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Former School Board Member and Realtor Eddie Herrera Jailed On a Battery Charge

| November 22, 2010

Eddie Herrera, left, and Scott Beat.

Eddie Herrera, the 42-year-old CEO of Alliance Financial Partners Inc., a member of the Flagler County School Board for eight years and a current member of Enterprise Flagler, was booked into the Flagler County jail earlier today on a battery charge stemming from a fight on Sunday evening with a man he accused of sleeping with his wife, Michelle.

Herrera posted $500 bail on the misdemeanor charge and was released.

Herrera’s office is at 1 Florida Park Drive in Palm Coast. Scott Beat’s acupuncture practice is at 5 Florida Park Drive. Just before 6 p.m. Sunday evening, Herrera was driving to his office with his daughter. He turned into the parking lot of the two-story building where Beat’s office is located. Herrera saw his wife’s car in the lot, and Beat’s motorcycle at the back of the office, according to a statement Herrera made to the Flagler County Sheriff’s office. Herrera went to the back door of the office and started knocking. He didn’t get an answer at first. Persisting, Beat answered the door. Herrera said he wanted to speak to his wife, according to the sheriff’s report. Beat said she wasn’t there.

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Herrera says it was then that Beat took a swing at him and “grazed” just under his right lip, causing a small scrape.

That’s not how Beat told it. Beat told a deputy that as soon as he opened the door, Herrera punched him in the face and “advised him to stop sleeping with his wife,” according to the sheriff’s report. At that point the two men then started fighting, and were on the ground, until Herrera told Beat (according to Beat’s statement) that the fight had to end because his daughter was in the car: Herrera opened the car door to show Beat that she was, in fact, in the car. Herrera told authorities that he then left the scene and was going to contact law enforcement later “because he didn’t want his daughter to witness anything,” according to the sheriff’s report.

When a deputy arrived at the scene, according to the deputy’s report, “Scott’s eye was black and blue and swollen. He had a laceration to his upper lip that was bleeding while on scene. He had multiple scrapes to his back and side. He was complaining of rib pain and jaw pain. Medical units arrived and he refused attention at the scene. He went to the hospital for medical attention.”

A deputy called Herrera at 7:30 p.m. and went to Herrera’s home on Lambert Avenue home in Flagler Beach later that evening, where he was arrested and read his rights just before 8:30 p.m. That 5,000-square-foot property, valued at $884,000 by the property appraiser, is listed for sale at $1.5 million and is in foreclosure. JP Morgan Chase filed suit against the Herreras in January for default over their $884,000 mortgage, taken in 2005.

“It was a disagreement and it turned into an altercation,” Herrera said by phone Monday. “It started with words and it turned into an altercation. Unfortunately, he ended up in the hospital.” Beat did not respond to several calls to his office.

Herrera, a Flagler Palm Coast High School graduate and a Realtor with long roots in the community, was elected to school board in 1998 when he defeated Richard Marier in the Republican primary (the races were partisan then) and Democrat Howard Elliott in the general election. He served two terms, including two years as chairman of the board. He was not opposed in 2002. He could not run in 2006, having moved out of the district from which he was elected and to the Lambert Avenue address. The late Peter Palmer took his seat.

In Spring, Herrera, David Fowler and Sandra Mullen established the financial consultancy located near Beat’s acupuncture practice.

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68 Responses for “Former School Board Member and Realtor Eddie Herrera Jailed On a Battery Charge”

  1. Haw Creek Girl says:

    Eddie Herrera has been my friend for over 35 yrs and sounds like Beat got what every man who sleeps with a married woman should get to me…BEAT!

  2. some guy says:

    Slow “news” day when a fight over a woman gets front padge. I also know eddie good luck to him.

  3. Imagine says:

    HUH? WHAT? Here comes a huge can of worms.

  4. Tony says:

    Eddie’s a putz.

  5. Beat Down says:

    How come only one person got the beat down?

  6. Courtney says:

    Dear “Haw Creek Girl”,

    First of all, I don’t care how “long” or even how well you THINK you may know Eddie Herrera, but it is obvious by your ignorant comment that it is not very well.

    Eddie Herrera put an innocent man in the hospital, IN FRONT OF HIS DAUGHTER. It’s one thing to fight your fights, whether it’s due to your own insecurities or not, but that is something you do on your own time and something you DO NOT involve your children in. Exploiting children for your own personal gain is outright repulsive and condemnable.

