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Palm Coast Woman, 35, Stabs Boyfriend In Latest Bout of Violence Involving Both

| November 6, 2018

Monique garcia

Monique Garcia.

Justin Andrew Campbell and Monique Garcia have been a volatile mix for a while. Both have domestic battery convictions on their record. Both were only recently cleared or almost cleared of probation terms resulting from past violence. One of those incidents involved Campbell and another woman. Another involved Campbell and Garcia.

On Monday, Garcia was jailed again after allegedly stabbing Campbell in the neck and in the back, causing serious injuries that required him to be taken to Halifax hospital’s trauma unit.

In September 2016, Campbell had been dating Garcia for just a few months after breaking up with another woman he’d beaten up (in an incident that would land him in jail and brand him a felon; see below). In this case, it was Garcia who attacked him. He’d been making dinner, they argued, she threw a gallon of milk then a glass of wine at him then grabbed a lamp and beat him with it, according to his account to cops at the time. They wrestled, there was biting, she grabbed a knife and tried to kick in the bedroom door where Campbell had barricaded himself. Failing that, she cut holes in his truck’s tires, then chased him with the knife when he came out of his room.

Garcia was initially charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a felony, and domestic battery, a misdemeanor. In a plea agreement the charges were reduced to domestic battery. She pleaded guilty and Judge R. Lee Smith sentenced her to a month in jail. The state was seeking two years’ probation (on an additional charge of introducing contraband at the jail) and no violent contact with Campbell. That did not make it into the final sentence.

Monday, Garcia, 35, and Campbell, 43, got in an argument over sexual issues, according to her arrest report. As was their previous pattern, the fight became physical. She allegedly slapped him. He tried to walk out the door to avoid further conflict. As he did so, he felt a knife stab in his lower back.

Campbell “then turned around and attempted to evade and disarm Ms. Garcia,” the arrest report states. “He then stated that he finally disarmed her and threw the knife outside in the detached lanai area. [Campbell] received defensive wounds to his left hand as well as several ‘slice’ marks to his upper torso.”  

He left the house at 11 Wood Clift Lane, called 911 and was met by deputies, a trail of bloody footprints stretching nearly 800 feet behind him.

Garcia told deputies Campbell had kicked her in the head with his boot–she had a wound in the back of the head–though Campbell was not wearing boots when he left the house. Garcia said Campbell inflicted stab wounds to his stomach on himself, though he did not have stab wounds to the stomach. Both Campbell and Garcia told deputies that they have a history of domestic violence between them, “though each stated not all have been reported,” according to the arrest report.

Justin Campbell. (Facebook)

Justin Campbell. (Facebook)

In June 2016, Campbell was charged with battery, felony battery and false imprisonment after he got into an argument with his then-girlfriend, a 43-year-old P-Section resident, on her birthday. The couple and four friends had rented a limo to celebrate in St. Augustine. Returning to Palm Coast, the couple got into an argument in the car. One of the witnesses told deputies that Campbell punched the victim, head-butted her, threw a bottle of alcohol at her and threw her cell phone out the window.

The couple continued fighting at Campbell’s F-Section house on Flamingo Drive. The victim told a deputy Campbell “beat her in the head and face with his fists and kicked her numerous times with his feet to the chest and upper body,” then choked her and prevented her from leaving. At the time, Campbell and the woman had been living together two years. The woman was hospitalized.

Campbell was jailed, and subsequently jailed again for violating a judge’s no-contact order with the victim. In March 2017 he pleaded guilty to battery, a first-degree misdemeanor, and to false imprisonment, a third-degree felony. He was sentenced to six months in jail and three years’ probation (and given a 15-day furlough to prepare for his jail sentence: he owns Campbell Exterior, a paint company, and had asked the judge for preparation time. He authorized Garcia to run his business.) He sought to lessen his sentence to community control. Judge Dennis Craig denied the motion. In June, he asked for early termination of his probation, a routine and permissible act for probationers who can show that they have met all conditions of their probation until that time. Judge Terence Perkins granted it at the end of August–just nine weeks ago.

