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Sex Education In Flagler County Schools: Students’ Comments, Part 1

| April 5, 2011

The Flagler County school district is exploring whether to change its policy on sex education. Currently, the policy calls for an abstinence-only sex-ed curriculum–when that curriculum is taught, which is rare. The district is exploring an “abstinence-plus” curriculum that would still focus on abstinence, but expand sex education to include information about sexually transmitted diseases, safe sex, and contraception. The district is looking to the community to gauge how far it may, or should, go with abstinence plus: how early to start teaching the curriculum, for example, and whether to make condoms available in school clinics.

The district in March surveyed students, parents and “community members” (residents who don’t have children in school) about sex education. The surveys invited participants to include their comments, anonymously. Those comments follow, as they were written into the surveys and provided by the school district. Background on the story can be read here.

The comments below are the first part of students’ comments. The second part can be read here. Students surveyed are in grades 6 through 12. Community members’ comments can be read here, and parents’ comments can be read here. All comments are provided unedited and uncensored.

Good idea

it is a good idea to have sexual education in high schools

Safer sex practices should be taught to prevent the spreading of STDs

This is a very important subject to be taught in schools kids need to know about these things.

I think that having a class on crap like this is totally useless, considering the nature of teenagers. If they won’t listen to peers or their parents, all a class is going to do is take up one more period in our day that could be spent in electives.

I think Schools should have condoms that u can buy from the store to prevent pregnancy

It is important, it is a concern for parents for their child’s safety.

They should start teaching about how easy it is to contract STDs and start teaching sex ed earlier.

I think you should inform kids about ways to be safe about being sexually active. So they don’t make any mistakes.

I believe the school should maintain an abstinence only policy, but should teach students about sex and Sexually transmitted diseases as a precaution, because I believe that many of our schools students and my peers aren’t completely certain just how STD’s are spread, they think that just because they don’t have vaginal sex that they’re safe with other sex such as oral, which is not true. I believe that our county should make a sex education class mandatory in around 7th grade, because while I personally received a sex education class in 5th grade, I didn’t fully comprehend what I was being taught, but by the time of High School, it may already be too late, since a large majority of first-time sexual experiences occur in Middle Schools. I believe the easiest way to accomplish this is to make a mandatory general health class in 7th grade, which could cover fitness, diet, sexual education and possibly childcare.

i think kids should learn more about this topic

Schools should give more information about this, and make safer choices.

i think the school should tell us more about how to avoid diseases from sex.

Its a good topic to talk about so you make good decisions

I think that we should talk about the conseqeunces of having sex, sexually transmitted diseases [aids,herpes.gingivitis,etc.]

i am scared to ask for a condom

i think that people should be safe about sex.

children in 5th grade are aware about sex already and they know more than you would expect but they need to know about the diseases and viruses that can become of sexual activity

I do not think people under the age of 16 should be sexually active

Be sure to teach about the dangers of being sexually violated/dating violence/rape, and why that is no better than having sex, regardless of whether or not a condom is involved.

I think kids should be taught about sex but not this early if they want to know about it this early there parents should teach them.

I do not think people under the age of 16 should be sexually active

i think many student this year are becoming sexualy active.

can u give girlfriend a baby if u don’t use a condom. and if i have sex before 18 will i be arrested also what if i am forsed to have sex should i do it or tell an adult last but not least if we both lose our virginity at the same time will we bothhave to go to the hospitle, from what i heard a girl might have to go to the hospitle after there first time of sex.

and how can you get HERPIES? is it gay to have sex with another man?

I do believe that we are to reserve sex for marriage. It is also, I believe, a very complicated subject, and question 8’s answer is debatable.

I think that we should learn at an age where were mature enough not to laugh, but to be serious so that you don’t make bad choices at a young age.

schools should have a sex class to make sure kids have information on sex and to make it safe, instead of being uneducated about the situation.

i think schools all over the u.s should have a sex class so students can be safer and learn about what they maybe getting into and safer ways to do it if you are at a young age

the schools should give condoms because more and more kids are having sex and not the cheep ones that break

i think condoms should be provided at school when asked because i would use one if provided

dont do it till your atleast 19! lol

It should be taught to older groups.