    I know for a fact that Eddie Herrera is volatile and explosive on both emotional and physical levels. He has been in scuffs in public bars due to a loss of temperament that, it would seem, should prove this to anyone who was witness.

  7. Jim Guines says:

    Boy, I am happy I never got in a fight with Eddie, he could have done me real harm. Eddie is a great guy. We were on the school board at the same time.

  8. Hammock babe says:

    I too have seen this guy go of in public.. Such a shame a woman cant park her car at her own office out fear of a crazed insecure husband stalking her. She should have filed that injuction long ago.

  9. jt says:

    Eddie …i dont blame you i would of done the same thing if i found my wife sleeping with someone else
    praying for you my brother always here for you. just remember everybody dont judge you dont know what you would do if
    It happen to you

  10. Jojo says:

    I say walk away – not so much from the fight, but your wife.

  11. i know both says:

    Oh and Courtney, you might want to try using spell check and a grammer class, sweetheart. For pete sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hammock babe says:

    BTW…hospital records will show that Mrs Herrera had her nose broken from this nice, charming husband a few years ago.

  13. Livin in the hammock says:

    Sounds like Beat got what he deserves. Lay with dogs, you get fleas.

  14. i know both says:

    Here is another question, if both were fighting why didn’t both go to jail? Laws now say both or all parties go to jail if a disturbance call comes in and police go out.

  15. No more hiding says:

    Was his wife actually with Beats or not?? It is a shame her picture wasn’t in the paper too. It is time to divorce when things get this bad. I blame part of this on the economy. More marriages are being attacked due to how bad things are getting. Oh, and by the way Mr. Beats if you were seeing Mr. Herrera’s his wife you needed to get your butt beat!!!! I bet you think twice next time.

  16. Livin in the hammock says:

    Unless its happened to you, you can’t judge Mr. Herrera. I would have done the same. Sounds like Beat might need his own services ha ha.

  17. Hammock babe says:

    I don’t see anything factual, that says she was” sleeping” with either one of them! alot of assumptions going on here.

  18. Hammock babe says:

    well”, i know both”…let he without sin cast the first one…would that be you oh holy one?? get off the high horse stoner…

  19. janie says:

    according to police reports people she wasnt even there!

  20. i know both says:

    you might want to re read your post as i believe you were judging Eddie throught out your post darling!

  21. i know both says:

    and when your done with re reading your post hamhock girl, how bout you walk your bare foot ass in the kitchen and make me a samich, hows that for HIGH HORSE”!

  22. Haw Creek Girl says:

    I am sure Eddie regrets that this happened in front of his daughter. If there is anything he regrets, I am sure that’s it. If I am ignorant for believing wholeheartedly that my friend would never incite trouble if there weren’t damn good reason then ignorant I shall be.

  23. Courtney says:

    ah-hem. “I know both”- Let’s not have a grammar(yes, SWEETIE, that’s right-grammar is with an “a”, not an “e”, you fool) war. I will win. I apologize for my single type-o. That’s kind of a side-effect that happens when your family is falling apart and you’re left shaking while typing into a glorified blog post full of misinformation.

    Anyone who wants to stand up for Eddie, give me a call. I’ll change your mind. Seriously. None of you know anything.

  24. Courtney says:

    Also, why does everyone make up a cute little internet-name for themselves on this site? What is this, myspace? Own up to your opinions you cowards.

  25. eyes wide open says:

    Marriage is overated and so is fidelity! I like that my parthner is experienced – just spare me the details, trust me I’ll figure it out! And the less headaches I have to feign, the more appreciative I am.

    Marriage is society’s version of slavery, especialyy for men. A man that is married with kids is least likely to quit his job because he has bills and responsibilities. A woman too! based on who is the bread winner.

  26. No more hiding says:

    “Eyes wide open” I guess you don’ t believe in God or the Bible either. You sound like a real Einstein, idiot. I think the reason your partner hasn’t married you is because living with you she found out what a real idiot you were.

  27. sunshine says:

    Eddie, I will be praying for you and your family.

    Eyes wide open, really???????

  28. hammock babe says:

    bogus post brother., i dont buy this. and it is for PETE’s sake, english major.

