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Palm Coast Data Lays Off 31 More As Another Major Customer Plans to End Its Contract

| January 14, 2011

The good old days.

Palm Coast Data last week laid off 31 more people, many of them middle-level managers, according to a former employee with ties to the company. Core customer service employees were not touched, though hours are being cut back. It’s the sort of move companies make when they’re getting ready to sell, shedding higher-paid managerial employees and either replacing them with lower paid ones or not replacing them at all.

And one of Palm Coast Data’s major customers, Kappa Publishing Group, is ending its contract with the company at the end of this month. The group specializes in game, horoscope, astrology and like-minded specialty magazines.

Palm Coast Data’s operation has been troubled for several years as its “subscription fulfillment” service–managing subscriptions for magazines–has been hemorrhaging accounts: magazines continue to drop Palm Coast Data, either because they’re reducing their print runs, ending their print runs altogether (as US News & World Report, a big Palm Coast Data account, did last year), or switching to a competing fulfillment service. The company tells the News-Journal that it’s hiring in some segments, but it’s not revealing how many employees it has at the moment.

Palm Coast’s government granted Palm Coast Data close to $500,000 in tax incentives to keep the operation in town as it was consolidating with others in three other states. The state of Florida granted the company $3 million in incentives. Both incentive packages are contingent on the company making good on hiring some 700 employees on top of the 1,000 it had at the time of the deal. The company has been nowhere near that number. (Palm Coast Data has created, and shed, jobs serially, though net job creation has been static.) Last year, at least according to Palm Coast City Manager Jim Landon, it had 1,200 employees. That figure is likely inflated by including part-timers and still-remaining employees in other parts of the country. Palm Coast also sold Palm Coast Data its former city hall, a move playing into the city’s plan to now build a $10 million city hall of its own.

Palm Coast Data’s troubles, for all their severity, may be minor compared to its parent companies’ troubles: Amrep Corp., the company’s overall parent, saw its revenue In the six months ending Oct. 31, revenue fall $13.9 million, or 21.4 percent–from $64.8 million in the same period last year to $50.9 million this year. Most of that loss is driven by activity (or lack of activity) at Palm Coast Data, now Amrep’s principal source of revenue. The company has taken out loans to help with cash flow.

Earlier this month, Audience Development, a leading trade magazine on print industry circulation and management trends, reported that “Nicholas Karabots, a principal shareholder in AMREP Corporation, the parent company of Palm Coast Data, has decided to terminate his company’s fulfillment contract, according to a filing with the SEC. The filing, form S-1, also outlines AMREP’s intent to register the sale of up to 515,000 shares of common stock. The seller?

“Karabots. Karabots, who is the vice chairman of AMREP’s board and runs Kappa Publishing Group, owns 59 percent of AMREP’s outstanding common stock and the fulfillment and distribution contracts his company has with Palm Coast were worth about $2.3 million dollars, or 1.9 percent of the company’s consolidated revenues, in fiscal year ending April 2010. (AMREP’s other line of business is in real estate, all of which is concentrated in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.)

“Kappa elected not to renew its contracts last November, which will expire in February if Palm Coast can’t convince Karabots to re-up. The company says it is currently in negotiations to keep Kappa’s business.”

The report adds: “Interestingly, Karabots in September 2010 offered to buy all of AMREP’s outstanding shares for $12 per and take the company private. Only three weeks later, Karabots withdrew his offer.”

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37 Responses for “Palm Coast Data Lays Off 31 More As Another Major Customer Plans to End Its Contract”

  1. blah blah blah says:


  2. lawabidingcitizen says:

    What are magazines?

  3. Charles Ericksen Jr says:

    Sad story.for the company, employees and the City…looks like the company is on life support now, and terminally ill. But this is,one of the risks in being a single function location, and not having a second service to provide. We too as residents have much to lose here, with our incentive investment in the future, that just isn’t going to happen….