Well most of the kids my age having sex don’t actually love each other that much it’s just their hormones. So I think that you should only have sex if they really love each other

I believe it is very inappropriate to have sex at such a young age. Yes i do know people who are sexually active at my age. It’s quite disgusting.

Sex Ed should be taught to prevent students from getting any wrong ideas.

i think you shouldnt be sexually active at our age

people these days are very sexaul and do what every they want and follow there friends and other people

people these days are very sexual and do whatever they want and follow other people.

make a sex ed class

kids know to much

sex is bad for kids under age

sexually active means you like to touch your gf’s butt and stuff and their breast it doesnt mean you had sex.

make a sex ed class

i think that sex is okay if your safe, some people are sluts and others aren’t at all. we know what sex does but we wont listen. so give up already!!!

Other: I heard it didn’t feel as good with one on.

I am lesbian.

I am fifteen. I don’t see why you think most fifteen year olds seem to sexually active when people like me don’t even kiss.

I think that condoms should be passed out, just in case, and so that everyone has one.

I think they should teach sex edu in high school so kids can learn more about what their really doing then just having sex its a lot more than that


i believe if you are sexually long as your safe,clean,and do not end up pregnant then i think it is okay to do.

you should teach students more about sex because the more they know the safer they are.

I know a quite a few people who are sexually active and the most teens have been through sex education so we know to be careful and that a mistake can easily be made so, we are very careful. its not because of sex education that makes us curious to try it, a teenager will be curious no matter what they are taught, it just teaches us that it is very important to be safe.

Not everyone in public schools are sexually active. Only the ones who are committed in their relationship or are up for one night stands such as whores, will end up losing their virginity.

11 year old shouldn’t be having sex. That’s unmoral. We need to be doing something. 11 year old girls pregnant isn’t right

schools should discorouge sex

I think sex is ok even though im a virgin.

i think we should be taught about sex

schools should have like a thirty minute session on this topic every 4 weeks with their teachers.

schools should give us all condums in 7th grade just in case we make the desission to have sex.

I think schools should talk more about this topic.

Kids these days are starting to have sex in their early years. Nothing can really make a person not be sexually active. It is a persons choice.Just depends how a child is brought up, and self respect.

I think teens should use condoms and be safe.

I come from Washington, DC and in our school people would come from different organizations and talk to us about sex ed. They would at least act like their care. The city that i live in now Palm Coast, Florida has the highest std rate in Florida. We need people who care and not people who dont want to talk about it. It should be open for discussion and i think the rates would go down if the city organizes sex ed better.

I think they sould teach about gay relations because as it becomes more excepted, more people will come out and want to know how to protect themselves against STD and HIV. Please consider this because there is no way for lesbians to use a condom but they can use a dental damm. Therefore the school district should teach about homosexual relations. Thank you.

I think it’s a little weird that you can get condoms from the school nurse but it’s also a good thing. We don’t want them to have sex but at least they are gonna be protected. We shouldn’t let everyone know because it could promote sex.

i think people sholuld close their legs & stop having sex. & if they do have sex be safe.

I think it will be wise to teach young student about safe sex so it sticks with them in the future.

People need to know things….certain things….important things….

i personally believe that one should have sex after marrage.

Really, adults are pretty dumb these days. Everyone has sex around this age and personaly I think we should be able to.

They should teach us more, and it is very uncomfortable to answer these questions…. they should start at the age of 19 or 20…not 10.

I think this test is going to be very benificial to Flagler County, it will give us more information about what the clinics should start doing to help us make the right choices.

Sex ed in Pathways sounds awful.

its great to know

the idea about the sex education class, the classes should be sex segregated , reason having boys in the same class as girls and with the subject of sex is a bad idea because some people are not mature enough and will act like a moron.

In 6,7,and 8t grade I think students are more on the just being curious side and then in all high school students are actually thinking about sex so I think teachers should get more into the topic about it in highschool.

i think that this is a serious topic and alot of people just laugh about it! and thats not good because if they laugh about that means that they wont no the importance of the topic if this wasnt even a thing NO LIVING ORGANISM we be livung here on earth

kids are starting early now!!