He’d been living with Garcia for 13 months.

Garcia was booked at the Flagler County jail Tuesday morning, and remains there, her bond not yet set.

“This couple has a history of domestic violence and it progressed to another level last night,” Sheriff Rick Staly, who’s made domestic-violence awareness and prevention a cornerstone of his administration, said. “This shows the danger of staying in a violent relationship – slowly the strength of these fights increases until someone gets seriously injured or killed. Luckily, this time, no lives were lost. Violence is not the answer.”

For the past several years, and with rare exceptions, murder and attempted murder cases in Flagler have been the result of domestic violence–between spouses, between father and son, between cousins, between boyfriends and girlfriends, between son and mother.


9 Responses for “Palm Coast Woman, 35, Stabs Boyfriend In Latest Bout of Violence Involving Both”

  1. Lamo says:

    Glad to see Staly speaking like a true professional, instead of the childish name calling. Good job sir.

  2. David S. says:

    Typical here in Flagler County……

  3. Percy's mother says:

    Another rental property disrupting previously stable and peaceful neighborhoods. Feel sorry for the neighbors and the neighborhood.

    Palm Coast used to be such a quiet, peaceful, stable place . . . BEFORE it became a city.

    And the mayor is STILL pushing for “workforce” (low income) housing.

    The owners of the property live out of state so they don’t care what goes on as long as they get the rent to pay the mortgage. Meanwhile, neighbors and neighborhoods are destabilized and the permanent homeowners surrounding the property suffer.

    So sad to see the decline in Palm Coast.

  4. gmath55 says:

    “Palm Coast used to be such a quiet, peaceful, stable place . . . BEFORE it became a city”. I second that quote!

    Justin Campbell should run, run fast away from that woman Monique Garcia. Next time he may not be alive.

  5. ASF says:

    I hope they thought to do a TOX screen on both these lovebirds.

  6. Mary Fusco says:

    Percy’s Mother, there are many people who rent who do not behave like these animals.. Believe it or not, people do not own rentals JUST to pay the mortgage. There is this crazy thing called a profit. When you go to the store, you do not pay the price that the store paid for items. Therefore, generating a profit for them so that they can pay their overhead. I do not agree with the “workforce” housing that is trying to be pushed on Palm Coast. There is enough garbage here already. These 2 middle aged morons should be ashamed of themselves. Law enforcement should have a rule that you get ONE call on domestic violence. After that, they are on their own. What a waste of taxpayer money and LEO. Unfortunately, Palm Coast seems to be a magnet for this type of people. It’s not good by any stretch.

  7. Bill harvey says:

    Mayor wants low income housing which in turn will bring more crime believe me I lived in a city in NJ where there was federally funded housing projects . So we have low income housing coming here instead of big employers or corporations that pay a descent salary. Is this because the city is too strict with requirements or the seniors don’t want them or our great leaders don’t have the skills to bring them here or all of the above. I truly feel very strongly that I overstayed my stay here

  8. Mary Fusco says:

    Bill, just because a company or companies move to the Palm Coast area, does not mean that they are going to be paying decent salaries. The fact is that companies move to places like this so that they DO NOT have to pay the going rates that they would be paying in large cities. When I lived in NY, BCBS moved their customer service from Manhattan to upstate where I lived. They built 2 brand new buildings and were paying their employees a fraction of what they were paying in Manhattan. How long has Palm Coast Data been around? They pay crap wages (I know because I worked there for 12 years) because they can. I am a senior and would rather see businesses of any kind rather than the crime and riff raff that this proposed housing will bring with it. I lived through it in NY and it is not pretty.

  9. Katie Semore says:

    @Bill Harvey. The same road that brought you to Flagler County will carry you away. If you don’t like it in Flagler County there is a whole world in which to find a place more suited to your liking. You would rather those needing low cost housing live on the streets?

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