    There are more sides to this story….you also need to look closer at the actual operation…PCD continues to drop customers because of upper & mid level mis-management…upper managers brought in that don’t have a clue how to run the business and continue to drive the business into the ground with their continued mistakes with upper/upper level’s not having a glue as to what is going on at all!
    It’s the blind leading the blind…. besides taking local jobs away and moving them to India after taking local tax dollars!

  5. Palm Coaster says:

    This is one more blunder of Landon and our elected city officials. The first one was the Palm Coast Resort with all the failed promises from Government and Flagler Chamber of Commerce that gave a green flag for now defunct Centex developer in Palm Coast, that got his way demolishing our beloved former Sheraton/Palm Harbor Resort, uprooting secular towering oaks, destroying the gathering place by the intercoastal water front for our community, our signature lodging for our friends and family while visiting as well as (our next door to our homes) free launching ramp for our resident boating fans and the loss to never return of over 300 jobs in the very center of Palm Coast.

    County and City are always out there eager to use millions of our contributed funds to help their chosen privileged blunders businesses like Cakes Across America, Palm Coast Data, Centex and others dim to fail other than helping the local existing struggling businesses by NOT OUTSOURCING our valuable tax payers generated contracts with the excuse of saving few hundred dollars in jobs that are worth hundreds of thousands. Those County, City contracts being outsource now, if assigned to local businesses will create many needed local jobs. Also specially our City of Palm Coast needs to gear their events not only to benefit the Town Center Developer (lets do not forget what City did for Centex) and instead also use our tax dollars to advertise and promote also, desperately needed events in the heart of Palm Coast, Palm Harbor Shopping Center, European Village and City Walk.
    Where is the City of Palm Coast green policy when only promotes Town Center when we need to drive our cars to the middle of nowhere, other than taking a walk or a bicycle ride to events in Palm Harbor Shopping Center or European Village? Town Center already received 5 millions or more of the city coffers (not refunded yet) to create Town Center own taxing district and now all the free advertisement that our tax dollars pay for….What about exercising some fairness to the residents in this side of town were we really do our daily walks and shopping other than driving thru a luxurious infrastructure created for Town Center, but mostly showing the daily absence of strolling or cycling residents. Specially now with gas at $3.20/gallon. Who our elected officials intend to benefit, besides their chosen VIP’s, with these policies?

  6. Joe MM says:

    We seem to be heading backwards in the job creation market here in Flagler County, and so much wasted tax payer money, what a joke this place is becoming!!!

  7. Blame not only Jim Landon but the City Commissioners too says:

    Why was the former City Hall sold (or given away) to Palm Coast Data? Was it so Jim Landon and Company could convince the people they were homeless, and need a new multi million dollar city hall (that was voted down in years past)? Yes, I did say Jim Landon and company blaming Jon Netts, Meaker, Lewis and the rest of them who are all in this game together. If we had a responsible citizens representing us here in this city we would first be controlling the city manager, and what he is being paid. Again we tax payers foot the bill for mismangement by those we are trusting to represent us. Let’s open another liquor store and put City Hall in the center of it. Got swamp land? Contact your city officials for the deal of the day. I am so sorry for the people that are now unemployed and will have to struggle (while Landon continues to be paid nearly a quarter a million dollars a year of our tax dollars).

  8. Well... says:

    I remember one day, we were having some issues with a particular client. I talked to one of the newbie’s and the answer I received was a shrug and the comment (and I’m paraphrasing here), if they are not happy then let them leave. That is the mentality that came into the company. It is a shame because most people (if not all) that work at PCD feel as if one wrong move will be their last with the company. Rumors are running rampant and people are justifiably panicking. No one in management talks to the subordinates anymore, unless it is to let them go or to deliver bad news of some sort. There is no encouragement (and yes there used to be at least some), no one can work together they all work against each other in order to save face…it is a sad situation that is only amplified by the lack of concern or care by those in charge.

