4337. Reach him by email here. Jason Laughren is president of Palm Coast Professional Firefighters Local 4807. Reach him by email here.

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73 Responses for “To Save Tax Dollars, Consolidate Palm Coast and County Fire Departments Into One”

  1. palmcoaster says:

    Lets see what our two Firefighters Chiefs Mike Beadle and Pettito, their subordinates and the rest of the firefighters say about this proposal. As long as will be No Lay Offs or our services reduction..

  2. ataxpayer says:

    Ok now the truth, Mr. Laughren represents a club of about 1/3 of the Palm Coast FD Firefighters. The majority of the club’s memebers had no idea of this publishing by Mr. Laughren, and are besides themselves about his opinionated article above. F.Y.I. Mr Laghren used to work for Flagler County Fire Rescue for a short while and wanted nothing more than to come work for the City Palm Coast FD. Wow, now he wants to go back to the county Hmmmmm make up your mind… This is not leadership. Some of us have worked for the county before, long before, and nothing against the county, but no thanks. I live in Palm Coast and pay taxes to the City of Palm Coast for an outstanding well trained fire department. I pay taxes for top notch Fire Protection and your not going to protect the Mondex with it. You want fire protection you pay for it my friends period!! You also want consolidation heres a smart idea lets call it Palm Coast Flagler Fire Rescue. After all doesn’t Palm Coast account for approximately 80% of the county land, tax base and emergency calls?? Palm Coast you just dont invest millions of your money into your Fire Department and just walk away from it.

  3. PRIVITIZE says:

    Don’t believe anything these two say. I say privitize the fire and ems departments and save millions and get the same protection.

  4. rediculous says:

    Everyone….People’s livelihoods are possibly at stake here. This is a HUGE deal for some people as jobs are talked about being eliminated. Let’s not start arguing non productive BS. Everyone involved needs to make rational, educated and sound decisions (Not just the people that will have the ultimate final say, but the people who leave posts on here). These firefighters have families to support. They make a commitment everyday to protect and serve the citizens/visitors. Some have dreamed of being a firefighter since they were little kids, others have made career changes (having to make sacrifices at the same time) to achieve their goal. Having read both the article and the second comment, I agree with both. However, I do not agree with throwing people’s names regarding their opinions in responses. It is childish.

  5. D Brown says:

    As a taxpayer I surely watch the money I spend and have asked the question y I pay taxes to the city but when some one down the street called 911 the fire truck that showed up has Flagler county on it I support every one that puts there lives on the line And know they all have the same training that is not the issue but y do I need to pay 2 gov for the same job I fully support this idea of one team better serving my family. I have looked in to other places that have done this and found they have saved large amounts of money by not having to duplicate services being able to better place manpower and resources For shorter response to calls with that a much smoother operation just look at jax. IT WORKS AND VARY WELL this needs to be county wide. Flagler beach bunnell you should be on this train to its time we do what is best for the people not politics once we do the right thing for fire service y not look at other dept. Like law enforcement. Parks maintenance fleet its time to take control of where we spend our money

  6. ol'sarge says:

    ataxpayer: First of all, it is hard to take you seriously. Second, if what you are concerned about is which name is first on the billing, I know everything I need to know about your misguided desires for this city and it’s residents. There is currently a HUGE duplication of services that could very easily be streamlined and made much more efficient, which I think we can all agree based on the recent monetary problems, the city could use some help with. Third, while I am glad you sleep well at night with your “top notch” fire protection, the rest of the county was receiving world championship level medical care…which, by the way, accounts for roughly 85% of the entire county’s FD calls and actually GENERATES AN INCOME. Nobody is questioning the quality of PCFD and it’s employees…absolutely top notch. Consolidation is an opportunity for both agencies to better serve a greater good…and if that is not alright with you, try this one on; consolidation will save jobs, save lives, save money, and assist in keeping EVERYONE just that much safer. There is a bigger picture out there that includes more than just your perfect house in the E’s!

    This makes sense…and it saves lives. I realize it does not mesh well with your obvious disdain and witch hunt mentality concerning Mr. Laughren, but i expect you have not approached this with an open mind from the get-go. Your tax dollars will be well spent providing patient transport within the city, don’t worry. And, unless you have the same disdain for mondex citizens as you do for Mr. Laughren, my hope is that you will not be so short sighted forever. Wake up…overspending and under earning has forced PCFD into a corner…now, survival depends on doing the right thing in the best interests of its employees.

  7. palmcoaster says:

