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Poll Dumps Rick Scott Approval to 29%, Worst of Any Governor Quinnipiac Tracks

| May 25, 2011

Hard to find approving numbers anymore. (© Lindsay Gramana)

The latest Quinnipiac University poll, released today, has Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s approval at 29 percent and his disapproval up to 57 percent, a significant worsening of Scott’s numbers since April 6, when he polled a then-dismal 35 percent approval against 48 percent disapproval.

It is also the worst showing of any governor tracked by Quuinnipiac University. New Jersey Gov. Christopher Christie, a polarizing figure, has a 47-46 percent split in approval versus disapproval, Ohio’s John Kasich is disapproved by 49 percent, and Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett has 37 percent disapproval, among key states.

The Florida poll, conducted May 17-23, is the first broad measure of Floridians’ response to Scott’s rookie legislative session, which ended earlier this month. It reflects wide displeasure with the governor’s administration, from the perceived unfairness of his budget to the depth of cuts in state spending to frustration with the lack of regulation of the state’s property insurance industry. Voters’ loss of confidence in Scott is extending to Republicans, with just 51 percent now approving of his performance, down from 58 percent in early April.

The survey involved 1,196 registered voters. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8 percent.

Disapproval of the state Legislature is almost even with that of Scott, at 56 percent. And just 3 percent of Floridians term themselves very satisfied with the way things are going in the state. When those who are somewhat satisfied are included, the figure rises to 39 percent, compared with 61 percent who say they’re somewhat or very dissatisfied (29 percent, representing almost a third of the state’s voters, are in the very dissatisfied category).

“It probably doesn’t make him feel any better that the State Legislature is sharing the basement suite in the eyes of the electorate,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. “The good news for the governor is that he has three and a half years to turn public opinion around. ”

Just 30 percent of voters approve of the way Scott is handling the budget, while 59 percent disapprove. Among independents, now the key group in virtually statewide elections, disapproval is at 56 percent. Scott will be signing a $69.7 billion budget Thursday (May 26). The budget was balanced through almost $4 billion in cuts, including $1.35 billion cut out of education and $1 billion cut from the Medicaid, the health-care program for the poor and elderly, which was overhauled into a managed-care system. Regulatory state agencies saw their ranks cut by the hundreds, or–as in the case of the Department of Community Affairs, which oversaw growth management–almost eliminated.

More pointedly, less than a quarter of Floridians (24 percent) and less than half of Republicans (45 percent) approve of the final budget agreed to by Scott and the Legislature. Just 25 percent of independents agree with it, and 11 percent of Democrats.

Fairness is now an issue. Asked the following question: “Do you think the new state budget is fair or unfair to people like you?” Just 29 percent said it was fair, and 54 percent said it was unfair. Among independents, 30 percent said it was fair and 48 percent unfair.

“The data on the perceived fairness of the governor’s budget is crucial. When voters by almost 2-1 say his approach is unfair to them, that’s a giant flashing political warning sign for Scott,” said Brown. “When voters don’t think they are being treated fairly, they tend to react negatively.”

As for the spending cuts, just 23 percent of voters (and only 46 percent of Republicans) think it’ll help Florida’s economy, while 38 percent say it’ll hurt, and 31 percent say it won’t make a difference. Even fewer think the new budget will help create jobs: 26 percent say it will, 61 percent say it won’t.

On insurance, 63 percent say property insurance is getting more difficult to obtain in Florida and 3 percent say it is getting easier. One in four voters, 26 percent, say there has been no change.

An even larger share, 74 percent, say property insurance is getting more expensive in Florida, as 3 percent say it is getting less expensive and 16 percent say there has been no change.

This frustration with the insurance market for consumers leads 59 percent of voters to call for more government regulation of property insurance in the state, while 29 percent say the state is doing enough.

“Whether the new law changes public attitudes about insurance in Florida, only time will tell, but there is no doubt that the electorate sees a crying need for something to make getting and paying for property insurance in Florida less onerous,” said Brown.

The survey did not explore health insurance.

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15 Responses for “Poll Dumps Rick Scott Approval to 29%, Worst of Any Governor Quinnipiac Tracks”

  1. Outsider says:

    I’m glad we have someone in office who could care less if he gets re-elected. Apparently, dealing effectively with the reality that we are broke is not going to make many happy; it may however,save our state.

  2. William says:

    Skeletor should feel fortunate indeed that there are no recall provisions in Florida’s constitution.

    I dread the picture which awaits us after 4 years of this egotistical prick.

  3. Doug Colpoys says:

    Governor Scott is doing a great job as anyone that goes beyond the liberal media would know. Polls are only peoples opinions and most people have no idea of what is happening in there own world. Too bad that sometimes these same people vote.

  4. William says:

    Hey Doug,

    You need better meds. Or a lobotomy.

  5. palmcoaster says:

    This medicare fraud profiting architect, voted governor, could be recalled once we get rid of all the GOP Tallahassee legislators that denied us to consider the provision of change for recall inclusion in our constitution, the first time around they run for re-election..
    Out with them and in with the recall amendment and then out with Scott.
    Doug the polls aka people, are not in your side, get it? Did you hear that in Jacksonville the mayoral race in GOP territory was won by a Democrat…is getting closer. By the way to the contrary of your belief, most people and like myself we are very aware of what is going on in the world, and if it would not be for Bush we would not be involved out there in “your world” in all these useless wars or policing the world. Something we can no longer afford! We should care less what the heck happens “in the world” and concentrate more and defend and protect better our own, at home right here

  6. Outsider says:

    The Democrat that won in Jacksonville was a blue dog, or conservative Democrat. His opponent was weak and said some rather “interesting” things in the past that stuck with him. So, in actuality, this is a victory for conservatISM. It’s rather interesting, palmcoaster, that you don’t mention our current involvement in Libya. Could it be that Bush didn’t start that war?