  9. Palm Coast Pioneers says:

    Reply to Palm Coaster and Blame it on…
    We really miss our Palm Coast Intracoastal Resort , its acreage, and its Features which was Federally ordered REDRESS for us ; that Resort was listed in to ‘Compliance Report’ & in ‘Exhibit B’ in the Federally Ordered ‘Compliance Report’ for F.T.C. ‘Consent Agreement’ C-2854.
    We also miss the’…multipurpose office building…for tenants…’ REDRESS also.
    Hacking down the ancient massive Live Oaks that the ‘Resort’ was specifically built around to save the secular towering Oaks was bad enough, but, it is more of a shame so many jobs were lost because the Palm Coast Intracoastal Resort was demolished.
    It is all so very sad –

  10. What? says:

    My heart goes out to every employee that received their pink slip and to the ones that will be getting the ax next. What will happen to these employees and their families? Jobs are not in excess around here. It seems from this forum PCD is a “toxic company”. When management stops talking to subordinates rumors will grow by leaps and bounds. That is management 101 to get that under control. This is not the first time I have heard PCD is a terrible place to work. Of course, this wasn’t a manager telling me this it was the regular staff members of the company. It is obvious there is very low morale in this organization that needs to be addressed quickly. It has been my experience if an organization can raise the morale of their employees in return the happy employee treats clients better. But, that would require good leadership.

  11. Palm Coaster says:

    Our Flagler County and City of Palm Coast Government and Enterprise and Flagler County Chamber of Commerce advocate so much to create jobs. Well start not asking the local unemployed and bankrupted tax payers for additional taxes to fund current or future blunders anymore. Set yourselves an example by creating jobs allocating our tax payers generated contracts to the local business that contribute to our tax base. Demand that the government buyers buy locally and do not come up with ridiculous excuses like saving money when by the back door dilapidate millions for the benefit of their buddy developers.

    Also demand that developers like the one in Town Center and any others, that if we have to help creating a beneficial tax district for them or tax incentives or relocation expenses refunded or supply of a building etc. as policy they have to use our local contractors for their work first. It is ridiculous that all these rich developers get all the breaks and fund from our hard earned taxes and when is time to use contractors to start building, they all hire elsewhere in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Miami and the like. Outsourcing is stealing our local and state jobs and has to end. Lets choose responsible candidates that will represent and hear our needs in our next city and county elections. We need change.

  12. Gator Babe says:

    I’m sitting here thinking of what to write after reading this, but then I realize this is Palm Coast. Shocked is understated to read about the layoffs. We tax payers will be holding the bill on this one. Isn’t there a lot of foreclosed property here? Who pays the property taxes on these homes? Our property taxes went up this year even though our home value went down. I spoke to many people from other counties who haven’t seen a increase or if they did it was small.
    Palm Coast Data is a grueling place to work for. The customer service reps are constantly on their guard, if they say or do one thing wrong their terminated. You can handle a call with great service, do everything for the customer , but if you don’t do A or missed B and your monitored, they treat you like a four year old with a bad report card. Reps are to work like robots. Lets face it, you take their reticule because where else can you find another job? Off course if your in a certain clique or married to a higher up, or someone’s favorite, that’s job security, but I’m sure that’s standard in any company. Many supervisors are unprofessional and don’t care and then there are few that do their job & do it well. Magazines are going digital, many magazines are cutting back on their amount of issues & some magazines are giving away their subscriptions for such low rates you have to wonder how they can financially stay in business. Many magazines have taken sexual ads to generate income.

    Didn’t Palm Coast Data have a big picnic this past summer to celebrate something big & our town “leaders” where there? If I remember correctly they wouldn’t let you in. Guess they where blowing smoke up the governments butts…. again. What a mess. I totally agree with “Palm Coaster”‘s comments, he hit the “nail” on the head!.

  13. pcd sucks says:

    pcd was the worst company to work for. alot of favortism going especially between mgrs. you have to walk on eggshells and if you call out sick or have a family emergency, they write you up even if it is justified. its true that the higher ups will not talk to subordinates because its their “policy” this place is a joke and is the worst place to work esp for jeanne daniels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Nick says:

    Yet another company in Flagler County cutting more jobs in a county already suffering from 16.6% unemployment. Are there any companies in Flagler County have any that have added jobs?