    I thought so ataxpayer. Totally agree with you! Thank you for the enlighten regarding the 1/3 membership that tells us Palmcoasters something very important.
    If any consolidation its to take place should be addressed as Palm Coast-Flagler not the other way around. Just like south of us, Miami-Dade.
    Back when ITT left us in 97 or so and we Palmcoasters were under the “foot”of the county good old boys and even while having Palmcoaster only one commissioner Hanhs representing us, we were grossly underserved in all the services our county was to provide us. Meanwhile we were the tax base for the whole county. The pillage of our contributed Palmcoasters tax payers funds in favor of many elite in this county was pathetic. Even our Palm Coast Parkway looked an eyesore for the lack of mowing as those services were all the time voted to be “in kind” shared for the Princess Place maintenance. If have doubts of my words ask for copies of the meetings minutes. Back then Palmcoasters rarely put a foot in Princess Place but the county good old boys plenty, as would be closed often, to us the public, so they could use it for their hunting grounds. We were going to the County Board meetings not to complain, but to raise holly hell and were treated with disrespect and differential, while our tax contributions and Palmcoasters amenities were given away to developers. Ginn got over 15 blocks of ocean front “of our beloved public land in exchange for 300 acres of wetlands boondocks” and a meager oversized not in funds but in size check, so could be properly displayed to the media, to fund that little parking area beach access called now Jungle Hut or something like that. The undersized beach access parking area that nowadays Palmcoasters “can enjoy” among the elite condos. Imagine those commissioners did that without vote of approval of the people and keeping any public meetings as little published as much as they could to discourage attendance, as we were just an incorporated area. We witnessed so many meetings on which then commissioner chair Jim Darby seating for many years, with a full room of unincorporated Palmcoasters waiting for hours their hot agenda items so dear to come up for discussion and placed intentionally all the time at the end of the long issues list and after discussed and public comment oppose it, Darby will “table it for a convenient break”. Then when the board will come back to retake the issue and most Palmcaosters tired of waiting and believing that passage would be denied and in confidence left the meeting, commission would vote the item approved against our opposition! I remember when even we had to go after them for the $53,000 grants received to build the nowadays Herschel King Park, that they quietly placed against the law, on their operating account! Maaan did we get some nasty looks from Darby. So many abuses we endured, that finally we rebelled and voted to become our City of Palm Coast! To bad that by then was too late and our large beautiful ocean front pool, cabanas with gorgeous pool furniture, umbrellas and bar efficiencies facility easily accessible to us all, for a small fee were gone to the Ginn elite, thanks to the county commissioners! Many other of our amenities we lost as well, stripped from us after over 30 years of grandfather in usage. If we have a Linear Park today that we can still enjoy all along our intracoastal front is thanks to mainly our then sacrificed Palmcoasters fighting off the water front developer and Centex wanting to shut it down to us. The one person spear heading and leading us on this endeavor was our dedicated resident Jerry Full that standing on what is now that beautiful intracoastal water way will hand out flyers for entire days, asking all to sign the petition and get involved to save it thru our grandfather in usage, he knew better being the former ITT,IT person and took a great risk for that. Thanks to him we won and look what we have today! Mr. Jerry Full (that sure risk plenty on this stand) became one of our first city councilmen. I deeply resent his name not be given to our instead “Linear Park” as justified deserved to be called “Jerry Full Park” for his dedicated and relentless fight against developers and powers that be, then, to save our water front access in the intracoastal for us. He even fought so hard for the extension to come and not accessed yet then, from the section St. Joe Canal to our nowadays Waterfront Park. His name to replace “Linear Park to Jerry Full Park” should be done and NOW while still he is among us, given his age. We should all start petitions for this recognition if current council and mayor will have the nerve to opposed it. Maybe the reason that Jerry lost his bid to second term for a small margin to John Netts was his stand on that park for us and also to the fact that instead of fully campaigning, he took a short vacation with his wife during that time. He sure needed a break from all the exhausting work he put against the powers that be. Meanwhile the rest of our grandfather in amenities were stripped from us on a way we today, still consider illegally done. There some of those seat as eyesores to the residents and all around them, like the Matanzas Golf Course owned by Landmark and the former gorgeous Players Tennis Club in the distinguished heart of our city, owned by God knows who, after so many foreclosures. When will our city officials respond to the Pioneers request to this regard, as they were advised to go to first, by state attorney Pam Bondi?
    And we now are being suggested via this letter to consolidate and go back again, to what it used to be?. Well then lets Palm Coast take over the county as Miami did Dade. Only on these conditions we should. Be careful that for the sake of saving few bucks, what we wish for, we can be drag to fall under the control of the same hands again that we worked so hard to get rid off in 1999 as still this current county commission in spite of Darby’s absence, is influenced by some of the same powers that be.

    I know my posts here are loooong and not perfectly spell as well, sorry, but the shrowd of total events ignorance could really further harm Palmcoasters by deception.

  8. Rob says:

    This recommendation can be termed as the un-duplication of services.

    The firefighters are on the right track.
    One or more additional actions should be taken.

    Combine the city of Palm Coast and the Flagler county government. Two marginally managed local governments is one too many.

    It is probably too late to include such a vote on the upcoming ballot. However a special election could be scheduled to allow the voters in the county and in the city to vote on such an option.

  9. truthseeker says:

    Consolidation is an excellent idea. In fact, I would even go a step further and create an EMS Special Tax District encompassing the entire county. This would remove EMS as a line item in the general fund entirely, giving it a dedicated funding source from a millage rate set by the board of the district. The yearly budget would be in the open and subject to public review.

  10. Dorothea says:

    A little over a decade ago, as a citizen dissatisfied with the level of service the county was providing to Palm Coast and tired of paying to provide city level services to rural sections of Flagler County, I voted to incorporate Palm Coast. I willingly pay the additional taxes entailed in my decision. Palm Coast built up a professional and A-1 fire department. Now, because what I hope is a temporary downfall in the city’s economy, the firefighters union wants to take this away and give up what my additional taxes have paid for. Firefighters, don’t for a nanosecond think that you will not find yourselves stationed out in the boonies or worse, become redundant with your proposal. You also propose to leave Palm Coast less protected and cheated out of what its citizens have already invested in.

    As a citizen who has also always supported the rights of unions, you just lost me on this one.

  11. Dorothea says:

    Palmcoaster, I just saw your last comment. I think I may agree with you, but it’s going to take a while to get through it. I’ll let you know. :)

  12. truthseeker says:

    Note: I refer in my above post to the budget being open to public review. I would like to clarify that the budget is currently open to review thanks to the workshop process we have in place. However, with a Special Tax District (as is the case with all taxing authorities) setting a separate millage rate, that rate must appear on the yearly TrIM Notice and also be subject to public hearings.

  13. elaygee says:

    All of Flagler County should be in a one governemtn mode like Duvall County is. Saved MILLIONS in duplication. ONE firechief, ONE police chief, ONE mayor and Council, ONE everything. Chnage or die under the weight of the cost

  14. Dorothea says:

    Palmcoaste, if I get the jist of your comment, I agree. Flagler County treated Palm Coast like a poor step-child, while the step-child was supplying all the money to run the rest of the county. Your description of the big brother knows best policy at the county level was exactly on point. Hence we citizens voted to incorporate Palm Coast. If I have your comment right, it should be Palm Coast-Flagler, just as in reality Jacksonville runs Duval and Miami runs Dade. Good point, but but feel free to correct me if I haven’t quite gotten your message right.

  15. jennifer says:

    Dorothea – Stationed in the boonies or unemployed? I think those that may potentially lose their job really don’t care where they are stationed as long as they have somewhere to work. Consolidation has the potential to save jobs in an area where there are relatively few to be had. I realize the jobs saved may not be in the thousands, but its like the little boy who found all the starfish on the beach and one by one threw one in. A person came up to him and told him it didn’t matter, he couldn’t save them all. The boys response as he held up a starfish was that it mattered to “this one”

    What doesn’t matter is whose name is on the trucks. Also are you saying someone should not receive medical care, help just because they live in the county and not in the city? The incorporated city has other benefits and perks that make it important. But life saving services are entitled to all!

