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Palm Coast Wawa Re-Files Permit Application to Build at State Road 100 Site, Resuming Process

| July 23, 2019

Wawa has re-filed a development permit application with Palm Coast government. (© FlaglerLive)

Wawa has re-filed a development permit application with Palm Coast government. (© FlaglerLive)

Weeks after cancelling its permit applications, Wawa, the much-anticipated convenience store planning at site at Bulldog Drive and State Road 100, on Monday re-filed a permit application with Palm Coast government.

The company cancelled its considerably advanced permitting process on July 2, a cancellation that took city officials by surprise: until informed by a reporter, the city’s top officials and public information office were unaware of the cancellation when, shortly after the July 4 weekend, it posted a Facebook update saying the project was continuing apace. A Wawa spokesperson was not entirely reassuring when she said that the company “would not be able to confirm or provide any details about the planned construction” until actual construction was under way. Last summer, the city was expecting the new store to be open by this month or next.

The cancellation was not a change of plan but merely a “shuffling” of contractors since the company was so busy opening stores around the state, Ray Tyner, the county’s deputy development director, said at the time of the cancellation.

But the new permit was filed by the same contractor who’d cancelled the previous permits: Carl Pursell Construction of Kissimmee. The previous job value was at $11 million. This time, the permit was filed for a job with an estimated value of $888,000. Carl Pursell is listed as a subcontractor as well, as are Green Roofing and Waterproofing Technologies of Nokomis, and Freedom Mechanical of Clermont. Freedom Mechanical had also been among Pursell’s previous subcontractors.  In other words, there’s little change in the list of contractors, while none of Wawa’s contractors and subcontractors are local, diminishing the likelihood that local labor will be used.

There is already a hold on the new permit, but that’s not unusual in the permitting process, which must navigate a series of inspections before the permit is ready for pick-up. So visible construction may not start just yet.

22 Responses for “Palm Coast Wawa Re-Files Permit Application to Build at State Road 100 Site, Resuming Process”

  1. Robin says:

    Do we really need another large gas station?

  2. H Hall says:

    They carry non ethanol gas. Great for lawn equiptment

  3. Steve says:

    Destined to be another I95 stop off on the way to somewhere else. Fast food, strip malls, gas stations.

  4. jane doh says:

    Finally! I cannot wait until they are open. Once again, Wawa is not “just another large gas station. I would suggest everyone read their history. Everyone in PA, South Jersey, etc knows and loves Wawa!

  5. Rod says:

    But they have sandwiches!

  6. Dave says:

    WaWa is soo good tho :)

  7. Billy says:

    No more gas stations!! THat makes 6 in a 3 mile area! Really!!! Pc is a joke.

  8. palmcoaster says:

    You are right Robin….But the Wawa developer Unicorp in Orlando needs to build it as got the land at discount from the duo Netts -Landon that used our tax dollars to pay almost 1.5 million to private owners and gave it to the developer for almost half of that., Then we have to go to the city meetings to demand that our services are rendered and we have to wait for what we pay in advance…over lack of funds.

  9. Philly Girl says:

    Yes! Their hoagies are the best. A taste of the northeast. Yum!

  10. fpc student says:

    we need this gas station

  11. Flatsflyer says:

    So by cancelling one permit and submitting another they change the value by $10
    Million dollars. What implications are there when it comes to property taxes? If 20 day
    lapsed between the old and new filings that equates to $500,000. a day in savings, good
    deal or some thing else. The building department has been the subject of graft, corruption
    And shady dealings, this appears to me to be the part of the iceberg that floats below the
    . surface?

  12. George Meegan says:

    This project may never be finished due to the fact it is to close to the High School .
    It also is on land taken illegally with use of public tax payers money where no legal process was used.
    The Palm Coast City Manager paid way over appraised value as he was told to do by the Palm Coast Holding Corporation a private entity. That group wanted a fancy entrance to the Town Center as they were financially going under by not making bond payments.
    The tax payers money was in fact stolen for a project not needed by the city and is subject to litigation to the now defunct Palm Coast holding corporations executives that directed the city manager Jim Landon to buy it at any cost to bail them out of default on said bond(s).
    WaWa is on property bought and sold illegally by fraud of the city manager. They found that out somewhere after the permit was issued to start and now are not moving forward.
    My hope is that they find a better location and file against the principals involved

  13. Jennifer says:

    I wonder why they wouldn’t put a gas station on or close to Belle Terre??!!!?

  14. Bill says:

    For those who are against this being built because we “dont need it” what will YOU build there or in this County we NEED???

  15. RC says:

    How exciting is PC? Well, it’s where a mini-mart is “much-anticipated.”

  16. Mary Fusco says:

    We don’t need anymore gas stations or fast food. What I find amazing is how the citizens of Palm Coast are continually whining and crying about salaries, rents, utility bills, etc. yet seem to have enough money to keep these places in business. Try packing a lunch and taking a thermos of coffee to work and save your money for the important things.

  17. Susan philips says:

    Wawa is far superior to any convenience store near here. Their food is freshly made to order and everything is delicious. Gas is usually cheaper as well as having non- ethanol. Once it’s here you will wonder how you lived without it. Try it, you ll like it.

  18. Juan carlos says:

    Wawa is No t a mega gas statin is a new grocery store were both I95 travelers año local people can el voy a todo breakfast,cofre año other things at a razonable price.

  19. Joy Mullins says:

    Mary, While you think that we may not need this business, I urge you to look at the company Wawa itself. Not only is this going to offer employment to local residents, But Wawa also contributes to the community it is in. They donate products for fund raisers, donate items for teachers on teacher work days, they donate to local food shelters, donate massive amounts of money to local charities. So please before you say that we don’t need this business, do your research and see what this business does for its community and locals.

  20. Brian says:

    Their tuna sub is the bomb.

  21. Outsider says:

    Having just returned from a trip to Pennsylvania and Maryland I will agree that WaWa is more than just a gas station. Maybe they should have put one in place of the two RaceTrac gas stations within a mile of each other. The sad part of all this is that people moving to Florida are excited about a gas station coming here. We have beaches, rivers, forests, lakes, wildlife and such, much of which is being given up for gas stations and box stores. Congratulations; you are making this place just like “up north,’ except it’s hotter and more humid. By the way, the Marathon in Bunnell has ethanol free gas; I use it in all my power equipment.

  22. Judy Cash says:

    Wawa is an excellent well run company. One of the best in the nation. Really looking forward to this location which will be my go to station for gas and great food!

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