  29. Courtney Kelly says:

    You want to make comments to advance the conversation and shed light on a story, you’re welcome to it, even under an assumed name. You want to slander this site and make baseless accusations about others, first, sign your name, verifiably, then we’ll talk. Literally: if you know something the rest of us should, I’ll be happy to interview you. On the record. Until then, your cowardice is not welcome.

    Pierre Tristam

    …No problem.

  30. Joann Rardon says:

    Anyone remember that this is America. Innocent until proven guilty???? No one knows the real story. I have been friends with Scott Beat for twenty years. I don’t believe it..not unless I heard it from his mouth and I stand by my friend all the way…He has always been honest and fair in everyway with me and in my book that counts for something

  31. JESUS says:


  32. Haw Creek Girl says:

    Oh, so indeed, I was correct. Courtney, to be fair, you should make your relationship to Eddie as his step daughter known to the posters here. They may have more respect for your opinion if they understand where you are coming from and who you are….then again, they might not.

  33. Kathryn S Stoughton says:

    I have read all the above comments.. All I can say is that Eddie Herrera is my good friend. We all have no idea what goes on behind closed doors in someone’s home. The whole situtation is sickening to my heart. I feel like regardless of who hit who, who slept with who… this is not any of our concern. we should come together as a community and instead of posting nasty things about others, consider the fact that none of us were there… Can you honestly say what REALLY happened? I am sure that if his daughter was in the car Eddie wishes she had not witnessed any of this. However that is for Eddie and his wife to sort out with their child.. Marriage is not an easy thing. Life is not an easy thing.. Have any of you taken a moment to look at yourself? We all myself included have done things I am sure we do not wanted posted on FlaglerLive..
    So regardless of who side you choose to be on..remember we are all people with real emotions and feelings..

  34. janie says:

    AMEN, Jesus.and.Good for you John.

  35. Gina says:

    I know ,the parties involved, and weve all known each other for over a decade.
    Im in doubt that if there are “sleeping with” accusations here, it would have taken this long to surface ,.
    Im certain that when all this is said and done , Eddie probably was unhappy he bet against the Gators in the football pool. Scott and Michelle are getting a raw deal here.

  36. katrina says:

    This is a “ridiculous news story”…get real is this all this “Po Dunk” town has to report on!! I do not think it is fair or ethical to report things in the news that you don’t know if they are true and/or factual. Furthermore, the value, price and subsequent foreclosure of his personal residence has absolutely nothing to do with his arrest or your story. If you were trying to humiliate him and his family in every way possible…looks like your mission was accomplished!!

  37. Kate says:

    A former Chairman of the School Board beats an unsuspecting man WHILE HIS CHILD IS PRESENT and you defend him? What is wrong with you people? Honestly, It doesn’t matter who slept with who. There’s no excuse for battering a man, even if it’s over your wife. It’s called filing for divorce, we have the option to do so for a reason. I feel terrible for everyone involved in this situation EXCEPT for Eddie Herrera.

  38. Melissa says:

    I just read the police report and it seems odd that it states Michelle was not there at the time of the incident but was the there “when law enforcement arrived” Her car was there, Where was she? I tend to believe that she WAS there and got caught red handed. I am not condoning what Eddie Herrera did but I feel as though he just caught his wife cheating and got very angry. He must have had some kind of prior knowledge that there may be a relationship there or why would he even suspect? I do not believe Scott Beat was just a “unsuspecting I just came to the door of my office on a Sunday night” guy. I believe there was a relationship going on and I would bet on it.

  39. keeping things private says:

    Ok people grow up!
    First of all, if every husband who believes that his wife is cheating beats on the alleged boyfriend, Flagler County finest would have to hire a whole force of officers to handle these altercations. Also, it is not proven that there was or wasn’t an affair, regardless, Scott was not in a committed relationship with Eddie. You people who are bashing him are wrong. Michelle is the one who is responsible for her adultery to Eddie, if it is true. Either way, it is a matter for the police and the courts and the families to deal with, not the internet, friends, clients and busy bodies.
    In my book, the worst part about this story is the innocent child whose families dirty laundry is being publicized. I hope that the kids at school are able to show her compassion more compassion then I see here. She is the biggest victim here and I pray for healing for all involved. I just hope others follow suit.

  40. Robert says:

    Courtney: What is your obsession with hyphenation? Side effect doesn’t have a hyphen. Internet name isn’t a compound modifier, therefore it doesn’t warrant a hyphen, either. And, technically, it’s MySpace.