  16. Dorothea says:

    Jennifer, note that I also stated “redundant”, i.e. unemployed. Since the county also has severe financial difficulties, that is a distinct possibility. Don’t throw this life-saving crap at me. You know as well as I do that in any emergency we can not only call for mutual aid from adjoining fire departments but from other counties’ emergency services, which we do. Palm Coast paid for and received a top-notch fire department and I’m not willing to turn it over to the county to reap the benefits. The county had its chance, and failed miserably.

  17. John Boy says:

    Consolidate every Government function and have all County Commissionersw run at large. The residental bases will ensure that Palm Coast nolonger has to play second fiddle to the County. If we had change to at large representation we would not have pissed away over a billion dollars in city and county funds overr the last 10 years. If it’s good enough fro schools and the Sheriff, then it should be workable for other functions. Look at Jax and Metro-Dade.
    The only reson not to do tis is because it would cause political empires to crumble anda decrease political corruption.

  18. palm coast tax payer says:

    Consolidation Yes, finally something is making sense:
    1. Provide better service to all
    2. Save jobs and keep fire houses open
    3. Save money for tax payers

    Dorothia says” Palm Coast paid for and received a top-notch fire department and I’m not willing to turn it over to the county to reap the benefits. The county had its chance, and failed miserably.

    Dorothia did u not see the article on here how the county firefighters have taken 1st place the world EMS competition 2 times in the past 3 years, when you go to the hospital it is the county that takes you. The county is proven to be top-notch not self declared.

    It’s the firefighters on the street that do the job both city and county firefighters work together on a daily basis. So why not consolidate and have both departments consolidate and working as one well oiled machine to come help you in any type of emergency.

    Then turn it over to the county to reap benefits? What benefits the 2.5 million the city is in the hole? And the strong possibility firefighters are going to lose their jobs and a station will be closed.

    And the county had its chance when in 1998? Since then all county fire administration has been changed and the county has gone from volunteer to paid professional firefighters with above average reputation.

    The guys on the street don’t care what shirt they wear the just want to do the job. It’s time to listen to the employees of both the city and the county they are the ones out doing the job and know where changes can be made to not duplicate but to enhance the service.

  19. Joe A. says:


    I think you are missing the message here. These boys are out there doing their job and want to do just that. It is your city leaders that want to cut positions. It was also the Mayor who suggested at consolidation. Your anger needs to be with your elected not your public servants.

    If I am having a heart attack I want the closet company to come and help me. I dont care what they call themselves or what color they paint the truck, as long as they come to help me. These boys need our help. For God Sakes its for the safety of our community.


    Let the county handle all the medical calls and transport (which they do now anyway) and go to all volunteers with paid drivers for the 3 fire calls a week!!! Works in New York!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. Alarm Guy says:

    The Fire Chiefs from both the City & County should put there thoughts together and come up with a feasable solution. They both have served us with outstanding results on a daily basis. They have the staff and the financials to make the thier ideas work. We hired the best leaders to protect the best communities.
    Let’s not let the tail wage the dog. Let’s let the leaders we have trusted make the decisions.

  22. Concerned pc citizen  says:

    @ frank. That has to be the worst proposal I’ve heard. When I call 911 because there is a small kitchen fire at my home, there’s no way I’m willing to wait the 20+ mins it will take for the volunteers to respond from their homes to the fire house, grab their gear, and respond to the scene. To arrive just in time to hose off the only thing left. The concrete slab. No thanks! I’ll happily keep paying my taxes to know my family and property are safe. Time to take a look outside… This is not new york

  23. PCFighter says:

    I just remeber presenations given by the PC fire chief over the years, like some other PC dept heads, during the expansion days of PC. Buidling for tomorrow etc etc etc. Great sell job. I loved the “cant question anything the fire dept does” attitude for years now. Well, things change and so should these plans.

    What wasn’t mentioned , and you won’t see, is the reduction of management. Only need one fire chief and upper mgmt. That alone would save a bundle. I would bet neither one of them would be released. Just another layer added. As far as actual firefighters, why start at the bottom. They don’t make enough to live on now.

  24. Dorothea says:

    I have no problem with either fire department, just the Flagler County Commissioners and clerk of court that produced huge cost overruns and otherwise spend recklessly without regard to their constiuents’ pocket books. In the past, the county commission has treated Palm Coast like a cash cow, while returning little in terms of bang for their tax buck. I suggest that you read Palmcoaster’s comment above on what it was like before Palm Coast incorporated.

    Palm Coast citizens need to review the county’s management style history before considering combining fire departments. The tax cost of keeping our city services at the same level is about $5 a month for a house assessed at $150,000. That’s one tax increase I’m willing to accept rather than reduce city services and eliminate fire stations and firefighters. The county too is in financial difficulties and has been firing their employees. Who is going to quarantee that firefighters will not lose their jobs anyway?

    I have clearly stated in previous comments where I stand on this subject. Some of you apparently haven’t read these comments and I want you to know this is not just about firefighters, but about all city services and other employees who will get the axe if we don’t raise city taxes by $5 a month.

  25. tax payer says:

    I’m sorry you had a bad experience with someone in the county at one time or another but its time to get over it and learn to work together, as far as I’m concerned its one or all and all for one these are tough times for everybody money is tight, Due to our new Governor’s cuts consolidation is the new trend for survival of the fire services. Governor Scott is a whole other discussion that I don’t even want to get started with. that’s all for me on this issue,

  26. mergershouldhappen says:

    As a taxpayer, I believe if these departments want to merge, then let them merge! The city and the county will spend more money trying to fight this, when they could have merged and started saving money immediately. There have been studies over the years that would indicate the dollar figure of savings these two municipalities could save, and if these two presidents would contact the IAFF and have a GIS study conducted (free of charge for member locals) they could then get this information out to the general public.