  15. Matt says:

    One wonders why our illustrious “City”,( joke!!) leaders declined a manufacturing company that wanted to here just 5 years ago, with union wages no less.
    They stated that they were not wanted because this is a retirement “city”

    I heard that they located to the Lauderdale area, and were welcomed with open arms
    with the unemployment so high in this area, this company should have been welcomed with open arms!
    We need jobs here!!
    Not more flowers and trees on Belle Terre !!

  16. Matt says:

    And can somebody please enplane to me, why a homeowner, who works out of the “City” of Palm Coast, gets “coded”,(written up by a code officer), because he parks his work truck in his driveway.
    I’m told by “code” I cant park it because its considered a Commercial vehicle !
    I drive a Ford pickup w/a utility box on it!
    Note; If I known that I would live in the “Twilight Zone” , I would have never moved here !!

  17. PalmCoastSucks says:

    When will people realise Palm Coast sucks hard. It is the retirement capitol of the retirement state. To many old people driving cars who really should being using public transport that Palm Coast does not have. PCD is another place that is old, and out of sate trying to modernise itself. Staff who have been there for as almost as long as PCD has been about, and nobody else to cover for them if they go sick. My wife works at PCD, and has a contract for 40 hours a week, but is told she cannot work the 40 hours she is contracted to, AND is told she will not be paid personal time, or vacation time when she is legally allowed to take it off, and it is in her contract that she is paid for the vacation time. I think all the staff that are still at Palm Coast date need to hire Morgan, and Morgan to step up to these guys and take them to court.
    A joint effort from all the staff combined will show them how the staff at PCD feel. This is not right to not allow staff at an job to tell them they cannot use their paid vacation or personal time when they are legally allowed, and bound by a contract with their employer to do so when they feel the need they want to take the time off from work with no questions asked.
    I would not stand for this myself, and would indeed get Morgan, and Morgan involved now. and take PCD for every single penny you can get.
    Also Palm Coasters, build a decent shopping mall to rival or better the one in Daytona. Build some parks up near where the old movie theater is. Get a sports centre, and youth club in the same area as the movie theater also. Also integrate a public transport system for Palm Coast. The FCPT system is unfair to those just do not have a car, and I cannot believe you have to apply for the FCPT transport, and have certain conditions met to use it.
    I would like to use some much stronger words on here to really show my frustration towards those who run Palm Coast, but maybe if I had a few spare million dollars in my bank account might be a better thing to pay them to get these kinds of things I have mentioned to a so called city full of supermarkets,restaurants.mechanics, and CVS / Walgreens. They even allowed an ABC liquor store to be built, when every supermarket sell alcohol any way. What in the sense in that? Promote alcohol, and hope that the police have enough to do by stopping drunk drivers on roads where Floridians when sober do not even know how to drive. Nobody uses their indicators, and thinks the residential areas with long strips of road more than 200 yards long are for driving at more than 50MPH on. This is all when they are sober, imagine when they are drunk !!
    It is a sad time when all a city or so called city in regards to Palm Coast only offers it youth an ABC liquor store, and the older people wonder why the youth of today in Palm Coast have nothing to do. I would like to ban everyone over the age of 60 off of the roads, and put them on buses. I do not care how much money they have, my safety is more important, and so is everyone elses.

    [The author of this post attempted to post another comment under the name of “Bingobangobongo,” “agreeing” with Palm Coast Sucks. Please refrain from using multiple sign-ons.FlaglerLive]

  18. nan walsh says:

    PalmCoast sucks; You made me laugh, thank you. You are funny. You dislike this area so much have you considered leaving for somewhere better.

    If you wife works at PC Data and the job is so bad she should quit. Someone else will be there for that job before her seat gets cold. Jobs are scarce so the employers hold all the cards. I have heard tthat PC Data isn’t a good place to work, and that is not right, but no one is forced to work

    One day you will be over sixty and I hope you remember how you felt about those that age when you were young. It isn’t easy getting old but it happens. Not all older citizens are unable to drive, as a matter of fact if it weren’t for these older people this area would be gone. We are the ones who keep the businesses in business. These businesses then can employ you young ones.