  41. Danielle says:

    Courtney, stay strong, my dear! i love you and this too shall pass :) do not waste your time trying to convince a bunch of nameless cowards. however, unlike most people i am not judging anyone here until the truth is heard. my question is, why is this being publicized!?! yes, i understand eddie is a prominant figure in the community, but is this really the biggest news in flagler county? all im saying is that there is a small child involved, who goes to school and has peers whos parents read the paper and talk about it at home! people, this is not right, especially the writing up of the condition of their finances and home! this is absolute ludicris!

  42. Melissa says:

    To all the people that are saying why is this news: You are READING it and COMMENTING on it, hilarious. And regardless of your personal relationship with the parties it IS news because a crime was committed. If Mr Beat and Ms. Herrera didnt cheat and Mr. Herrera didnt punch Mr. Beat this would not be news but it IS and it’s all public info. If they wanted to protect the child then they ALL should have behaved better. It’s called being accountable for your actions. Dont blame the people that write about it.

  43. Gina says:

    This poor woman, her estranged husband has had GPS and PI on her for months and this is the best he’s got? their offices are next door to each other. she was parked next door,right? Duh. Had she been parked at Publix accross the street, would the bag boy ended up in the hospital instead??

  44. Mikey says:

    This is, without doubt, news! THINK ABOUT IT, PEOPLE!

    Eddie Herrera sits on the Board of Enterprise Flagler. Enterprise Flagler, as we all know, is local businesses and local government teaming up to “enhance, promote and develop the industrial and commercial growth of Flagler County”. Another claim from EF, from their own mission statement, is to “promote the existing business community”.

    Pierre, I am starting to question the journalistic integrity of Flagler Live! This is not even mention in the above article. Eddie Herrera Jr. sits on EF’s BOARD OF DIRECTORS. What is a Board Member of a group who claims to “promote the existing business community” doing beating a local business owner?

    This is a representative of local Flagler County business! Why do residents of Flagler County continue to sit back and (through silence) allow their county to be run by swine and vigilantes? This isn’t the old west just because you see the occasional cowboy hat!

    Eddie Hererra should either resign OR be removed from his position on the Board of Enterprise Flagler. It doesn’t matter what family problems this man has. It doesn’t matter how much his house is worth or how much he is selling it for (although a $600,000 hike is pretty ballsy)!

    This man, who runs around town like a thug beating local businessmen, should NEVER be allowed to have any say in important Flagler county business decisions. Why would I move my company to Flagler County? Maybe a member of EF’s Board will batter me right into a hospital!

    When times are as tough as they are, with a 14% — 16% unemployment rate in Flagler County, we cannot allow for people who have problems controlling themselves to represent our county in any way! These are people lives, families and jobs we are talking about!

    Eddie Hererra Jr. must resign his post at Enterprise Flagler. If you want to play, you have to pay. So lets go Eddie. Its time to be a man. STEP DOWN and give your spot on the Board to someone who has a little more control and respect for themselves. The same control and respect you have shown the whole county that you do not possess.

  45. Haw Creek Girl says:

    Oh, Mikey. Please, please, please tell me that you don’t actually think businessmen who sleep with board members wives should be exempt from facing an angry husband just because they own a business. Tad bit absurd, don’t you think?! Ballsy, what I would consider ballsy (more so than a $600,000) hike, would be to engage in sexual activity a few doors down from your concubine’s husband’s office. That’s ballsy…well, to be more frank, stupid. That’s what we call down here where we wear our cowboy hats anyway ;D Oh, and I feel certain that if everyone knew the full history (which we don’t) I would bet my tobacco on the fact that he has controlled himself very well over the years considering his wife’s behaviours. Seems after you have given a person an inch and they continue to take a mile….well, you can’t push the envelope forever.

  46. Alesya says:

    STAY OUT OF THEIR BUSINESS!!! None of you know if this happened or not! The only people who know are Eddie and this man. SO STOP SAYING CRAP ABOUT EDDIE, he is such a great guy and a great father.