  27. PalmCoastPioneers says:

    Reply to PalmCoaster:
    Yes, the city has still not answered back our many requests to give us back the Amenities/Features/Improvements/Acreage we not only paid for but also later came within the Federal Order as ‘Community Redress’ specifically for us and other 35,997 early purchasers in Palm Coast, Inc.. The loss of Amenities/Features/Improvements/Acreage was bad enough; the resultant loss of Hundreds if not thousands of JOBS that were at them in Palm Coast , Inc. , is shameful.
    We just contacted Jason DeLorenzo two days ago, running for City Council , and asked him what he is going to do if elected to return us back ALL the Federally Ordered ‘Consumer Redress’ with the massive amounts of jobs.
    Palmcoaster – see…we have to have the ‘Consumer Redress’ returned / rebuilt which will give construction jobs and once they are A L L completed and operational …the other massive amounts of jobs will come back also for the struggling families here…
    Palmcoaster – ‘ The Players’ Tennis and Swim Club, and the Palm Coast Beach Club, a.k.a. Palm Coasts SunSport Beach Club, and the Intracoastal Palm Coast Resort, the Matanzas Woods Golf Course, the ‘…multi purpose office building suitable for tenants to attract new industry …’….etc., etc., etc., etc., are all within and clearly identified within the Federally ordered ‘Compliance Report’.
    PalmCoaster – perhaps you can help us and ask all the others running for Office WHAT are they going to do to give us back the Federally Ordered ‘Consumer Redress’ *stuff*….ok? Will you please ask them too to help us get back all those massive amounts of JOBS that we once had for the struggling families here now….please…

  28. PalmCoastPioneers says:

    Reply to Palm Coaster – we double checked. When the Federal Investigators were here, ( not the time the State of Florida Attorney General Doyle Special Investigative Units of State Investigators were here in Palm Coast )…. the Federal Trade Commission ordered a MAP to be given to each prospective buyer in Palm Coast, the federally ordered MAP is also listed in the Property Report recorded with I.L.S. with HUD, so that the prospective buyers could use serious and mature thought WHERE they would purchase their Lot(s)…..- our first Emergency Services Building / Firehouse is clearly listed there on the MAP for starters –
    (They all were called ‘…Palm Coast Predicaments…’. )

  29. John Smith says:

    Well ol’sarge and anyone else that wants to know. To start off with You talk about world class medic care from the county, what you need to realize is that it was the same FOUR MEDICS in the last 3 yrs that won the honors of being the best. They got 2 1st places and 1 second place honors. NOW you tell me how that makes the entire county payroll of 60 more or less paramedics a county wide world class paramedic protection service when it was the SAME 4 medics that won not the other 56 more or less. It is your cities FD that is running the med calls and caring for the citizens while the COUNTY IS USING THE MED UNITS FOR TRANSPORTS TO WHERE EVER IN THE STATE. Why is it so hard for people to understand that the county DOES leave its citizens in PC and FB and Bunnell areas unprotected at times, sounds to me like we need our own FIRE DEPTS to cover for them. To me that sounds like more of Bennetts ego talk.
    You talk about the county trucks running all over PC you are seeing what you want to see because the only county truck that is running in the city is the county medic units, any other county truck that may be there is there because of a mutual aid agreement with the county. The Hammock unit 41 comes to help on the east side JUST AS PCs unit 22 goes to the Hammock to cover for them every day is the usual for both. People ask why are there so many fire trucks at a scene at times well what the public does not realize is that a scene of whatever kind can turn bad in a heart beat then what are you going to do wait for more help they can always be canceled.
    I am from a strong UNION family out of the midwest and the 2 FFs that say they represent the FFs in the county and PC are way out of line in doing any kind of negotiations in talking with the management and making concessions when it is not in the best interest of PC, oh wait a minute it will be good for the county since PC will be giving up all there new Trucks to them at NO cost. Why would any city just turn over millions of dollars of there equipment at no cost just to save $5 a household. Along with turning over the equipment you are turning over all control to which you will not be able to complain because the county will not be responsible other than to make sure you got coverage and they can not do it.
    Ok, NOW someone tell me how the county is going to be able to make this kind of payroll added to there own payroll of whatever 60 world class paramedics, just kidding there is only 4 of them.
    Everyone does a good job in the county working together. What makes people think there is a duplication of service, because you see a PC fire truck and a county med unit or a FB fire truck and a county Med unit working a scene it is not a duplication of a service its mutual aid when other fire trucks are on a scene. You might also like to KNOW that the county has a MONOPOLY on the med unit service and there is nothing the cities can do to get that changed What gives the county that kind of right. If the cities had there own med units there would be NO LOSS of service as there is with the county.
    I am pro union and I have been around along time and have seen union activities of all sorts and this is in my opinion is a union trying to build its ranks by scaring the ones that have not joined by threatening their jobs. Because the only ones that are going to get to go to the county will be the 1/3 members that are signed up, since they are not responsible for the other 2/3 nonmembers. The other 2/3 needs to step up and make their voices heard and NOT LET BENNETT and LAUGHREN speak for them to the ruin of your FIRE DEPT.

  30. some guy says:

    Consolidation would/should save all in the County $$ that would include the ones in PC. Most of the calls the “fire dept” gos out on no matter whos it is County, PC ,Bunnell ,Flagler Beach are for medical not fire. So do we realy need to have a Fire truck and a ladder truck at that go to a slip and fall or other meddical calls? @ palmcoaster all the sites you say like” jungle hut or somthing like that” shows how little you get out of your C section world. That beach access is 16th street and is NOT in PC as well as junglehut they are both just good old Flager County. Ginn did do nice improvments to the parking at 16th street

  31. Anonymous says:

    John Smith you are so right. These people her doesn’t know that when the County EMS ambulance are used “for higher profit” to transport long distance patients…are not on site for our emergencies. Don’t you see the mentioning of some insiders in these posts as well as in the reporting that the EMS is very self sufficient and financially sound? Why the heck you most here that takes place? Go and ask for the public records, not medical of course, of the trips and to where and when the county EMS emergency vehicles are dispatched and their fees generated for to those services! Many in these post are recent arrivals to these county cities and don’t have the foggiest idea what happened before when we were at the sole dictatorship will of this county in spite that were the tax basis revenue for them…just bleeding Palmcoasters for the benefit of the other unincorporated areas and the ones in control. That was until we got fed up and referendum became the City of Palm Coast. So if the want consolidation all here better watch what they wish for. Too many mistakes taking place in Florida currently via voters deception…Look what we got now with R. Scott. Only 27% or less approval rate when he won the governor seat by about 51%. Where is the rest…? maybe bitching that they seat him in Tallahassee now?