If you give free condoms in schools you have to have name brand, other wise they dont work.

I think the kids now adays do it to be cool and you should make it known that it isn’t + it’s bad for them.

if the school gives condom to the student the should be brand name

i think they should teach students about sex at 7th grade because you should learn at young age because it is safer to learn now.

to kids should be taught about sex at the age of 13 by the schools and by perants

The state of Florida is the most sexually active state I have ever been to for children. Because of this, I am utterly repulsed the at I live in this state. This state is pathetic

no i think that kids shold wait to do it untill is the right time

i think this topic shouldn’t be brought up till highschool.

IS IT POSSIBLE for a girl to get pregnant at any as long as she has her period?

I think some people should be serious about this because we are going to learn about it sooner or later.

I think we should be safer and sex and talk to children to a lower age to a higher age to understand what is.

I belive that this topic should be taught from the health teacher, for he must have some expirence for teaching the of their “parts” and what is their purpose

I think we should learn about this maybe sooner or in like 7th grade.

I think that students in school that are younger than18 should not hear a word about this

I think this should probably be taught in seventh grade because not many people in sixth grade are sexually active during sixth but more likely in middle school through highschool.

Well I think sex is not really bad if it is protected and you are at the appropriate age.

This topic is too disturbing for younger children and i dont know anything about it and i would like it to stay that way! :)

umm,, well sex is not bad, but if your not married ,its just not right, your just being stupid about it.its just like COME ON SERIOUSLY!! :)

i think students should take caution before having sex because its a serious thing and if they use a condom its ok

I think that this topic should not be discussed until 7th grade at least because it is completly uncalled for before then because in my opinion you should not be sexually active until you have traveled, had a family, and made sure you LOVE them and make sure that you are ready to settle down and have kids with them and hopefully live the rest of your colorful life with them!!!!!!!

If you are over 18 and are unmarried you should always have protected sex.

i think u should have a PTO about this so the parents can talk to about to their parents

First to get parents permission.also we should learn how to put on condoms just to be stafe

I think sex is a very wonderful thing. It gives me graet pleasure.

I think alot of kids are having sex, because it feels good

I think students shouldn’t be told not to have sex but rather to have safe sex. Also, safe sex with bi-sexual and gay couples.

Schools should not be so positive about abstinence, people can try this stuff, but just make sure theyre safe.

I think they need to teach us more about the reason about sexual activity and why it is important to follow that reason and not to have sex.

Students should be told safer ways to have sex to avoid becoming pregnant or getting diseases rather than being told not to have sex because sooner or later they are probably going to do it anyway.

I think that we should not learn about how having sex is not healthy because we should be able to make our own decisions and do what we want! (:

Yeah, I had sex. Good for me, &guess what? I’m probably going to do it again, &again

I think that it does not matter what age you are when you do have sex. You have a choice to make, and it is not bad. Just looking for a good time. It should not be frowned a pond for younger children.

I think we should learn about sex because it will help us later in life. As they say better safe then sorry.

too many kids are sexually active, womens legs are open like a book, I highly suggest sex ed being brought into schools, for the safety of everyone, STD’s and pregnancy are going up,

Protection should be given at schools like the health clinic to prevent teenage pregnatcies.Kids should be taught about sex education there first year in midde school.

I think that abestinece is not the right thing to teach students, as that just makes them more curious. Two nights ago one of the students in our school had a baby that only weighed 4 pounds… so I really do think that condoms should be supplied to ALL students.

I well… kind of likethe idea of sex so.. i dont have anything to say about it.

they sould give out condoms everywhere so people will have more of they so people can be safe..

I think that schools should teach us about it because many girls these days are getting pregnant and the age of 13 so i think they should give out condoms and teach us how to use them but incourage them not to have sex.

make a separate class that will teach about sex.

I think that some kids have sex before they should and its not safe when the men don’t use condoms.

They should teach no sex before marriage.