    You appear to be an angry man. I don’t know what made you this way, but I sincerely advise you find help and can change your life. Anger is dehabilitating and keeps one from enjoying the good things in life.

  19. Chuck says:

    PCD Sucks: Sounds like a lot of sour grapes on your part, whatever reason you no longer work at PCD is probably justified. And anyone with a trace of internet etiquette knows you don’t call out someone out by name as you have, it’s rude and uncalled for. I’ve worked with the manager you mentioned for nearly 10 years and she is one of the kindest, decent people you could ever work for or with.

  20. Just the Facts says:

    Here are the facts about the recent layoffs and continuing decline of PCD:

    1. People who were terminated were made to sign an agreement NOT to get an attorney to pursue action against the company or they would not get their severence pay.

    2. This last round of layoffs were all people over the age of 50

    3. Management was specifically asked if these people would get paid for their personal time as part of their severence since they had not been allowed to use it to make up for the hours the company had cut them back to and they were told absolutely not.

    4. The company continues to hire executives while continuing to reduce work force. These executives are not local residents and all live out of state and PCD pays thousands of dollars each month to pay for all of their living, food and transportation expenses and pay their plane fare to and from where they all live.

    5. HR is a joke there. They have one manager in particular that cannot keep their mouth shut on anything confidential. If you want something to get around the company be sure to tell that person otherwise do yourself a favor and don’t tell them anything.

    6. More clients continue to out-convert to other fulfillment companies.

    7. The less you know and care the better your chances are at getting promoted or keeping your job. It also helps if you sleep with someone in upper management.

    8. If you’re related to anyone in upper management you are assured of a high paying job without having the skills for it and you certainly don’t have to worry about getting laid off.

    I have worked for this company for 15+ years and I can honestly say at one time it was a good company to work for. Ever since it was owned and then sold by Tinicum the company has gone down hill in rapid fashion. People who are commenting how wonderful PCD is either don’t work there are in the group I have mentioned above. This company has skated by on discriminatory practices for years because people are afraid to do anything out of fear. I agree with the person who said current and ex-employees should seek legal counsel to see what can be done to stop these practices. As long as no one does anything nothing will ever change and we all risk this company going out of business. I personally feel that it will be up for sale once again shortly. A big KUDOS to those former consultants who are now even higher paid “executives” for running this company in the ground like they did DIMAC a few years ago. The people and government in Palm Coast need to wake up and take some action instead of waiting for more houses to go into foreclosure and businesses to fail because people have lost employment from the largest employer in Flagler county.

  21. In the Know says:

    I am a seasoned and successful business manager. And during my years I too have taken on the “consultant” role on occassion. With that being said, it is painfully obvious that those so called “executives” of PCD were/are not real consultants. What you have are a group of business men, and I use that description rather loosely, are individuals who use the “consultant” title on their resume to cover up employment gaps and/or not having to admit that they were actually fired at one or more times during their career. I’m insulted that these individuals are quick to boast of their so-called successes when they are executing business practices far from “sound” direction or intent. Regarding the fact that these “leaders” still reside outside the a clear message that their commitment to laying a foundation for this company’s longevity and success is simply not on their radar. When they were hired as consultants, they saw an opportunity to create a stepping off point until they are forced to look for their next victims. John Meneough should hang his head is shame. This former mid-westerner has forgotten his roots. He is as guilty as the current regime for allowing this form of business practice to exist. John, it is a known fact that if it wasn’t for your wife, wisely investing your overpaid salary and bonuses you’d have to return to your roots selling used cars. John recently was quoted in an article in a trade journal “…that the company has completed its consolidation of operations and has invested about $2 million in human resources.” Insiders have confirmed that the lion share of the money has gone towards hiring more out-of-state executives and out-of-state contract employees. John and Company remain steadfast in slapping Palm Coast in the face with continual behavior of not investing in local resources much less this community. Insiders also confirm that PCD is picking up the entire tab for this out-of-state leadership to be on the payroll. Okay, airline to/from…occassionally…a place to lay your head…okay occassionally…but picking up all of their meals…insulting. One would have to ask, what are their salaries for. The bottom line here is the bottom line. Apparently one should applaud the learship for being so good at convincing the parent company that they are worth it all. However, if in fact AMREP is aware of such P&L practices it would attribute as to their own financial wows. In conclussion, I’m very concerned as a local resident where this is all headed and the impact it is going to have on our already struggling economy and housing wows. Palm Coast Government, I urge you to look for an employer who is willing to invest in our people. There is a tremenous amount of talented individuals right here and would love not having to commute to Duval, Volusia, Brevard counties or the Orlando area for work. Don’t wait until the bottom falls out…be proactive and let’s be prepared for the inevitable debacle of PCD. Do what you were voted in to do and take care of this community.