  32. PCFACTMAN says:

    FACT: $1,000,00 tower ladder 1 year old responded to 1 call
    FACT: $ 350,000 new engine sits in sta, 25 for 6 months not yet assigned or used.
    FACT: 2 Medic trucks sit in sta. 25 not being used
    FACT:Techniclal rescue truck (sits in sta 24 not being used)
    FACT:Technical rescue is already in the process of being turned over to the county.
    FACT: Do we need a Deputy Chief?
    FACT: All volunteer trucks are outdated and not NFPA compliant.
    FACT: Palm Coast pays for a part of the county medical director.
    FACT: 95% of all calls are Medical related.
    FACT: PC Fire sends an engine, or ladder truck to every medical call along with a county ambulance.
    FACT: Running a fire truck to all non life threatning calls (94%) is massive equipment wear an tear.

  33. Roy Longo says:

    As a member of Local 4337, Flagler County Professional Firefighters Association, I would like to post some comments as a strong Union member. First off to the nameless firefighters posting on here, let me say this, I certainly can appreciate your passion for your Department and your willingness to defend it at all costs. I will agree that the County and the City had divergent agendas many years ago and we clashed at every level. But those days are gone. We all know neither department is perfect but our relationship has improved greatly over the years and we now work side by side everyday with minimal issues.

    The consolidation issue that has be whispered about in all our stations for years is now being discussed in an open forum as well as our stations and these discussions cannot be a bad thing. The one thing these discussions should not be used for is slinging mud at each other.

    We should be able to discuss what we think is best for the taxpayers. Our opinions on this may differ and that’s OK. We should have discussions about the best and most efficient way to provide Fire and EMS to the public, not ridicule or demean each other.

    All that being said, I will readily give you my opinion and that is to support consolidation. I think if the City continues down the road they are going, firefighters, my friends, will lose their jobs. Maybe there are other ways to save their jobs and maybe some of those ways are better and more efficient than consolidation. Let’s talk about them. As of yet I have not heard anything better than full consolidation. Let’s put every option on the table and save jobs and in doing so, save money.

    Rather than bash consolidation, give us your ideas as to how we can prevent lay-offs and in turn improve the way we do our jobs. I’m all ears and my phone is always on.

  34. Dorothea says:


    Exactly who decides what is a minor or major medical call? Dispatch is not in position to make that call. A firefighter/paramedic responds to every call and is often there ahead of the ambulance, which may be busy in some other part of the county or state. If you are acutely ill, you may not be able to wait for an ambulance to arrive and a paramedic is needed immediately.

    I often see the PC Fire Department at the scene of traffic accidents long before the ambulance arrives. Besides providing emergency medical care, they keep traffic out of harm’s way and remove debris from the roadway among other duties. How many of your unsubstantiated 95% medical calls involve traffic accidents? This is not a duplication of services, but a fail-safe procedure to prevent as many people as possible from dying on our roads.

    As for the tower truck, what happens if a multi-level building goes up in flames? How do you get the people on the upper levels out and how do you put out a fire on the roof? Fortunately, it doesn’t happen often, but if it does, we are prepared.

    Emergency services are there for emergencies and it’s good to know that our Palm Coast firefighters are prepared to handle in a timely fashion whatever comes their way from removing fallen trees on the roadway, washing up the blood from a traffic accident or saving the life of someone’s child, spouse, or parent..

    I have yet to see where consolidating services will save money or jobs. Keeping our firefighters in Palm Coast will, however, save lives.

  35. Dorothea says:

    Roy Longo:

    I appreciate your reasoned comment. However, since you are part of the county firefighter’s system, you would be correct that consoldation would be of benefit to the county. However, citizens of Palm Coast have an alternative. According to the Palm Coast city council, the city can maintain the same level of service they currently have by paying slightly higher taxes. The amount of this city tax hike is $5 a month for a home assessed at $!50,000 or $2.50 a month for a home assessed for half that amount. Palm Coast has already invested its tax dollars in state of the art firefighting equipment. By the same level of services, I refer to mowed right of ways and keeping our roadways free of potholes among other amenities. It also means that no employees lose their jobs and the current fire stations remain open. This would be my much preferred alternative.

  36. Wrong says:

    Dorothea you are misinformed and it is difficult to read. First of all if the two departments were to consolidate that does not mean that the department will leave PC citizens high and dry. The fire houses will be filled with Engines and possibly more rescues. As far as how it will save jobs; the options were lose 9 hard working paid fire fighters, shut down an engine, or TRY to consolidate the two departments and save money. So it is the better of the three options. Since you seem to be someone very concerned with PCFD being there to save lives well then without one of 5 engines running in the city well that might just take quite a while longer. If consolidating saves jobs then what is the issue here? Services will not change they can only improve.

  37. PCFACTMAN says:


    When dispatch receives a call for a man who is “stuck on the toilet ” 5 paramedics a fire truck and an ambulance respond…..NECCESARY?? Yes for an MVA a fire truck does and will always respond due to an extrication or possible haz-mat situation. And by the way its the fire-police volunteers who you see directing traffic (they get $6 per man that shows up when their pager goes off, per call )


  38. PCTaxpayer says:

    As a taxpayer of the City, I would rather pay the $5 a month to keep all services the way they are including public works, fire department. If the fire departments consolidate then what cost is that as a taxpayer. The county would have to increase their tax rate to accomodate for the additional employees and equipment and bills associated with the buildings. Again, I would rather see the $5 increase than a greater increase after consolidation.

  39. Anonymous says:

    In the assessed value of my home the increase a month would be like 20 dollars…I could go by that just top prevent firing our workers, but the city officials wasting our $$ in frivolous capital or welcome matt infrastructure projects need to stop and wait for better economic times! No more funding developers or desalt plant plans!