It’s a natural feeling. Plus, we are our own people. If we agree to have sex, let us have sex. Sure, teaching the risks is fine. Just keep in mind, there are some people( not including me) that will do it no matter what you say.

i think that kids should learn about safe sex and the stds you can get from sex to scare them from having sex till they get older thats what i think and thats the most logical way to do it

I believe that why most people are having sex is because they don’t know god know you just think about that.

I think that no kid should be taught sex education until they are in 12th grade. i know i will not do it until i am married.

talk more about sex like what happens to peeps cause of that and how it is to be healthy

I think kids learn about sex at too young of a age. And lets just say, these kids (usually when teenagers) use this info for comical reasons. I agree that we should be taught safe sex, at least before college.

maybe have adults come in and tell us what age it is right


I love sex, make condoms cheaper.

i think it should be taught for safty perposes only.

if kids want to have sex then let them thats they’re chose and they’re parents should have already told them what the risks are for having sex and why its dangerous and etc.

well i think high school kids should know more about stuff like this becaues a lot of 16 year olds have been doing stuff like this.

I think we should have a sex education class.

We should have a sex education class in school.

I think we should have everyone take classes for this to be safe….

If your teaching about abstinence don’t offer condoms to the students

sex is good at first but then hirts

sex is great and you should be able to have it because its fun and you should do what u want when ever you want.

Kids should be taught about sex so they don’t go down the wrong road.

I don’t think that anyone should be sexually active at this age. Some people just make some wrong choices. That doesn’t make them bad person.

I am not sexually active but some of my peers in middle school are. I ignore it but it might be a big issue…

I think that we should have health class because they are too many kids getting STDs AIDs

It should be mandatory in schools to have health class as an elective, and they should teach how purity is good and why. It should also teach how to prevent becoming pregnant and to be able to say no i’m not ready. Also it should teach if you do get pregnant what your options are and what to do.

Maybe you should elaborate on the questions, because kids can be sexually active and not be losing their virginity. If you want to know that sort of stuff.

Children should be sexually educated when they are in the fourth grade.

I know a lot of things!

Sex is amazing

I Was Raped Twice And I Believe It Should Be Added In The Talk.

my first time no I did not use a condom.

well im kinda feeling weird about this but when i get older i will get use to it.And Should u always make sure that u do have a condom,Just curious.

Alot of people dont have sex they just like kiss or make out but i think people should talk about what you can get like in desaises from makeing out or kissing

I just wonder , you shouldnt have unsafe sex thats what i was taught from health, and another question is , why would you have sex at a young age , i know i wouldnt , but my mom says dont have sex until you get married , and i bet im going to listen to my mother , cause alot of bad things can happen in life if u make the wrong choices….

i think that in meddil shool and high school shull teach it in all of the grades.or have a class for students can laern about sex everyday

I think that this is a reasonable idea. it is a reason to tell the truth without any worry about geting in trouble with parents this is very good for us because we will tell the truth.

Why would children want to know about about making bad decisions when you can learned to avoid making them. I think kids should not about sex, at a young age that is.

I think we should talk about sex and saying heathly and maybe the boys go in one room and the girls go in one room by there selfs.

I think its good you are teaching us now, before we know it we will begin to have feelings for other people in THAT way. We will know the dangers if it ever comes to that. Thank you.

well i never really had sex but i have done other sexual things

I lke this topic beacase it makes me feel like they will teach us more to learn more and that will help us maybe in the future and for other people. in also think that for the student that dont want to learn this they should let there perent s teach them if there just to uncomfertable with the situation but me personaly i am sexyly active and i do feel that we should learn about sex more ofteh when we have the chance…..!

US KIds need to learn more about saftey of sex.

Sex education should be taught to prevent teenage pregnacies and to prevent STD’s. I think that Sex Education is inappropriate and should be taught by arents, but it is a matter that needs to be taught. If there is a sex education class, it should be optional because some might think that it is inappropriate and disgusting. It should be taught in 6th, 7th, and 8th rather that during high school because some teens may take their relations too far and cause teenage pregnacies.

we should learn about it in 9 and 12 grad

Think we should because people are all ready doing it so yea i think we should talk more about it

i think they give us a condom 1 per week just incase we have a moment in school.

students should be warned about all the problems having sex can cause

I think instead of telling students not to have sex they should tell students how to have safe sex.

having sex should be after getting married

Perhaps instead of “abstinence only,” teach the importance of it being someone you care about, using proper protection, etc.