  22. Business is Business says:

    Just The Facts: I think you should get the real facts before posting something so untruthful and slanderous. As a 15+ year employee of this company, I would think you would understand that business is business and know that the magazine business is declining as times are changing. More publications are going digital and that the layoffs had nothing to do with anything personal. In my opinion, if you are so unhappy with the company you work for, do yourself a favor and resign so that those of us who are happy to have a job at all here have better job security. I feel deeply for those who have been laid off and I’m sure they would happily take your place if given the opportunity and for a lot less than you probably make. So while you sit at your desk, bitter and miserable, think of the people who were laid off (not all of them above 50, by the way) who are now struggling to feed their families. And I would also think twice about posting comments like that in a public forum, especially as an employee of PCD. It seems like a great way to make yourself a target for the next time they need to let someone go.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Business is Business, it is going to be a little hard to lay someone off when name we see is Just the Facts. I am pretty sure that his real name is not Just the Facts. I have been with the company for 10+ years. It is not the happiest place to work and there really is no incentive anymore to push yourself, but I am happy to have a job. For now…….

  24. Gatorbabe says:

    Your right PCD should be thoroughly investigated by the Dept of Labor. It’s a known fact that they’ll work the part-time employees in the call center full time hours, but not give them benefits of a full-time employee. They always want for you to work EXTRA hours, so you may work 40+ hours, but still be considered “part time”. The HR department is sadly lacking, in fact I don’t think anyone in there has any type of college degree, I may be wrong. They will absolutely lie through their teeth.
    Anyhow, we must trod on. Who know’s what this fine government will do next….stay tunned


    After all this time I never knew i could buy a used car from John Meneough!


    everyone has failed to mention that rather then trying to do everything they can to save jobs in Palm Coast they have decided to increase and send more jobs to India….is that a part of the deal they made with the town leaders?

  27. PalmCoastSucks says:

    Nan Walsh………I am passionate about the youth of today not falling into a never ending hole of nothingness. Palm Coast is actually good for people who drive, and it is central to so many decent places to visit in Florida, even Georgia if you do not mind driving a little longer.

    There is nothing wrong with anger, if you control it and do not use it to make others suffer. We all get upset, angry, and frustrated through our lives regardless of whether we like to or not.

    I am happy my comment made you laugh, although they where not meant to because peoples live are actually important even peoples under 60. All I ask for is that PCD treats its staff with more respect, and give them the pay they deserve.

    Palm Coast not only needs to come up into this century, but it needs to be aware the there are people under 60, and give those people under sixty something worth going to.

    I do not need help, and i enjoy the good things in life. I think anyone under the age of 20 in Palm Coast need to stand up for themselves, and make ways to making head way into making noise towards the powers that be in Palm Coast to get other options in terms of stores etc, other than old fashioned restaurants, CVS/Walgreens,mechanics, and grocery stores. Wow a cinema so far out of the way that it might well as be in Bunnell or on Flagler beach.

    it’s people my age who take care of people over 60, and those over 60 have lost the way in terms of showing younger people how mutual respect is gained. I have always given mutual respect, but I cannot in your instance due to you telling em I need help, when really being passionate about something, even if it has a little anger in it is not wrong. Younger people of this so called city are just as important as anyone else.