  7. rickg says:

    To all of those delusioned Rs who think Rick Scott is turning around state government, let it be known that for the pas 13 years the Rs have controlled the House, Senate and Governorship. All of the problems he supposedly is correcting has been perpretrated by those who surround him. The only surprise here is that Florida voters have realized the mistake they have made. Now they need to realize that members of the House and Senate need to be replaced as well.

  8. palmcoaster says:

    Totally agree with you outsider, on Libya. I deeply resent Obama for our involvement there! Sure I am disappointed of the President for not ending as he promised these wars. I am not a blinded Democrat yet I am not even a registered Democrat. I been always an open minded Republican I am still one.
    But I also see who is the lesser of the two evils since 9/11. Both parties unfortunately are controlled by the “powers that be” in our nation capital. The blue dog new mayor of Jacksonville I consider a successful win. I have no problem with common sense conservatism, extremes are what are killing us in both sides of this isle.. Lately the attacks on the middle class (I am in it, never pretending that my comfortable living due to my hard work and cautious spending makes me wealthy), the public employees, the elderly, the Latinos, all our public services including education with the sole idea to privatize for profit by the GOP cronies is unbearable and systematically destroying us, as number one.
    Unfortunately our President is not doing “all the Change” he promised but sure is less damaging than the one before him. The uncalled war to Libya and our still involvement in the other two, specially now that Bin Laden is gone, is awful I agree in this one with you. If we do not start agreeing more with each other in realistic causes in this country we are only engineering our self destruction. These internal civil wars among us conservatives and liberals, are very well orchestrated by outsiders and special interest and the powerful here paid media, that profit from it! Wake up America and stop fighting among brothers and sisters so we can survive and still provide the same safe and successful America we used to enjoy back when, to our future generations.

  9. Jordyn says:

    My son is not allowed to complain to me about “fairness.” I generally reject arguments that are based mostly on the perception of fairness – and those arguments, much like this article, tend to sound more like whining than constructive criticism. Life will never be fair, nor is it meant to be, and often what people see as unfair is simply the outcome of their own bad decisions.

    It’s about time we started cutting spending. In ALL areas. It should have been done long ago, and very few Repubs (and generally no Democrats) ever get serious about it or make it happen – and this whining about fairness is exactly why. Yes, cutting spending will make you very unpopular. Good for Rick Scott for doing it anyway.

  10. lawabidingcitizen says:

    Gov. must be doing a great job with the media gunning for him.

  11. dlf says:

    I take these polls with a grain of salt. When the polls came out ( still coming out) that 58% of the people think we need a change in Washington and Obama’s rating was in the high 40’s, what did we hear? “You can’t trust the polls, they are fixed, Obama is doing a great job”. Now the shoe is on the other foot, Scott is doing what we elected him to do, the polls are fixed and on and on. Keep up the good work Scott maybe the crew of crooks in Washington will get the message

  12. NortonSmitty says:

    You right-wing clowns never cease to amaze me Don’t Listen to Facts. You will back a corporate thieving fuckstick like Scott because he spouts the jingoistic talking points that make your knees jerk even though he downright stole hundreds of millions of your tax dollars to line his own pockets. This was even before he got elected. Now you stand behind him even though it;’s obvious he is making decisions that will line his pockets with even more of our scarce state revenues.
    One mans greed depriving us of dollars that might be used to help all of us. money that might actually help the truly needy, or might go to rebuilding our decaying infrastructure. But it is not there because of the corruption of the corporate political Barnums that milk us all in the name of the sophmoric Ann Rand economic theories losers like you buy hook, line and sinker.

    Since Reagan, your life is worse, you kids life is worse, and everyone except the richest 1% is doing worse! Some because the game is rigged in their favor, some because they just steal it. They know bitter, selfish clowns like you will put them and their huckster ilk back in charge regardless of the billions they steal. If they do it spouting the free-market mantra you ignore it, but you foam at the mouth at the thought that a poor person might get an extra unemployment check they don’t deserve.

    You stupid bastards are destroying America. I hate you all.

  13. dlf says:

    Norton: Scott must not read Flagler Live. Contrary to your influence he signed the new budget, perhaps next year you can help him out. I’m glad we still have some individuals such as you to keep us in line.

  14. palmcoaster says:

    Applause to Norton Smitty couldn’t have said any better!! I am so glad that there are out there many of us, yet not brainwashed by the conservative lies. Don’t worry Norton their time is short lived as 2012 and all recalls are approaching. Hopefully reelection will wake up President Obama to proceed with the complete “Change” promised, as we all middle class,
    the elderly the public employees (law enforcement teachers, firefighters and state workers), the unionized and non union workers, the millions of health uninsured, the minorities specially Latinos, the small business owners, the students in higher education will vote against these latest tea parties newcomers and old conservative legislators promoting further wealth for the rich and corporations on the backs of us all.. I also back up 100% the proposition to cut the “free health care provided to all legislators that voted against our health care for all” We are all paying for theirs when they denied it to 40 million Americans? Out with it and them! Wake up my fellow Americans.

  15. Liz McLaughlin says:

    Palmcoaster: Absolutely agree with both of your posts. There should be a “tea party” alright – but not the one that the current tea imposters are running.

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