  47. Haw Creek Girl says:

    Actually, Mikey, I bet EF could attract a lot of business to this area by offering free, consequence free sex with the wives of it’s board members!!?? I’d rather think that we don’t need that kind of business cowboy hat wearing country…rofl

  48. eyes wide open says:

    No more hiding says:
    November 22, 2010 at 7:25 pm

    “Eyes wide open” I guess you don’ t believe in God or the Bible either. You sound like a real Einstein, idiot. I think the reason your partner hasn’t married you is because living with you she found out what a real idiot you were.

    No to both god and the bible, even though the bible does say man cannot live by bread alone. And before you preach god and the bible to me,may I remind you that it’s the religous who protest too much in public but carry on in the closet. Also, thanks for the compliment, I am a fan of Einstein. One final note my parthner and I have been married for 17 years and still going strong – maybe there is more truth to it than you may want to accept. What’s your REAL story?

  49. Allie says:

    Violence is violence. Those who are supporting the act are approaching this in a really juvenile manner. Especially for those who claim Christ, it is shameful that you people would promote any kind of revenge or aggression. Perhaps these stones are better left for playing catch. We have all made mistakes.

    Mr. Herrera should apologize publicly for his actions.This act was brutal and irresponsible, and as a public figure, it’s his responisiblity to uphold the values he espouses. Regardless of whose infedelities are whose (and who says he is the faithful victim?), no action taken by any other party put this problem in the public’s eye.

    I find it reprehensible that this publication would choose to advertise the Herrera’s financial information. While it is a matter of public record, it was unwarranted in the context of this news story. But I suggest everyone focus on things a little more important. Like your own lives. Even if this is a “news story”, it’s not impacting you. This is impacting a real family, with real adults and children and relatives and friends you all know well. Additionally, nothing happening in their personal lives impacts my opinion: He was out of control and harmed someone. He was jailed and released. And because he went to the press, his story shines a little brighter than Beat’s.

    Let’s show some sympathy for everyone involved and stop shouting a strong YeeHaw to beligerance.

  50. Mikey says:

    Haw Creek Girl,

    Your simply defending someone, just to defend them!

    I don’t think anyone deserves to be physically accosted, not matter what they do with another mans wife. GUESS WHO AGREES WITH ME……..THE LAW! Which, undoubtedly, is why Eddie was taken to the slammer and the victim (WHO IS THE VICTIM IN THIS CIRCUMSTANCE) was not.

    You completely missed my point that Hererra, who is in a position of some authority when it comes to local business, embarrassed himself, his family, a local business owner, Enterprise Flagler, and Flagler County itself by acting like a maniac in public. It is quite obvious that the responsibility Hererra has been bestowed as a Board Member of Enterprise Flagler should be taken away or relinquished by Hererra himself. If he was an honest man, if he was a fair man, and if he was a ‘Christian’ man as he describes himself, then he would do the right thing and resign. Obviously, he has many other things he needs to focus on!

    Also, we are all taught that we cannot act violently. Whatever issues Hererra has with his wife should have been taken up in a civil courtroom. That is why we have them!

    You cannot go running amuck around town beating peoples heads in. That is a maniac; and a maniac should have no place trying to negotiate businesses coming into Flagler County. He is, in some way, a representative of this County. If that is who you want representing your county, that desperately needs jobs, in a business oriented way then you need to have your head examined!

  51. Haw Creek Girl says:

    Well, then Mikey, I guess you’ll be offering up your wife to promote business growth in our community, right?! Wooohooo, I guess it is the oldest profession, why not use it to get business here. You’re brilliant, not sure why they didn’t try this sooner ;D

  52. Joann Rardon says:

    Everybody step away from the computer and go be THANKFUL for something would you….

  53. Haw Creek Girl says:

    And by the way, I wasn’t ‘defending someone just to defend them’ I was pointing out how ludicrous it was of you to insinuate that since this was a business owner Mr Herrera should have handled it differently than if it were say, the trashman.

  54. PC MAN says:

    A quick read of Mr & Mrs Herrera’s Facebook pages reveals they are all churched up, I wonder how the sex and violence will be justified with bible verses.

  55. gina says:

    Churched up?
    Really PC?
    the Bible is all about sex and violence. you should pick up a copy. It puts the best romance novels to shame!
    And just ask Mr.herrera about his extra curricular activities at places of ill repute!
    and under the guise of taxpaying school board business. YUCK. But im positive he has absolution … shows in his checkbook….