  40. John Smith says:

    Hey wrong how can they put more rescues in a station when they can not keep the ones they got running long enough to man what they have. I can see what the county is concerned with is about the closing of 22 is they won’t have a place to put their world class paramedics.
    PCFACTMAN yes you are right about the Fire Police Volunteers. $6 an man per call is really outrageous I mean who else is WILLING to STAND IN THE RAIN WELL LETS SAY POURING RAIN and LIGHTNING and HEAT of the day for hours or even OUT at NIGHT lets say at 100 am to oh lets say sunup or for more hours for just to stand Guard over the FIREFIGHTERS and cover their backs so some irresponsible driver lets say maybe like you or someone else who shows no respect for whats being done to keep the flow of traffic moving. NOW with the storms that we have been having lately I mean lets be real $6 a man for standing guard over a down power line FOR HOURS while WAITING for FPL that FPL says is LIVE until they get there and pull the breaker and it is dead by their say so while the FIREFIGHTERS are running to call after call because someones fire alarms are going off. Yourself as many of the public does not like being told the road is closed so please turn and go around the problem. Unless YOU are VOLUNTEERING as a FIRE POLICE officer you do not have the RIGHT to condemn them for what they get for their hours of service to the city and the county which is still NOT what they deserve for their service. I KNOW FOR I AM A FIRE POLICE VOLUNTEER and have been for 18yrs. Take your TEA and go have a party. Watch for the closed road I may be the VOLUNTEER standing there.

  41. Your favorite golfer says:

    If saving money will save jobs in the city, I have a solution. Mr. Landon is currently looking at the contract for solid waste collection and disposal. He will be presenting options to the city council on July 26. The contract with Waste Pro concludes at the end of the year. The options are to renew the contract or put it out to bid. Putting it out to bid is the best option, it can save the city millions. In the recent past Port Orange went through this and decided to put it out to bid. The result was that cost went from $20.00 a household per month to $12.07, a substantial savings. In fact the savings equaled just under $3,000,000.00 a year. If the answer is to save money to keep jobs, then we have found one.

    Roy needs a hug!!!!!!

  42. Joe A. says:

    Mr. John Smith:

    I find it highly unprofessional of you to be on here bashing another fire agency. Your comments take away your Nobel efforts. I commend you on being a volunteer that shows dedication. But at your level you have no right to defame anyone from any fire agency. Shame on you! Be above the petty name calling, you are a community servant.

  43. John Smith says:

    Well Joe I am NOT defaming anyone other than Wrong for his comment on the Palm Coast FP and I do not actually care what you think of me.

  44. Your Favorite Golfer says:

    If saving money will save the jobs of nine firefighters, then I have a solution. Mr. Landon is currently looking at the solid waste collection and disposal contract with Waste Pro, that contract will conclude at the end of this year. On July 26 he will be giving a presentation to the city council. There are two options, to renew the contract or send it out to bid. IT NEEDS TO GO OUT TO BID! Port Orange recently went through this same scenario, they made the right decision. They put it out to bid and the end result is the cost went from $20.00 a month per household to $12.07 per household per month for a net savings of just under $3,000,000.00 per year. Sounds like a solution to the problem, and we can keep the firefighters employed.

  45. John Smith says:

    I am not a professional I am a VOLUNTEER that dedicates my free time to the service as the guys in Palm Coast do and deserve the respect by it. I do not see anyone else out there volunteering to do it for free its just a token for there fuel cost which is now what 1.5 hour at $6 a man does not amount to much when they are out there for hours.

  46. Citizen says:

    How much is your voice worth? $10.00 / month? $25.00 / month? It’s absolutely amazing to me to hear all the preaching about consolidation and saving money and then hear that same political mindset speak of how big government is bad. Government functions correctly when it is held accountable to it’s citizens. If you’re pissed off about the trash pickup do you want to petition the President of the United States? Perhaps the Governor? Ok, how about your Congressman? Ridiculous I know… they won’t listen to little old me! You should go to a City Council meeting or write your City Council. You have a voice. Don’t sell your voice for pennies on the dollar. This is such a larger issue than the fire service, wake up people!

    The bottom line is that you are chasing this dream of providing “City Services” to an entire county and somehow paying County tax rates. People live in a City to receive City Services. They pay more for them. If you want less taxes, go live in the County. If you want a longer response time for Emergency calls, live in the County. If you want City Services you have to pay for them. Consolidation is a pipe dream.

    I’m surprised it took the Firefighter’s Unions so long to wise up and back consolidation honestly. The only thing better than a union for wielding power is a BIGGER union wielding power. One fire service, one BIG LOUD VOICE that will drown out your little HOA. One BIG UNION THAT WILL VOTE AS ONE and your government will listen.

    Small government is the answer folks. Small, accountable, and yes a little more expensive. Or you can have Miami-Dade as it’s been mentioned so many times. I’m sure the big and powerful people of Miami-Dade are the one’s running the show, not the average tax payer.


  47. sickofyou says:

    John Smith:

    It appears as though you are complaining about being a public servant, now that’s disrespectful. You seem to be searching for some type of gold star for the volunteering you do. Do you know the definition of a volunteer?

    Noun: A person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.

    If it’s such a burden on you, which it appears to be SEEING AS HOW YOU HAD TO WRITE IT IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, maybe you should leave. Perhaps you can use all of your negative energy, turn it into positive energy, and actually have something productive to say.

    I myself do an array of volunteer work and would never dare be so self-righteous. I do it for the amelioration of my community not to “toot my own horn” as it appears by your previous posts is all that you are doing.


    “I appreciate your reasoned comment. However, since you are part of the county firefighter’s system, you would be correct that consoldation would be of benefit to the county”

    Lets explore that one for a minute: the consolidation being a benefit to the county…perhaps you should consider this…(1) I do not see extra financial burden on the county as a “benefit” but rather a responsibility they are willing to take on to improve the area in which you reside. (2) Do you not think that if the county were in the same position that Palm Coast is in (which is over $2,000,000 in debt) that Palm Coast would not step up and attempt to incorporate the county. Of course they would. It just so happens that the city is running out of money and the county is not. (3) Your precious (and might I add rarely used) “state of the art firefighting equipment” would not be taken away from you. Pop a Valium and relax. It would, quite simply, be used to help save more peoples lives and homes. That is what the job of a Firefighter/EMT/Paramedic entails, right?!

  48. hardworkin says:

    What i’m gathering from this is the PC guys are just upset that with this potential merger that they’ll possibly be placed on a rescue where their EMTs will have to drive, their Paramedics will actually have to work, and they all will have to do something other than burn down houses.