  28. lolpc says:

    Debbie M. the HR know it all. they cheat on peoples tests to get family in. and other part of the city workers get there family into the school maintenance dept. and custodial dept. if they looked into hr dept. and other parts of pcd and city they would fire alot of people,

  29. JOB BOUND says:


  30. EB says:

    Coming soon to PCD is a smoking ban on their campus. I’m a smoker, but the ban is OK. However, here’s one of the PCD rules that again shows what kind of a company and management they have there. If you are in YOUR CAR once you turn onto Commerce Blvd. you are NOT ALLOWED TO SMOKE! Bear in mind this is YOUR car and as far as I know PCD doesn’t own Commerce Blvd. HOW DARE THEY! If someone who doesn’t work at PCD is driving on Commerce Blvd, is it OK that they smoke? The people that continue to smoke after the ban goes in…I hope they all dump the old cigs out at the corner of Pine Lakes Blvd. or US 1 just BEFORE they turn onto Commerce and see how the city likes that ’cause PCD Mgmt. won’t care!

  31. happygolucky53 says:

    What kind of company cries poverty and eliminates positions and departments, cuts hours and doesnt allow you to take PAID time off, if you elect to leave, it is unpaid, no matter if you have 200 hours of vacation/personal. But on the same token, pays for a new generator, puts in new bathrooms and paint job, hires landscapers to clean out the front of the buildings. What does that tell you? And now the smoking ban, which is fine. However, we were told April 1st would be the last day to smoke, but yet they claim they are removing the ash trays the first part of March, hmm.. What is wrong with that. So there are many factors that play into the feelings and emotions of dedicated employees, why revamp all these things in a time of financial hardship, especially when the employees how actually keep the company running are being shorted financially because of these upgradeds. That part is just not fair. And i agree, i cant believe the city has not investigated their buisness practices and how the employees are treated.

  32. Rob says:

    A union would stop the outlandish behavior by the company.

    Those who are anti union would say that a company always looks out for its employees.

    If what has been written he It does seem to be the case.

    Don’t expect any help from the city or state.

    Florida is both a Right to Work and a At Will Employment state.

  33. happygolucky53 says:

    More Layoffs happened today. Probably about 10 or so..

  34. LivingInReality says:

    i hate to say but PCD’s days are numbered, fewer and fewer people are getting subscriptions to magazine due to e-zines and digital subscriptions on the ipad. i for one don’t get a single magazine anymore, by the time a monthly magazine is printed the info in it is outdated in most cases. if PCD can’t evolve then unfortunately there will be more layoff and eventually the company will go the way of the dinosaur just like most of the magazine subscriptions that they use to fill.

  35. FromColorado says:

    Sorry to say this but I have seen this coming for a long time. I worked for Kable/PCD Fulfillment in Colorado before they shut down our facility and moved everything to FL. That business was supposed to give you the extra 700 jobs promised. Problem was, our clients LOVED the work we did for them in Colorado and did not want to go to FL. Therefore, when their contracts were expiring they moved on. Some left even before moving to FL (and some paid a penalty price) just so they would not have to deal with those folks. I know a few CO employees moved down there to keep their jobs but can honestly say it wasn’t worth it for them. Some of the statements are really true, the management group at PCD is horrible, I was there for training and met them all. Can’t say I was impressed. Anyway, sorry to say this but the employees of PCD can join the unemployment lines with the former Kable/PCD employess in CO.

  36. FromIllinois says:

    Don’t forget they did the same thing to Kable/PCD employees in Illinois. Kable Fulfillment in IL, CO and OH was thriving until AMREP acquired PCD and moved everything to FL and under the PCD banner. I feel sorry for ALL the employees who have been dumped on by upper management in both PCD and AMREP – we all know who they are.

  37. audra says:

    Everyone should see the writing on the wall, pcd is going down and down fast, for those who don;t believe it just give it another 3-6 months, take your personal time and if you don’t wait till the end you will loose your vacation as well, if a layoff comes again in may, which it will, take the layoff. when they close the doors you get nothing.
    Looks like tampa will be getting our clients

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