It seems like more and more people are thinking about having sex, even with people that are NOT their boyfriend/girlfriend. Things are changing right now, and I think morals aren’t important to some teenagers anymore. Still it’s good to know more about sex and it’s “pros” and cons.

The Number of students having sex is growing. They’r like rabbits, and you can’t do much to stop them. So if you can’t stop them, make sure they don’t get hurt. Educate them on the risks and how to have sex safely. Sex isn’t some evil thing. It’s nature. Education on the subject is important.

Honestly, having classes about sexual safety is not going to make kids stop having sex. If they want to do it, they WILL, no matter what you say about, however many times you say it.

If the student is going to have sex, then they are going to do it. Everybody knows the bad things that could happen, they just don’t think it could happen to them until it actually does.

We need to be educated

I think kids should be informed more on what sex can do to you. How it could possibly ruin your life and or someone else’s! Kids should be more informed on this particluar topic.

Don’t make it out to be a big deal. It’s only a natural bodily function and the sooner you realize this, the less embarrasing or tantalizing it will be.

I think we should be tough about sex in school, grades 7 and up should be tough.

I believe sex ed is very noticible.

I don’t like condoms. they are plastic

Wait until you have found the person that you think is the “one” to have sex. If you are even going to have sex, make sure that your using a condom.

I think schools should have a sex ed class. Students should also learn the dangers, and how fast your life will change.

I think us kids shouldn’t really do sex.

Students should not be taught abstinince. Just tell them the risks and let them decide on their own.

i think that you should wait until you find that one person you know that your going to be with forever. Everyone does it becuase they think its the cool thing to do. I bet they won’t be laughing when they find out they have aids.

middle schools should teach students more about safe sex, and how to prevent stds

Why do we have to take a sex education survey we already know about sex?

THE pills the girls have to take order not to get prego

i think that the most important thing about sex is to stay protected and ask if your partner has any std’s just to keep yourself safe because its better to be careful than sorry

I think that kids in the higher grades (9-12) should me taught more about the consequences of sex because they are the ones who most have sex

Kids need to be aware of these things earlier in life and need to be aware of what happens and what problems might occur.

Sex shouldn’t be done because I think it SHOULD be done after marriage.


this should ask if you are female or male to answer the questions that involve our sex.

I don’t like talking about as much at school.

I think the schools should teach more about this and how to say safe.

that people that are married any should do it

its a good topic and kids should start at grade 6 to 12th grade.

i think us the students should talk more about having sex at this age because there are to many girls out there that are getting pregnant and they should know what can happen when they do.

i think schools should have a class so students can learn before they actually do it and so students can know what could be the posibilties of happening

people should be more edicated about sex:P

people should start using condoms and girls stop trying to go out with 20 yr old guys):

ok i think people should not have sex at a young age and get taught sex and ways to protect eachother and to be heathler and healthy.

i think poeple my age should not have sex

I strongly suggest the schools should have a sex class.

sex is great but wait

please give them sex education courses please give them condoms

I think that condoms should be tought to students at around 5th grade.

sex is not always good but its a good way to learn from your past mistakes.

You should make a sex education school in 6th grade so kids will learn not to have sex at a young age.

i say that sex is a pure experiance and that it should be done as soon as possible!!!!

i think that we should be told at the ages of 11-12 while we are in 6th grade so we know whats right and wrong.

Strongly agree that students should be taught about sex before grade 6 because as i know, kids are already getting into sex and even taking action in it since fourth grade.

I think we should have a sex education class in middle and high school so we’re not so clueless. They don’t offer it anywhere else, so school would be the best place. I also think they should supply condoms for those who do choose to have sex. If that’s their choice, schools should at least encourage them to be safe.

kids want sex so you cant stop them so just teach it to use already.!