  49. Dorothea says:


    Use this link to email your city council members and let them know what you think. My experience with them has been that they respond.

    I do agree with you that some of the Palm Coast City Council decisions have been wrong. But these decisions don’t hold a candle to the financial decisions made by the county amounting to millions of lost tax dollars, especially in the funding of the new county buildings. I also don’t see why Palm Coast has to donate its fire department to the county in order to help the county out with their funding. problems. Our tax dollars have already paid for our fire stations and equipment. Now we only need to fork up a few extra tax dollars to maintain them, keep all our firefighters, and also maintain the current level of city services that would otherwise be cut.

  50. John Smith says:

    sickofyou, What I do not do is toot my own horn because I do not care about that either. What I do care about is when the VOLUNTEERS (and yes in capitals) get disrespected by county employees. All of you that think this will work well pat yourselves on the back because you are the ones that will be able to take all the credit for changing the world in Palm Coast, I thank you.

  51. Dorothea says:

    Let me connect a few dots here. The county has already fired many employees. These employees have families to support just like firefighters. The county has reduced its budget to austerity levels, even reducing its Constitutional Officers’ budgets. This is a projected budget and at these levels their consituents may not be happy with the very reduced level of services they are about to receive and the county may not be able to live within this budget for an entire year.

    Now lets suppose, for instance, that the City of Palm Coast reduces its level of service to austerity levels. That would mean that the sheriff’s department, currently receiving an extra few million dollars or more for “extra” law enforcement services from the city, no longer receives that money. Will the sheriff lay off a few deputies? Or worse, let’s suppose that we have a weather disaster that sinks the county into further debt, where do they turn? It’s not like the county didn’t mismanage its budgets in previous years, because it did. The county will need Palm Coast and its emergency management department to assist. Or, better yet, (for them) the county could take over the aleady paid for fire department, paid for by the taxpayers of Palm Coast.

    This is all smoke and mirrors and a few naive members of the Palm Coast Firefighters Union are merely pawns in this scheme.

  52. aint that somethin' says:


    You should read Mr. Roy Longo’s post. Because you obviously have not. The county probably should rid you of representing them. You sound bitter that you are on a rescue.

  53. Some guy says:

    I dont get the fuss I live in PC and also think it is not a bad idea to LOOK into the County taking over the PC fire Dept. From what i get PC will NOT lose more fire fighters IF the COUNTY takes over. What would be lost?? Maybe some middle and upper staf on both depts would go as we as in all of us taxpayers would not neeed double the amount of managers of the two depts.

  54. palm coast concerned citizen says:

    By doing rough calculations, if the city lays off 9 firefighters and shuts down a station that is 15-20% of the fire department. Is the city council so out of touch with the community that they want to eliminate 15-20% of the fire department. Maybe they need to raise tax’s or cuts some higher paying wages to solve the problem. Laying off Firefighters is not the answer.

  55. WOW! says:

    I think the point has been lost in some of the discussion. It is just as ridiculous to consolidate as it is to shut down a station and lay off 9 firefighters. This is all over the cost of a pack of cigarettes. WOW, are we all that stingy?

  56. palmcoaster says:

    Well said WOW! What are they thinking these city officials…? Just give me my $20 increase for the appraissed value of my home and do not lay off any city workers or cut my services…And stop spreading our taxes around on frivolus projects pushed by special interest benefiting from them.

  57. palmcoaster says:

    Here goes Mayor Netts pushing consolidation.
    This is not what we fought so hard to to become the City of Palm Coast.
    What is Mr Ericksen running for Netts post , position on this? Netts needs to look on savings from all the waste projects he has been voting until now. Mentioned several times above.

  58. palmcoaster says:

    Palmcoasters paid for all our firetrucks, all the top of the line equipment and all our fire stations in this city to give them to the county now? Put it on a referendum! What are this city officials thinking?

  59. palm coast tax payer says:

    I live in Palm Coast which is in the County of Flagler we are NOT at war with each other it’s not like they are sending the firefighters and the equipment to Timbuktu, everything is all going to still be here and more than likely more. Are you aware that ALL transportation to the hospital is and has always been provided by COUNTY owned rescues/ambulances with County firefighter/paramedics not city?? What people are missing here is that Firefighters, EMTs & Paramedics could be utilized more strategically throughout Palm Coast and the entire County to have a more efficient and effective system under one department. It’s unfortunate that the City has to cut millions from the budget but in a way this is a good thing that this has finally forced a way overdue issue to come to a head. Consolidation –merge I don’t care what you call it I don’t care if the City or County runs just do it get it done, again I own a home in the city and I don’t feel like I’m loosing anything by this happening only gaining better service with the same City and County firefighters, EMTs & paramedics that we have now.

  60. palmcoaster says:

    Sorry..taxpayer but I lived in Palm Coast before 1999 and we incorporated. Like I describe before “under the foot” of the county as an incorporated area and the services received from the county were less than desirable while we were sustaining their whole tax base. No matter what commissioner Peterson and Mayor Netts late arrivals around 2002 after we became a city and they benefit form it, big time!.
    Even few years ago we were complainning big regarding the lack of services received by the some of the past and even the current Sheriff in the beginning and now the city has to pay to the Sheriff additional 3 million more, so he services Palm Coast too. Something that I consider just a costly bribe, as we are the only city in this county paying this fee for services to be covered by our real estate taxes that are the milking cow of this county! We are the only city that has to pay additional to the Sheriff, so they service us. Find your own facts regarding this or ask Pierre or ask your shinning star Netts and if I am wrong please correct me. I am not!
    What do you want us to give away our fire department to the county and then they turn around and ask the city for another 3 million extra to serve us as they do with the sheriff now? Betcha you have special reasons to speak this way or…. you don’t have a clue!

    Do not take advantage of our Palm Coast fire fighters and their Chief not talking about it, over the threat of witch hunt. I will only accept this deal if County fire comes under the authority of City of Palm Coast…nothing else! I ask my fellow Palmcoasters to fight against what Netts proposes and get him out! What are Ericksen and Cunnane stand on this one. I want a referendum to take my services that I pay for away to another tax district!!

