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Election Winners: Carney and Shupe in Flagler Beach, Crain-Brady and Rogers in Bunnell

| March 8, 2011

From left, Marshall Shupe, Kim Carney and Phil Busch, Flagler Beach's three candidates for two city commission seats, less than two hours before polls closed Tuesday afternoon. They were in a witty mood. (© FlaglerLive)

From left, Marshall Shupe, Kim Carney and Phil Busch, Flagler Beach's three candidates for two city commission seats, less than two hours before polls closed Tuesday afternoon. They were in a witty mood. (© FlaglerLive)

Kim Carney and Marshall Shupe will be Flagler Beach’s new city commissioners, replacing Joy McGrew and Ron Vath, who chose not to run. Carney won with 41 percent of the vote (or 536 votes), Shupe was second with 37 percent (480 votes). They edged out Phil Busch, who got 22 percent (285 votes).

The election in Bunnell was closer. Incumbent Vice Mayor Jenny Crain-Brady was reelected and was the top vote-getter, with 28 percent of the vote (or 124 votes).

John Rogers came in a close second, with 24.4 percent of the vote. But his 108 votes are just three more than Bill Baxley, who polled 23.7 percent, with 105 votes. Koreen Kowalsky-Colpoys got 15 percent, or 68 votes.

A Carney-ite in Flagler Beach (© FlaglerLive)

Nine-year incumbent Jimmy Flynt’s tenure is over. He won less than 9 percent of the vote, finishing last in a field of five. He did not speak much when the results were in, describing it as “closure.”

The election may not be over in Bunnell: on Friday, six provisional ballots will be counted by the canvassing board. Because the election is so close between Rogers and Baxley, it’s possible, though not too likely, that those votes will change the result–but only if Baxley gets at least four votes, and Rogers gets none (or if Baxley gets five to Rogers’s one). The chance is remote.

“I’m going to have a meeting Friday morning with the canvassing board to make sure this thing is sealed,” Rogers said.

Touch-screen votes from Flagler Beach had not yet been uploaded, but those results are not going to change the tally: few, if any, touch-screen votes were cast.

Ron Vath, who’d been in office 10 years, and Joy McGrew, in office five, opted not to run again when the time came last December, citing their need to move on. Initially, Jamie NeJame was part of the field of contestants. He withdrew in late January. That race was relatively amiable, especially for Flagler Beach, where the line between the political and the personal can blur. While none of the candidates made civility an explicit part of their campaign (Busch came closest with his emphasis on wanting a “Happy City”), the three conducted their campaign as if they’d signed a pact to keep it so. Late today, as the sun was setting behind them, they were lined up on South Central Avenue, across from city hall–the only polling precinct in town–holding signs, doing the wave thing as cars passed by, and jousting as they had their pictures taken together.

Jenny Crain-Brady (© FlaglerLive)

Busch recognized that he was going into the race with “baggage,” a reference to his wife Randy, who had been commissioner in the previous decade, and during a tumultuous period for the commission as a whole.

In Bunnell, neither Crain-Brady’s victory nor Flynt’s loss were surprising: Crain-Brady leads with her heart and errs, the rare times she does, more out of inattention than malice. She’s well liked and tends to be the liveliest commissioner on what, until now, has been the county’s most sullen collection of elected officials (Flynt and Daisy Henry rarely smile or even talk much. Elbert Tucker gets dispirited from from being so often in dissent. And Mayor Catherine Robinson’s business-like focus during meetings rarely wavers).

John Rogers (© FlaglerLive)

Flynt’s chances of holding office diminished the moment a State Attorney investigation stemming from an abrasive encounter he had with a local businessman unraveled a pattern of lax and unprofessional conduct at the Bunnell Police Department–and, in some cases, criminal conduct, as two police officers were charged with felonies stemming from misconduct and other charges. Among other issues, the investigation revealed that officers favored Flynt’s wrecker service over two others, one of which was John Rogers’s, the candidate who defeated Flynt. (Flynt denied being aware of the favoritism.)

Rogers had run for the commission once before, unsuccessfully. The other candidates had never run.

Six amendments to the Flagler Beach city charter were also on the ballot there. They all passed. They were:

  • To amend the charter to clarify that the mayor must attend all meetings of the commission unless excused by the city commission, and that the mayor’s veto may be applied for up to five working days after a resolution or ordinance is filed.
  • Commissioners or the mayor forfeit their seat if convicted of a felony or a first degree misdemeanor arising out of official conduct.
  • All ordinances must be posted electronically after approval by the commission.
  • Correct wording about state law in the charter, for clarity.
  • Require the city manager to submit a budget no later than 15 days after the property appraiser provides the last certified taxable values in the city (that would be a five-day extension from current requirements).
  • The charter review commission shall convene every 10 years, dating from the previous commission’s last proposals to voters.