Let us be free and DO WHATEVER WE WANT TO DO. Just because we have sex; doesn’t mean we are immature. but only do it if you are ready too.

kids in 5th grade should be taught for middle school because in 6th grade kids are starting to have sex from my point of veiw.

‘Sexually active’ means that you’ve had intercourse, right? If so, then my answer is no.

i understand that the topic is important but uncomfortable

always use condoms

They should teach us on how to stay healthy during sexual activity and to help show the student’s parents that they are old enough to start making there own decisions.

you should let children our age know the consiquinces and danger of being sexually active

I would never do it.

this is a big problem for a lot of people

If people are sexually active in middle school then why should they wait to high school to teach us about it

if you are 13 and dont use a condom can you get a girl pregnant???

You should teach teens in 7th grade because some teenagers have sex while in middle school and if they have unsafe sex they can make a baby and the woman can bleed.

WE should be healthy


they should teach us about sex in 7th grade because most teenagers have sex more when you are in middle school 13-14and in high school 15-19 to so it is more edecal and hlethy and so you don’t get pregnet in middle school and high school and it is not safe to be pragnet and can get engerd to the baby.

id be pretty nervous i we all of a sudden did have a sex class though. i just feel awkward around the subject

People should know in case their ever in a suition so they can take porcations.

i think that they should tell us how easily women can get pregnant if they have sex

what would happen when you have to much sex?

i think that this is a weird topic to talk about even if it was my parents talking about it to me.and that it is inapropret for grades k-5.

The people need to learn because ,how are you supposed to pass your genes on. And we need to learn how have it.

tell kids what will happen that can hurt them at there young age.

well you should teach us like more information about if you have it at least stay protected. More about how easily it is to get pregnant like people need to know the consequences to getting pregnant and if you have it at a young age and you get pregnant then you will know the consequences. But anyway as i was saying we should not have it at a young age we need to know and get the message out

people need to learn that if you do it u need to have protection.

can you get pregnant when you dont use a condom the first time

i think it is true students should be taught about making safer choices before 6th grade i think you should get taught about that in 5th grade because thats when you start the being more mature is in 5th grade.

sex is AMAZING

Uhm, I think we should have condoms in the classrooms and clinics, so we can have them whenever Cause i cant jut go to the store & get condoms without my mom…

You should be married before you have sex!

No one should be having sex before they are married!

I <3 Sex

I think that sex is a part of human nature and should be taught to students as a precaution. No matter how much anyone says the risks, if you don’t how to practice it you will be in trouble. I <3 Sex.


Teach early

I think childrens/teens should practice more safe sex or else they could end up pregnant, kicked out of their house, or maybe their life would be ruined.

you shude teach kids more about sex

i thank it should be tought more

i had sex over 27 times wit almost every girl i talk to the looks good they easy all you gotta do is talk to them for like 2 days act like you like them have sex wit them and leave and if you wanna have sex wit them again just start talking to them again

pretty much filled with information for safe sex

Only teach sex after 6th grade.

Scary but it should be taught.

um, i think that kids this age should not have sex, but i think we should learn about it to not know to have it at this early age. and to know the dangers of sex.

i think that they should teach us not to have sex at grade 6

I think that children in sixth grade and higher should know what not to do and what to do just incase if they want to have sex.

I think you should learn about sex starting in 6th grade and to learn what they need to know.

Have a class in 7th grade

i think they shouldnt be teaching us anything about this in the 6th grade because its inappropiate and we dont need to no about condoms and sex thanks very much

I know that having sex makes babies and there should be a rule against elementary and middle school sex.

You should not talk about sex in school and in front of little kids!

you need more question that gets you more and good information.

I think they should teach kids in 6th grade so they can know before they have it.

Kids should know about sex in about 6th grade but only if they are mature enough.

We should learn more about this because it will be safe


You should start teaching kids at a young age because they will most likely get into a situation before they know the real facts.


I have a cousin and he is sexually active and he does it all the time and nobody cares. What should i tell him? He does it like 10 times a month with the same person or not? What should i do? Thank You for hearing my story!!!

I think that we should be taught about what might happen to us if we have sex at a young age

They should a T.A.G.(teen absinence group) group at every middle & high school

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