  61. palmcoaster says:

    If we would not be right now, paying 3 million a year to have law enforcement services for the Sheriff protecting us too, as they do the rest of the county cities that do not pay a penny, maybe do free socializing and cocktails, like unincorporated Hammock Dunes, Hammock Beach, Matanzas Shores, Marineland, Beverly Beach, except Flagler Beach and Bunnell as have their own police!. We will not see them around Palm Coast. So please don’t give me neither the Bull as usual that we have a feud with this county. We just do not want to be further moron’s that is all and stop the free milking the cow called Palm Coast!

  62. Joe A. says:

    With all of the arguing back and forth why doesn’t Palm Coast City council just raise the taxes? I think the extra cost would be like $60 a year… I spend more on coffee a month. I don’t think $60 annually per household is going to break the bank.

  63. palmcoaster says:

    There you go Joe. I agree!

  64. John Boy says:

    The consolidation disussion is 190 degrees out of wack. The City should be taking over the County, Jacksonville did just that in 1968. Duval County is simply a misnomer. The Sherrif’s cars say Jacksonville, the firetrucks ssy Jacksonville. The Commissoners are Jacksonville not Duval County. If 90% of the population, taxes, etc. come from Palm Coast, this is a no brainer.

  65. palmcoaster says:

    John Boy correct!
    Look as these county blunders from elected or not moronic officials benefitting only those Old Mighty Developers. No wonder they want to bleed us all 12% more in our home millage taxes.
    And back stabbers Netts and Peterson pushing for our dearest Palm Coast Fire Department to be given to these dudes above? What are them smoking?NO ! Lets all get together and demonstrate against these abusive proposals.

  66. tax payer says:

    Yea,,,let’s just keep on raising taxes in the city/county with the highest unemployment % in the state,, and for what because we don’t wanna give anything to the county even it it means saving tax dollars and having a better fire department. I have also been living here since before the city became a city and voted for it. My hatred just don’t run as deep, were not giving the city back to the county just combining the fire, if it was all going to be run by the city it would be ok? Then you must admit merging fire would be best for everybody. Your just predujest to the county and I can’t help you with that….

  67. palmcoaster says:

    Have the county FD merge under the city one, as John Boy correctly suggest, as we are the ones footing the bill.

  68. lawabidingcitizen says:

    Folks, since we pay all the taxes anyway, let’s get all services, police, fire and sanitation under one umbrella, the county, PC, Bunnell and FB. Why deal with four separate administrative setups. That way there can be no passing the buck. The sheriff is responsible and if he messes up, we know who to blame.

  69. John Smith says:

    I would like to hope that ALL of the TAX PAYERS in the cities in the county have seen or heard the quote from Palm Coast VICE MAYOR Frank Meeker after he crunched the numbers on what the numbers would be if such a consolidation took place. Palm Coasters would pay an increase of $20 to $25 per person in the city of Palm Coast. Now here is what the UNION BOYS are not telling you. The other cities and the county TAX PAYERS would pay an increase of $75 per person for the county to be able to take over the Palm Coast stations and man them. So it is not going to be free as they like to put out there, and why should the other tax payers in the county be responsible for such a take over whether it is Palm Coast or Flagler Beach. I am glad to see that calmer heads in at the Palm Coast commission are saying NO and other sensible tax payers realize what a cost this would be and NOT let any kind of take over any where take place since it does not just involve one city alone.

  70. tax payer says:

    John Smith,, I guess you don’t care for your personal reasons that combining the services would make it a better service for palm coast. Do you have any idea how many people have read this article ? If people opposed this they would complain as you have over and over, don’t worry nobody is going to take your little floresant suit from ya, you would still get to direct traffic and feel important ,and yea the so call union boys that put their lives on the line for the citizens every day think this would be better for overall service they would prob know best since they are out on the streets everyday.. they should start showing you some of the same love you show them.

  71. Brian Juntikka says:

    Many counties here in Florida consolidated fire departments “to save money” – and in every event, taxes and budgets skyrocketed after these mergers took place. Dade County, Broward, Orange, Palm Beach, etc all created their public safety empires on the backs of the blooming taxpayers….and they did this by promising savings to taxpayers that never materialized.

    It’s your tax dollars, folks. Do some reading on the subject. I did, and I published it in a report.


    Brian R Juntikka

  72. palmcoaster says:

    To Brian Juntikka , thank you so much! Just like I perceived from the start. NO consolidation should take place.
    Regarding “sicko-you”, above comments. Definitely I can see an agenda on his words and Palmcoasters should not give in, to his intentional misleads.
    City broke…? Looks like you don’t read about Flagler County gloomy budget. Even with a bunch of Palmcoaster on its Board still taking too much Coffey and wasting big our hard earned taxes. Same with TDC Board, only giving grants to the ones on their click and denying some help to a psysical fitness event even if a partial of the $10,000 requested by Reinke…when not long ago they approved $68,000 for a weekend bikers event inside then TDC Board Member Mr. Siebel’s, Thunder Gulch Campground. That was a bad vote of Mary Distefano and Chairman Milissa Holland right there. Bikers event versus physical fitness event in this county and you say not to the latest? Guess Lisa Garner City of PC event coordinator will need to get in the TDC Board to vote also for Palmcoasters healthy events? After all we contribute to TDC funds with the 4% tax of all the hotels within city limits also. They vote down to help when even the only TDC approving board member Bob DeVore said that the event draws a lot of participants and their friends and families giving wide exposure to our area. The same commissioners vote to spend fortunes to pay useless consultants or give away’s to FCOC or EF for Economic Development. What a joke! Sorry to stray a bit from the subject but all these moronic proposals are all connected and presented by the same dunces.. Nate Mclaughing recently elected commissioner please don’t star yesing all to Coffey. Not what we voted you for.

  73. John Smith says:

    To Brian Juntikka, I also would like to thank you for this report. I will be passing this on to all of my commissioners and let them see some numbers that will get their attention. I like the facts about Miami/Dade which is one of the counties they like to throw out there for being a big success story as is Jacksonville one of their success counties. This is a mute point for now being so close to the end of the year but the battle is always out there by the power grabber unions and county officials wanting to consolidate. Anyone after reading this extensive report of over 30 yrs of the facts about consolidation is greatly misinformed and not seen the true numbers of what it would cost. EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ Brian Juntikkas REPORT AND SEE SOME TRUTH FOR ONCE. (and yes I TYPED in capitals sickofyou)

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