  56. gina says:

    Not to imply that Mr Herreras actions were at all “romantic”….again….YUCK.
    But if Dr. Beat was befriending this woman against some psycho sadistic soon to be ex husband, and took some hits, then CHIVALRY LIVES…..good for HIM. and good for HER …she WASNT present to end up in the morgue that night!

  57. Melissa says:

    I dont think Mr. Beat is actually a doctor though, that would be a stretch. Acupuncturist, big difference.

  58. NortonSmitty says:

    Well, he was arrested probably because he knocked on the guy’s door and hit him. If it was a fair fight and if the Acupuncturist really was pricking his wife, a simple misdemeanor looks about right. With a broken nose and a hospital visit, this is usually charged as a felony assault arrest. But we really don’t know the facts of the story. Nothing to see here folks, move on.

  59. Steve V says:

    Hey Mikey,

    There is a higher law: “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife.”

    Why is it one of only ten? Mr. Beat found out why and in my opinion got lucky that Eddie showed the restraint he did. God bless you and your family Eddie. Hang in there!

  60. PC MAN says:

    I’ll pass on the bible recommendation Gina, I like my fairy tales with happy endings.

  61. Mikey says:

    Steve V,

    Unfortunately, we are dealing with reality. You are speaking FAITH and I am speaking about the LAW OF THE LAND (which your Christ teaches you to obey)!

    Also, does your Lord approve of committing Battery? Not so sure he does!

    A sin is a sin to those who follow God. Are all sins not equal according to the Bible?

    Next time you try to hit us up with some religion, watch the hypocrisy!

  62. gina says:

    Does it matte TO ANYONE that Mr Herrera found out he was going to BE served with divorce papers Monday morning when he followed his wife Sunday afternoon… to her office? WHICH IS A FEW DOORS DOWN FROM BEAT?

  63. CommonSense says:

    gina says:
    November 24, 2010 at 8:41 pm
    Does it matte TO ANYONE that Mr Herrera found out he was going to BE served with divorce papers Monday morning when he followed his wife Sunday afternoon… to her office? WHICH IS A FEW DOORS DOWN FROM BEAT?


    The majority of everyting you are posting is so one sided and inacurate. FYI, Mr. Beat’s office is not just a few doors down from Eddie’s. It is actually 3 Buildings down. You have to cross 3 parking lots and a side street to get to his office. It is not even remotely in the same parking lot and there is no logical reason anyone would park there to walk the length of a football field back to their own office. Lets call it what it is, Michelle was hanging out with her “male friend” on her husbands birthday, lied about it, and this is the result. Everything else leading up to this point, if it was that bad, she should have left. They both made poor decisions and neither are innocent. Remember there is always 3 sides to every story, his version, her version and the truth.

  64. HSART says:

    Dont know Eddie Personally, but have met him none of wich matters bottom line is You Wanna Play, Your Gonna Pay!! However to Mr. Beat I would suggest you find single people to Date, Too many people in that situation Dont live to see another Day!!! Be Thankfull your still alive, Take your Lumps and Dont forget when it happens to you by the SAME person your doing it with now, Dont Be Surprised, What Comes around Goes Around, If ya did do it Your a “DIRTBAG”!!!!!

  65. Barbie says:

    How do we teach our teenagers to mind their own business when the adults feel they have a right to meddle and gossip about things that are not their business?

    Unless you are Eddie, his wife or daughter, this is not your business. Even if you respond to defend – you are just keeping the rumors flying.

    Let it go.

  66. John Smith says:

    Haw Creek girl, you are patetic. You got on here and defended the dumb ass boys playing with explosives in Seminol Woods a few weeks ago. So did you here about the dumb ass in Portland that was going to blow up the christmas lighting and going to kill people because he was playing with explosives. Violence is violence and you need help and quit feeling sorry for these poor patetic dumb asses.

  67. Danielle says:

    Really people? I just read all this crap and bickering and CANNOT believe what is going on . Something is seriously wrong here. Do you know that there are children being abused and exploited right this minute? Men are raping and pillaging villages like it is their job. Every MINUTE a starving child dies in the arms of his mother. And this is what you choose to spend your time and energy on? Sitting comfortably behind your computer monitor in the safety of your homes putting salt in the wounds of this obviously broken family. Seriously, get up from the computer and go do something that may actually be constructive.

  68. Haw Creek Girl says:

    patetic? hehehehe…yep, that’s me

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