The provisional ballots will be counted at 10 a.m. at the Supervisor of Elections’ office.

Jimmy Flynt at the end of his nine years on the commission, late Tuesday afternoon.
(© FlaglerLive)

31 Responses for “Election Winners: Carney and Shupe in Flagler Beach, Crain-Brady and Rogers in Bunnell”

  1. bunnell resident says:

    i used to run the town of bunnell all bad things must come to an end.

  2. NortonSmitty says:

    “Meet the new Boss, Same as the Old Boss….” Actually, I think status quo suits me just fine locally. Keep our beloved Mayberry by the Sea (Flagler Beach, natch) under the radar, under valued, under regulated and under governed. Great song though. Enjoy.

  3. TAZ says:

    Flynt doesn’t run Bunnell anymore!!!!

  4. John Smith says:

    Thank God The good people have voted. There will be peace in the valley.

  5. John Smith says:

    Thank you all who voted for Kim Carney and Marshall Shupe my duty is done. goodby to all.

  6. NortonSmitty says:

    John, now I’m worried.

  7. The Piranha says:

    Not a shocking outcome for Bunny though Baxley would have been an outstanding addition along with Rogers to overcome the current 80-20%. The fearless spending foursome has been knocked down a peg and maybe…just maybe a wake up call will knock some sense into CB and those who remain. The next agenda should be to get rid of the dictator Martinez before the commission is responsible to pay him for another year of smoke and mirrors. Residents made a difference for today, now let’s work on tomorrow!

  8. Just the Facts says:

    One down, but still some more work to be done to clean up Bunnell starting with the City Manager and Police Chief.

  9. seen it change a bit says:

    Completely agree that Rogers will make an excellent cohort to Elbert Tucker. Both analyaze, do thier reserarch (including how to balance a checkbook but without a third strongly intellingent commissiner Tucker and Roger will have a hard roe to hoe.

  10. bunnell resident says:

    Very well said Piranha. The air is smelling better in bunnell already,now if we could just do something with this stuff they give us to drink they call water.

  11. SAW says:

    John, Please tell us you are not going into retirement. Many of us will miss all the pent up anger, and hostility which you so often directed at your fellow residents. Besides that if you retire, who will make the pickups, and do the city rounds twice a week ?

    Congratulations go out to both Kim & Marshall.

  12. curious says:

    Congratulations to Shupe and Carney. Let us hope we keep moving forward. Next on the list ids getting a REAL City Manager and getting rid of Campbell.

  13. Jay Ell says:

    Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. Strange that no one mentioned the outlook for taxes under the new regime in Flagler Beach. Let’s see what developes vi-a-vi the present economy and joblessness. We’ll all be watching.

  14. beach resident says:

    Piranha may be in the shell game. You want to be watching Mr. Martinez with one eye while keeping one eye on Ms. C. Miller potential CR Dir. over Judy’s watch. Even after she left Bunnell for Flagler Beach’s poorly written CRA Director position, she returned to work for Mr. Martinez the better part of 2009. She was a Director for both Bunnell and the Beach. Only one person as her and two shady Managers would try it. Only several Commissioners would look the other way. Keep your focus split on two dictators. Maybe you’ll be so lucky to get her back again now she resigned FB. The whole package has been bogus it appears. Set the FB CRA back a few years.

  15. seen it change a bit says:

    Pirahna, couldn’t agree with you more!! Without Rogers, Elbert was a sitting duck. Baxley would have been far superior to Crain – Brady who’s only definintion of the Sunshine Law is if you wear a bikini too long, you’ll get burnt. Now if Crain-Brdady would let her brother in law tell her how to vote, we’d have a damn town again with none of these yahoo’s coming in here and taking kindness for stupidity! John and Elbert will at least make not quite as easy as it has been for Martinez to run “flynt’s old town” I better sign on off here for now cause I’m from Bunnell and we only get a few idears here and there a year hehehe!

  16. Roger says:

    poor curious…….we HAVE a real manager. seems you’re still a little angry and bitter but the best thing now is to make Campbell permanent. he is doing an awesome job with more professionalism than some of the others EVER had. I think our new commission is all ready aware of that. Flagler will Never do any better than Bruce Campbell.

  17. Roger says:

    And……B I G Congrats to Marshall and Kim. You both worked hard and you deserve it!!!

  18. beach resident says:


    Now, now…Curious…..Are you saying City Manager Mr. Campbell does not have what it takes to operates a small city of 5,300 because he has a stellar business background in stead of a municipal has been
    background. He can follow regulations like anyone else. Managing is managing. I thought you were more intelligent to see Mr. Campbell can do fantastic job with what he has to work with. Suck it up!

  19. bunnell resident says:

    as for ms c miller former bunnell city manager bonner taught her everything he knew. This took him about three minutes.

  20. Mr. Snitch says:

    Isn’t Curious the same individual who denigrated one of our residents regarding his nationa heritage? I’m afraid this individual wouldn’t know a qualified city manager from a can of trash–with which I’m sure he is quite famiiar.

  21. Jay Ell says:

    Campbell is the man for the job. Let’s see what happens with the new Commission and will they fall into line with the carry-over Commissioners about delaying his appointment and wasting more of the taxpayers money while soliciting more applicants. Flagler Beach already looks rediculous to our sister cities giving the impression that we feel our City Manager job is like fulfilling a position in Miami, Chicago, Dallas or maybe New York.
    C’mon, Flagler Beach City Commission, get off it and either appoint Bruce Campbell now or if he is hot qualified then let him go. But, then you need to tell we, the voters, what qualifications you are looking for that he doesn’t seem to have.

  22. lawabidingcitizen says:

    Jay Ell makes a very good point.

    It would be a nice change of pace if the Flagler Beach Commission did something sensible like worrying about the city and the taxpayers instead of kowtowing to their little coterie of puppet masters.

  23. Pam says:

    Congrats to Kim and Marshall, I’m sure they will serve our city well.
    I wonder how the city is going to deal with the fact that Marshall’s activities at the fire dept might present a “conflict of interest” situation when dealing with budget and other issues affecting the fire dept. Does he recieve compensation and other benefits for his services there. Can he recieve compensation as a commissioner also. It could be that he will have to choose one or the other. Certainly the question is going to come up somewhere along the line and it will be interesting to see how the city handles it.

  24. Steve Wood says:

    Well Pam your answers are NO,NO, and NO and he does not have to make a choice. His choice is the city commission and he VOLUNTEERS on the FD with NO compensation. If there was any conflict of interest he would have had to make the choice as he talked to the city to make sure of it. . His help on any of the budget issues will be of great help to the commission, why don’t you volunteer and see for your self. Everyone needs to just get over Marshall and his FD business, he will do his job and the city will be better of it.

  25. Mr. Snitch says:

    Steve Woody, my information says Mr. Shupe does in fact receive compensation from the City in the form of pension and insurance benefits, it just so happens to be non monitary compensation. It would be sheer lunacy if he was the commission “SWING VOTE” on a motion to raise pensio npayments, insurance benefits or even a decision to pay volunteers. Sounds like an issue that requires a written opinion from the State’s attorney rather than the town attorney who I understands reports to the commission.

  26. Steve Wood says:

    Snitch as a name that fits you Shupe DOES NOT RECEIVE any pension from the city at his request from the time he joined as a member of the FBFD as he has not been here long enough to get one anyway. He Is covered by Insurance IN CASE OF INJURY at a fire scene. He is restricted on what he can vote on concerning the FD so Snitch you and all your trash mongers can get over it. And the name is Wood.

  27. Mr. Snitch says:

    I apologize for the mispelling. So, I am “curious” aren’t you the Flagler Beach employee, assistant fire chief, who a couple of years back was severly reprimanded- but not fired- for posting porno ( allegedy a picture of your naked girl friend) on the internet, using a City computer, and then subsequently promoted to assistant fire chief by a previous itinerant City Manager? If not, who the heck are you? Shouldn’t you be working at 9:15 AM instead of posting on the internet?

  28. Steve Wood says:

    Hey Snitch, with your brilliance of knowledge you might like to learn that the state attorneys office has told ME that it is the city attorneys place to say what is a conflict of interest in the voting on a matter of an issue NOT THEM. He has the right to volunteer until the city attorney says otherwise. BOTTOM LINE. And the name is WOOD.

  29. Steve Wood says:

    Well Snitch you are wrong on all counts. So as I can see you as usual want to stir up trouble for the FD. If you are as interested as you say you are you might go and personally talk to the fire chief and get the real story not some rumor from the rumor mill as there are many. You might want to go else where with the curious also. FYI which really is non of your business doing Bike week. Just so you can keep track of me I’ll be back to work on MONDAY look me up lets talk.

  30. Mr. Snitch says:

    You haven’t told me who you are but I assume you have some kind of axe to grind for the fire department. Pam asks a simple question. How will Shupe avoid partiality when it comes to the fire department if he is a fireman realizing personal gain from the department. Since you haven’t told me I will further explore your identity with my extensive network of contacts and determine why you are so sensitive and defensive when the fire department is mentioned. Enjoy bike week.

  31. Steve Wood says:

    Guess you will just have to be at the meeting to see if that ever takes place but I doubt that it ever will because of Shupes dedication to the city commission an other than the outlandish remarks you and anyone else might throw out there to discredit Shupe it will not happen. I answered Pams question also. Like I said I am back to work on Monday you want to look me up bring it on lets talk. ENOUGH SAID ON THIS SUBJECT.

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